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  1. 100%. I have no doubt we are going to look even better next year under Conte. The squad he is working with at the moment isn't even shaped after his prefered formation and with hopefully a great summer window now that we should have money available from player-sales we might even make a run in the CL for me. A few players away from that right now for me but i still think Conte will take his squad to the title this season and then go for even greater things next season.
  2. Lovely work from Stoke.
  3. Stoke leading United at half time. Incredibly lucky to lead as United have been extremely wasteful but its certainly going to be an interesting second half.
  4. Come on Swansea! Hold on for a draw at least!
  5. Sigh.. Was too good to last i Guess.
  6. Swansea doing really well at Anfield. Half time and they didn't even let Liverpool have a proper chance.
  7. Apparantly Guardiola is ready to listen to offers for Aguero. Wouldn't be surprised if the club kept an eye on that situation. Can't stand the guy myself but just saying. He's still only 28.
  8. At this point anything other than the trophy is a massive disappointment for me. Not because second or third place wouldn't be a good season as i'm sure almost everyone would have taken that before the season started. But we are in a wonderful position now, our team are loaded with winners who have been in this situation before and know how to handle it. It would be a massive achievement and one we would talk about for ages but i believe we can do it.
  9. He's still usually the player teams fear the most on that Boro team though. Because he's got the ability to make something happen out of nothing. Meaning just get a hold of the ball somewhere on the pitch and run like a lightning past players. I've seen him do that against us, Livepool, ManUtd and Tottenham. I'd have him, i like his potential and i think he could develop really well under Conte. Yes he is really bad at finishing and end product at the moment but he hasn't excactly been mentored by great managers so far in his career eighter. Conte is different.
  10. I don't think he has a prayer of making it here with his physique.
  11. I like many of his qualities. He is an absolute specimen physically who can run very well with the ball and is faster than any footballer in the world today i'm willing to bet but his finishing lets him down. Needs to sort that out to become great but if he did he could be a world-beater for me.
  12. There you go.. Had a feeling we were keeping an eye on him. Mentionted that in the "random rumour" thread a month or two back.
  13. Nevermind his team mates, Conte must be absolutely fuming. That clip brakeit posted is very interesting, would not be surprised if Conte feels betrayed by Costa right now and Antonio will probably have problems trusting him again even if he stays through january. If he continues to sulk and not be in this completely Conte is going to "kill" his Chelsea-days thats for sure.
  14. Their owner also confirmed they have reached an agreement with Mendes/Diego in that interview btw. So i think we can pretty much confirm that the stories was true.
  15. Sounds like they might come back with an improved offer to me. If they offered £100 million right now i think the club would have to think about it at this stage.