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  1. A lot of posters who had a meltdown b4 KO re the false 9 - hang your heads in shame. If it wasn’t for a lapse in concentration from AC the gaffers game plan would of worked perfectly. 1-1 ain’t perfect but it gives CFC a fighting chance in 2 weeks time. Imo a goal was always gonna be needed over there anyway.
  2. Get in there LITTLE WILLY star player !!!!
  3. Poor little Willy post twice this match and it prevented a hattrick vs Hull good 1/2 game plan working sofar
  4. CFC Injuries Baka & Luiz on injury list - no return date along w Barkley. So none of them Tuesday unless the club is blagging- doubt it Giroud to return tomorrow Alonso to return Tuesday
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    its good that he's scoring , long may it continue - drives up his resale value, especially if he has a good WC in the summer - boy gets his confidence levels back up, which must have disappeared entirely from warming CFC bench - if he comes back next season with a new manager he may get a chance to stay So i'm not commenting to say "i told you so" but that it may turn out to be a good deal for all concerned. For once !
  6. Would like to think that in 2012 against all the odds Chelsea KO'd Barca in the CL semis, so why not again in 2018 - lets be optimistic! Few points - as stated by others the team had big personalities in it back then, not so much today's squad. In 2012 it was a semi, players had their eyes on the prize in Munich, the final. Miracles do happen, but does lightning really strike twice? Needless to say then, a win at the Bridge with a clean sheet or a bore 0 0 draw is what is required for a little bit of hope when playing the return leg. Can this current lot of players deliver ? Answers next week then.
  7. Good win after the shambles we saw last week. Giroud did very well and so he should he’s no mug in this premier league, now he’s in blue I’m actually Well chuffed he got signed. Took a few hits today so hope he’s fit - team needs him right now think if he clicks w Eddie , Willy Pedro could be a game changer he’s a great target man perfect for the system. Moratas good at dancing, healing bad backs and now looking like he’s up for it on the pitch - goals please. If not for Eddie, motm again. CFC dodged getting beat by the bottom of the league team twice in a season.....big phew. Carefree then
  8. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Manager needs to stay until the end of the season imo, I was gutted about the result yesterday but more upset with Toni's overall demeanour, I want the proper Conte back, the maniac running along the touchline and crowd surfing when a goal was scored All we can do is watch as the games unfold, there is one group of people who can do something to prevent a sacking - the players; they need to put in a shift for the gaffer, tired legs or not
  9. Don’t know how & why but the ‘rot’ has set in well and truly. We’ve seen symptoms of it in past seasons and always Romans prescription is to relieve the 1st team coach of his duties. Not gonna dig out any individual players but we’re all watching so draw your own conclusions. Sad because I really thought this season would be different, but last month and this shambles today tell me orherwise. we all know Conte is a super coach just look at last season - just not at our club currently. Its WBA next the graveyard of Big Fil & AVB. If I was a betting man ......
  10. Didn’t watch the 2nd half work got in the way. Sounds like it did me a favour. Can stream the game in on nbc now I’m home but why bother ? just a small observation when we’ve had a stellar season in the past it was based on a very consistent back line whether it is the new back 3 or prior years 4 at the back. last year was Dave SSB Gazza. Mourinhos title season was Ivan Gazza JT Dave. This season through injury, poor form or rotation there’s never a consistent back line and it shows, one match it’s a clean sheet and then a freak result like today. Difficult to berate the new boys but they’re getting static on here today along with some great players like Fab & Gazza, but in this age of instant gratification no body gets any slack unfortunately. Remember Rambo, he was slagged off on here chronically until he got a season under his belt and started to improve. If Bakayoko & DD are at the same level in a year then yes maybe they were bad buys but let’s give them a chance. Again the necessary rotation doesn’t help their chances of bedding in. It’s apparent that the board run the recruitment and the loanee football factory with mixed results to say the least, if the manager can’t change it why as a fan moan consistently? Accept it as part & parcel of following Chelsea or it will drive you mad. I like Conte but with results like this and constantly moaning about squad depth can’t help but think RA will have had enough and he will be gone come May. He is a good coach and with a board that traded in only world class players (PSG, RM etc) he would probably do very well. He must of known what he was getting into (Carlo is his m8 they didn’t talk before he took the position), so the moaning about squad depth etc is getting old. Top 4 is still on, look at the company CFC keep - dippers, spuds & arse have all been up and down in the prem like CFC. Man U will roll on into 2nd, City can’t be caught. Think we can have a good cup run, not confident vs Barca but I wasn’t in 2012 & looked what happened ! Hopefully they can get on the pitch at Cobham and work hard before Monday’s trip to Watford. Giroud needs to start if AM still injured that’s for sure. For those blaming RA, the board and Toni it’s all been seen b4 - Carlos 2nd season had a major blip midway, RA bought SSB & FT in the January window for 80 mill quid combined when we desperately needed squad strengthening, the rest is history - sacked for coming 2nd. It’s hard to accept normal results after we’ve all been spoiled with success for 12 years but for whatever reason (FFP, New stadium) CFC is not in for world class players currently. We have to accept that and accept this squad is all we have until the end of the season along with the manager and hope to win the next match or 3. CAREFREE !!!
  11. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Signing up for Chels is like going to confession, all your sins are forgiven, in this case he's forgiven for playing for that lot and scoring against CFC. Now he's in blue hope he scores a sh*tload of goals and puts AM under pressure to buck up his ideas. My only tiny critique- please OG lose the hipster beard, it blows.
  12. Notice Arse had Giroud available for their loss yesterday, but CFC have to go without a striker today for Arse to sign Auboomerang , we do look like mugs imo Whomever plays up front today, we need to win to keep the dippers & spuds at bay, 14 games left to play fast approaching the business end of the season, lets hope Eddie is up for it otherwise it wont be fun on here
  13. Professional job, barcodes were uninspired but had a go , liked Michy’s brace. Another gem of a free kick by MA, every team needs a couple FK specialists. can’t wait for the draw tomorrow carefree then !
  14. Dzeko the Gecko

    Carlton Cole on a free ......
  15. Well learned one thing from the presser, no CFC manager has any say in the market, period. Therein lies part of the club's problem..... "to sell, to buy, to go out on loan, it is the club that will inform you of this situation" Liked it when some hack asked him if he was happy at CFC, "yes" came out from his mouth but his 'boat' gave off a contrasting impression. Hope the club don't loan out Bats or Charly before this game, deadline is fast approaching.