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  1. Great victory against a team of thugs in red & white who also play a bit of footy Can't see any mugs catching us in the league! I have my Sunderland ticket & flight booked !! kudos to Costa whatever Conte told him at HT worked all the players worked hard today under tough & challenging conditions manager showed his nous w his formation change happy carefree days then
  2. it's a team sport. We've been very lucky re injuries this season. Conte on telly now JT & Haz didn't travel slight problem w the both. Team sport - still a very strong line up. A draw won't be the end of the world but I'm going for 1-2. come on Chelsea
  3. " Without the sending off (lampard said it wasn't a sending off) the second half would of been very interesting. " the referee observed a pattern of pre mediated fouls upon one of chelseas players in particular, one of those fouls had been just seen the ref show a yellow card to Herrera, then Jones takes Hazard out (provoked an un zen like Conte to approach mourinho on the touchline) the referee Mr Oliver talks to united captain (unless you lip read -what's he said?) surmising this - your team is persistently fouling foul will be a yellow. The referee has a duty to protect the players, in this case his judgement call was to award the yellow for perhaps as a 'stand alone' tackle may not have warranted a caution. Hope the FA look at Rojo's stamp he seems to make a habit of stamping Like this
  4. One team came to play ugly for whatever reason - unfair ban on Zlatan, bad luck, their other strikers dropping at the final hurdle - lol, Jealous cus Chelsea only paid 32 for Kante whose made Pogba look like, well defo not Pogba of Juve fame. Will always respect mour for his CFC service up until last summer, will again once he leaves the prem. But he got it wrong all day & night long today - tactically, team selection and respectfully (c##t failed at that miserably by trying to get Eddie kicked off the park). 1-0 ,they got lucky courtesy of De Gea who was the only player in their team today to get near his counterpart in blue. Enough said next to have Spurs put out. I've hedged my bets and got a flight over arriving May 20th leaving 28th, 1 or maybe 2 games I wanna be at fingers crossed then !!
  5. Rashford has traveled on his own and is available to start for them per some of the dailys
  6. The bloke is a phenomena, a goal scoring machine a la the drog, guddy and JFH Hes got 17 on the season, team's top scorer, team is top of the league and cruising towards the title to those who doubt him - exactingly high standards are wonderful and if you personally maintain them in your chosen profession then perhaps feel free to offer critique of a world class player, if not.......................
  7. the squad compliment goal for next season with a CL campaign is going to need 2 top players for every position. Approaching world class for 1st team. Adding a Sanchez or equivalent high dollar up front , but I'm sure the board & Conte will want to big up the academy products and now try to promote from within saving on new investment while bearing the fruit of a 10 year academy development & loan strategy - Aina & Ake for wing banks, Chalobah & RLC in mid. Got loan players at Huddersfield now doing well in a promotion drive - Izzy Brown. Tammy at City. Christensen in bundesliga. Chelsea trousered the oscar money - that's why. Investing in a new stadium the board will look to the academy graduates to shore up the 1st team squad. As it should. Trust Conte to build a top squad over the summer.
  8. tough game over there no doubt, they always raise their game vs Chels, the good news is one of their best players- Antonio is suspended BUT cant see any normal outcome being anything other than an away win, unless abnormal prevails - bad refereeing, red cards, Carrol hat trick (lol), our forwards all come down with the flu Sunday etc. As for the pessimistic points haul predictions, its my understanding only 1 team has bottled from a similar position, Keegan's toon (were 12 points ahead in January 96, but sadly by early March were only a point in front, with the risk of repeating myself that's currently 10 for CFC) So wtf are we getting edgy, I'm not one to count fowl in advance either but as soon as another 6 points are on the board I'm booking my flight over for the last game of the season, got tickets lined up, think it just might be a great Sunday out that day.
  9. signing of the season, no doubt about it Maka was oh so good in the role but imo Kante is equal to the task and blessed with more pace
  10. 11 points clear city's make up match v United in a busy schedule Swansea have been resurgent & frustrated for large periods despite Chelsea's possession. But the team prevailed. Fab fitted in seamlessly. Diego back on the score sheet and Pedro is fast becoming the revelation of the season isn't he?
  11. He's in his 1st season as valued squad member (under Fatty he did alright mainly in Europa league) in a new position and doing alright imo. It's easy to single out individual players performances on a game by game basis - whether factually or subjectively. But football is a team sport and currently the 1st 11 team is top of the league, long may it last (until May). So him & Alonso maybe 'make shift' wing backs but they're doing the business. None of us have a crystal ball (except for the Ozzy geezer on here) so why bother speculating re players potential performances next season in such and such a competition ? Moses has come in, impressed one of the better of the 10 plus managers of Roman's tenure, earned and kept his place in one of the best title charges in years. Well done perhaps rather than the bloke aint good enough for Chelsea.
  12. Diego Diego Done over are we proud for slagging some of our own players again ? Really tough cup tie , but the cream has arisen
  13. give most of the premier league starters the day off please as if the next round comes into play the draw will most likely pair CFC w a prem team, and as already said above the fringe players wont get much of a look in Wolves embarrassed the dippers, but lets face it that's easy for 'minor league' clubs to do, cant see them turning over Chelsea, even if there are 9 team changes
  14. Undone by a brilliant free kick, we all knew going in it would be a tough place to pick up all 3 points from. no need to Panic - 1 point gained and 10 points clear. personally don't see why there's a problem getting a point at Turf Moor in the freezing cold, fair play to Burnley their home form is good for a reason.
  15. this will be their 'cup-final' match, a chance to beat the best so far, and perhaps influence the outcome of the title race. I'm confident of Chels winning , but not in an easy manner, think as some have hinted above it will be a very hard-fought match, i'll settle for a 0-1 courtesy of the Guv'nor. (p.s. not that 1 wont take 2 or 3 nil as well)