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  1. Barry Bridges

    Andreas Christensen

    Not fit enough? I mean he's not exactly Elvis Presley or even a Rob Lowe, but he isn't ugly! That aside I don't see why his looks suddenly matter to his coach.....
  2. Barry Bridges

    Thibaut Courtois

    Put Smalling and Jones infront of Thibault and I bet the number of goals he concedes sky rockets. Put Azpiliqueta and Christensen/Rudiger in front of DDG and I suspect he concedes much less.
  3. Barry Bridges

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    If you're referring to me, I've stated multiple times that Costa wanted away from CFC before Conte even arrived and I don't blame Conte for telling a player who screams "I want to go back to Madrid!" that "he isn't in my plans". Costa had a hissy fit because he was finally getting what he'd been crying for and wanted to push it over the final line.
  4. Barry Bridges

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    First let me state that I think you are viewing this issue too plainly but I will elaborate on this as I can assure you that I can speak to having both personal and professional experiences of seeing this in addition to hearing many many stories with quite a few actually verified. I've seen corporate insolvency files where successful companies worth tens of millions and even hundreds of millions get run into the ground over personal decisions. This has been "negative personal decisions", two people ruining the business over personal feelings (can be disputes over money, have a current file where a business seems to have been intentionally tanked because one principal was wealthy with multiple other successful ventures but also had a wife who slept with the other principal of this specific venture and the one individual knew he could financially ruin his adulterous business partner by tanking the one venture they shared. While this action would certainly impact his finances, he could tank it and still be very wealthy/liquid. I can't comment on the legal action that occurred after, but I can verify 100% that a successful and viable business was intentionally tanked and the person doing it knew it would be costing them millions and potentially more). However this also includes "positive personal decisions" where one business owner had turned a small trades outfit into a very successful and thriving operations and transferring from a small to medium business employing hundreds and hundreds of people but they filled many of the important new positions with friends and family....who often weren't very well qualified..... and didn't fire them when it was clear they weren't up to the tasks.....and instead fired the non-family and friends who pointed this out but actually were good at the jobs...and often hired more friends and family. I mean, makes no sense firing competent people who can help your business thrive while keeping people who are incompetent whoa re making your business lose money... bet then again, who wants to fire their adult child who was planning a career at said business? Who wants to fire their wife's mother? Who wants to risk firing person they've been cheating on their spouse with? I suspect with one name you'd agree with me. You think Donald Trump wouldn't make a decision that could cost him millions based on personal feelings? I'd be curious to hear your answer on this. Speaking of billionaires and foolish decisions..... I think the tale of these two will fit your description of international top-level management executives, I mean both are multi-billionaires and one owned Marvel. I won't ask for any apologies or groveling, however it certainly is an interesting tale and solid proof that our financial "betters" are certainly as prone to stupid personal decisions as anyone else, albeit with much higher stakes. Perlmutter vs Peereboom. Sounds like a court case but really its two billionaires who've spent millions already and opened themselves to liabilities that could range from tens to hundreds of millions. Oh sorry, it actually is actually a defamation case in front of the courts where the settlement is rumored to possibly reach near the half a billion mark. Yes, billion. With a nice fat B. I haven't follow this closely for quite a while and I don't know if it's been resolved yet but I suspect not. Now what could get two billionaires to act in a way that they'd risk losing such an absurd amount of money the rest of us would have to win the lottery jackpot 10 times in a row to ever posses? Well, they just really hate each other. Why? I sh*t you not, because they have winter homes in the same complex in Florida and one wanted to open the local tennis pro's contract to a public bidding process and the other one didn't....as far as I know, neither of them even really play tennis LOL. That's right, one could be out of pocket (worst case scenario, but still a scenario they might face because they let their personal feelings get the better of their judgment) up to $400million dollars because of a silly personal dispute which, most likely, if it had happened with someone who just didn't irk them the same way, they'd probably have laughed off and never thought twice of. Here's a decent write-up of the actually kind of amusing yet sad story by the CBC (not always a fan of their work) http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/sh/og1dB3kAlj/harold-peerenboom-perlmutter-marvel-florida-feud/ Simply put, @yorkleyblue, your premise is very reasonable on the surface and I would agree on it as a rational concept when speaking of rational minds. However, when personal feelings get involved and in certain circumstances, very rational people can start making very irrational decisions. And while you might not knowingly enter a course of action where you're personal feelings cost you excessively, you might just find you allow your "emotional" side to make decisions that lead down a path where the consequences end up being quite drastic. Back to the more specific context on hand. A manager might not intentionally say "Im not playing the best option(s) because I do not like them" (though I would argue you might be surprised just how many would do exactly this) but they might subconsciously let that dislike cloud their judgment and undervalue the best option because of their personal feelings. I think it's fair to use John Terry and Rafa Benitez as proof. Benitez came in and all of a sudden JT was past it, not worth playing. If I recall correctly, almost completely frozen out of the team despite being one of the best CBs ever to play in the BPL. Yet 2 seasons later Terry is playing every minute of a title winning campaign, unofficially the best CB in the BPL (maybe even Europe) and officially on the BPL team of the season. Have to say, hard to explain this as anything other than a manage not using the best available player and most likely a decision rooted in personal rather than professional factors. Maybe Rafa wanted to own the dressing room and clearly, not happening with a JT who is Leader, Legend, Captain unless he became No, Longer, Needed? With AVB and his highline I could see it as a tactical reason (a bad decision but logically based), I don't recall Rafa using a system where JT wouldn't work due to his lack of pace. Now, to the financial aspect (and Im going to keep this short now) please allow me to make the obvious cases very briefly. 1) It's not the managers money. 2) When speaking of managers money, at CFC getting fired actually increases the money they get (pay out and right into another high paying job, as I believe is the case with all CFC sackings). 3) As mentioned in part 2, it doesn't really hurt the future potential earnings of managers. 4) Selling a player you dislike and perhaps don't rate as highly as you should, typically gives you more money to spend on the players you rather have. In this area, the best interests of the manager and the best interests of the club aren't necessarily aligned (this can happen with bonuses for management if implemented incorrectly, where one department's management in incentivized via how performances bonuses are structured to actually act in way that isn't in the best interest of the overall organization). Now, if specifically on Mourinho, then consider one could argue he has already gambled quite highly with his finances. Poking an opponent in the eye? I suspect an owner could probably dismiss an employee without compensation for committing a criminal act not only whilst on the job, but while representing their employer in front of a global audience. So to me, Mourinho himself has already proven he will gamble millions on personal decisions/feelings. It might have been heat of the moment, but that's all it takes to alienate a best player in the dressing room say the way SAF did when he threw a boot at the head of Beckham which, correct me if I'm wrong, was the breaking straw that led Beckham to go to Real Madrid and by god, if you don't think that decisions cost MUFC financially (the transfer is/was peanuts compared to what having Beckham in your team's shirt offers financially). It's not often someone will consciously throw away millions due to personal feelings, but even that happens. It's not uncommon at all for personal decisions to subconsciously/inadvertently lead to similar results through a more complicated and nuanced fashion (we really could spend hours talking on this without even getting into the deep psychological stuff, especially as the people you refer tend to have different personalities/mentalities than the average, part of what leads them to reach the heights they do in business). As a rule of thumb I agree with you, people don't like throwing money away. Yet when personal feelings etc arise, rationality can often go out the window. People frequently cut of their nose to spite their face.... and never forget that if you'd spent the equivalent of a cup of coffee to get one over someone you dislike (and this is likely most people if you get them in a mood) that for many of the people you describe, a few million is to them what a cup of coffee is to us. It's a nothing amount in terms of how it impacts them and what better to spend money on than to gain personal satisfaction or to take down an opponent/someone you dislike?
  5. Is this some tricky ploy or simply a very common lawn aeration process? Admittedly, don't know if this is commonly done on football pitches but it is very common practice for a healthy lawn!
  6. Barry Bridges

