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  1. Sub costa now ffs he's gonna get sent off
  2. How the duck is that a peno f**k off!!!!
  3. Costa for f**k sake behave
  4. I'm simply highlighting the reasons some Chelsea supporters yesterday had enough. Angle it like that and it makes perfect sense why the chants got going.
  5. Josè. While I don't agree with the chanting against him he doesn't help himself does he. Small digs at us ever since he became United manager, the rows with Conte and the gesturing at the ref. I respect him him for what he has done for us but he has always been classless. Even we knew it when he was here. The last season he was just embarrassing. Its his style. Conte just oozes class while Mourinho is a sour grape.
  6. If I had to choose, I feel more relaxed playing Spuds in a semi rather then the final.. couldnt take a bloody loss to them playing for the trophy - the league cup still wretches me
  7. Spurs.... well at least they suck when playing at Wembley.
  8. How can we not score a second f**k sake
  9. Title is in our hands but by no means done. Spurs are our most likely challenger now seeing how city have 4 matches left against the top 6. Spurs/City would kill to be where we are now. We can lose against City, Utd and Everton and still be 1pt ahead while they have to be 100% at the same time. Its starting to look like none can catch us now, hope we manage to keep a comfortable gap until the City game nonetheless.
  10. City drawing highlight of yesterday. 10 pys clear. Massive! Can afford to lose 3 games and still be top.
  11. Alexis laughing on the bench. Hope Cech puts in a good word for Chelsea
  12. I will wait to get Horizon and Mass Effect for the autumn because soon its spring and summer so time will be limited. I'm late to the party but I picked up my first souls game, bloodborne being it and what a game it was - completed the whole game inlcuding all the chalices and the last "true" boss and its one of the best games I've played, very rewarding. Dark Souls 3 is next on my list especially with the new ringed city becoming available soon. Also still waiting for official WoW vanilla servers but thats just a dream, would love to play that game again casually this time - luckily I am not 16 again.
  13. Ibra to miss unless they pull an ugly one and makes it count after our game. He will get 3 matches at least. confident anyway! At home and they really look like a struggling side of late.
  14. Kanté for me. The man is everywhere, like a fly you can't get rid of. Moses, Hazard and especially Cahill who dealt with Carroll all game with a shout as well.