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  1. Alvaro Morata

    Champions League & Injuries to key players.........2 things that were non existent basically last season when Chelsea were champs part and parcel of being a top team, no use in moaning just hope for a speedy recovery for teh lad
  2. The game plan went off the pitch with Morata under the circumstances losing by a solitary goal which was pretty special ain't too bad as they attacked like a pack of rabid wolves on speed ! hope Morata not seriously hurt as that would upset me more than the loss And at the end of the day they're owned and financed by a oil rich country not an oil rich individual and have a stellar stellar squad.
  3. same tactics as against Atleti, liked Eden with his free role in behind Morata, Aguero & Mendy are out but really they have enough class to cover those positions and then some. Bakoyoko & Kante have to start, wanna see Dave, AC & Rudiger as back 3. Key is to hold the line cus they will come out of the blocks swinging and fast paced, dont think Pep does play for a safe away draw & hope to nick something. think it will be a draw, but you never know.
  4. Defensive formation that bites back hard. Hazard just behind Morata who don't like Atleti was a pleasure to be watching. Got to admire the manager, could easily have been 0-3. Regardless a top notch performance & result. Team was friggin relentless like the manager. Antonio Antonio !!
  5. Apart from the dippers at home (red card etc.) they haven't played any other of the big 'ead teams in the division, so their 'amazing' attacking displays could be construed as the classic flat-track bullying. In saying that, their attacking options appear abundant & fruitful, the new goalie an improvement - But Chelsea do have the players to stop them, I don't think them dominating at the Bridge Saturday is a real fear, if Conte can field his best 11 (except for Luiz) then I see a home win or draw being a distinct possibility rather than a leathering by Jesus Aguero & co.
  6. cant really add any more comments to what was a superlative away victory except.... same biased reporting or lack of on CNBC coverage of prem in USA, nice to see international consistency at least
  7. tough game but they benefited from Zouma a hell of a lot when they drew the Scum Utd, they also like to do a bit of counter attacking themselves now with the little swiss matey and the twit rapper Jesse so it may not be quite the Stoke of old, if we play our game I think we have a fighting chance at the 3 points, think Moses will rotate back in, hope he leaves Cesc on the bench as its the right thing to do vs Stoke, I think he may play Cahill for 'leadership' qualities in the absence of Luiz although I would prefer Dave, AC & Rudiger as back 3.
  8. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I like the bloke as a back up striker, he hasn't had many minutes at all since he's been here to gel with the team and acclimatize to the system, has a good attitude, and he has scored goals, let's face it once upon a time a club record was paid for a supposedly top top striker who was given all the game time in the world but never made the level of DD, NA or DC either. Plus Michy's goal at WBA last season will never be forgotten.
  9. professional win, a clean sheet would been nice but charity begins at home so the Forest mob got something to cheer about back up north thought all the youth players acquitted themselves well, especially CM , Bats with his 1st CFC hat trick, Eddie looking back in form, lots of good reasons for a little celebratory tipple this evening
  10. in USA streaming on line on ESPN 3 Come on Chelsea !!
  11. will be the same line up as Leicester imo he started Zappa cus hes 'rotated' him in, and will 'rotate' Moses back in, who is now got direct competition so will be motivated, just hope he 'rotates' Rudiger back into that back 3, but expect the captain to get his place back (lets see how ruthless AC is) Arsenal have not got better this last season and now- so its baffling to me how they have got the better of Antonio, I expect this to be rectified early Sunday (5.30 am for me) 3-1 or the like please
  12. Like shooting fish in a barrel really, shame batman lost his 2nd, Willy unlucky. Stil nearly 10 years ago to the day it was 1-1 vs Rosenberg & a sacking shortly afterwards Antonio ! Antonio ! Antonio !!
  13. Hard fought away win, in time the understanding & passing in the final 3rd should improve w Haz back, Pedro was off the pace refing was inconsistent as always Carrierbag next !
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Board covering their backside, he can stay away & keep getting fined his weekly wages or return & train with the kids until January. Can't see a way back but thought that with Tevez & Mancini.
  15. Deadline Day Drama

    Board got 2 players in today. Squad bolstered, tactical flexibility is now a potential. 1st 11 now Eddie is back can go toe 2 toe with any other prem title contender. Lets get behind the squad, the manager & the board and see some more tin cups roll in hopefully !!