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  1. Willy zapp Rudiger Ampadu Kennedy Drinkwater Willian Luiz Pedro. Bats. Musonda Imo we only need one holding midfielder
  2. I was at the game also I was close to the Norwich supporters in the away end close to the Barclay stand and I didn't hear any booing Just the ironic cheers.The whole team was poor but Baka and Michy were by far the worst I have seen in a Chelsea shirt in a long time and believe me I have seen so really poor players in my 50 odd years watching Chelsea. Imho opinion I hope they both play against Norwich in the replay and they show everyone how good they really can play
  3. Sapper245

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Imho I thought the team that was picked yesterday should have easily beat a poor Norwich team....Ordered my ticket for next Tuesday so it had better be than yesterday's piss poor performance
  4. Sapper245

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    As crap as we were yesterday at least we are still in it.....
  5. Actually we were playing with 9 men...Micky was just bad...... I thought the ironic cheers every time Baka made a pass didn,t help his confidence. was at the game I have to say it was probably the worst performance I seen for a few years
  6. Agree with you Im a big Cahill fan but just think Rudiger is a better player
  7. Sapper245

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Pikeys have always done it, to there credit they are always well organised.... always arrive early get in a home pub and get surrounded by old bill who then escort them to the ground. Few years ago they came by boat. Where we used to have smaller mobs and not organised. I remember going to Forest away when 2 chelsea mobs squared up to each other.
  8. Sapper245

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Looks like Dempsey is going for the Max Wall look........ The older generation on he will remember him lol
  9. Sapper245

    Your Alltime Rubbish Chelsea Team

    Remember watching Jokanovic away at Ipswich on a freezing cold Boxing Day. He was supposed to be a holding midfielder.....He was pants we went from being 2-0 up to drawing 2-2.... Can't freaky say he did anything in that game.... Also Sam Della Bona played as well.
  10. Sapper245

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    The cocky f**ers thought they were up there with the big boys ....... now there dropping to there appropriate mid table place where they should be.
  11. Sapper245

    Away support

    Being from the older generation imo in the 70's our away support was above average but the mob was very vicious and a handful where in the 80's it was sheer numbers. The away support was massive in numbers. I stopped going in the 90's due to work and family commitments. Been going again for the last 5 years with mates and notice how the support has changed with more females going and people wearing colours which was a death wish in the early days.
  12. Was at this game yesterday... big to the fans on both sides one of the best atmospheres so far this season. Huddersfield with there annoying drummer and loud hailer and our fans giving Gerrard a hard time in the tv box and singing for Joey Cole. That was a good a solid performance from the whole squad. Thought Willian was unlucky not to get man of the match.
  13. Sapper245

    Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    This..... 4-2 Wembley last year was by far the best imo.... they were more cocky than usual that day.....