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  1. buzzcfc


    You've got zero chance. Nada. Nil. And rightly so.
  2. buzzcfc


    lol for f**k sake
  3. buzzcfc

    Our New Stadium

    I think he's just a bit slow, people.
  4. buzzcfc

    Our New Stadium

    I think what he is getting at, is that what you are saying has no substance. Troll surely?
  5. buzzcfc

    Our New Stadium

    Would an Arab with funds on par with City be a bad thing? Even in the unlikely situation that this is the end of Abramovich, it certainly won't be the end of Chelsea. I'd be surprised if billionaires the world over wern't falling over their Hublot's to purchase a club in the most exclusive part of the best city in the world.
  6. buzzcfc

    First team squad outgoings?

    The sides that Lampard and Hazard are playing in are a universe apart.
  7. buzzcfc

    Leon Bailey

    Do you think Odoi is ready? He is obviously far too good for the level he's currently playing at, but it's a massive step up to senior level. By all means give him some game time, but I think it would be a massive risk shipping several senior players out to make room for him and another youngster.
  8. buzzcfc

    FA Cup Memories

    Being born in 87, 1994 was my first memory, albeit quite vague. I remember actually going out into the garden at sometime in the second half to play football and not taking a great deal of interest in it all! I remember my uncle being distraught though. 1997 I was a bit older so enjoyed it much more. Being the first thing I'd ever seen Chelsea win, made it special. I think if we manage a win Sat though it will run 97 close for me personally. We really need it this year and I f**king detest United
  9. We've got the torch, not the green man unfortunately
  10. buzzcfc

    Race for Top 4

    Just don't dare slag off the state of this season, he really takes that badly
  11. Sick of Conte now, and after how good last season was I didn't think that would be possible in such a short space of time. It's like he threw the game last night the team selection was so bad. Why change a winning side? There is no point in resting players for a vital game at the weekend if a bad result in the game they are being rested in means that the game at the weekend becomes pointless! Why play 3 at the back against a team that were always going to throw everyone behind the ball and not get out of their own half? Basic stuff. I am that raging with the prick that I would love to see him sacked today so he isn't in charge for the final. In fact, I reckon if we sack him off now and give it to Morris for the final it would actually give the team a boost and we would win it.
  12. buzzcfc

    Race for Top 4

    I thought Leicester have got Arsenal tonight?
  13. buzzcfc

    FA Cup Semi Final

    Cheers. Will head to The Torch then.
  14. buzzcfc

    FA Cup Semi Final

    lol genuinely can't believe people can't be arsed for a semi-final. What pub is it these days? Last time I was there a few years ago now it was the Globe I think?