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  1. Fantastic servant to the club the time is definitely right to leave performances dropped drastically over the last few seasons but what a fantastic player he has been!
  2. What a load of sh*te that was
  3. Left back, cuts inside. Repeat
  4. Shocking, interesting to see what the new manager makes of the full back situation. Makes you wonder who's selecting the starting line ups. Hopefully a more positive second have
  5. Disgraceful that we continue to play Aspi at left back! Given up on the fact Ivanovic is unable to be dropped, but the balance of the team is a mess.
  6. I always liked him as a youngster and things never really got going for him, watched that clip from his 2015 season few nice goals. You never no, only 26 might be worth a try.
  7. Completely agree, the form has been terrible, the lack of change cost Jose his job, and now Gus is following the trend in sticking with the old guard who are not performing. Same old story, hope they can perform today!
  8. That's great, imagine how much more impact he could have playing in the correct position.
  9. Play your left back at left back, and your right back at right back, until then we will continue to have one less outlet going forward.
  10. See he has scored two in tonight's friendly
  12. Another goal tonight didn't see it but doing well hope it continues
  13. Judging by some Facebook videos being uploaded he's playing rather well today. Scored a good goal
  14. An assist for Kakuta today, not sure what he done only seen via livescore but an assists an assist lol.