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  1. Exactly Barry. 'Zidanes y Pavons' was Perez's motto at Madrid ie Superstars or Academy. Reading Conte's comments a couple of days back I think he is unhappy with our base lineup more than our depth. Beyond Hazard we don't really have a lot of game breakers. We have a solid defence but not much more.
  2. Despite all the trophies the FIFA types still can't get behind him because we signed him from Bolton Genuine leader as we saw in big moments last year. Will do a great job as captain with a great deputy in Dave.
  3. We shouldn't forget Pasalic was keeping Bakayoko out of the Monaco team 12 months ago. I'd like to see him start against Inter as he can definitely play a role. If he goes on loan I think we will definitely sign a new midfielder. Baker is good but he isn't really the kind of player who would cover for Kante/Bakayoko.
  4. Plus Jay DaSilva as well who captained England's U19 team. He could be an option very soon. There is no way Juve sell Sandro after they sell Bonucci. There would be a riot. Would be like us a few years ago selling JT and Ashley Cole in the same window. I think we may have to either settle for a second tier option or look at a depth signing and reassess next season. I've been saying Ghoulam from Napoli is the player but Hector or Bertrand would be experienced options as well.
  5. I agree with this. We were hammered on the transition twice after Bayern got around our first press. 2015 nightmares again. My view is with Hazard out for a while and Pedro also injured we should play 3-5-2 for the first few weeks with Cesc as part of a midfield 3. He's a magnificent footballer but he was just overrun in a 2 yesterday (Kante was also off colour). I think that is the only way we can replace Hazards creativity.
  6. We were much better after Luiz came on and provided some energy. We were also better after Antonio tightened up the space between the lines. Not too worried. The key takeaways for me were how well Bayern played rather than how bad we were. Ribery and Coman were superb. James also looked likely. Pacey wingers make all the difference.
  7. Classic. Pre-season match and already Cahill is being scapegoated. He's been no worse than others. Noone has played well. The midfield two in particular is well off the pace. Be interested to see Morata come on in a front two and another midfielder coming in to make a three.
  8. Not looking great, but the game means nothing. This is 2015esque. Very open defending. Shame for Christensen to have to be at the heart of an exposed defence.
  9. To take it back to Llorente. Everything depends on the price. I think he'd be great value at 10 or 15m. Great connection with Morata, would give us another option when teams sit deep. Mainly as a second striker not to lead the line individually. But for 30 I'm not so sure. He also has a broken arm currently I think and is out for a while.
  10. Like every big company our brand is everything so i understand our reaction even if it seems like nothing to us. Kenedy has shown little in his time at the club that has impressed me. Getting sent home has cost him a very important opportunity to succeed.
  11. Interesting article:
  12. Didn't see the game in the end. How were Pasalic and Baker?
  13. Hoping that Pasalic gets a run in this one. He seems to have all the attributes required to play in our midfield two. He was also keeping Bakayoko out of the Monaco team 12 months ago. I'd like to see he and Baker stay on as Chalobah and RLC did last season.
  14. Quality, homegrown and versatile. Ticks alot of boxes.