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  1. The kit looks amazing, especially with white shoes. Boga looks a baller as well!
  2. ITS DONE!
  4. Wonder when he will be officially signed.
  5. He hasnt signed yet thats why there are no odds.
  6. --------------Morata Hazard------------------Willian Yeah I like it. Or maybe we can add sanchez as well
  7. f**k YES
  8. True. I rooted for the lad all the time, one of my favourite strikers.
  9. I've been out in the sun too much. God damnit. Oh well lets hope hes a bit better then our last spanish nr 9.
  10. Italian striker, happy days.
  11. Out of all the choices I guess hes the best. Young and potential to become a world class striker. Better then Lukaku nonetheless. Lets get it done so he can join pre-season with the lads.
  12. Hope we end this circus soon, just ship him off already. Getting ridiculous now.
  13. We have won the PL twice in the last three seasons. Last English side to win the CL. First season now with CL under Conte and some big signings already made
  14. People act like you are shot dead at 29.. come on. He would give us 3-4 seasons and has a great goals to game ratio. Not a long term fix by any means but what else could we do? Running out of options.
  15. Pep doesnt rate him it seems. Would take him in a heartbeat even though hes injury prone.