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  1. bottom line with Mourinho, he sent out Ashley Young, Matic and whomever else he picked to systematically foul Hazard, as he has no tactical answer to the boy's brilliance, yes Dean did brandish yellows but he did nothing for Young's in from behind scissor action 'tackle'/ foul in the box which now has Eden injured, and in hindsight why he may have been quieter than usual on Saturday. so thats the level of respect Mourinho has for CFC , not f'in much, so fairs fair he won a bunch of cups at SB; but that's done and now he's like the rest of that scummy club - the enemy
  2. Didn’t deserve to lose that so big big kudos to Ross a player whose proving me wrong - their 1st goal Lukaku steps on Alonso’s foot Dean myopic as ever when it comes to a united goal. Marcus should of got up though to help out - 2nd United one was Luiz getting mugged by Mata As for Marco , Sarris 2nd assistant coach ffs it’s football a last second equalizer, celebrations will ensue Mourinho was just as out of order by his reaction imo, besides which we all love the drama respect to JM for a boat load of cups but that’s done, he got some stick today rightly so as he couldn’t keep his cool cus Ross grabbed a point for us carefree & still unbeaten !
  3. Observations - pikeys always raise their game vs CFC, and luckily the Ukrainian missed the header at the end or we'd been 1 nil'ed again Team desperately needs a striker that can score, Morata has turned into a worse version of Torres, I cant see anyway back for him realistically he looks like he turning up for the massive pay checks, wont compete with the dippers, city, spuds & united long term without a goal scoring striker contributing 20 plus in the prem league Team relies too much on Eden and when he is either not on song or tactically nullified then its a struggle to impose the brilliant Sarri-ball in the final third of the pitch. Made a good enough start sitting in 3rd place behind the 2 favorites, likely to drop points next round as well based upon the form book and our lack of a proper striker. Think 4th place is the realistic goal this season and so far so good.
  4. they always raise their game vs CFC as its their 'cup final' and we seem to struggle no matter if were in form or not. based upon prior encounters at their gaff can expect a full on start from them (which should be good practice for the Bindippers games). If the initial storm can be weathered and if Arnotovich is unfit (as he will bother our back 4) could get a result out of here. They will of course try and kick the crap out of Eddie who wont get any protection from Mike Dean. A draw will be ok jut no loss please.
  5. General

    Alvaro Morata

    He’s a flop basically. Stuck with him until January now the club has shipped out Tammy & Bats. More brilliant short & long term planning by the CFC Board.
  6. Getting better every match with the pressing & control of the game. Giroud should start imo he changed the attack from blunted to sharp. Luiz did ok today. Same old nervousness periodically at the back though wouldn’t be Chels otherwise! LOL at the pikeys !!!
  7. General

    Eden Hazard

    rumor is - hes gonna sign on for 300K a week soon, but there will be a buyout clause of 200M IF CFC dont qualify for CL just speculation really, but if it happens its good for the club, guarantees a big fee if he agitates to move next year
  8. never seem to do well vs the barcodes up there, and if any manager can exploit the current issues in defending its Fatty, they were unlucky to lose vs Spuds on opening day, so people licking their lips on here may be let down, its my 55th birthday so am hoping for an upturn in fortune and a win to Sarri's Blues
  9. Who’s been scoobied ?
  10. General

    Alvaro Morata

    Sarri using positive psychology perfectly.
  11. Well Well. I predicted 2-1 but I’ll take 3-2 thibk the left side of defence responded brilliantly in the 2nd Carefree then !!!
  12. Alonso & Luiz look found out shame cus they were adding value to the attack Silly mistakes let them back in Sarri ball just switched off ? Hope he can team talk it back on. Bring on Hazard & Emerson.
  13. General

    Alvaro Morata

    the club have cut their losses on the 2nd most expensive last summer signing, they wont do it for the first, hes here another season -like him or not. hopefully he can chip in with a few goals, he aint a title winning striker imo, if he doesn't prove his worth by next May then I am sure the club will act to bring in a 'proper' number 9/ striker
  14. Haven’t seen the thread cus have to stream on my phone now shutdown the $190 a month direct tv rip off I must admit initially with all the passing & no striker up top (Morata lol) it seemed like here we go. But after Kantes goal it was never really in doubt. 2nd half was much improved, when Hazard came on they were done for. Perfect start to the new season with the new manager, all the players showed up and imo it can only get better. carefree then !!!