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  1. Back in the day none of us old gits would never have dreamed of seeing win the league one let alone the champions league. I'm 56 now and went to West Brom to see us win the league and saw us loose at Wembley. Both times the support at West Brom and Wembley were great it wouldn't, have come close the the late 70's early 80's crowd or intimidation.
  2. Such memories of the good bad old days....I feel so old looking back at these pictures
  3. Sounds better than the Skoda hart lane or the Lada hart lane lol
  4. same here sounds good too the Mercedes Stamford Bridge
  5. Watching Barcelona under PEP bored me to tears
  6. WBA players heads won't be in Majorca more like Butlins in Skegness
  7. Pulls will set his team up to frustrate us and not to concede. No manager is going to want an opposition team win the league at there home ground
  8. Looking forward to this. Only downside is it's my turn to drive
  9. Voted for Fabregas but was close with Alonso and Pedro
  10. IMO its the the group stages that make some of it tedious... once the knockout stages start for it is when it really counts.
  11. 7/11
  12. We will never host the WC i dont know who hates us more FIFA or UEFA i think they would rather give it to france again than us just to really show who are the bosses
  13. Or a Porsche or Aston Martin
  14. Drop Costa and play pedro Hazard Willian up front lots of pace.