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  1. Sp*rs last won at the bridge before I was born. I don't want them to win away to us again until I'm six feet under.
  2. Chelsea 4-0 Brentford - First time attending a match in 12 years. Chelsea 3-1 Southampton - Superb comeback Chelsea 1-0 Everton - JT last minute winner Chelsea 2-0 Galatasaray - Drogba returns to the Bridge Chelsea 2-4 Bradford - One of those "I was there" moments
  3. Most hated opposition

    1= Liverpool and T*ttenham 2 Arsenal 3 West Ham 4 Barcelona 5 PSG
  4. Last Movie You Watched

    Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street. Conan and his friends find themselves trapped in a VR simulation in which they must find and catch Jack the Ripper; or all of them will die. Sadly, this was the last Detective Conan film to be dubbed into English; in fact, it has not been dubbed into English since, although it does have English subtitles.
  5. Last Movie You Watched

    Case Closed: The Time-Bombed skyscraper The first Detective Conan film, in which the teen-turned-child detective must solve a series of bombing attempts whilst concealing his identity from his girlfriend. The Fourteenth Target Conan has to solve a series of murder attempts (and murders) by a killer who leaves playing cards at the scene of the crime. The Last Wizard of the Century An attempt by a prolific thief (the "Phantom Thief Kid") to steal a faberge egg made for Tsar Nicholas II leads Conan into a mystery involving a descendent of the Russian Royal Family and a killer known as "The Scorpion" who shoots their victims in the right eye.
  6. Non-league

  7. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

  8. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

  9. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    It's St Pancras International for Europe now.
  10. Last Movie You Watched

    Broken sake cups. Playing cards were in The Fourteenth Target.
  11. Last Movie You Watched

    Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven The fifth Detective Conan film, featuring a series of murders and a bomb plot by a sinister organisation. I wish Studio Ghibli would make a Detective Conan film...
  12. Screen has gone black

    Turned out that the monitor had died, I was able to procure a new one for £15.
  13. I have had another PC problem pop up on me. Earlier tonight, my screen started flickering increasingly aggressively and went completely blank around half an hour ago, and nothing I can do can make it work again. The main PC can still run, but I can't use it. If I restart it, the screen will work a couple of seconds after I turn it on, then go blank. I bought the PC in February 2013, and the graphics card is less than a year old. The monitor is around ten years old.
  14. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    I've come to the conclusion that I don't care who we play in the CL next season, as long as it's not PSG.