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  1. Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    This..... 4-2 Wembley last year was by far the best imo.... they were more cocky than usual that day.....
  2. Probably alardyce he is still free
  3. The 3 man Midfield allows Fabregas to play more forward and get on the ball to play those sliding passes, he did it a few time yesterday he had a good game with Baka and Kante they dominated the midfield. All WBA could do was try and kick us off the pitch.
  4. Was at the game yesterday and played great football from front to back Like others have said Christensen is a future JT composed at the back and has stopped the silly goals being conceded. but I have to say how poor WBA were, spent more time trying to injure our players than rather play football. Ref was a joke let so many poor tackles go without booking any of their players then book Hazard lol. We could have and should have scored more. On a side note why were some our supporters being removed from the ground?
  5. Most hated opposition

    Spurs, just hate them with a passion always have and always will. Beating them twice in a row at Wembley made my day. Liverpool, just hate the arrogance of there fans like every player wants to sign for them or every other clubs fans are plastic tourists unlike them who have proper fans with the best atmosphere.
  6. Would be my team also but I wouldn,t be surprised if Cahill and Luiz played due to not playing any Internationals
  7. Emanalo The Problem

    Like others have said never really understood his exact role...... buying and selling players or just recommending players to Roman.... IMO just glad he has gone if he is responsible for some of the younger players going. Makes you wonder weather Conte has laid down the guantlet to Roman as it's him or me option
  8. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    I don't think I've seen so many sideway passes as I have watching England....When Henderson receives the ball he is looking sideways or backwards. bored bored bored
  9. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    You never know a good run of games could be the making of him....Kane couldn't get a game at s**rs until injuries then got a few games and started scoring..... IMHO opinion though Conte will go with Pedro Hazard Willian lots af pace will scare the hell out of defenses specially if they keep changing positions
  10. Just have to take this result on the chin and admit we were well beaten by the better team on the night. Imho opinion Conte got the team selection wrong for the game..... .Fabregas should never have started. Great on the ball but with Cities Midfield you needed someone like Pedro who does press higher up the field and can win the ball can run at pace at there backline. Dave shouldn't have played RWB why move him from the RCH when City have no tall Strikers. Morata substitution I could see what Conte wanted with pace up front rather than a hit man. Unfortunately we kept huffing up field and giving possession back.
  11. Such a stupid penalty. Spoilt a good half. We looked in control, now they have there tails up and should be 2-0 up.
  12. We drank in the Harvester close to the ground...heaving in there with Chelsea but only took about 5 minutes to be served had plenty of staff serving.
  13. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    His last minute tackle in the UEFA final just after Ivan had made it 2-1