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  1. I think we dodged a bullet with Stones....totally tits.....still expect City to win this though. Wigan will make the mistake of falling back into their own half
  2. Shocking tackle....deserved a red....not sure why the ref first took out a yellow. Still don't think Wigan has enough though...but will be interesting
  3. Boring 2nd half........all the work done in the first half I guess but I want to be entertained!!!
  4. But he has his moments ......
  5. the boys have gone off the boil a bit.....come on guys I need another 2 goals, maybe Morata will help me out...
  6. well there you go...another 5 to get...
  7. So frustrating looking at the table...clinging on to 4th when we should be in 2nd place had we not lost to Bournemouth and Watford
  8. 3 points I'll take it...back in the top 4....just
  9. Hope these f**kers from the Midlands get relegated..totally deserve it and where they can put their thuggery to better use.
  10. Not defending it, but with the manager under extreme pressure he cannot take that chance. If we were sitting comfortably in the top 4 and numerous points above where we should be perhaps he may have thought differently. Kids will rarely get a chance here because the managers are under constant pressure from day one.