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  1. I think we need at least three. Two wingbacks and a central midfielder since Matic is all but gone. We only have three midfielders which is way to scarce with 60 games this season. I also think we'll see 3-5-2 at times, especially in the tougher away games and right now we would have to use every midfielder we have to even have players for it.
  2. Moses does not skip leg day.
  3. 21 outfield players and 8 or 9 of those are likely to go out on loan. So by the time the season starts we will have around 13 outfield players with a proper pre-season behind them. So what the f*ck are we doing?
  4. I am sure it must be pretty rare for a player or manager to get a hefty payrise without having to extend his current contract. To me this sounds like the club knows Conte is really unhappy with how we have looked in the transfer market and the club is trying to make up for it by paying him £3 million more a year. Like a "we are sorry we have fecked things up again, but here have another £3 million a year and stay pleeeeeeeease"
  5. Bild is also reporting the same thing now so looks like this is a no-go. Dortmund was open too it until their internal deadline closed today but no one wanted to take the opportunity. Hardly any options left now.
  6. Just get it done. We are traveling to Asia today with Michy and fecking Loic Remy as our strikers. That is pathetic.
  7. It's certainly not very encouraging he's gone to LA with Real Madrid. Pretty much guarantees a deal won't be done quick at least and i think we need that.
  8. According to Sky we have been offered this guy for between £60 and £70 million by Dortmund. 18 goals in 23 games in Champions League last two years, 31 Bundesliga goals the season that was. Surely we have to look at it?
  9. So basically we are leaving ourselves open to being hijacked by United again then. Thats pretty much what that means. I am seeing more and more sources writing about this. Started with the Daily Star and those tabloids, now we are having The Guardian and The Telegraph on the case.
  10. We would have denied it all with an official statement if that was the case i think.
  11. There are reports coming out now he's still in Brazil and have no intention of showing up for pre-season tomorrow.
  12. Voted for Morata but i am less then convinced by any of our realistic targets now. I don't think we are interested in Auba and both Belotti and Morata have huge questionmarks on them. It's going to be interesting to see who we end up buying though. Not convinced we can close deals for Morata or Belotti for either as we just saw with Lukaku and would not be overly surprised if we start the season with Michy, Llorente and Remy as our striker-options.
  13. Reports in Italy Juventus have raised their asking price for this guy now. A deal is looking unlikely if you ask me. The whole thing reminds me of the Lukaku-disaster.
  14. Conte will probably walk if we fail to land this guy too. So yeah i hope we get it done.
  15. It's naive to think he will. I don't even think he's going to show up for training on monday. That bridge is burned.