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    Alisson Becker

    'prepared' is not a word the Board uses or understands
  2. Expectations: Has to be top 4 ...nothing else will do...... unless I see a number of youth players coming through and a season of Sarri bedding them in will be good enough for me regardless of where we finish......save and except relegation of course. Hopes: That we have a clear out of bad buys and dead wood Fears: that either Utd, Spurs, Arsenal or Liverpool finish as Champions


    daft to get rid of Morata after one season IMO. If this is true and it does happen I think we will regret it in the long run.

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata is a work in progress....I hope that we keep him, hopefully he's learned a lot from last season and now we have an attacking coach maybe his luck will change. .......there's a lot of 'hope' in this post......but it's up to him to prove his worth. Lots of dead wood to clear out besides him, he's young, he's quick and worth keeping IMO.

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Good signing this...start of a new era......now we need a clear out of the dead wood

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I try and remain relatively positive when a new manager arrives given our history over the last 15 years or so.... my positivity towards our managers therefore lasts about 2 years ....but this appointment is rather head scratching TBH. As coach and or manager Sarri has hardly the best CV to look at when applying for a job at one of the top 10 clubs in the world, given other names that are floating around in the 'out of work managers playground' or those looking to move up. Admittedly I have not watched enough of Napoli last season, or any season for that matter to form an opinion as to whether they, coached by Sarri, played exciting attacking football or not; however it appears that a nod and a wink together with comments from Pep in regards to last season's encounters with City may have tipped the balance; well I mean when you look at it even Brendan, who knows the EPL, been here before, has more trophies than Sarri and also allows his teams to play exciting football wasn't even mentioned as a possible candidate (not that I would want him here with those gleaming pearly whites), its just the fact that Sarri seems such a strange appointment; I mean even the geezer from Barca would surely fitted the bill over Sarri......so why Sarri? anyone hazard a guess? I hope Sarri does not end up like big Phil.....all hype and no substance. Still, I remain optimistic and will wait with baited breath to see some exciting football ; it will also be interesting to see how the squad shapes up over the next few weeks.

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte's Achievements : Sarri's Achievements: definitely an upgrade I guess we'll find out soon enough..

    Next Chelsea Manager


    Next Chelsea Manager

    All this speculation around players wanting out if Conte leaves.....does any know this for certain or is this just media speculation based on players being dropped or falling out of favour towards the end of last season? Apart from Tibo who has stated (apparently) that he would like to be nearer his family I can't remember any other player stating they want out if he stays. The club would be rather stupid to keep Conte if a player revolt was imminent. If 11 mill is the number to pay him and his staff off that's about the selling price of one or two players on the periphery of the squad, so money surely can't be the problem? Or is the problem no one to replace him temporarily or otherwise? And even that I can't believe given the number of managers looking for work, even if it was Zola for a few months.
  10. CFCCAN

    Next Chelsea Manager

    basically 'Can't speak, ....Wife: everything will be resolved soon.'.......according to google translate What does his wife have to do with this ..is she his agent?
  11. CFCCAN

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Its CFC
  12. CFCCAN

    Next Chelsea Manager

    fake news
  13. CFCCAN

    Next Chelsea Manager

    sounds like the mindset of our owner also what have we had now 10, 11 managers since 2003 all being the next best shiny thing.
  14. CFCCAN


    We are down to the wire and its still a f**king circus at the Bridge.....laughable...it just goes to show you what a mediocre club we have become; would never see a top class club or board behave in this way, or keep shooting themselves in the foot year when it comes to managers and more recently transfer dealings. I hate to say it but I am just waiting for a train wreck of a season.
  15. CFCCAN

    WC 2018

    They were brilliant but they were naive...2-0 why didn't they make subs and defend, not try and go for 3 and that was their downfall.