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  1. 1997 without a doubt for me! Being 10 at the time, the first one that I saw
  2. Happy 19th May! I still think Luiz is going to miss that penalty every time I watch it
  3. Really like that grey kit, but not so keen on the darker sleeves on the home shirt. And WHEN will they bring back the yellow away!
  4. This is why I laugh when people moan about not giving youngsters that are just not good enough game time in important games. If you're good enough you play regardless of age. Few been made to look absolutely shocking here tonight
  5. You can see why Michy hasn't been playing, even when Costa hasn't been available. Not up to it.
  6. Just can't see us not winning tonight. Fans are going to be buzzing in there
  7. I was thinking the same!
  8. Massive goal from Cahill. Stoke are just a horrible club.
  9. This has been such easy viewing, as expected. It's just beautiful to watch such a sh*te Utd side
  10. Pedro on for Willian asap please
  11. Keown is really getting on my tits, the Frankenstein w**ker
  12. Why oh why didn't haz just put that in himself