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  1. f**k it, 6-0-4. --------------------------------------Courtois -------Azpilicueta--------Rudiger-------Christensen---------Cahill Zappacosta---------------------------------------------------------------Alonso ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------Pedro------------------------------------Hazard----------------- -------------------------Morata----------Batshuayi
  2. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    You're not wrong mate
  3. Ethan Ampadu

    If we're going for the full camp factor, we could do one to this:
  4. Yeah that title raises a lot of questions which the responses (so far) don't answer in laughs
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Batshuayi is proof that we should have waited a year and signed Chris Wood If anyone agrees with this they are an unadulterated moron
  6. Mancienne used to be a hot prospect Chelsea youngster
  7. Christensen and Clarke-Salter being personally told just how badly things can go by Mancienne is the greatest victory of all
  8. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    It's a metaphor
  9. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I hope Diego Costa sh*ts himself in the shower, then, when trying to clean it up, throws up on top of that, thus creating an even greater mess.
  10. Following our ex`s...

    I lie awake at night sometimes wondering how Ramires would have fared as our right wing-back
  11. Hmmm... sounds familiar. Let it not be said that you don't have a type Nibs!
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    A literally shocking performance, what a c**t. Literally worse than our previous captain that time we conceded five goals at home against Arsenal
  13. Eden Hazard

    He's sh*t now, literally the Belgian Mahrez
  14. Frank Lampard retires from playing football

    To be fair I've read animal entrails with better football analysis than Michael Owen.