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  1. Despite the fact that Eden blows hot and cold too often, he is very, very clearly our most dangerous player. I don't think we could replace him with a similarly talented player if we sold him.
  2. Antonio swinging from the dugout after the winner was my favorite thing.
  3. If Fabregas hadn't been pulled down there, Bardsley would have destroyed his knee.
  4. Seriously...these chances....if we fail to win
  5. should have done better there
  6. Corner created by RLC's great ball missing ability haha
  7. I don't know how we're not winning.
  8. You can see Moses is struggling...his pace is just not there.
  9. Big win that. We absolutely deserved to win, we dominated the game....but it was looking hairy for a while. Fabregas was by and large great (a few times he lost the ball in dangerous ways). He could have had a hat-trick on another day.
  10. Gorgeous goal. Hazard and Costa.
  11. kick time.