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  1. I agree with this. Fifth would not surprise me at all, the striker is only going to get worse and worse as the season progresses. United had four attackers on the pitch today that would easily do a better job than our strikers up top for us.
  2. Every football-fan in the world saw this coming from a mile out though. Our best striker haven't even scored yet, 10 games into the season...
  3. I'll take it... But that was lucky as all hell.
  4. f**king saved the day.
  5. Sindre

    Alvaro Morata

    I could literally list 20 PL strikers that would do a better job for us. He's a weak willed spaniard with no fight, no guts and no quality. I am fed up.
  6. Not when we lose here. United's had a sh*t season and are four points behind us being done with playing us away from home. This was a must not lose.
  7. Thanks for absolutely zilch Alvaro. Give him away i'd say.
  8. Martial is about 10x the player Morata and Giroud.
  9. Sit the feck down those that are clapping for Mata. He's just participated in derailing our season, why the hell do you show him support then?
  10. Knew it, it was coming. We are singlehandedly reviving Uniteds season. Morata is the worst striker i've ever seen at Chelsea. Weekend = ruined.
  11. We are in trouble. Wide open at the back right now.
  12. We have lost control now.
  13. f**king hell, just get up Alonso.