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  1. Broken sake cups. Playing cards were in The Fourteenth Target.
  2. Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven The fifth Detective Conan film, featuring a series of murders and a bomb plot by a sinister organisation. I wish Studio Ghibli would make a Detective Conan film...
  3. Turned out that the monitor had died, I was able to procure a new one for £15.
  4. I have had another PC problem pop up on me. Earlier tonight, my screen started flickering increasingly aggressively and went completely blank around half an hour ago, and nothing I can do can make it work again. The main PC can still run, but I can't use it. If I restart it, the screen will work a couple of seconds after I turn it on, then go blank. I bought the PC in February 2013, and the graphics card is less than a year old. The monitor is around ten years old.
  5. I've come to the conclusion that I don't care who we play in the CL next season, as long as it's not PSG.
  6. Also, a petition against these new changes...
  7. If the tackle is made by a player in a blue shirt with Yokohama Tyres on it, it is a FOUL. If the player tackled is wearing a blue shirt with Yokohama Tyres on it, it is a DIVE.
  8. If this was us, Collymore would be going into overdrive.
  9. Collymore's been harping on the incident in Paris again to score points.
  10. Huddersfield are my uncle's team, but my dad (his brother) supports Wednesday.
  11. I suspect that Anders Frisk was in trouble with the taxman and that's why he vanished so quickly.
  12. "I've always loved Chelsea and their fans" says Stan Collymore through gritted teeth as he starts his new job cleaning the Stamford Bridge cooking surfaces.
  13. I'll be on Eel Brook common. I'd bet my bottom dollar that if JT makes a speech there won't be a dry eye in the house.
  14. Forest Green Rovers are in the football league. They are known for their vegan fare, largely because the chairman likely can't go ten minutes without mentioning it.
  15. More MPs should follow the example of my local MP and get involved in their local non-league club, to prevent repeats of Salisbury City, Hereford United, and Reading Town.