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Because it is was completely ludicrous statement to make. People with a lot of wealth will never allow personal feelings to effect decisions that could impact their finances? You can't be serious. I agree and have posted quite bluntly that Costa wanted out before Conte ever arrived so I don't put any of that on Conte even if some of the details could have been handled better, but why would he include a striker in his plans that's been asking to leave for years now?..... but the notion that "NO-ONE would make a decision potentially costing millions of pounds based on a personal like or dislike of another person" is so wrong I didn't know if they were just getting carried away with this debate or if they genuinely thought that.
  7. Barry Bridges

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Do you actually believe what you've written here?
  8. Barry Bridges

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    It'd be a lot easier to discard your post as a tin foil hat wearing rant if it wasn't for the fact nobody even blinked an eye when Clattenburg came out and basically admitted to a form of match fixing in the favour of Spurs against Chelsea.
  9. Barry Bridges

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Should of replied "ahhh, how did you know we ran ut of bog roll?!?! Thank you, it will work well!"
  10. We have very different first days back I'm thinking "how did I end up back here?!?!?!" or "I've got to have another sick day left...." One way or another, I do hope it lasts for the rest of the season!
  11. Play Giroud. I feel like Morata looked hungrier once he saw there was a striker Conte might actually play ahead of him and who did well in the team play. I mean not only did he become match fit so fast, he actually staye don his feet and looked like he wanted to take t to the other team.
  12. Barry Bridges

    Matt Miazga

    I have no idea what you're referring too..... < < < < <
  13. Barry Bridges

    Shocking Fabregas v Watford

    To be fair, if Mike Dean has a chance to f**k over CFC he's likely running towards it at a pace that even Usain Bolt would struggle to catch up to.
  14. Barry Bridges

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It is no tough or brave thing to to go against a CFC manager during a bad run of results/performances. Quite frankly if rumours are true, it highlights the cowardice and not the leadership present in our dressing room.
  15. Is it treasonous to stop following the Chelsea men's senior team domestic campaign for the rest of the season and instead follow the U21's? I feel one is vastly more heartening than the other at the moment....