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  1. Wow, thats pretty interesting. Looks like the club are trying to secure deals early. Still the hurdle of agreeing a fee with Monaco ovbiously but its quite a step in the right direction. Think Conte can turn him into a right beast.
  2. Sounds like he's staying. His latest interview suggest that anyways. For me thats great news. Best keeper in the league this season.
  3. According to L'Equipe and RTL in France we are leading the race for Bakayoko.
  4. Claude have struggled with bad depression i'm sure i have read somewhere. Arsenal is his life pretty much i think i have heard him say as well. Got to feel sorry for him, seems like an alright guy.
  5. Have to say i like the idea of bringing him in this summer. Really developed into a great striker now. I also think its going to happen.
  6. Thats probably not going to happen with Lukaku being 4 goals ahead of him though.
  7. Scored twice for Everton today and are now at 21 league goals for the season. In the form he's in at the moment he's got a shot at reaching 30. Get him in.
  8. Agreed. Looks huge. Maybe he's been told to bulk up even more by Conte to fill another role.
  9. If we hold on we have our name on the trophy!!!!! Come on Chelsea!
  10. Indi is a dirty, annoying f*cker. Conte shouldnt shake hands with his post game.
  11. Costa needs to be subbed off at half time. Dirty Stoke players are trying to get him sent off and right now they are on their way to succeeding.
  12. Predicable start. And by that i mean completely rubbish.