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  1. We will never host the WC i dont know who hates us more FIFA or UEFA i think they would rather give it to france again than us just to really show who are the bosses
  2. Or a Porsche or Aston Martin
  3. Drop Costa and play pedro Hazard Willian up front lots of pace.
  4. Moved the WBA to a friday so now i can't go to that one do to work commitments and will have to take an extra day off for the Watford game on the Monday FFS
  5. Man U look pretty toothless up front. Hazard better wear extra thick shin pads.... 0-2 Chelsea win Pedro, Willian
  6. Great win seemed to make hard work of it at times. We could do with being clinical in front of goal..... seem to get in great positions but lack final ball.
  7. Have a front 3 of Pedro, Hazard, Willian bit more pace Costa is so out of form
  8. Just think we get to casual, seem to think we've have the game wasteful in front of goal
  9. Shed lower for me.....please don't throw things from above lol
  10. At least he got rid of the terrible comb over he use to have.
  11. Obviously they didnt think of Midlesbrough fans either travaling on a monday.
  12. Wont get home till about 1am and have to be at work at 6am. Really pissed me off as i dont want to mis it in case it is the game we win the league.
  13. Not heard of any injuries during the international break.... unless ive missed any. Just hope the Brazilians get back soon and are rested ready for Saturday.
  14. Hammers and Spurs fans are just Gangsta wannabes
  15. F**king hates touts especially the ones blatantly selling right out side the ground...even under the big sign saying don't buy from taking the piss