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  1. Last Movie You Watched

    Went to see A Prophet last night. One word - Gangsta! That is all.
  2. Last Movie You Watched

    Then move closer. Seriously, it won't be the same experience. On Another note, saw the trailer for Ironman2 last night. That, I cannot wait for!!!! :D
  3. Last Movie You Watched

    Just come back from watching Avatar. Go peep that. At an IMAX. Don't sell yourself short. That is all.
  4. Last Movie You Watched

    Have you watched the extras? Watch the director's comments, it's quite interesting. If I remember rightly he said he wanted the rape scene to portray Hassan as Afghanistan being violated by it's bullies whilst Amir was the rest of the world watching, but doing nothing from a safe distance. Kinda deep.
  5. Last Movie You Watched

    Saw the film before reading the book. Bloody good film in my opinion.
  6. What are you listening to?

    Alicia keys - Empire State of Mind (part II). On autoplay. Good look.
  7. Last Movie You Watched

    Cass is a good watch, although I know a few old skoolers (from different clubs) who said he's a sell-out for doing it. Dunno if he went against the unwritten code or it's a case of sour grapes?
  8. Last Movie You Watched

    Rise of the Foot Soldier is a proper bad boy flick. Based upon the Epping Forest Murders in 1995.
  9. Last Movie You Watched

    I wonder what the older supporters think about that? Probably love Ol' Big Ead for what he tried to do there.
  10. Last Movie You Watched

    Watched Stepbrothers on Sky yesterday: genreally sh*te save for a few rare moments of hilarity
  11. Last Movie You Watched

    Give this man a goldfish!
  12. Last Movie You Watched

    Yeah, funny scenes all the way through.
  13. Last Movie You Watched

    I was looking for a thread where you could name and rate the last movie you watched. Couldn't find one (tried the search engine but no joy) so i thought I'd take the liberty of creating one. So what's the last movie you watched and how do you rate it? (If there's already a thread please feel free to merge this one.) Watched The Core on telly the other night. Rotten film, that. Thinking of going to see 2012. Anyone seen it yet?