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  1. Jose Mourinho thread

    Nah Etoo started that one I think. Great attack that year with Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Salah, Schurrle.
  2. Jose Mourinho thread

    Just on Jose's teams. The one I like the best was the one the season before we won the title. The Man City game that year is as good as I have seen us play since Carlo.
  3. Given top teams seem to have worked out our system and buildup play it'll be interesting to see if Conte uses this match to experiment with some different approaches as well as different players.
  4. Christensen you could argue is already integrating. He will play the next three English matches. Which I'd wager would give him more genuine first team gametime than any academy product since Bertrand. Charly will get a chance tomorrow and I hope he crushes it. If we got to the end of the season and had two youth players who are real parts of the squad and unloanable next season that would be a huge step forward.
  5. Plokkers only just read this. Thanks so much for sharing. All the points are still very pertinent.
  6. Willian

    Hear, hear. His tight control is so essential to the way we play. Especially without Hazard he is perhaps the only one who can control under pressure and turn and move the play on. Admittedly he didn't do this as well against Arsenal (their pressure was intense) but those who don't appreciate him tend to focus a bit too much on goals and assists.
  7. Tough match. We need to rotate given the number of matches but it would be nice to have a semi settled defence with minimal changes for once. Drinkwaters injury is also poorly timed. For me: Willy, Zappacosta, Dave, Andreas, Rudiger, Alonso, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Musonda, Hazard, Bats. Kenedy and JCS to get a run at some stage.
  8. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    He was okay. Habit of giving away needless fouls though. Lucky Mustafi was offside
  9. Problem isn't the red card in and of itself, it's the blinding inconsistency. How many fouls have we watched that were worse so far receive nothing let alone yellow? Plenty. We're getting the rough end of the stick and that annoys me. Bloke got booked for a bicycle kick. I mean really?
  10. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Luiz is from Brazil and wasn't signed from Bolton. He is 'Chelsea quality' so he doesn't have to apologise.
  11. Three red cards in a row against Arsenal. Oliver awful, penalised us out of it. Another 3 match suspension. We were second best and I'm happy to take a point.
  12. What a load of rubbish. Silly from Luiz though.
  13. Phew. Lucky to get to halftime in some ways. We faded badly. Provides an insight into why Matic started the big games last season. Lacking physicality in midfield. Wouldn't be surprised to see Conte rejig things and have Bakayoko and Hazard come on for the very ineffective Pedro and Willian.
  14. Interesting to see Hazard not start. No other real surprises. Cahill as captain was always going to come back in. Conte also right to start Fab at home, he's been great so far. Cmon Blues!
  15. Antonio Rudiger

    Have to say I disagree with the sentiments around his passing. I was very impressed with his long passing against Burnley from the right side centre back spot. The challenge of playing on the left as a right footer is that your body postion doesn't help you make first time long passes. It also means you can't put in Azpi like crosses. In my view this is why we need our next centre back purchase to be a left footer if we are to continue as a back three. If I'm honest we could do withsome more left footers in the team full stop.