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    We didn't win anything in Carlo's second year did we? I don't think so given he was sacked in the corridor after his last game.

    He won the season before. I mean we have never dismissed a manager at the end of a season they have won a trophy.

    I'm not as convinced of that. Have we ever sacked a manager who won a major trophy in the same season? Notwithstanding that we will finish out of the CL places.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Not sure how this turned into Conte v Simeone but if Simeone is virtually the best available manager in the summer and we're debating whether he is better than what we have now, then there is an argument for us to keep what we have. Particularly given Simeone is very unlikely to be available. This is my thing. We could change managers but is what is out there better? Not sure. I'd prefer we actually improved the squad and went again with Antonio IF (and this seems a big if) he wants to stay and the players are still behind him staying.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    To be fair Alonso has been in red hot form and Emerson is still building his fitness, remember he played twice in a year before joining us. I have liked his games so far but I don't think he has been game changing for us. I won't hold that against Conte.
  6. Moving right along I think this FA Cup final is massive for Conte and his career and legacy as a manager. He doesn't have a great record in big games/finals where as Mourinho is the master of the big game and tailoring his tactics perfectly for the situation. He is also excellent at switching up his approach mid-match. A win over the very saavy Mourinho with his expensively assembled squad at Wembley would probably be close to the biggest win of his career, perhaps more so than his victories at Euro2016. It would mean he could probably write his own ticket for his next role.
  7. A bit of perspective might be worthwhile here. He's hardly destroyed the club. Even if Hazard and Tibo decide to leave it's not a disaster if we spend their transfer fees wisely.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    For those who were there today, what was the support like for him? Sounded mixed when he took off Willian for Bakayoko but I could hear his name being sung at the end. As I said yesterday it'll be very interesting what happens if we win the FA Cup. Be tough for the club to sack him and if we are investing in the right areas in the summer I have no doubt we would improve with him as the coach. If we can't get Simeone or Allegri I'm not convinced the other candidates are better.
  9. I think he has been great this season but he was given a bath by Austin in the second half. Shakey and regularly caught out of position.
  10. Good result if not a great performance. We really should have won by more. But it'll be good to finish with another day at Wembley and if we're lucky an FA Cup.
  11. Well done Alvaro. He needed that.
  12. Interesting move. Expect that to be a talking point either way.
  13. Taken our foot off the gas again. We have to go and get a second. None of this suffering without the ball while a goal up. Go and win it, we can't defend 1.
  14. Agreed goose. Too much individual play in the final third. Not combining or stretching Southampton at all. Giroud is great at creating little angles with his layoffs but largely Hazard and Willian are going alone.