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  1. We should try with Diego and Bats upfront.
  2. Conte heard us, now let's see some magic.
  3. A very good goal one must admit. The wall should be better positioned perhaps.
  4. Conte knows why he put Pedro in the first team. In Conte we trust!
  6. I would prefer a draw, but would take loserpool win.
  7. In the rather lengthy interview with Sport-Express, Ivanovic basically has to review his entire Chelsea career, from the highlights to the lowlights, and is also asked his verdict on the all the various coaches he’s played under. Mourinho was special, sure, he agrees, but it’s Ancelotti with whom players would prefer to spend their entire careers since he made players more “comfortable” and did not play mind games. You either loved Mourinho or you hated him, says Ivanovic, a revelation that should not be surprising to us by this time
  8. Still, Matić has earned his spot in Chelsea's lineup. He has been the best midfielder in England this season. — Breaking The Lines (@breakingIines) February 7, 2017 Not many players can claim to be as complete as Matić. Superb in big games, proven in two leagues, strong, metronome, mobile, proven winner. — Breaking The Lines (@breakingIines) February 7, 2017 Too bold perhaps?
  9. “I asked [the club] to release me if I received a suitable offer. Chelsea agreed, and I am very happy with that. There was an option to go to China, but I want to play at a decent level and continue my development. That's why I chose Zenit.” -Branislav Ivanovic; source: Sport-Express via ESPN When I moved to England, I did not play much, but Avram Grant provided great support, saying that my time will come. Guus Hiddink gave me the first chance. Carlo Ancelotti helped me to make a huge step forward. From Andre Villas-Boas I learned a lot in terms of understanding football. With Di Matteo we had a great relationship. When he became head coach, it was the first time I felt myself becoming one of the leaders of the team, which has to do more than the usual football. With Rafa Benitez I won the Europa League, scoring in the final. Conte gave a lot in terms of tactics and physical preparation. -Branislav Ivanovic; source: Sport-Express via Google Translate
  10. I hope that after Ivanovic departure we have a new goal scoring machine.