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  1. Willian

    Didn't Lampard play the second leg of a CL-semi finals just days after his mother had passed?
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It should have been easier for us to get Llorente than Spurs, much easier.
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    Think we just need to realize that there is not much intention in terms of spending this term to become a top European force and frankly that might not change until the stadium is funded to Romans satisfaction. Fair enough. If Conte prioritizes the league and treats CL like the domestic cup competitions I think the squad will competitive for the title barring a bad run of luck/injuries.
  4. Fernando Llorente

    This is how people convince me every day. I tend to be convinced. In such a position, it's hard to say no, eh?
  5. Fernando Llorente

    Funny, seems like many would now be relieved to sign this guy today when not far back this window it was a case of not wanting him...... if the board have excelled at anything this window, it has been dampening the expectations of the fans. Lets hope the manager is on a different page.
  6. I would hope he's along the lines of smart business people who hires someone smarter than him at a certain task and then leaves said smarter person to handle it. Just giving an overall direction to go on and leaving the details to the "expert".
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    As a person who is on both sides of this coin having a) been fortunate to have seen many CFC games in person and b) having to see most CFC games on TV/computer cause I do live half way around the world let me assure you of this..... my status of being a CFC fan and how much I support my club doesn't change based on seeing the match in the stands at SB or from the comfort of my couch at 5am...... it's irrelevant, aside from being lucky enough to experience the atmosphere (went to my first game when I was about 11/12 years old and it was the atmosphere more than anything that made me start to love the game), how you get to watch the game. I'd also question why do people care so much about who is a bigger/better fan?!!??! Isn't it enough you support the same club? It's like seeing two vegans in a pissing match over who is the better vegan...... they're the type of arguments where no one wins aside from the audience who gets a good laugh at the expense of both sides arguing. My unpopular opinion about Chelsea is that it's a fantastic club that has a very rich history despite not having a lot of trophies in the past..... well, unpopular outside CFC circles.......
  8. Spurs had 67.7% possession during the game.... however,......CFC possessed 100% of the points at the final whistle..... so ya....possession....
  9. Random Rumours

    You know, at the Calgary Stampede people paid $12 for the pleasure of eating an onion.......
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Im curious as to what 30 year old player is causing this dilemma. Thus far the transfers in have been pretty young. I get the boards policy, but if Conte is really pushing for one player that's 30 or so, I think you should give him some faith at this point and back him. Obviously you don't want your transfer policy to be 30 year olds, but if the manager feels he needs an experienced player for some purpose then why not? Sometimes it's ok to ignore sell-on value if it's a player who will immediately improve the team....especially if you risk alienating a coach like Conte in the process..... aside from the contract payout, how much is that goinna cost in externalities? Probably a lot more than a player fee (unless we are talking a WC player).
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Your post stated he was tactically poor and naïve. So I assumed you meant that about him as a manager, that he Mister Magoo'ed his way to one of the best BPL winning performances even seen. I didn't realize you meant he was a fantastic manager one season and then the very next just became tactically poor and naïve. Of course Mourinho bears some blame but if I give a builder 2/3rds of the tools and supplies they need to build my dream house, I shouldn't exactly be shocked and angry when I don't get my dream house 9 months later, right? I can obviously blame the builder, but they kind of also get a built in excuse that is valid and not a cop out, no? Or do we tell the expert "no, you're wrong on what you need and if you fail it's 100% your fault because you'll have just became a poor builder despite winning architecture accolades just last year"?...sorry, keep telling. Third times the charm and all. Then again, are we really comparing the blame of finishing second to bringing the team near relegation zones? Cause really, after the "Mourinho season" perhaps we should be looking back at Carlo's second season as pretty f**king fantastic (or, atleast, reasonable) compared to what it could have been...... PS. Well you cited MCFC who did address their biggest weakness and thus clearly strengthened........ Clearly MUFC have strengthened more and obviously, yet again, we decided to help a direct rival do so against the wishes of the manager while at the same time actually weakening our squad and thus ability to compete. Tottenham might or might not, but they ran us ragged with a young squad and if not for that 13 game winning streak it might very well have been their season. They didn't have the glaring issues this squad has and nor, would it seem, the ambition or expectations either. Facts are facts, Pochetinno can finish behind Conte and have a good season, Conte finishes behind Pochetino and our biggest surprise will be that he got to last the season. Don't really care about Arsenal and Liverpool, but I bet if they had to assess their squad right now they'd feel it stronger than when the window opened. I'm not sure every Chelsea fan would feel the same way.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You essentially state that the squad won a record breaking double (& came 2ND with a weaker squad the following season)despite an incompetent manager , to which I ask why didn't they win far more titles then? So you can toss another strawman argument if you like or you can defend your stance which seems to be that Carlo was a liability and the squad succeeded despite him.....so again I ask, if that squad was so god to win despite a poor manager why didn't they win more titles? Ps, if a manager fails the second season (and by fail or "lose", we mean still do better than every single team in the league save one, the champions) then yes answers must be provided.....answers like having a smaller and weaker squad despite title rivals strengthening, like having the board interfere with the running of the team and go over the manager's head on major decisions etc....
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    If a tactically poor and naive manager can bring us a double in his first season (breaking records enroute to that title too, mind) and a second place finish next seasondespite board interference and a weakened squad, care to explain how that squad didn't win far more titles? Also curious why a tactically poor and naive manager would be given opportunities at the biggest club (or one of) in each ofthe 5 biggest leagues within Europe..... Not doing great? Perhaps, but you'd struggle to find another manager who'd have done better in the circumstances. It would seem though, we might find out if Conte can do better considering he looks to be facing the same circumstances of having a board weaken the squad after wining the BPL title.... Let's just hope his assistant doesn't get randomly sacked in a few months.....
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Well, Carlo was let go for coming second (in his second season here) a season after he broke records to a historic double....and had his squad weakened in the summer in between.....so I'd say that he was fired for no good reason. Which would basically be like saying that Conte deserves the sack if he doesn't win the league again this year.....
  15. Alex Sandro

    Well regardless of what happens now, that Lil Diddy has made it impossible to end this rumour with dissapointment