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  1. Remembering liverpool vs chelsea 0-2

    For all the reasons you stated, it's probably my favourite Liverpool game as well. Although the 3-1 at Anfield in the champions league is a close second. The previous champions league exits against them were hard to take, and I don't think I could have taken another, and the 3 away goals gave us a huge cushion.
  2. Cheers. I remember the stadium being a taxi from anywhere decent, so that is probably right
  3. It's been a few seasons since I've been Stoke away, where is the best place for a drink before the game?
  4. Serge Aurier

    Work permit granted. Hijack immediately.
  5. Andrea Belotti

    I agree. Which is what makes the situation even worse. It also a complete joke that spurs have just agreed a deal for Aurier
  6. Andrea Belotti

    People seem to rate Michy for some reason, maybe because he's a nice guy? Fact is, he isn't good enough and this is an important upgrade, especially with Costa out of the door.
  7. I said one of the worst. To be honest, I didn't even think Torres was that bad for us
  8. Agreed that the goal has been coming, but he is f**king terrible. Genuinely one of the worst strikers I've seen in a chelsea shirt, and thats saying something
  9. About time bats f**ked off out of our club isn't it? The guy is pure f**king garbage. Dreggs of a footballer
  10. 2 weeks left in the window

    Even by our standards in the transfer market, I am truly in disbelief that we haven't signed anyone before this weekend. What an absolute shambles this club is at times.
  11. Virgil Van Dijk

    People moaning about getting VVD in need to get real. The bloke is much better than Cahill and the sooner Cahill is out of the starting 11 the better. You can never have too many good players anyway.