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  1. loz

    Football Aid 2017 - Play at Stamford Bridge

    Just a quick note to say that Richard did ask permission to post this and I did approve it.
  2. Ha I wish! The surplus sits in the forums account and pays for the various mod renewals when they come round. If there is anything left over after that it goes towards next year's hosting fees.
  3. loz

    MOTM vs Dippers (PL) (A)

    Kante head and shoulders the best player on the park. Probably his best performance for us so far.
  4. loz

    Random Rumours

    Good God no. Hart isn't remotely in Tibo's league. Why on earth would we play a second fiddle keeper in the number of games it would require to keep Hart happy. Hart is too good to be a back up but not good enough to be our first choice. We shouldn't be entertaining the idea of signing him.
  5. Cruciate damage at ACN. Been a bad year or so for his career.
  6. Screw that. I want three points, JT to celebrate by pillaging their WAGS and we steal the yellow submarine from John Lennon airport. I wouldn't care if the entire first team was missing through a bad dose of syphilis and we got to play the sh*te that struggled against Plymouth.
  7. Private jet though. Not as big a deal as when the likes of you and i travel cattle class with our knees under our chins!
  8. I think he will. Don't think Liverpool can afford not to. They will at least have him on the bench. However he has played a lot and might be suffering from bit of burn out.
  9. I still think he is a quality manager. The squad he has is clearly nowhere near strong enough. He needs at least two more windows and, most importantly, full control over transfers. That FSG mob are sh*te owners. They are using Liverpool predominantly as a profit generating asset. Buy young players with the ambition of selling on at a profit.
  10. Agree to some extent but players do raise their game for matches with so much rivalry. If we turn up and play anywhere near our best we should be too good for them but I don't think we are near our best just now. I think we have been getting results whilst below par (always a good thing) and we will need to be more fluid on Tuesday night.
  11. It pisses me off when clubs put out weakened teams - I wasn't overly happy with us making as many chanegs as we did today to be honest - however the FA should never have any control or influence over the team a club selects.
  12. Liverpool will be an entirely different beast on Tuesday. Klopp has pretty much sacrificed two cups in order to concentrate on the league and that will be apparent in their performance. I think Conte will be secretly happy with a point. We need to dominate the centre of the park and push them wide where they seem very ordinary.
  13. Thanks to everyone who has responded so quickly. Hell of an effort folks. Much appreciated.
  14. Hi folks That time of year again I'm afraid. Our hosting invoice is now due and Mod and I need to pay £240 to keep the site online. The invoice is actually due to be paid today (my fault, I missed the reminders) so there is a real risk we mgiht be taken down very shortly. As always I appeal to many people to make small donations rather than a handful of people to make larger ones. Anything is much appreciated. Just follow the 'Donations' link in the top menu. Cheers Loz