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  1. Your favourite non-final/title wins

    Some good ones have already been mentioned, but I'll add the final match of the season in 2002/2003 against Liverpool into the mix. I watched it in a pub filled with Liverpool fans all in their red shirts. I was the only Chelsea fan there and although there was a handful of neutrals there, I got the impression that they would've preferred a Liverpool win.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    He could get injured getting out of bed or getting on the plane to London. There's no rush. Yet.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    I can. Letting Courtois go so that we can sign Morata would be stupid. Then we'd have to go looking for a top keeper and there aren't many of those *available* at the moment.
  4. Random Rumours

  5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    It's one of the newer ones. They figured they'd try to cash in on a bit of nostalgia while trying to become relevant again.
  6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    One of the lesser known singles by The Buggles.
  7. Alex Sandro

    I blame Kenyon for Emenalo.
  8. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I have no idea if James was Ancelotti's signing, but they've worked together, so that must've been one of the main reasons for this loan deal.
  9. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Ancelotti was Real Madrid's manager when they signed James and Ancelotti is Bayern's manager now. Not random at all.
  10. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    We've probably had a good idea who we want for some time now, but those players have quite hefty price tags, to say the least, and I'm sure the club doesn't want get totally robbed by the selling clubs. We'll leave that to ManU...
  11. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    Could someone who has a Twitter account reply to that RedRom tweet with a picture of some safety glasses, please!
  12. Alvaro Morata

    I had absolutely no intent to make any personal attacks. I'm just a fan of puns. I had no intent to offend anyone. I apologize if I did.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    It's my go-to place for quality tuna. Benni just knows his stuff.
  14. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Yes, it would be the ideal scenario, but does that ever really happen in real life for any club (not just us)?
  15. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    On his day he's an absolute beast of a striker, but he clearly doesn't want to be at Chelsea, so the sooner he leaves and opens up a place for someone who does want to play for the club, the better.