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  1. Wow, this thread has escalated quickly.
  2. BBC are also reporting it. I'm surprised, I would of thought they'd at least give him the chance to turn it around against Sevilla in the second leg.
  3. Will be be cmd + enter for Mac users?
  4. Aleix Vidal, anyone? He seemed to do well for Sevilla but has barely featured for Barca, mainly due to their transfer ban and injuries. He might be worth a punt to rotate with Moses but I wouldn't spend tons of money on him.
  5. Monaco are a goalkeeper away from having a hell of a team. I'm well impressed.
  6. I think Wayne Shaw is my new hero.
  7. I'm really hoping that Sutton beat Arsenal tonight! If they do, wouldn't it be a great advert for the FA cup if a non-League side was guaranteed to play a semi-final at Wembley.
  8. The floodgates have opened in Munich!
  9. I wish Robben was still with us, brilliant player.
  10. Pep's Bayern wasn't the Bayern of Heynckes so that's hardly a surprise. They'll still beat Arsenal though.
  11. Gary Lineker interviewed Conte last night on the The Premier League Show. It's worth a watch. Sorry to anyone outside the UK, this probably won't work for you!
  12. There's a Twitter campaign to make Danny Dyer the next Doctor Who. Now that is something I would watch!
  13. Brilliant celebration by Conte as well. Love the man.