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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    He's been an important player for us, and our recent successes.... But can't be denied the end has left a much more bitter taste in the mouth than I would like.
  2. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I really think he will end up being similar quality to Viera/Yaya Toure. He has everything he needs to reach that level. He will be a superstar.
  3. This game gave me warm fuzzy feelings, followed by a brisk slap in the face with the final kick of the game. A lot to like though. Kennedy and Musonda coming in, impressing, scoring goals. Debuts to Ampadu, and Sterling, minutes for JCS. Gotta say, I love Christensen's game. Bakayoko is fascinating to watch too. He often looks like he's just a little too far away from a contest, but then he sticks his long leg in, and pokes the ball away from his opponent.
  4. Was a pretty ordinary game....2 points less than we should have got (not based on the play today, but what we should have been targeting before the game started) Looks like Christensen might be getting a few games in the centre of the three though. Also, really like Bakayoko. He is a powerhouse. His dribbling and feet are great for a man his size.
  5. Need to do better on the set pieces though...every one of them was awful.
  6. wow, what a brutally uncomfortable ending to the match Kante scored a nice goal, but some of his passing was dodgy. Bakayoko did plenty of good things, then undid a lot of them. Just relieved to walk away with 3 points to be honest. Maybe I wouldn't have needed to worry so much if we got our stonewall penalty.
  7. seriously, the decision making and execution have been awful in the last 20 minutes
  8. sheeesh...some of the play has been awful
  9. Dave is the crossing master, and Morata the noggin ninja
  10. Any game recommendation?

    Oh man, Horizon...how did I forget that game. That's the last game I completed on the PS4. I loved it. I haven't played much since then to be honest. I'm waiting on GT Sport and Fifa 18, and in the meantime working through some of my games on Steam.
  11. Any game recommendation?

    You played all four Uncharted games? And not sure about God of War. Never played any of them.
  12. Any game recommendation?

    Did you play any PS3 era games? If not, I would obviously recommend the Last of Us, and the Uncharted Trilogy, and the 4th one. High quality games. Uncharted 1 is a little bit dated now, but 2 is still a masterpiece. Last of Us, and all the games in the trilogy are PS3 originals though, but re-released on PS4.
  13. Zappacosta

    Real question is...can he take the freekicks from the other side of the box to Alonso?
  14. Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    Hopefully he gets fit, and we can give him a role later in the season.