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  1. I've never been to Glastonbury, but I saw Chic at a local festival a few years ago. It was a solid gig with loads of hits, but I found it odd that Nile Rodgers felt the need to spend half the gig lecturing the audience on how he "invented pop music". I know he's done so much, but that's exactly why I found it odd that he did it. It was almost like he was afraid that the festival crowd would write them off as some cover band if he didn't constantly remind us that he'd been involved in writing/recording/producing all those hits. An elder statesman like him shouldn't have to do it, that's all. DJ Shadow was at this local city festival a few weeks ago and even my mate who's been a fan since the '90s thought it was boring.
  2. Reminded me of this...
  3. Even if it were true, it shouldn't be a problem because we've already sold several players since January.
  4. April? Two months is a very long time in football. He could've changed his mind multiple times since then and who knows what loaded questions he was answering to when he said it in the first place. I think he could be a good player for us, though.
  5. I'm sure it's more like we CAN'T reveal the new signings in Adidas kit. I wouldn't be surprised if Nike insisted that we do it that way. Besides, Conte is on holiday, so it's no wonder he's not being very active on the football front.
  6. If we'll see a significant number of 60+ million transfers this summer, then I'm willing to hold up my hand and admit that I'm wrong, but as it stands I don't think it will be the case. Clubs and agents have always slapped over the top price tags on players, so this is nothing new. There will be exceptions of course, but I reckon majority of the transfer fees of major signings to and from big European clubs will be between 30-60 million.
  7. Yes, the prices are crazy, but even in the current market 55 million is NOT cheap. That would mean clubs regularly paid 60-100 million for players. That just doesn't happen outside of China.
  8. Nah, I'd give it a pass and save some dignity...
  9. All the flop signings are Emenalo's and all the good ones have been signed by someone else.
  10. After a few trophyless seasons the value of players is likely to go down. Not much of an insurance.
  11. Why not let the club do that?
  12. Cudicini was a visionary transfer and we acted quick to get Courtois, but Cech was hardly a no-name player when we bought him. He was was a full international keeper even at such a young age and he kept four clean sheets in six UCL first group stage matches in 2001/2002 with one of them away against Bayern München. Actually... Cech didn't concede until the fifth group stage match that season. I heard rumours of Arsenal being after him and I was hoping Chelsea would somehow get him. This was before Roman came along. I was so happy when he signed.
  13. It's a step down from Begovic, but since we need a back up for Courtois, I guess we could do worse.