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  1. Marcos Alonso

    I'm fine with the ban, but I hate the inconsistency.
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I still don't think he would work in a midfield two. If Fabregas struggles in a two, RLC definitely would too. In a three in a 4-3-3 though....
  3. Alvaro Morata

    He'd do better if he didn't throw himself to the ground every time he gets hit by a gust of wind. That's the reason Giroud is better for us. Hazard and Willian like to play quick decisive passes between themselves and the striker. The rest of the team like to have a strong striker available to hold up the ball with longer passes. Morata can't do that if he's falling on the floor everytime the ball comes to his feet and a defender is standing behind him. He's not that weak, he should have no problem standing up to a little bit of defensive pressure. You can't win a free kick every single time. Giroud has been in the PL for a long time, he knows what it takes to succeed here. I just thought Morata would learn after a whole season that he needs to show more strength.
  4. Wish I could be proud of the comeback, but I'm even more annoyed at how inept they've been this year. You can't suddenly decided to care with only a handful of games left.
  5. Watching us play is so laborious.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    Give them Morata and 40mil and ask for one Dybala please. In my dreams.
  7. Football's a sh*t sport. Never liked it anyway.
  8. I like Conte...but it's been very clear for a long time, he does not want to be here...and every decision he's made supports that. We won't make top four. My hopes of that are gone completely now. We needed to win this game, we couldn't lose it. We lost it. I imagine it's a poor atmosphere in the dressing room at the moment...and at least some of that I imagine rests on Conte whinging about everything, and generally being negative in gameplans, and demeanor. I hate that we have such high manager turnover, but you can't keep a manager who doesn't want to be here. That spreads to the players, and once the manager and players have lost the will...what's left? Not top four in a hyper competitive league...that's for sure.
  9. Coming into this game, it was always a case of. 1) Win - Season is on, we can still finish top 4 2) Draw - Does nothing, we lose out best chance to get back in. Probably season over. 3) Lose - Done. We don't recover from this. We finish outside the 4. We took the lead for f**ks sake. The most annoying part is...I don't even mind the odd year without CL football. I'm not a United fan, absolute dominance isn't ingrained in my view of being a Chelsea fan. They weren't a CL team when I started following them.... But today, with football the way it is....missing the top 4, aside from the financial hit, is going to potentially define the future of the team. We miss top 4, and my hope of keeping Hazard drops from 50/50 to 10/90. Courtois goes too...and then you wonder, how do we replace them with equal or better players? You probably don't. I would love a manager to come in, look at the Chelsea youngsters, and think, I can make something of that...but we know the likelihood of that is slim...and even if we do go that way, would it be seen as waving a white flag on our claim to be a title challenging team long term? With the money in the premier league, we know that our rivals, will strengthen. All the teams are spending big, and it's getting harder and harder to finish top 4. One season out of the top 4, not too big a deal...but losing Hazard...even if there are comparably good players out there, he may actually be irreplaceable in terms of getting them in. It's a little hard to think about to be honest. Then again, we're Chelsea. We'll get a new manager, let him get players he wants, win the league within 24 months, before it all goes tits up and we start the cycle anew.
  10. For a big team, we play too negatively. We're always on the back foot, so we're always inviting the pressure onto us. And you can't do that, and concede comical defensive errors. They don't work together.
  11. Decided to just not show up after conceding right before half time apparently.
  12. Season over. What a f**king sh*tshow.
  13. You know the funny thing. I honestly thought Conte might be the man...he might be the man to take the reins at Chelsea for like 5+ years. Turns out, no, I think while other managers have struggled for various reasons before getting sacked, Conte appears to be doing everything in his power to get sacked. That payout must be pretty enticing.
  14. Nice time wasting tactic by Conte to put Morata on now. Cling onto this narrow loss.