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  1. A noticeable absence of Lukaku in those kit photos.
  2. Oh god yes. Pep is an incredibly boring manager and I never understood the obsession with 'tika-taka'. It's like watching paint dry. In my view, he made Bayern worse when he was there. I've said this before, Heynckes Bayern was a far better team to watch than what Pep created.
  3. Commiserations @Spudulike.
  4. OMG, see this out West Ham.
  5. EDIT: Ignore me, somebody has already done the line-up. Nothing to see here.
  6. Watch out folks, the lunatics are out of the asylum on BBC News!
  7. Well, I don't want to sound harsh but I'm not surprised. It's still a shock to hear it confirmed though. I had assumed John would retire and join the coaching staff at the end of the season but it's clear, from reading his statement, that he wants to continue playing.
  8. Dortmund's team bus has been involved in an explosion before their game against Monaco tonight. No-one was harmed, thank god! The match could be called off. EDIT: Turns out Marc Bartra's been taken to hospital.
  9. Looks like Katie Hopkins.
  10. Hazard on Real Madrid rumours:
  11. You're right, there's still time!
  12. With no hint of irony, Fred Grim has taken over as interim coach!
  13. Hulk to Chelsea was our equivalent to Draxler to Arsenal.
  14. I've read elsewhere that this was Conte's view as well. He doesn't want Neymar but wants to use the money to strengthen multiple positions and a rift has developed as a result. It's probably all BS but I agree with Conte!