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  1. No. Simply, no, It's the next one if there ever will be one. Euro 1996 had more reasons to be cancelled than this one.
  2. There, fixed it for you.
  3. T.V. Smith has to be the most underrated English singer songwriter alive today.
  4. Whatever happens, I just hope the UCL final will be played between teams from two different leagues.
  5. They have kits for Kante, so why not...
  6. Here's a link to their site:
  7. Livescore used to be my favourite until I downloaded the Forza Football app for my phone. It does what livescore does, but also uploads links to video highlights as soon as they're available somewhere. Usually within a couple of minutes after the goal was scored.
  8. Like when he blasted Joe Cole for lack of effort or told Carvalho to get his head checked?
  9. I don't mind it, to be honest. All these unusual details give the stadium a little character. Not the sort that Brendan bangs on about, but the sort that makes sure it doesn't look like 95% of the modern football stadiums out there.
  10. There's no way we could buy the same number of players in the current market, even if we went for Djilobodji type transfers just to make up the numbers. The likes of Makelele and Crespo would cost close to 100 million each in the current market. Well, obviously not literally those players, but you get the idea...
  11. Destined to be "Best New Music" on Pitchfork. Next album will have songs with appearances by Beyonce and Kanye West so all the fans on Pitchfork's Facebook page want the big sell out to burn in hell. They still adore his first demo, though.
  12. Yes. Very interesting. What does he mean by "keep on winning"?
  13. Sky has an article with the title: "Chelsea can't replace Hazard" AND one with the title: "Alexis ideal to replace Hazard". Both are among the top/recent news on their Chelsea page. I know the titles are quotes from pundits, but it still looks a bit silly. And they've also got an article with the title: "Real Madrid want Hazard". Wow! Really? Real Madrid want one of the best players in the world? Stop the press!