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  1. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    If only we had another player even half as good next to him in midfield. Consistantly paired with underperforming midfielders this season. Him and Matic were a great midfield pairing last season.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Our board couldn't even manage to make us stand still. They did more for Mourinho and United this summer than they did for our club. Made them significantly stronger while weakening their own team. Bravo.
  3. Young players coming through is always fun but the world of football is moving forwards at such a pace that i believe we will be left behind if we tried. Currently i believe we have the fifth best squad in the league. It's full of holes, lacking depth and quality. If we want to actually compete with the best in this league and in Europe we need to go out and buy the best players on the market, because that is what they are doing. If we stay on the current path and look to sign the Drinkwaters and Barkleys of the world we'll just be left further and further behind until we reach Arsenal-land hoping to win a FA-cup here and there with no chance in the league or Europe.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It’s not hard to have a lot of sympathy for Conte. He never got over the sh*tshow that was the summer of 2017 and while you could argue he needed to “forgive” the club and work miracles again as he did in his first season here you could understand why he couldn’t. The Matic-disaster alone would be enough for any top manager to consider mutiny. Top class midfielder sold to the managers biggest rival and replace him with an average workmanlike PL-midfielder in Danny Drinkwater. Not to mention they did nothing to add much needed depth to the squad which had great implications to Alonsos form throughout the season for example.
  5. Matic hands us what might be the final blow to our CL-chances. Thanks board..
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Outside of saving money i struggle to see good reasons to persist with Conte. We have been horrendous all year and yesterday was a new low. He is killing Hazard and getting zilch out of one of the best attacking players in the world. We are also sinking fast and the gap up to fourth is just getting bigger and bigger. Last season was great. This season we got the bitter, cowardly and confrontational Conte who to me isn’t the same manager as he was in his first season here.
  7. Eden Hazard

    It's a bit like if Valverde used Messi as a target-man for hoofball and then proceeded to sub him off when needing a goal two times in a row. He's be sacked on the spot and i am starting to think Conte should be too.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Absolutely shocking. Look at us, absolute shambles. I'd rather have us lose 8-0 if we showed some effort and tried something than that "defending a 1-0 loss" sh*t there.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Right now i'd be delighted if i heard Conte is sacked tonight or tomorrow morning. Relationship between him and the players are completely broken. I predicted that when he threw them all under the bus after Bournemouth and here we are. Only chance we have to get anything out of the season at this point is getting someone new that could hopefully bring an injection of energy and rejuvenate the players including Hazard who is being broken by the manager right now.
  10. Frank Lampard and Jody Morris until the end of the season.
  11. Nope. Relationship is clearly destroyed.
  12. We aren't even trying to get the ball from City. Just walking around, let them pass between them and waiting for the final whistle.
  13. Most uninspired Chelsea-performance ever. Everyone is just walking around and mish*tting passes.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Time to sack him. This is probably the most uninspired Chelsea-performance i have ever seen. Absolutey toyed with by City and the tactics have been horrendous. He is also killing Hazard at the moment and we are damn near screwed in the race for top 4. We aren't going anywhere in CL with Conte either so give it to someone that will inject some new energy, positivity and pull everyone together for a CL-run.