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  1. F**king hates touts especially the ones blatantly selling right out side the ground...even under the big sign saying don't buy from taking the piss
  2. I was in the M H L when the macs started to clap the whole ground applauded them.
  3. That was a typical Hughes tactic against us... He did at Blackburn QPR and at Stoke last season and this season... Beardsley' tackle should have been a straight red imo.
  4. Hope so I got a ticket would be awesome just to see Jose,s face lol
  5. WHAT
  6. Play a front 3 of Pedro-Hazard-Willian pace would scare the hell out of Shawcross. We played them against Bournemouth and Leicester and won quite easily
  7. RIP used to read that and the independent.
  8. Was in the MHL last night and we could how wound up Costa was...imo I would have subbed him and brought Pedro on......Costa was more interested in kicking and fighting with Rojo. He was a sending off waiting to happen. Even The ref looked pissed off with his moaning
  9. Kante for me...made Pogba look like a championship player and scored a great goal
  10. Was at the game last night and totally agree with you....While I think defensively he is pretty solid his ball distribution is poor and it is nerve wrecking watching him trying to bring the ball out of the back.
  11. You just know that now Man U have no strikers they will park 11 men plus the bus and the driver.
  12. Jose imo will stifle the life out of this game... I just hope we score early and make them come out and play or I think this will be hard work.
  13. Not seen any comments from the FA about the bloke who ran onto the pitch after Eden had scored.
  14. Zlatan banned for 3 games
  15. Actually meant at the Bridge....I hope he never beats us lol home or away