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  1. Not on pre-season tour.
  2. Talk around these parts (just South of Manchester) is that Citeh really want Mbappe from Monaco. IF they were to get him, then Aguero may become available, but even then would they sell to a Premier League rival? Unlikely IMHO...
  3. Highlights video on chelsea website video on-demand section
  4. Why would Arsenal sell to Citeh and not us? Why would Sanchez choose Manchester over London when he reportedly likes London? I could understand LeArse not selling to another EPL club, but if he is available we should be in a really strong position. Maybe Sanchez wants to work with Pep again, but did that go so well last time?
  5. I am sure that there will be no announcements until the Nike deal (apparently Nike want loads of publicity around the deal). Many of the players we've been linked with were all over the gossip columns in early June and things of gone quiet since, I hope that means they are effectively done deals. This certainly applied to Lukaku and Baka, but also all the VVD and Morata babble has died down to. Let's see what happens...
  6. New kit on sale in NYC Nike store...
  7. Good point don't want a picture of shiny new shining holding last season shirt can we
  8. Looks like Arsenal are going to be running away with the title next season then...
  9. I like him. He is not the greatest player in the world (as mentioned elsewhere Ashley Cole in that role would be awesome). However, he gives great balance to the team and is always available when an out-ball is needed on the left side. Well played Marcus
  10. Am I being paranoid or did the ITV4 commentary team spend a extraordinary amount praising various individual Citeh players? Much less gushing about any of the Chelsea players that won 5-1 (6-2 on agg).
  11. Chelsea will win the title as a result of Tottenham losing to Arsenal. Chelsea stopped them last year, Arsenal will stop them this year.
  12. Irrespective of our performance this year, there are several areas of our team that need to be strengthened moving forward. I am hoping that we can retain the following core of the team: Cortois; Azpi; Luiz; Konte; Hazard; Costa. At the back: I would like to think Zouma and Christensen could both have major roles to play given full pre-seasons with the team. I think Alonso is underrated by many and offers us a lot going forward with his hugging of that left touchline. I also appreciate the fine season from Moses. However, I think we need to strengthen the wing back positions, more than centre back. Might Azpi return to the right with a fully fit Zouma, Luiz and Christensen in the middle. Could Ake be a left wing back. Or could Aina or DaSilva step up? Alternatively, we could raid Southampton for Van Dijk and Bertrand, plenty of EPL experience. So maybe Azpi, Christensen, Luiz, Van Dijk, Bertrand. In the middle: We need a partner for Kante who is a combination of Matic and Cesc. Not sure who, as I only really watch EPL. If we add that one player and keep what we've got then we'll be OK. What role for the loanees (Lewis, Van Ginkel, etc) So Kante plus another. Upfront: We need back up to Costa that Conte likes. I would be happy for that to be Llorente who has experience in the EPL and with Conte. Obviously if we could pinch Sanchez from Le Arse that would be fab, but would probably mean William moving on. So Hazard, Costa, Sanchez. Looks good to me
  13. Give Zouma a pre-season and let Conte be the judge.
  14. As a share holder I think CPO own not only the freehold to the ground, we also have control over certain names. For example a club named Chelsea can only play home games at Stamford Bridge (obviously a caveat will have to be created for us to play elsewhere during development), and I also suspect the ground has to be called Stamford Bridge. So if anything happened it would be "Stamford Bridge sponsored by...". Old Ken tried very hard to protect the club from developers cashing in on the ground.
  15. Chatting to a friend who supports another team. He couldn't understand why I we didn't think it was all over. I told him that if Citeh (for example) were 10 points clear then I would think is was all over, but when it's your team you NEED it to be mathematically confirmed, trophy in hand that sort of thing, before you celebrate.