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    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'm beginning to understand the concept that he is trying to instil in the players and I'm sure boring the opposition to death with a 1000 5 yard side and back passes probably isn't what he is trying to do. I get it if I see the players 'give n go' ..I'm seeing a lot of 'giving' but hardly any 'go' at the moment as often the player giving the ball stands still especially in the defensive side of the pitch. The momentum forward for the most part is slow and ponderous albeit we have the ball; I'm pretty sure that is not what he wants to see. I guess time will tell and we will see where we sit at the end of October and again around the Christmas fixtures. If we are out of the top 4 it may be a struggle.....but who knows....all we can do is try and remain positive without falling asleep(well today anyway)
  2. dull, boring, laboured, probably Thursday had something to do with it....still a draw is better than a loss. Sarri has to start using some more players from the squad or as someone said we will see more of these games....hopefully Wed we will see some of the youngsters to give the players a rest for next week, Wed could be important psychologically but even so the kids and squad players should get some game time.
  3. Well can't say we haven't had chances in the latter part of the 2nd half......but sadly all half chances and squandered
  4. This is the worst game I've seen in the EPL this year...although the Newcastle/ Palace game yesterday comes close....still I guess we were due a relapse; as fans our expectations have been set too high with the previous 6 games.
  5. keeper saved it with his head...fortunate
  6. Cahill to score the winner.....what are the chances
  7. clearly Thursday - Sunday is going to get some getting used to. We looked bereft of energy all over....still one chance is all we need and I guess a point away from home is not bad....ooh Morata unlucky there
  8. I don't think Liverpool will be shaking in their boots watching this performance
  9. I'm looking for something positive.....but its just all a bit disjointed all over the park at the moment.....someone needs to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and drive the team forward....anyone see Ballack or Essien hanging around?
  10. Lets hope we up the tempo the 2nd half ...this is like watching paint dry with these 5-10 yard passes at walking pace.
  11. it's just so pedestrian....maybe just jet lag or something
  12. the here, there and everywhere position.....probably will be called the 'butterfly'
  13. seems to me we can make a 1000 passes and go nowhere in this game.....same problem, dominate the pass % and space and then fall flat on our faces in the final 3rd and then get caught on the break....we've seen it so many times. Hope Sarri sorts it out soon.
  14. CFCCAN

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    He's been a good servant over the years and I for one in the last 2 seasons have been critical of some of his performances; he has though lost his pace and has been easily turned far too often; he had a great tutor and partner in JT and I think when JT left he seemed uncertain and uncomfortable at times. However, he is a brave defender and grabbed those odd important goals when we needed them. Best of luck Gary, I am sure you will do well with the experience you gained here and excel in a lower positioned club as a fine captain..or perhaps a move to Derby and help Frank being his team to the Premier League.