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  1. A lot of fans were being removed for drinking in the stands
  2. Anyone know where people will be drinking for this one?
  3. Matic had a good gCHELSEA We need a striker like lukakCHELSEA Mourinho always wanted the united jCHELSEA
  4. Our New Stadium

    It would be much better if they'd just stop with the f**king constant music and let people sing!
  5. I'm aware the atmosphere at the Bridge is sh*te, but for armchair fans to slate it is laughable. You can see that, right? Just to clarify, I'm not slating armchair fans at all, as each person's circumstances are different. I have to miss a lot of midweek games due to work and the distance and travelling from the midlands.
  6. Personally couldn't think of anything worse than being an armchair fan, but each to their own. The only thing that makes me chuckle is when they comment on atmospheres, or a lack thereof, which they have no right to do.
  7. Away fans better than home fans, shocker.
  8. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Said it a while back, he's simply not good enough. Get well rid in Jan.
  9. I'm not comparing the match, I'm comparing how I felt afterwards
  10. I think the last time I was this buzzing the morning after a game was Munich. The performance was THAT good. I suppose it helped that I had £20 on Chelsea, Utd and PSG all to win at 14/1!
  11. Rather surprisingly, we've started well
  12. Didn't even know about the Harvester. We tried the student union, but it wasn't letting any fans in because it was an open day! Probably why the Terrace was so rammed in fairness.
  13. Brilliant away day, one of the best in a while for me. Thought we looked decent and 4-0 away at Stoke is always an impressive result even with most of their defence out. I really do fancy us to beat City next week. The Terrace bar needs to sort things out though, 45 mins for a beer!