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  1. I was just about to say we are going nowhere even with all the possession and we score.............well it might get Uddersfield to come out, so we should get another couple of goals before the game ends
  2. Would have rested Hazard TBH and included Bats....he'll be gone in January and maybe Conte too if we lose this and he gets a strop on. Compared to top teams in Europe we have little to no depth to cope with an EPL season while playing in Europe. Internet is sh*te today too so I doubt I'll catch much, even Kodi is on the blink
  3. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Rigged...easy games for Utd, City and Loverpool.....still fancy our chances if we can win the game at home by 2....but no doubt we'll play a PL game on Sunday and play Barca on Tuesday.
  4. We have been given a lifeline by those surrounding us over this weekend we need to make the most of it. A must win before the Xmas rush. Need to drop Cahill though and rest one or two others.
  5. Pointless playing the ball to the flanks when you have players that can't even cross a ball.
  6. One of the worse performances of the season. Smothered all over the pitch, WH didn't give up any space so fair play to them but we just kept playing one way ..into a brick wall, Conte may have changed the players in the 2nd half but he didn't change the game plan....still suffer the pain and move on I guess.
  7. We are just tired and when your tired you get sloppy. We have been sloppy all afternoon, bad passing, late in the tackle, 2nd to the ball. Best we could have hoped for today was a point...still once in a while these games happen, accept it and move on.
  8. I'm not watching any more football this weekend, this game has left a bad taste in my mouth...
  9. Conte is going to have a bad weekend ........
  10. I think that what this season was coming down too anyway given our summer transfers against Utd and City. We really were never in contention to retain the title once the transfer window shut.
  11. WH have one of the worst defences in the league and we can't force a decent save from their 2nd string goalkeeper
  12. Moyes will be like a Cheshire cat after this.......f**k. Looking at Conte even he looks like he's given up on this game, he looks so frustrated.
  13. WH just packing the box now and we are not playing very smart trying to run through the wall of claret shirts. We have never been good at playing teams that defend with 10 behind the ball
  14. Cahill is nothing like JT when it comes to leadership and pushing the team on..