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  1. I don't disagree, I just really want Bats to have more of a chance this season. He's a natural goal scorer. I don't want him to be unhappy with his playtime.
  2. I like Llorente, but this feels unnecessary to me. I feel like if we play the same system, Morata and Bats is good. And if we want to play two up top, Hazard would be fine as a second striker to either of our other options.
  3. I'd take him, I like his versatility. Don't know why he'd come here when we certainly couldn't promise him first XI though.
  4. Diego is a cracking player...but his attitude has made it harder to warm to him than it should have been. He strikes me as something of a man-child....and when you're trying to build a professional team, that attitude can be unsettling, especially coming from a player who is in his footballing prime age. He's been great for us, but let's be honest...he should have had a few more red cards haha
  5. Throughout this whole striker saga, I have at various points wanted Lukaku, Aubameyang, Morata and Belotti. I am indecisive....frankly I'm just relieved I don't have to do the work hahaha. Welcome to Chelsea Alvaro. I'm excited.
  6. Who needs a bigger squad with more games, right? I'm starting to worry about homegrown players now too. Anyway, good luck to Nate. He probably made the best decision for him, can't really fault that.
  7. Don't be ridiculous. You are making a mockery of me and my professional insights.
  8. I am also a football agent. I really, really like money. That should be proof enough. I happen to know for a fact that Chelsea are making one mammoth signing, dwarfing Torres' transfer fee record. That's right, we're spending 110 million pounds to next door neighbor, Mike. He's signing on a 17 year contract, and will earn roughly 3.4 million Zimbabwean dollars per 9.7 days. He's a good player too. Almost scored a goal in under 12's football one time.
  9. Congratulations?
  10. I was pretty excited about the transfer window when the season ended. I wanted to know what new faces would be added to the team with this "warchest" we had available to us. I feel like there has been so much talk squeezed in so early into the window. With our exits, both completed and rumored, and a seemingly never ending clusterf**k of potential signings. Now I just want it to be over. I suppose it doesn't matter who's in the squad when the window closes, as long as it's a squad Conte is happy with. The problems become real if Conte feels like the club hasn't supported him, and has lumped him with players he doesn't see a role for in the team. That's the nightmare outcome. As for Lukaku...I have no idea what to make of it. I don't know if he's Conte's choice or not. I don't know whether he would be a success or not here (I fee like it could go either way). I don't know if we'll sign him or not. I know nothing.
  11. Not happy with this, but the fee is decent...and the reality is this was a necessary move for him. He will go to Bournemouth, play under a good manager, as a first team player. I wish him the best.
  12. I bought more stuff I probably won't play with the new steam sales. The sales aren't even that good anymore, but it's become a habit for me to build a wishlist of games I want throughout the year, and then when a sale rolls around, buy some of them. My biggest purchase this time round was the Witcher 3. Also begrudgingly payed the exorbitant DLC fees (even with the 50% discount) for my choice Paradox game, Crusader Kings 2. At least I know I will play that game....I love it. Have all but three of the major expansion packs now.
  13. Bayern can have Costa, we can have Lewandowski. Problems solved. It's definitely happening........
  14. I don't deny Sandro is a better player. I just feel as though to spend a club record fee on a player a single year after spending (pretty successfully) on that exact position should be limited to a scenario where the rest of the team is sorted. Priorities lie elsewhere, for me anyway. That said, I would of course be excited if we sign him...because he's an outstanding player. It's not my money, if this is the way the club wants to go, I have no real course to complain.
  15. Sandro is a great player, but it seems like an odd transfer to me. We spend 25million on Alonso, who comes in, does a good job, only to be replaced by someone else for 60million the following year. Then all of a sudden we have two expensive LB's (in their prime age), vying for one spot. Sandro wins that battle, so Alonso is left on the bench. Honestly, heading into this window, I thought any signings for the wing-backs would be a younger backup to Alonso, and maybe a first choice RWB to usurp Moses' spot.