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  1. Cam

    Alvaro Morata

    His goal was classy. Turned the defender around, and then attempted the more difficult finish pulling it back the other side, leaving Cech no chance. Could be a confidence builder.
  2. Cam

    We've got a new Kepa

    I'm happy to give him time. I'm already sick of the commentators talking about him being the most expensive keeper in the world. When he let in the first one, my commentators said something like "You'd expect the most expensive keeper in the world to save that." Yeah, he should have saved it, but it's not his fault he's that expensive...and every keeper will make mistakes, no matter how good (or how expensive) they are. He'll get there.
  3. Second half we played a far more realistic brand of football. No balls to the wall attack, but just a more solid platform offensively and defensively. Hazard is still going to be key to unlocking tougher defences.
  4. Holy sh*t, the relief is palpable.
  5. Yeah, I feel for Barkley too. He's worked so hard to come back from injury, and impress Sarri with his chance...and you know what, he's a real threat. Ultimately, he will lose his starting role to Kovacic because Kovacic is a more well rounded player, and offers a little more stability.
  6. Hazard's ability to glide past a defender from a standing start is amazing. His acceleration is unreal.
  7. Alonso sure knows how to get forward....it's the whole defending deal that he's found wanting at.
  8. Imagine if Kante had scored that.
  9. We're controlling the ball again, but Arsenal are sitting deeper now, so we aren't getting the ludicrous space behind their defensive line. It's also meant they haven't been as dangerous pulling us apart though. If we lose this, I'm going to be absolutely gutted.
  10. Barkley was very dangerous offensively.
  11. This is dog sh*t. How can they be allowed this much time and space.
  12. Once we stopped having all of the ball, Arsenal have been able to do whatever they want.
  13. Cam

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Yeah, it's good. I didn't watch it when it was airing, but watched it on Netflix last year. It wasn't the sort of show that I could start watching and not stop, but that's not to say it wasn't good. It was excellent, but sometimes I felt like I needed a break to watch something a bit lighter.
  14. Kepa starting with a clean sheet. He's already paid off the 71million fee.