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  1. Has the club made an official statement yet ? Didn't think so, so its all speculation until they do...............
  2. Apparently hes due toe surgery, been playing through pain last 2 months still miffed at him for the diving at Wembley, happened so fast (I was 20 rows behind thegoal he was attacking) couldn't tell it was simulation, gather he got married the next day as well Keep Him please, can only improve in right WB position
  3. least RM wont spunk a 100 mill on him now
  4. Just got back to air b n b in Pimlico TOP day out at the Bridge...........words cannot do it justice, a tear or two shed (end) for JT then 4 hrs in The Elk seemed like 4 minutes, flashbacks to the 70s, Eddie McCreadie in the West Stand Chelsea fans best on the planet LOVE you CHELSEA !
  5. Its on the Sy Fy channel in the USA , I don't care I've hit record and am flying over to London Friday to be there, then Wembley for the bubble !!! Not worried about the line up, did you see Sunderland yesterday if it wasn't for Pickford would been 7-0 !! Campeones, Ole Ole Ole !!
  6. CAMPEONES CAMPEONES OLE O FARKING LE ladies & gentleman pride and honor has been restored Now let's have the bubble carefree then ......
  7. Oi Kansas City - its a carnival/ fairground game, bunch of rubber ducks floating in a tin bath with O rings glued to their backs and you try and hook them to win 2 bob (crappy) prizes 0-2 to the Blues Come On Chelsea !!
  8. No disrespect to the Baggies, but it should be done & dusted after Friday, leaving us lot the rest of the weekend to celebrate as much as is humanly possible. Cant see anything he can do tactically to stop CFC scoring, they got 2 in their last outing but didn't score in 4 before, think Chelsea are beginning to peak again just at the right moment. Come on Chelsea !!!
  9. 3 games to go , 3 points needed I'm starting to get worried about Friday , FFS Tony Pulis was watching in the crowd ....... We will be Champions, hopefully on Friday to piss off Spuds, if not the game after Kudos to the whole team tonight , clean sheet, and my prediction 3-0 Glory awaits us all -Carefree Then
  10. Bottlers beware after today there can be no doubt Chelsea will prevail, before the collective on here start to fretfully await the mighty Boro stating every potential hiccup that on Monday will lead Not to a home win - STOP! It won't happen based on both clubs current seasons and the last 6 when they were in the same division. Last 7 encounters saw CFC win every match and keep a clean sheet. So I'm going out on a limb and predicting 3-0 to Antonio's mighty Blues Come on Chelsea !!!!!!
  11. 4 games to go, no resting of players unless they're in wheelchairs, that's why there's painkilling injections (JT 04-05 seaon a prime example) Thre's no room for any other prediction than home win, Boro are hapless and for all intent & purpose relegated, Chelsea are 3 wins away from the title, bye bye Boro !
  12. Everton never showed up, & Pedro finally did then it was over got 3 things to say now Come On Arsenal !!!!
  13. I really don't care if Spuds win 5 more in a row...,.. have to have faith in our players keeping the same consistent winning rate as the last 33 matches have shown tomorrow a win (would be nice), draw (a point) a loss (shy-te) but CFC will still sit atop the table. Then there are 4 winnable matches (if tragedy strikes tomorrow based on prior disappointments this season the team bounces back with wins)- Boro at home , WBA last away, Watford & lastly Sunderland at home. Id put money on winning the prem by a single point if that's what it takes. That will piss spuds off enem more. Everton are doing well at home, but champions elect always find a way. Think there will be goals and don't think RK will play 3 at back. Lukaku is their obvious threat but cut off his supply lines and they look pretty average. Need a defensive master class and Kante & Matic to rule the mid. COME ON CHELSEA
  14. Costa's first strike was his 50th in the Premier League in his 85th game - only seven strikers have reached the milestone faster. BBC Looks like he's probably a top class striker worth keeping hold of imo nice brace & assist today
  15. Diego Costa with the brace, drop him hes pants LOL LOL LOL