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  1. So drunk! f**k spurs come on Chelsea what a game! I f**king love this club to death!
  2. I just had a look at the fixtures left for both teams and if we can't win it now then it's a fiasco. They have 4 away games left and 2 home games against United and Arsenal.. Southampton home, Everton away, Boro home, WBA away, Watford home, Sunderland home. vs Spurs: Palace away, Arsenal home, West Ham away, Man Utd home, Leicester away, Hull away. Looking at that and us being 4 pts ahead have eased me abit. They have a far worse schedule and also the NLD.. Come on Chelsea!
  3. The greatest leader and captain, wont have another one for decades like him. A living Legend. Thankful for the many great memories. If the team lacked motivation to go on and win the title now.. these news should knock them up and make sure to get that title for John to lift it and send him off properly
  4. Some people are way too knee jerk. 4 pts over Spurs with Everton away left being out hardest game left. Spurs still have United and Arsenal to play. I dont expect them to win every single game left. Come on Chelsea
  5. I'm not worried as much over this one compared to Everton away.. United are nowhere close to us and they have dropped 21 points at home already. Huge pitch which will help us do them on the counter!
  6. Over the moon! f**king huge win! So nerve racking!
  7. 3pts. Nothing less. Hope to to god Moses is back. Real nervous if we drop points here and Spuds win..
  8. Picked up bloodborne during the winter and finished that, great game. Was also gonna get the new Mass Effect but with all the negative reviews and Dark Souls 3 having a 50% drop in price I went for that and I'm enjoying it a lot. Used to hate Souls games but they are so rewarding.
  9. Win against City and it is all good still as I had us losing that game before hand. Massive game now..
  10. Have to win v City now. Otherwise it's starting to look like anything could happen.
  11. How hard can it be to score.. so many chances wasted
  12. Sub costa now ffs he's gonna get sent off
  13. How the duck is that a peno f**k off!!!!
  14. Costa for f**k sake behave
  15. I'm simply highlighting the reasons some Chelsea supporters yesterday had enough. Angle it like that and it makes perfect sense why the chants got going.