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  1. Saw this from one of the Opta accounts on Twitter Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay!
  2. I think it's more to do with the lack of Liverpool's title challenge. Can't really get a reputation as a bottler when you've had what, 2 actual title challenges in the last 20 years
  3. Just further proving the point that they never deserved to have big Pete, the pillocks
  4. Everyone's so excited about a potential 6 point gap they're missing the big thing that could happen tomorrow if we win. 40 points! No need to fear relegation like last year
  5. I think the difference for us is ivanovic is still trying his best, he's just not up to it anymore. Also he never held the club over a barrel in contract negotiations. Let's not forget mourinho wanted to bring Rooney here a couple of years ago. Would've been worse than Torres!
  6. First time for mourinho since august 2006 with us. Have to say Watford were good value for it as well. Rooney was rubbish
  7. Lol was just about to post that, what a guy!
  8. Will it? Or will this be the one signing and then they'll be linked randomly the rest of the summer (Benzema anyone) I'm pretty sure Wenger's said before he doesn't like buying after tournaments because the prices are "inflated"
  9. Until late September / early October I think
  10. Got to see him up close in Sydney last night and I'll just say I'm jealous of you folk that get to watch him every week in London. What an incredible player
  11. Benitez is just a worse version of Carlo, worse in the league and not even close in the cups
  12. Hahaha the Liverpool echo is(has) live blogging the Istanbul final. Delorean sales must be huge in scouseland
  13. You guys are so insensitive. A premier league titan is retiring, a regular colossus of our weekend's for the past two decades. I'm hoping to see a massive chorus of noise made for this legend, I'm thinking one chant for every league title Stevie has won. Should get that out of the way nice and early so we can focus on lifting another league title ;)
  14. I'm honestly thinking I'll have to sue Liverpool soon for damages soon since I haven't stopped laughing since slippy g did his electric boogaloo tribute at afield last year And now they booed Sterling at the end of season awards when he picked up young player of the year They truly are the gift that keeps on giving, Godspeed agent Brendan
  15. I think Carjacker got so upset because he knows Sterling is the future for any Liverpool prospects as their time as a "big" club is getting dangerously close to running out. They couldn't get any top players to come last year and now even the players they have want to jump ship. They're lucky they managed to re-sign coutinho or he'd probably be on his way too