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  1. Hazard has been completely invisible.
  2. Can see him sold in the summer unfortunatly. Really bad fit for this system.
  3. Chalobah have been very poor to begin with.
  4. Serge Aurier might be an option for RWB. With Meunier taking his spot at PSG he is too good to sit on the bench.
  5. Verratti is my wet, wet dream for the summer. What a player.
  6. Look forward too it as well, going to be nice to watch some big matches one can just enjoy. In other news its being reported Gabriel Jesus is going to miss the rest of the season with a broken metatarsal.
  7. I can definitly see him becoming absolutely unbearable when we are in a close race with United(and City) for the title next season. Thats what i think will happen anyways and that, that will lead to many of us having a problem with him at the end of next season.
  8. I want Verratti or Nainggolan. The latter is probably our best chance but eighter of those would be fantastic. Perfect fit for our system and Kante would basically have another "Kante" beside him with even better passing.
  9. Only scored once since the turn of the year now. I don't think he is playing at the same intensity and ferocity that haunted defenders since the Stoke-game in late december. Very unfortunate and i blame China, had a bad feeling that was going to impact his whole season afterwards. Looked set for the golden-boot and maybe even POTS for a while but he will have a hard time getting eighter one of those now.
  10. That's really, really generous. I wouldn't give him a single point. Laziest performance i have ever seen from someone in a Chelsea-shirt. Did not even try unless someone passed it right into his feet.
  11. f**king fuming. sh*ttiest second half i have ever seen. Inviting teams back into the race like that? Piss off. Hazard, Matic and Costa can get a lengthy vacation.
  12. Might as well turn it off. No way we are even getting close.
  13. Worst passing display i've seen in ages. We seem to be passing to f**king Burnley players.
  14. Yeah, Yeah ref after what the home fans think. Knobheads.