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  1. General

    Alvaro Morata

    Sarri using positive psychology perfectly.
  2. Well Well. I predicted 2-1 but I’ll take 3-2 thibk the left side of defence responded brilliantly in the 2nd Carefree then !!!
  3. Alonso & Luiz look found out shame cus they were adding value to the attack Silly mistakes let them back in Sarri ball just switched off ? Hope he can team talk it back on. Bring on Hazard & Emerson.
  4. General

    Alvaro Morata

    the club have cut their losses on the 2nd most expensive last summer signing, they wont do it for the first, hes here another season -like him or not. hopefully he can chip in with a few goals, he aint a title winning striker imo, if he doesn't prove his worth by next May then I am sure the club will act to bring in a 'proper' number 9/ striker
  5. Haven’t seen the thread cus have to stream on my phone now shutdown the $190 a month direct tv rip off I must admit initially with all the passing & no striker up top (Morata lol) it seemed like here we go. But after Kantes goal it was never really in doubt. 2nd half was much improved, when Hazard came on they were done for. Perfect start to the new season with the new manager, all the players showed up and imo it can only get better. carefree then !!!
  6. General

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Is he still here ? one week b4 Italian window shuts. Fingers crossed then
  7. General

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Suspect its the homegrown quota issue, RLC is needed like Tammy & Rob Green etc. to fulfill that requirement there's 4 comps and injuries so I expect him to stay and get game time
  8. General

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    surprised it wasn't Tammy that went out on loan, think the homegrown quota is coming into play here & the club would never admit defeat w Morata just yet, hes a 60 mil buy from RM so he aint going to Valencia on loan cant see the boy doing a Moses and making it at CFC now sadly as hes a character with imo potential to come good as a striker one thing is certain cant win the league without a 20 goal + a season goalscorer
  9. General

    Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!

    Obviously not in Sarris plans - didn’t go down under, zero minutes pre season. If Scum United want him just make them pay, he’s young & got potential must be worth 30 mill at least
  10. General

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    If this rumor has a quarter of a grain of truth to it I'm chuffed to bits..... if Kovacic signs, Baka to be loaned to Milan. HAPPY HAPPY DAYS !!! only 24 hours to find out if its true, I'm sure every poster to a friggin T will be chuffed to bits
  11. General


    Bring on Saturday 3pm. Up norf with an astute oppo manager and a hard working team out for 3 home points - none of this friendly bollox. A new CFC manager with a fractured pre season his only experience at the helm. Gonna be up to the big players if they can get fit quick enough to carry Sarri through the first few games. I’m realistic enough to appreciate Sarri needs a few weeks and the players need time to adapt , but this is a cut throat club in a merciless league. Today and prior friendlies 2-3 players look like they won’t get the new system think we all know who. game was good at the end with the 1st team out. Tammy is one for the future so hope he goes to Brighton.
  12. General

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    RM wanted him last summer he had a buyout of 20 mill then, the move broke down and AB extended his contract with a 70 mill buyout He was Degea' s # 2 at the WC - so hes hardly come out of nowhere
  13. General

    Thibaut Courtois

    its despicable the way hes fashioned his move to RM by not showing up, but if a player feels its the only way out then hes going to do this. hes not the first and wont be the last , IF CFC get Kovacic on loan & 1/2 the money to buy Keepa from Tibo's sale I say the club has done good business and why be so upset at Tibo, if I got my dream job offer and my employer tries to stop me after I'd dropped loads of hints as to my wanting out, theoretically giving my employer time to find a replacement I'd go on strike too !!
  14. General

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    I think this situation will ultimately reveal the clubs ambitions Butland for 25 mill make a profit on the Tibo deal 35-25 = 10 mill pounds but no world class goalkeeper since 2004 Kepa for 70 mill show the rest of the league we mean business just like the dippers did signing Ellison