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  1. Most hated opposition

    LEEDS end of story
  2. oh alright at least the score was right
  3. almost got it right, god but Jose is such a w**ker, make your way out of Chelsea and make your way out of Utd, oh by the way see you all at PSG
  4. ...................................or Drinkwater
  5. Fancy a 1-0 home win with the goal from an unlikely source....................
  6. had to Google murine Liam, what a lovely word,and its deffo him
  7. some people would need to settle down AND START SUPPORTING THE TEAM
  8. Hate the early Saturday fixtures,just glad Morata is back.
  9. I miss blaming Kenyon, it was always his fault.
  10. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Mr Mercedes with Brendan Gleeson, seems like a decent adaptation of Mr.King's novel
  11. christ there is some moaning and bitching going on this evening, long way to May, as they say in our house.
  12. this was a complete performance, havnt seen a display like this away in Europe for many years, maybe since that display in the San Siro
  13. great to see another full house at tonights game