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  1. Unbelieveable, Arsenal fecking Arsenal beat us in a the FA-cup final. That is unacceptable and embarrassing. Pathetic, can't describe how pissed off i am at that.
  2. That would be horrible. Lets hope we aren't chasing ghosts all summer while our rivals snatch up great players early in the window(Griezemann to United looks likely too).
  3. Looks like Monacos left back Mendy might be following Bernardo Silva soon as well. That would be two incredible signings by City to be fair.
  4. That was quick. Looks like City means business this summer, clearly not messing about.
  5. Zabaleta too recently. They will probably have a crazy summer Ahead of them.
  6. Davinson Sanchez's got the potential to be a great defender in a back three. Should keep an eye on him for sure.
  7. Traore is impressing me. Don't think i've seen him this good before.
  8. Nice little start by Bertrand.
  9. Sandro Rosell? He was actually arrested for corruption and a whole list of charges a few days ago by spanish police.
  10. Probably something to do with the fact that Inter was better then us over those two ties. But yes i agree that should have been recognised more too. Maybe we were just too numb from the year before and half expected it. Barcelona is still the worst for me but a long distance though. We fecking spanked "the best team in the world" that night at the Bridge. Still think a bunch of shady sh*t went on between UEFA and Barcelona. Both of those parties have been proven to be filled with criminals since that time, it isn't excactly unheard of to suggest they did it then too.
  11. Good call i think. Massive shame what the terrorist scum have been able to do though.
  12. Yep, literally a bunch of criminals most of them.
  13. Apparantly Messi's been sentenced to 21 months in prison. Not going to be served ovbiously but funny that another big Barceona-profile is a criminal essentialy.
  14. Unlikely but Kyle Walker is clearly leaving Tottenham and for me he's the best wingback in the league on form for me so i hope we test Tottenham with a bid for him.
  15. Never going to happen unfortunatly.