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  1. Should have paid whatever Juve wanted for Pogba three seasons or so ago.
  2. Alonso slow as a slouch. His pace was always going to be exposed this season.
  3. Neither Ampadu or Scott is ready to play at this level yet. Ampadu showed against Forest he's not ready and Kyle Scott just isn't very good. So we'd get trashed if we line up with them two in midfield.
  4. Should have been 1-4 by now.
  5. Conte will resign after this game probably.
  6. Got a feeling we might lose this one. Fabregas is going to tire out in the second half after 90 minutes against CP and Roma and we have no one to put on for him. And Bakayoko has been incredibly poor.
  7. We aren't really unlucky when you explained the problem accuratly in your last sentence. We can't control games when we smash long hopefulls against Hazard and Morata. Watfords CBs wins every duell and we have to defend two seconds after smashing a long ball.
  8. We literally have no system offensivly. We are reduced to smashing long ball up against Morata and even Hazard which even in theory sounds like to most horrible plan ever.
  9. How can the champions of England fail to control a homegame against Watford? Shambolic.
  10. Doesn't look like Drinkwater, Bakayoko or Luiz will be ready for this one. Maybe the board will realize how bad they screwed up over the summer when Watford line up with a better midfield than ours.
  11. This is simply untrue. The club makes a ton of money off the TV-deal which wouldn't happen for any club if supporters weren't sitting at home watching football.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yeah i saw that too, doesn't look too promising.