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  1. Just watched Conte post match conference. I feel for him, ..he looked gutted and pissed...and so he should be...the players let him down today. In fairness he says he must must do better, as does the training team and then the players. He's got a big problem on his hand with what's left off this already depleted squad and he somehow has to find an answer. Let's hope he comes up with something and the players support him and up their game.
  2. We all know that there are no easy games in this league but today was all about desire, guts and glory especially when top teams play mid and lower table teams; I'm not looking forward to next especially when Watford are on a high having just turned over Arsenal....someone better get a grip of this team.
  3. London teams giving up on the League already.....well save and except Palace and Watford. No easy games....standby for next week
  4. Yep..outta here, can't stand watching this any longer. Hope everyone has a great weekend and lets hope we get back on track on Wed
  5. Another tough game next week against Watford.....f**k will the pain never end
  6. Hazard has been non existent the entire game.....he hasn't run at anyone this afternoon....
  7. Stoke coming back against City 3-2..gulp...maybe an upset....errr ...no
  8. The games are coming thick and fast and this squad can't deal with it; somebody in the boardroom better get their cheque book out in Jan or we could be sitting md-table and out of all the cup competitions....
  9. I'm fed up with Cahill jumping up and down when the opposition scores,he's f**king annoying...
  10. I think we'll see a different Chelsea the 2nd half..Conte won't put up with this sh*t