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  1. https://super6.skysports.com/league/7P5KFZ Have started above league if anyone interested to join & play Super 6 Prediction game.
  2. mbh

    Too many midfielders?

    No thanks, do not smoke, unlike Sarri.
  3. mbh

    Too many midfielders?

    Could be, will we ever know?
  4. mbh

    Too many midfielders?

    Could be a typo, S & D next to each other.
  5. 1. Man City 2. Spurs 3. Liverpool 4. Chelsea 5. Arsenal 6. Man Utd 7. West Ham 8. Everton 9. Crystal Palace 10. Leicester City 11. Newcastle 12. Wolves 13. Fulham 14.Bournemouth 15. Burnley 16. Brighton 17. Watford 18. Southampton 19. Cardiff City 20. Huddersfield Town
  6. He is not only a utter disgrace, he's a mouthy disgrace as well.
  7. Lesser of two evils I suppose, @brownindian
  8. With a win today Watford will leap frog Chelsea to the fourth position.
  9. mbh

    Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    If your not really interested in your (or anyone else's) personal opinions. Why join a football forum? as all forums are all about opinions,
  10. mbh

    Charly Musonda jr.

    Where in my answer did I mention that. reply to what I said not what you would like me to have said.
  11. mbh

    Dean F****** Saunders

    Wow hay, don't hold back there, give him both barrels, he deserves it.
  12. mbh

    Charly Musonda jr.

    Sorry does not work like that, & if you was a manager that worked along those lines you be in dole office more than the managers office.
  13. mbh

    We officially have an incompetent board

    Was the revolutionary that save our club, not too everybody's taste, should have carried out the electrification of the fence though, that would have kept the riff raff out. PS. Special mention too a certain Mr H.
  14. mbh

    Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    The reply was not to you, it was just under you quote, it referred to Weatherman.