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  1. General

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Ciao Toni, the first season was a breath of fresh air as we stormed the premier league and I got to see my second prem trophy hoisted at the Bridge. Walking out of Wembley first after a piss poor display a week later sucked. This season you just whined and bitched a bit too much after the summer contract negotiations, when all your staff moved into hotels thinking it was P45s not another season. We played some of the worst footy in years this season but god bless you we still won the FA cup, and I was there to see it hoisted. Sad to see you go but it’s probably for the best me old china.
  2. General

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Its done, Anotonio paid off, Sarri in .........announcement today or next week (egg on face if i'm wrong, but certain all the same )
  3. General

    Next Chelsea Manager

    personally I like that the club are taking their time, it's a big decision to make, especially in light of the past season and Roman's ongoing UK visa issues, just 'Chill Winston' please !
  4. General


    Willy has gone down enormously in my estimation I don’t even expect my 11 year old nephew to perhaps do something as petulant. I like old school decorum in the dressing room the gaffer should be just that. I agree ship him out but not up north eeh by gum no !!!
  5. General

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So Conte to leave after he agrees compensation upon his return from Italy mid week. Then an official club announcement. Willians cover up job is a bit juvenile, he’s in the over 30 category along with Pedro so will imagine he’ll go to join Matic & Mour. Tibo & Hazard next as they basically have echoed Contes gripes, plus they would raise enough money to bring some more 20-35 mill pound mediocre players in and out a few quid in the coffers towards FFP compliance (can’t belive I typed that, but that’s hyper inflation from all the Telly money). The FA cup win has but a smile back on my face. I’d have Conte for his final year but not on the cards. Whomever the new manager is, he will seriously need reinforcements of the 50-70 mill type if we are to compete for top 4. dippers got Salah & are getting Keita in. city & united will invest heavily. Leaves Tottenham Arse & CFC left fighting for 4th place. Does the board want to stick or twist ?
  6. Great day out yesterday at Gatwick now waiting on a plane. first half was entertaining saw a lot of the ball and Eden take his pen up the MU end. Second half hardly saw the ball but did see Young’s blatant hand ball (VAR?). Tough 5 minutes ET as no time clock in Stadium so it felt like 10 mins. But when Oliver finally blew was one of the best moments of my 55 years. 1st time to see CFC win this cup in person and hope not the last. And unlike last year got to stay in the stadium & watch the cockney reds leggit first. Season saved - brilliant !!!
  7. First of, nobody knows if its going to be a turkey until match day when it kicks off, so less of the pessimism please, its a cup final FFS and CFC is in it vs Man U Secondly, I may be a bit biased as I'm going, flight tomorrow night with a brief stop over in Dublin to see The Stones on Thursday night, then The Green Man on Saturday afternoon followed by Wembley, 2 years in a row so don't want to be leaving the stadium first this year despite our 2 bob manager and under performing players !! Come on Chelsea !!!
  8. Worst performance in a decade ? making Jose’s surrender a few seasons ago seem hard fought F off Conte
  9. The team was only a week ago on the end of a 5 game winning streak taking momentum to the last 2 prem games where we and the media could see us getting top 4. What does AC do 6 changes Weds and 8 changes today. And we wonder why this has gone pear shaped. All his good work from last season undone, I’m going final next week a big investment when you live in LA so the bloke better play the strongest 11 and keep Baka & Barkley on the friggin bench.
  10. Been coming, hate to jump on the slag of the manager but WTF is he doing playing Barkley & Baka ? There is no chelsea midfield control and the team is being overrun. What a joke
  11. hope he rests every single player he intends to start vs United but he wont, we know he will play the team he should of started with yesterday, you know just in case a crucial player could get injured or a red card
  12. The team was on a streak why change the back 3 & Kante w Baka in mid ? , it was solid suppose that’s why I’m not a professional manager lbh the team didn’t deserve it tonight & most of the similar to this sub par performances
  13. dont spoil a winning formula, back 3 is settled and with 3 games to go why rotate, AC is sub for me, Baka has hardly played and Kante is a machine so kept those 2 and the defense is solid, a foundation to build upon I would rest Eddy, Fab , Giroud & Moses, Alonso may get a game as he was out for 3 and Emerson wont displace him for the final 3-4-3 tibo Dave Gazza Rudy Zappa Kante Baka Alaonso/ emerson Willy Morata Pedro
  14. Congratulations! My youngest daughter Zola was born on Sep 17 2006 when the Drog scored to beat Dippers 1-0. Saw his goal then got the call for the c-section !
  15. Teams coming into form just at the right time, agree that todays starting line up is probably what we will see vs United. Giroud although not as pacey as Morata knows how to bother United’s backline. Do feel bad for Willy though but with Baka at least not being awful again, think the mid 3 is set with a 3-5-2. Hope the team keeps it up the streak and takes the 6 points on offer. I could take 5th if it’s a matter of a point or 2 or goal difference. p.s. I’m going to Wembley!!