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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think this is the bit that concerns us all. It's the waste and opportunity cost associated, not necessarily being unable to buy top players that is concerning. The panic buying of Zappacosta is a supreme example. Would we really have been worse off having Sterling instead? Would that 25m have assisted us to pay for Sandro instead of Emerson? Could we have bought Fabinho instead of Bakayoko and Drinkwater and just kept Nat and Ruben? We don't lack funds. I'd just argue we have used them poorly since Jose's first season (with the exception of Alonso and Kante)
  2. Sick of this lot getting the better of us. Conte has struggled with them for some reason. Let's get a win. No Sanchez is our best chance. Caballero, Dave, Luiz, Rudiger, Moses, Kante, Bakayoko, Alonso, Willian, Hazard, Batshuayi
  3. Dzeko the Gecko

    I'd agree with you on that as long as it means we're not giving 5 year extensions to Pedro Fab or Cahill
  4. Dzeko the Gecko

    Indeed. I think some of the points made are fair, for example in giving Dzeko 3 or 4 years aged 31 (breaking our 1 year for over 30s deal) do we potentially cause ourselves issues when we have Fabregas, Pedro and Cahill who would all be looking for extensions beyond 1 year? I think we're all desperate to sign anyone who isn't Carroll, Crouch, Barnes etc. so we'll happily forget facts like that.
  5. Palmieri

    I thought Baba was naive defensively (he was young so not too many surprises there) but had the attributes to be Alonso's backup. Let's not forget he was keeping Kolasinac out of the Schalke team before his injury. Personally i agree wjth chelseayouth's point on Twitter. We have bought a left back every year since Cole left. That speaks to a lack of planning and short term fixes to appease particular managers. How we let Bertrand leave for Luis and then let him go too is quite silly. Our investment in role playing left backs could have easily paid for Sandro with Bertrand or DaSilva as rotation.
  6. Palmieri

    Anyone else think it's odd we're about to send a left back on loan because he is recovering from an ACL only to buy another player recovering from the same injury which happened more recently?
  7. Random Rumours

    We seem to be still seeking another striker in addition as Dzeko is cuptied for the CL. Anyone think getting Alex Teixeira back from China might be a decent option? Provides a different skill set to Morata and Dzeko and could play in attacking midfield as well. Would be a worth a shout in my view.
  8. I keep saying that Fabregas is the key challenge for Conte to solve. Last season the solution was to leave him out entirely. Now we seem to need his creativity but we looked to play with greater speed without him and that made all the difference.
  9. We Need a Change in Formation.

    I thought last night showed that our issues were not formation related. In the first 20 mins we were far more direct passing from back to front, bypassing midfield and relying on the close control from Hazard and Willian under pressure. Those players could then combine with Michy to try and create. This worked well and I think we were more creative than we have been in weeks. It did help that Hazard and Willian scored when recently we have been missing our half chances. We could then sit back and hit them on the counter. More and more I also think early goals are crucial for us. We started with great intensity yesterday and then could relax more.
  10. Charly Musonda jr.

    To be fair to chelseayouth he pays far more attention to the youth players than most so he is more informed than the casual observers who criticise him. I'd imagine it would be very frustrating to watch these guys dominate at youth level and then see other less talented players get more chances at other clubs. I was really encouraged by how much Charly wanted the ball, it was the type of performance that said I want more minutes. The trick for Conte is now to reward that with another opportunity off the bench on Wednesday rather than calling on Pedro who let us down by getting sent off in his last appearance.
  11. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I thought he was better yesterday. He still made mistakes but was more solid overall. He has a lot to learn but at 22 there is still time for him.
  12. Charly Musonda jr.

    Great to see him come on and want to get on the ball and get an assist. Conte has said when young players get an opportunity they must take it. This was an example tonight of a young man doing just that.
  13. Great win. Good as we've played in ages even if there was a period in the middle where we were a bit shaky. Hazard supreme, Willian also. Great to see Charly get minutes and a cracking assist. If that is Batshuayi's last match in a Chelsea shirt he can hold his head high. Didn't score but laregly linked well. Shame that we didn't see Barkley or Sterling but they will have a chance during the week.
  14. As good as we've looked going forward in months. Bit sloppy in defence at times with Willy both hero and villain in that regard. Let's get another goal and get Sterling and Charly on for some minutes!
  15. Danny Drinkwater

    I recall Parker being a big crowd favourite here but he got injured and never really got a chance. The greatest shame is that plonker AVB bought Romeu instead of bringing him back when he was Premier League Player of the Year and available for peanuts.