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  1. Thanks -- More pictures please-
  2. Peter --;Peter Housman - Peter Housman on the wing - Peter --;Peter Housman - Peter Housman on the wing -
  3. Cannot remember any segregation on the slope itself and it was relatively easy to gain access via turnstiles to get up the slope however police seemed to have under helmet radars to stop Chelsea fans entering. After matches you could get out onto the grassy area behind the west stand as away fans exited down the slope and there was a decent drop down a concrete wall so you had a high advantage point , it got interesting one year when Man U were contained on the slope while blues fans outside were trying to smash down those old big blue gates.
  4. Re the discos, used to sneak on the pitch after quite a few beers and take pretend penalties, always at the Shed end
  5. On the pitch with my fuzzy hair, long leather coat and oxford bags with side pockets. (All official of course).
  6. Thanks to who ever put this together--
  7. Having got separated near that refreshment stand at the back of the CBL I got stuck in the middle of a crowd of Millwall who had come over the fence from the right and a bloke with a small hunting horn, there were quite a lot of recognisable Chelsea fans who had become isolated on their own in this area. Never seen anything like it before or since, the middle bit of the CBL was loads of people rolling around on the floor scrapping and punching each other, also a backs to the wall full scale punch up going on against that concrete up-stand by the floodlight pylon. As posted before they were as confused as us as quite a lot of the crowd in the CBL had blue and white bar scarfs on. All these years later it is strange to think this is how it was!
  8. One of the best all round team performances that I can remember --
  9. What a fantastic picture, "Loyal Supporter"
  10. Danny Blanchflower and Bankruptcy-
  11. Perhaps never before? and definitely since has there been such an entertaining football struggle as this cup final and reply. Those that attended or tuned in on old wooden box TVs witnessed a cracker, dirty Leeds were conquered - we won the rest is history -- fantastic-
  12. Sometimes our special trains pulled up on adjacent tracks to an opposition club. Lots of incidents going on as CFC presents were dispatched at the opposition and trains, especially remember a Forest train outside Kings Cross / St Pancras-
  13. Fantastic pictures, they seem to get better and better > Thank you all
  14. How about Kingsley Whiffen? what happened to him?