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  1. The team in Sweden I support, Hammarby have some of the best support in Europe. Not the best team by anymeans but if you ever come to Sweden and love football make sure to visit a game if you want some great atmosphere. Even in Division 2 we had a full stadium every weekend, compared to other Stockholm teams who cant even sell out. We share stadium with Djugården and its an embarassment almost when you compare the match days. Full vs not even half full unless its a derby. This is from division 2 in Sweden: And a derby videos against the team we share stadium.
  2. I just can't stand him no more, thankful for what he done for us but the comments, how he acts just gets on my bloody nerves. He celebrated like he won the CL yesterday only looking back at 2013 where he said he would never want to win the EL. Great job parking the bus vs a U23 side. I think Utd will be fed up soon enough with his antics and football. This isnt 2004/5 anymore and hes lagging behind for me once he comes out and plays vs the giants.
  3. If we are at it we are a much better side. I never get too confident though especially in a cup final where anything can happen. They are missing some key players but it still wont be easy. I'll go with 3-1 to us. 1-1 by HT and then 2-1 by the 60th mark only for Cesc to top it off top bins around the 80th and celebrate infront of the gooners.. brilliant
  4. Still the best day of my life. I remember it so well. Just incredbile. I listen to the BBC commentary from time to time and it just makes me shiver reliving it.
  5. Lampard would be amazing. But whoever Conte wishes to hire, pirlo?
  6. Really hope Juventus win the CL now. Love the italian passion and just cant stand Real Madrid winning it again. I wish football in England had this atmosphere as well.
  7. 04/05 will always be the best for me. This one does feel special as well.. Conte is such a passionate guy and I think he will achieve great things here.
  8. Can someone please link once the full celebrations are up from Sky? The w**kers in Sweden cut it off mid Terrys speech.. f**king fuming
  9. Some more..
  10. Its already getting to me, now that the day is here. Can't believe it. What a player, what a legend. Farewell JT!
  11. Today is a day with mixed feelings. Lifting the trophy but also saying farewell to a legend. Luckily the game is on TV here in Sweden. Disgrace that they can't show all games on the last day of the season really. Come on Chelsea, lets make it 30 wins, lift the trophy - celebrate and then give John the best sending off possible. Hope he comes back to the club soon again and works some sort of position within the club.
  12. Italian language, makes it so powerful. 'I hope we can surprise people, that there is a small flame flickering that can grow into a blazing inferno.’ - Antonio Conte, July 2016.
  13. Champions!!!!!!! Still can't believe it and Friday is a foggy memory once Michy scored. Hope JT gets to start these last two, a long with the players who havnt got that much of a time during the season. Come on Chelsea. 4-0
  14. CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!! What a night