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  1. Great away win up north in near freezing precipitation, shame about the clean sheet but there’s no better way to improve than by a mistake (Ampadu). Nice to see Bakayoko have a good game, time should see him get up to snuff in the league...or not. Agree about mixing it up with no big striker - & that the false 9 has been good for Antonio, but let’s not 4get for all Moratas alleged issues he’s good with his head. Horses for courses. Do feel bad for Bats but each time AC leaves him out w a false 9 CFC have won so it’s a team sport & team win. He could do with a loan in Jan but won’t get it as can’t see a top striker coming in to compete w Morata. Let Huddersfield back in it for the last 10, dunno if it’s tired legs or what. Alonso has his pluses but he needs competition to improve and he looks shagged out tbh. Good result, players rested, a 17 yr old has a prem debut, momentum restored. Gonna watch again now on the DVR carefree then !
  2. Little Willy just scored !! Big Willy on the bench let’s get our Willy’s straight chaps !!!
  3. Get in there Baka ! got a lot of slagging in the start of thread !!
  4. Last couple of times Eden played up top the result was positive However its very cold (37 C) and raining currently up north, snow later on ! Lets see what these blokes in blue shirts are made of then, predicting a narrow away victory
  5. If Joe Hart plays then I sense a positive result, but form goes out the window as they wil be UP for it If Adrian starts could be one of those heroic goaly matches where nothing goes in, shame about Drinky, need Baka to perform not let the side down again
  6. if you think the upcoming draw is honest think again, look at the recent WC draw - Russia Vs Saudi Arabia (not fixed or anything), the fact that there's a WC coming up in Russia & Qatar (bidding rigged by FIFA). FIFA , UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL (con - lol) they are proven to be dishonest and criminal in their activities, so lets not get too hung up on 2nd place (although why goal difference isn't used like in the league idk). UEFA will be looking to eliminate CFC either way 1st or 2nd.
  7. On Telly live in USA Fox Sports West channel win please for all the good reasons already posted !!
  8. watched the game again in the evening all chilled with a beer & a spliff, Chelsea controlled the game 100%, scored a winner and rested a few players, admittedly it was far less anxious than the live experience earlier at lunchtime, but with a calmer mind I was able to figure out that most of the negativity on the thread- it seems to be a result of the frustration at not breaking down a crap side like yesterday and battering them 3 or 4 nil, emotions churn and there's a lot of knee jerk posting, with a lot if I'm being honest, of slightly not accurate comments, oh and Willy had a damn good game as well. Call it winning ugly, but a win it was lets do the Barcodes next, btw Ill take another 1-0 if thats what it takes to get 3 points
  9. Finally!!!! Rudy can’t fail
  10. It’s on the telly in USA on FS2 live same time could of been 2 quick to question the manager last season away to Leicester naughty china craving costa was left out of squad, false 9 0-3 to CFC
  11. Hazard as a False 9 has never worked ?? morata not injured in bench trust the manager I suppose on FS2 live in USA
  12. We officially have an incompetent board

    Player power - always a better decision to sack the manager from an economic perspective, players' registrations literally cost a kings ransom nowadays so ultimately are better assets to clubs than even than the top managers, the days of Fergie s-canning a bunch of untouchable MU players are over, the same principal is at work at CFC the tipping point being an unabated run of poor results leading to a media driven crisis, the 1st team is a long way off that point currently (4th in prem, alive in 2 other cup comps) so the AC/ DL spat is not currently a factor, just like last January with the AC/ DC spat - club was flying high, Costa fell into line, expect Luiz to do the same.
  13. Michael Emenalo Appreciation Thread

    I think a lot of the anti-ME sentiments arose from the 'perception' he got into the club hanging onto Avram Grant's coat tails, compounded 3 years later when Butch was sacked and he was appointed as assistant to Carlo. That aside, he did a very good job in recruitment and development, with the exception of selling KDB and RL . Obviously had enough of being under the intense media spotlight @ CFC and is off to Monaco for some good weather and tax free earnings, good luck to him.
  14. Great victory, all the players showed up, Alonso especially, Kante the battery is back, Eddie looked menacing and what a bonce the boy Morata has on him The 2nd half was most impressive until EH was hooked that let them back in but guess what the chelsea defense showed up today no luck for losing lukaku along with no touches in our box !! shame that SSB hungover the proceedings like a distraction but none was had as the red scum were righteously blown away. Regroup after the break. Hope the sacking lies are put to bed in biased media. carefree !!!
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    No player is bigger than the club, and in the proper run club the manager as well SSB been pants lately the proof of the pudding was today’s performance I’ll take the boy Anders every time better younger faster maybe not got the passing range but Fab does player power as always at chelsea