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    Alvaro Morata

    Just sheer luck then that they bumped into each other.....

    Alvaro Morata

    How come that isn't tapping up then? Or has the club told him to go and talk to Milan and or Juve? Yes not the best of starts to his Chelsea career but the boy has so much talent and this will be yet another talent lost because we have no patience....bad decision if they let him leave.

    First team squad outgoings?

    I doubt anything will happen without discovering whether Conte stays or is relieved of his duties.....if he stays then we can only assume that the Board will back him and at least make a better effort of getting the players he wants rather than the sloppy seconds he ended up with. If he stays I think we can say goodbye to Drinkwater, Moses, Zappacosta, Willian (unless this apparent falling out is fixed) possibly Barkley, Musonda, Abrahams as I can't see him making the first team squad if Bats comes back, if Bats is sold then maybe Abraham stays. Of course if Conte leaves then it will all depend on the style of the new manager, but we definitely need an upgrade on Zappacosta,Cahill and Moses for a start off. I believe we should keep Morata, yes he had a rough start to English football, but he had been playing with a niggling back injury; he has pace, good in the air, his finishing needs to improve and his falling over needs to stop, but he links up well with Hazard and Willian and if both stay and all 3 play, they will be as good as Liverpool's front 3 with the assumption we stop playing this defensive dross style football. If Morata does stay then sadly it will be time to sell Bats, I can't see Chelsea keeping 4 strikers in the first team squad (Bats, Giroud, Morata, Abraham)
  4. How is the stadium nearly empty? I remember when I was a kid the stadium was always full when the players ran around the pitch ....now it seems everyone f**ks off home or to the pub.
  5. Ross Barklay can't believe he won a medal with about 90 minutes of football all year
  6. Conte ignores the attempt hug from Bruce Buck....
  7. Jose still trying to tap up Willian...f**king laughable
  8. Would have been nice for Morata and Willian together...and then Barclay or someone in the middle
  9. Conte is sticking his two fingers up to the players on the bench and the Board.....stupidity at its finest
  10. Still no subs...honestly...ffs ..trying to win an FA Cup final at Wembley by using no subs....aint going to happen
  11. What's with all this punching crap from Tibo
  12. Can someone smack our manager around the head please and tell him to wake the f**k up......
  13. and our counter to Utd changes is......sit on your hands
  14. VAR ...what's the point ....when its Utd
  15. What a f**king miss from Alonso