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  1. Costa's first strike was his 50th in the Premier League in his 85th game - only seven strikers have reached the milestone faster. BBC Looks like he's probably a top class striker worth keeping hold of imo nice brace & assist today
  2. Diego Costa with the brace, drop him hes pants LOL LOL LOL
  3. Get The Fook In Gazza !!!!! Now play like Champions elect god damn it !!!!
  4. It's days like these that I live for football done them up good & proper filthy Vermin in white Wembley Wembley ..,, When JT goes up to lift the FA cup we'll be there , we'll be there Keep The Faith
  5. remember AVB , Napoli away, false 9, got the sack..... need a striker to irritate and needle them, hazard up top will be easy for their defence, if DC is dropped now knowing his temprement we can probably kiss any more positive performances from him goodbye and there's a small matter of 6 league games to win as well as this match, so cant see AC dropping DC for P or EH as a false 9. Going to take a perfect performance to beat the Spuds, hopefully the virus has left the camp and we get the dependable back 6 back, the real Kante, and the front 3 score
  6. Arrived in Manc land with a 4 point lead, left with it. The windows shut, the manager has a pecking order, up until yesterday he got most of the critical path decisions correct, yesterday he played Dave when it could of been Ake, lost the game 2-0 for a culmination of factors - this was one of them, Costa not scoring regularly is another, Tibo injured, Spuds applying pressure, handball for their 1st, Hazard not showing up etc.etc. The team has over-performed to date to put it into this still brilliant position, 4 points ahead with 6 games to go, yes more players are needed in, but you cant have your cake & eat it, we have younger ex-academy players in the squad whereas 2 of the main rivals - City & United have much better squads, and the main rivals Spuds have worked out how to build a squad to nearly win the prem but fail in Europe, bottom line is its not easy to win the premier league nowadays or manage a squad expected to compete on 4 fronts. Antonio now saying title is now 50/50 is just a kick up the backside to the players. So we now play in this order - Soton (H), Everton (A), Boro (H), WBA (A), Watford (H), Sunderland (H). Lets forget about what Spuds will do, one game looks tricky (Toffees) we have one more 'get out of jail free card' left, 4 home games 2 away , the last 2 games when points may be needed are at home, to beatable teams. Come May the 21st only need to be ahead of Spuds by 1 bleeding point like in 2010 - keep the faith.
  7. Tibo should be back, don't know the extent of his ankle knock, but probably given the day off yesterday as a pre caution with this match in mind Alsonso was ill, the manager made a mistake playing Dave in his spot, wow a coach that is fallible !! We haven't got another match ready striker, Bats just hasn't been given enough time to lead the line in a semi at Wembley, playing a false 9 vs Spuds is dumb - we won a couple of prem league matches when DC was unavailable that way, Spuds I think have teh best defence in the league, an annoying # 9 is needed not Eddie on his own, Conte will not drop DC now with so few games to go, despite the armchair manager calls on here to do so Keep The Faith (I did- have airfare paid for and hotels booked in UK for the whole week May 20th -28th, Just in Fookin Case !!!)
  8. If this was monopoly we'd have one 'get out of jail free' card left. Today was one of those games, as soon as I saw Beggars & Zouma start I had a bad feeling. 4 points clear ain't too shabby.
  9. here's a snapshot of the table a year ago after 31 games Leicester were only 4 points ahead of Spuds who had played an extra match, so basically they had a 7 point lead like CFC currently do, if CR & Leicester can hold their nerve I believe so can Antonio Conte's Chelsea. Keep The Faith.
  10. Diego Costa last match- Deflected own goal assist. Foul on him led to MA scoring from free kick. Yes drop him (yawn) ........ Think Chelsea can beat this united team at home, zlatan will score as Chelsea can't keep a clean sheet, hazard to score more agree win this & title looking reachable
  11. 1-3 my prediction on BBC Predictor game. When they pulled one back it was ......never in doubt. MA deserved the goal after hitting wood work twice. Fark Off Spuds. Win all your games & we only need 15 points. CAREFREE !!!!
  12. Moses fit, he will start imo usual team, bollox to drop Costa now, I'm no tactical genius but that will weaken the attack, expect the manager to field the usual line up only Q in my mind is Fab or Matic ? Eddie Howe is like whinger & pep, hes a principled coach who at home will go for it, these kind of teams are the ones Conte's system works best at beating 3 points is a MUST or Spuds go 4 points behind, cant see them losing at home to Watford gonna be on the road to Vegas so will not be able to watch this one
  13. wouldn't like to be any of you lot's mates, blimey the guy doesn't score for a few games and now hes pants and should be flogged in the summer (paraphrasing I know) I didn't see a lazy sh*te player yesterday or in every game since early January either. I saw a lone # 9 who was trying for the team, doing what he does best pissing off and niggling the opposition, putting in the needle, I personally like that the team has a striker like that. Ddnt like Big Duncan Ferguson when he was at Everton but I bet those blue mousers did. So currently hes not scoring for fun, or even scoring, but he was a big part of the 13 match winning streak and for that deserves a modicum of respect and loyalty IMO.
  14. That was as stressful as a bleedin semi or a final , played sub par but done the business, 8 games to go hope none are as gut wrenching as that Well chuffed now, can't see a bottle job after doing the double on Pepsi & his rich kids
  15. Perspective