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  1. Cesc Fabregas

    Exactly...you have only seen a few minutes of them on TV...qualified to judge better than a man paid millions to do so and that sees them every day, tries things in training with them and gives them those few minutes you see on TV? I do't think so. RLC hasn't been woeful, Kenedy hasn't been woeful but RLC has to do enough to displace the options of Fabregas, Mikel, Matic and Ramires...Kenedy has the small obstacle of Hazard, Pedro Oscar ahead of him, none of which are lighting the world up but I am sure if the youngsters applied themselves better on the training pitch the manager would have stopped reading his paper long enough to look up and see it. You people who believe Jose is too stuborn to pick youngsters and in the next breath are saying the players have fallen out with him are just looking for anything to complain about, if he fell out with the players he'd play anyone in front of them, if the youngsters were better than the establihed players he'd play them, do you think he wants to lose games? Top manager, a few out of form players and not strong enough options to replace them, he's the one who must decide when to give up trying to play them into form and try other options and he will when those options show him something that says they're ready. You carry on complaining while he tries his nuts off to sort it out.
  2. Cesc Fabregas

    alternatively you judge without seeing the players...great manager you'd make. Mourinho's job and reputation are on the line here, if he doesn't think the alternatives will do any better, I'm sure he has valid reasons. what happened last time you watched some of the youngsters train with the first team boys? did they look good enough to you?
  3. Cesc Fabregas

    The thing is though, if you ignore media bullsh*t and peoples uninformed opinions on here the most likely reason he and the other main culprits who are not doing what they did last season are not doing it is poor form, he's trying to kick them and himself up the arse to help rekindle some form and show people that it has nothing to do with tactics or player discontent. Yes there's an argument for Jose picking different players if these are out of form but Jose is a better judge of the options form than us or the journo's.
  4. Oscar - Little Diamond

    I'm still torn with Oscar, I thought he had more to offer and this would be a good season for him but it's not quite happening, I was pleased with his performance against Porto and hoped he'd get the start against Leicester but he dropped off again, I do think Leicester set up well and strangled our attacking midfield which made it difficult so maybe he will carry on as he did against Porto next time he plays but for the ability he looks to have, he has been a let down. I'd still have him in the side ahead of Cesc at the moment but he needs to take his chances and perform like he did in the Porto game every game.
  5. Anyone can beat anyone in the prem at the moment, I had a fiver on Bournemouth to win that 2-0, happy enough for them to get the points and keep the division tighter, we'll be making a late charge for that CL spot so the more shocks the better.
  6. See what I mean....lucky bar stewards Edit: seems we both felt the same there
  7. Strange how luck seems to go with you at the top end of the table and against you when you're struggling, big decision in the City game and Swansea should be level.
  8. Cesc Fabregas

    Say what you like about Cescs form this season but he deserves this just in case any one anywhere still puts any stock on the rubbish that gets written. The Secret Footballer has published a written apology to Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas for accusing him of leading a dressing room revolt at Stamford Bridge. The apology related to a story written in November claiming the Spain international, aged 28, was organising a “mini-revolt” against Blues boss Mourinho. In an official statement that was presumably demanded by Fabregas’ legal team, The Secret Footballer acknowledged that Fabregas was not behind the alleged mutiny and claimed that the former Arsenal man in fact has a good relationship with Mourinho and is happy at Chelsea. The Secret Footballer is a professional footballer who wrote anonymous articles for The Guardian newspaper. He has since published numerous books and operates a website through a limited company (The Secret Footballer Ltd.). It was an article on the website that appears to have got him in trouble with Fabregas’ lawyers. The apology, which was published on the website, reads: “In an item published in the Secret Footballer’s Diary on 2 November 2015 it was claimed that Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas was the leader of a mini-revolt against manager Jose Mourinho. “Our information on this was incorrect. Cesc Fabregas was not organising a dressing room revolt and has an excellent relationship with the manager. He is very happy at Chelsea. “We regret our error and have apologised to Cesc Fabregas.”
  9. It was beautiful to watch, never enjoyed a Liverpool game more without Chelsea being involved
  10. Happy to see City dropping points but not surprised, the so called lesser teams are far more capable of taking points off the contenders than ever now and 14 points behind what is still the best squad in the premiership with 72 to play for makes for an interesting season for us. There's certainly a lot more surprises to come and I've no doubt all the teams above us will be on the end of some, lets just hope we've got most of ours out the way early.
  11. John Stones

    We've had the worst spell since Abromavich has been here, the worst spell in Jose's career...Everton are having quite a good spell but are still only six points ahead of us, If I was John Stones I know where I'd rather be if I were pinning my hopes on top four even this season.
  12. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    I worry about Diego's attitude, worry about his fitness and worry about his commitment but I'd love to see how he conducted himself if he had real competition for his place before I gave up on him. He looks to me like he feels he doesn't have to bust a gut, he's not appearing highly motivated by success but I have a hunch his ego would force an attitude change if there was actually another viable option, an option that came in and performed. Perhaps then we'd see a player determined to prove himself again instead of someone who acts as if he's done enough and can coast through games picking fights here and there. He's a bit slower for sure but it looks more a fitness thing than a player who's legs have gone and again that will be down to attitude in training and in his life in general.
  13. I'm hoping that going into the game away from home as genuine (formwise) underdogs will bring the best out of the boys. We have been nervy in games we should be winning but even on usual premiership form a draw at WHL isn't a bad result so expectancy shouldn't be massively high with Spuds having their best looking squad for a long time. They are playing some genuinely good stuff and will be a huge test, if we pass it then I think we can really put a run together, the game may have come a little early in our stuttering season but nobody can expect us to just turn this form lapse around overnight and if the worst happens I hope people don't go overboard. My money will still be on us but I've certainly not had a fruitful season at William Hills to date so that means very little. Be a good test for us and they may well be the in form team in the league at present, Midfield will be a key battle and Jose has a lot of thinking to do to get this one right. Hopefully Diego will watch a few videos of the Norwich game and see the six yard box isn't an area to avoid, maybe the goal will have him push harder to get on the end of some of the dangerous balls we have started to get in there. Edit: I started writing this before Just made his last post but had a cup of tea and got weigh laid...funny we both mentioned going into this one as underdogs...surely that won't repeat itself too often.
  14. Eden Hazard

    How good could he be if he was playing for the manager? quality and great to see his form dip behind him.
  15. Emanalo The Problem

    I'm personally leaning towards the argument you mention here and if that argument stands up then your last paragraph is really shown to be wrong. Are you arguing with yourself or saying you don't agree with the argument mentioned above?