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  1. The 40 year reunion
  2. In season 1980-81 we did wear yellow shirts with green shorts and yellow socks, as our main away kit. in the League Cup game at Cardiff we wore white shirts, white shorts with blue socks. the League game at Shrewsbury we wore white shirts, white shorts and white sock
  3. The middle photo is from 1977-78 we got the Umbro diamond shirts after the photocall photos which were taken in July-77 we played pre season games in America, at Parkhead and Cravern Cottage wearing the shirt in the middle photo, but our away game at West Brom and first home game to Birmingham We then had the Umbro diamond on the sleeve
  4. Talking of Glasgow Rangers How about this Blues Brothers get together on 17-June-2017 at Sutton United a stadium still with terraces
  5. Hi Richard No I have not been a regular on this forum as I have been busy working on a book will dig out those games
  6. No Scott I am not Ken Monkou The photo was taken at David Strides funeral a couple of months back
  7. No I am not Ken Monkou, and Ken Monkou is not
  8. Well I would be surprised if anyone here got everyone because two were not footballers and one didn't play a first team game for Chelsea, lol As follows: left to right Standing. Mark Westwood, Tommy Langley, Clive Walker, Colin Pates Trevor Aylott, Teddy Maybank, Paul Canoville, John Bumstead, Steve Perkins and Steve Finnieston two above Ray Lewington and myself So Mark Westwood is the Old Boys Manager, Steve Perkins didn't play a first team game for us, and I am not a footballer
  9. Lol, I can name everyone
  10. Lovely guy Doug As with nearly all players from the 60s', 70s' and 80s' they lost out on the vast sums earned by players today. But those players are far humble and still in touch with the fans, unlike today's players who have lost touch with the public I met Dougie earlier this year for lunch in London and he gave me his 1986 Full Members Cup Final winners shirt and A couple of track suits. A real gent
  11. Fantastic view a packed Bridge way back when? Where is this from please? Or who's the Artist? As I would like to see if I can buy a print copy
  12. What a fantastic picture of the old Bridge Where is this from please? For me to arrange a large print of it if possible Thanks
  13. I have the footage of the fans clearing the pitch Are you likely to be on that footage? I will check and upload at the weekend