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  1. Frustrating game to be honest. Second half wasn't good enough. Alonso was pathetic. Lying on the floor while United attacked around him. Play to the f**king whistle. Ridiculous. David Luiz made a poor defensive decision for their second goal too. That said, it's a bit of the opposite to the Liverpool game. The late goal went in our favour and made a draw feel more like a win (rather than Liverpool's goal making a draw feel like a loss). Still, we should have won. I am dissapointed with our coach's actions too. I thought we were making moves to be more dignified, but what he did was unnecessary. (then again Mourinho's a hypocrite)
  2. Cam

    Eden Hazard

    Seems highly unlikely. Given everything we know about Hazard's plans (which is a lot...chatty Belgian), he stands to gain nothing signing the contract now. The later in his contract he gets, he 1. Opens up a chance to force a transfer or 2. Get us even more desperate and gets more money and 3. He will get better insight as to what Chelsea's future is (CL etc), and whether Real Madrid will actually come after him (instead of trying for Mbappe or Neymar etc). If he signs, it's more likely to be in the off-season where everything will be to his advantage. That said, I hope I'm wrong and he signs on for 5 more years tomorrow.
  3. Cam

    Eden Hazard

    I think Real will still throw everything they can for Mbappe, with Neymar second choice. Hazard third choice. Maybe it'll frustrate Hazard as Real spend a lot of time targeting the others, and he re-signs with us. Or if Conte takes over, you'd think Hazard would opt to stay with Sarri. Then again, it's all speculation, I have no idea what'll happen. I just want him to stay. If he doesn't, even if he leaves at the end of the season, his transfer fee could still be decent for a player with one year left on his contract, because *fingers crossed* he could be coming off a spectacular season.
  4. Man, a lot to like in that game. Clean sheet. Kepa making a worldie save. Barkley assist and goal. Giroud nice assist. Morata only missed one one-on-one, and scored the other nicely. Hazard goal and assist. Good day,
  5. Barkley's work to assist Hazard was fantastic.
  6. What an akward game to watch. The longer it went on, the less comfortable it was. Happy for Morata to get the monkey of the back (especially after the first half miss). I liked Ederson's run into the box...shame his finish was so wild. Can't quite believe the RLC didn't win a penalty after his slalom run. Didn't know you could dive on the ground and take out your opponent's legs. Mostly it's relief at the win. Not a great performance. Desperate to see Ampadu and CHO play.
  7. Cam


    My favourite part of Willian's game is all the hand signal corners and free-kicks, where they all end up doing the same thing (nothing)
  8. Cam

    Mason Mount new deal

    Yeah, let them play. If we lose to a Derby side, even with a couple of our players playing for them, we deserve to be out. No use denying the lads another chance at a big game.
  9. Can't really argue with the draw to be honest. Liverpool's second half probably warranted a goal. Obviously, it hurts to drop two points at that time in the match, but hey, Liverpool are a good team, and that goal was a miracle shot. A fair result. Just a shame we couldn't end their unbeaten run and jump ahead of them.
  10. Really awful game. Falling behind City and Liverpool is reasonable, they have both been more impressive than us.
  11. This game is a bit tedious. Very little fluidity in our attack today. Hazard hasn't looked sharp, and he's back to his old habits of passing when he should shoot. West Ham have probably had the better chances.
  12. I didn't think CHO needed to be registered given his age and home grown status? Edit: I had a look and I think only Green and Drinkwater are ineligible. Piazon can play though lol
  13. Giroud is playing brilliantly. His touches have been beautiful. After Cardiff scored, we dominated the half. Should be up by more.
  14. Cam

    Any game recommendation?

    I've attempted two drone ones, and golded them both (not quickly mind you). You have to hit every single blue orb, without fail (because you get more and more points for consecutive orb hits). Other than that, you literally need a near flawless run. Can't stop, can't accidentally zip to the wrong perch and have to go back. You just have to learn the route and hit every single landing you need. The number of times I've tried to zip to one point and zipped above or below it and missed the orb....ergh. Each fail just leads me to pause and start from checkpoint to start again. I've golded the only stealth one I've tried. It was fine. The bombs are fine (well the first two I did seemed easy, the third was much more difficult, but doable). I've attempted two brawl ones, and only got silver in them (but I also only attempted them once...because it's not easy to quickly redo that one)