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  1. Maybe Conte as his compatriot could convince him to come to Chelsea.
  2. Viet Kong?
  3. That's a perfectly viable option too, but just thought I'd mention that it's ok to call out Jose on his double standards.
  4. In case of Jose, I don't think so. I mean, he was the one who told Conte that it's bad form to celebrate too wildly when you're winning. He was the one calling for respect from rival managers, so I think it's fair play to call him out for it when he doesn't do it himself.
  5. A recent upload on the official Bundesliga YouTube channel:
  6. Hugger? Surely you meant to write "snorter". (Hello Shirley!)
  7. Fergie quit after winning the league and it looks like Arsene will quit after finishing below Spurs and not even making the top four for the first time. Not quite the grand exit Wenger probably was hoping for.
  8. The Last Man on the Moon. It's a documentary about Gene Cernan, an American Astronaut who is the last man to have walked on the moon. It's not the best documentary I've seen on the subject of astronauts, but it's a good one.
  9. We were? Maybe you're thinking of Avram.
  10. Does anyone else find it weird that when Chelsea gave away flags for everyone in the stadium, it was pathetic and sign of a plastic club, but now that Leicester does it, they get lauded for creating a great atmosphere.
  11. I remember one match in which Maka frustrated Crouch so much that he was complaining to the ref all through the match. How does a Goliath get dwarfed by a wee David? Skill and tenacity. That's how.
  12. It's fine if they just slap them together for fun, but some of them try to pass it off as original content that is good enough for people to want to like and subscribe to their channel. And then there's people who crop the video or zoom in to hide which channel's broadcast it was taken from and the end result is that often you don't even see the ball in some shots of a goal or you don't see some of the players involved in creating the goal. I understand it's because they want to prevent their video of being taken down because of copyright reasons, but those cropped and/or zoomed in videos are often of no use to anyone because what's it good for if you can't see the goal properly(or in some case at all)? It's just that it irritates me because there's so many fan made videos out there that it's getting very hard to find the good ones. Especially if you want to find something specific. I know it's a bit silly to complain about videos that I can watch for free, but sometimes it's just not worth the hassle to go through all of it to find the good ones. Or even the decent ones.
  13. I'm not a huge fan of those effects, but I'd still rather watch that any day of the week than the sort of stuff that some people post on YouTube. Like the compilation of last ten matches between Chelsea and ManU that was posted here in some thread (this one, maybe?). Editing a goal compilation isn't exactly rocket science, but some people aren't even trying. It makes me want to punch the monitor when I watch a compilation that has been cut in a way that the editor just cuts according to the video and doesn't care what the audio sounds like. I mean, it's so annoying when the commentary cuts in and out sometimes in the middle of a word or a sentence just because it's where the editor wanted to cut the video. They do know it's possible to edit video in a way that you don't have to cut both the video and audio from the same spot every time you make a cut, right? They know that you can take a piece of the commentary and edit the pictures over that audio track by taking the replays and celebration (and what not) shots out of sync from the original match footage, right? Right? If you're too lazy to edit the audio, please just make a simple in/out edit and show the entire sequence as it was in the broadcast instead of chopping it up. Thank you.
  14. From UEFA's website: And Everton could still qualify for Europa League: