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  1. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    So he admits he failed to send off 3 Spurs players who should have been sent packing, and then follows up with this gem : 'But I don't regret what I did in that match. I thoroughly enjoyed the match. I came off the pitch knowing that I hadn't influenced the result, and that was the most important thing.' The man is as stupid as he is cowardly. What then, Clatty-boy, would influence a result if not keeping a team at 11 mean instead of 8? Gob smacking idiocy and if anyone finds a petition looking for him to be banned by FIFA, charged by a court for match fixing (it's illegal, no?), or for some resolution with the FA/PGMOL etc please let me know. As CFC fans I think we'd be very remiss to let this just slink away into the media as it appears to be doing. Had this happened to certain other clubs Im sure right now it's be a topic in the Parliament or what not.
  2. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    Basically admits that he intentionally reffed a game in a manner that made it clear he was either bent on incompetent, yet the PGMOL didn't sanction him in anyway and instead rewarded him with a Cup Final. The FA then fines our club and, again, no sanctions for the ref whose failure to perform lead to the circumstances. I'd like to see the FA charge the PGMOL with bringing the game into disrepute and a public apology from the FA for charging our club when they clearly should have been dealing with the referee. I know neither will likely happen, but I would love to see a legal team from the club press these issues in coordination with PR making a bold statement. Edit: and if a full unequivocal apology doesn't come then that will speak volumes considering this time a ref came out and admitted he officiated with bias against our team in a significant manner that likely cost the match (and potentially the health of some of our players) considering teams in the past who merely complained about the officiating while playing us have gotten apologies (no admittance from the officials in these cases).
  3. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Costa wanted to leave Chelsea the second the ink on his signing contract with Chelsea dried. Conte could of handled it better sure, but his biggest crime here was telling a player who kept asking to that fine, you can go I've planned without you. Conte was the means to an end for Costa who put on a performance worthy of those famous Spanish (Mexican maybe?) Soap Operas, and not the reason. Costa stopped playing for Mourinho, he a sh*t man manager too? He left Athletico to come here, do we disparage Simeone's man management too? Matic wanted to go work with Mourinho, which I found funny simply for the #of people who claimed Matic must hate Mourinho over being subbed on and off in the same match (even though in the context it made perfect sense for the teams tactics and wasn't at all a message about Matic or his performance) and it was intentional by Mourinho to humiliate Matic LOL. No, like many other players Matic wanted to follow Mourinho to the new gig and unlike most actually did. I see no reason to doubt Conte's man management. You could even argue that this season has helped prove his abilities here. I have no doubt that Conte demanded and still demands as much as Mourinho ever did did, yet look whose having a second season almost as good as the first and who had a team not willing to play for him because "fatigue". End of the day, managing the squad is more important than managing any single player, and sometimes to maintain the former you need to replace or readjust the roles of some of the latter.
  4. After seeing some of those Smalling pictures I'd be tempted to have a Hap Ki Do instructor visit for training. When someone has a hold of your shirt like that there's fairly simple ways (with practice) where, without using you hands, you can put them in a wrist lock that causes very significant discomfort (a generous way of stating quite a bit of pain) to the point of possibly causing even bone/soft tissue damage. If the ref's won't deter this behavior, perhaps that would.
  5. Thibaut Courtois

    Oh to be sure!!! I'm not trying to lay the issues with the squad at CT's feet, lord knows there's plenty enough currently to share around and still have enough for seconds...... I just feel that he hasn't been up to par for expectations this season .... admittedly, the expectations are very high considering we seem to place him in the top 3-5 GKs in the world..... but to me he has been far from that. I believe someone tried to justify my perception of him as "well his positioning is so excellent he doesn't have to really make exceptional saves" and while that might be close to the truth, I think the statistics suggest that great positioning or not, he is letting in far too many goals to be rated so highly. I mean if he made absolutely zero fantastic saves I would be happy as long as we weren't conceding as many as we are. It's the amount of goals going in versus what he stops that has me worried, and not the manner in which he makes those stops. Here, some statistics courtesy of Whoscored.com In the past 10 BPL games TC has averaged 2.5 saves a game while averaging 1 goals conceded a game. In the past 4 CL games he has averaged 3 saves a game and conceded 1.75 goals per game on average. I admit I am no expert here, but that's nearly a goal for every 2 saves, spectacular or boring saves aside, I feel that's not a ratio you'd find with other GK's rated as highly as CT. Just for fun, because DDG is probably the best GK in the league, his stats for the identical amount of matches are, in the BPL, an average of 2.5 saves a game while averaging 0.4 goals conceded per game and, in the CL, an average of 3 saves per game while averaging 0.25 goals conceded per game..... Is Chelsea where they are right now just becase of CT? Of course not, but a GK of his caliber should, in my opinion, be keeping us in some of these games and not merely saving us blushes by preventing a 3-0 from being a 5-0..... rather making what should have been a 5-0 or 3-0, a 0-0. I worry I might be too harsh in this criticism, but then I remember we are talking about a lad who is rated as one of the best in the world and has, in the past, lived up to that easily. It's the one position I think should most be rising to the occasion when the team is poor, not simply just reflecting that mediocre form. Mind, if this was Begovic or some other "good" but not "world class" keeper, I wouldn't be leveling this criticism. I feel Im simply holding him to the standards of where he thinks he belongs and where many of us claim he is.... or atleast was.
  6. Thibaut Courtois

    I'd have a hard time putting him in the top 3 BPL GKs at the moment.....sorry, I just quoted you randomly I actualy came here to post that I'm surprised this guy's thread is hidden so deep. I can't help but feel very underwhelmed with Thibault, especially compared to the hype surrounding him coming in. I'm not saying he has been poor, but he has been far from top class in my books. That he didn't save any of the last 5 goals really reinforces this for me. At least 4 of these goals were all within reach of where he was standing, yet all went in. Were they easy saves? No, but you would expect a top class (ie, top 5 in the world or even top 10) GK to make some of those saves..... I struggle to think of any game where we got points because of Thibault's performance (remember, Cech was typically good for bringing in points in the double digits just based on some of his performances, keeping us in games we didn't deserve to be in). I've felt this way for a while now and I know I'm not alone, but what really has me here positing was seeing DeGea vs Liverpool and making some top class saves...you know, the saves where you go "Wow, how did they do that?".....and I think back to CFC goalies doing the same, and it's Petr who goes to mind and not Thibault...but I figured maybe this was fond memories clouding my opinion, a sort of inverse recency bias...... But then we saw vs Roma and vs Watford, and again 5 goals go in that quite frankly were all save-able by a top class goalie, yet not one saved. I think the defence provided in front of him is a huge part of "his" success. Ya, he won the golden gloves but he only had to make about two saves a game.....he also lets in a goal for about every two saves he makes. It's not an issue with our defence for the most part, but I feel we have a goalie that will rarely if ever pull our bacon from the fire when we need it. My confidence in our net not bulging when our defense is beaten is pretty much nil these days I don't know if I'm being unduly harsh, I'm not saying he is rubbish, but I feel very underwhelmed over Thibault and think he has been far from one of the best in the world (or even league) for quite a while now.
  7. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Had a great game and did well in areas where he has been sorely lacking. Let's hope it's not a one off but rather an indication of progression. Might also have been timely too, considering how Morata played this game (seemed a little complacent).
  8. Willian

    Didn't Lampard play the second leg of a CL-semi finals just days after his mother had passed?
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It should have been easier for us to get Llorente than Spurs, much easier.
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    Think we just need to realize that there is not much intention in terms of spending this term to become a top European force and frankly that might not change until the stadium is funded to Romans satisfaction. Fair enough. If Conte prioritizes the league and treats CL like the domestic cup competitions I think the squad will competitive for the title barring a bad run of luck/injuries.
  11. Fernando Llorente

    This is how people convince me every day. I tend to be convinced. In such a position, it's hard to say no, eh?
  12. Fernando Llorente

    Funny, seems like many would now be relieved to sign this guy today when not far back this window it was a case of not wanting him...... if the board have excelled at anything this window, it has been dampening the expectations of the fans. Lets hope the manager is on a different page.
  13. I would hope he's along the lines of smart business people who hires someone smarter than him at a certain task and then leaves said smarter person to handle it. Just giving an overall direction to go on and leaving the details to the "expert".
  14. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    As a person who is on both sides of this coin having a) been fortunate to have seen many CFC games in person and b) having to see most CFC games on TV/computer cause I do live half way around the world let me assure you of this..... my status of being a CFC fan and how much I support my club doesn't change based on seeing the match in the stands at SB or from the comfort of my couch at 5am...... it's irrelevant, aside from being lucky enough to experience the atmosphere (went to my first game when I was about 11/12 years old and it was the atmosphere more than anything that made me start to love the game), how you get to watch the game. I'd also question why do people care so much about who is a bigger/better fan?!!??! Isn't it enough you support the same club? It's like seeing two vegans in a pissing match over who is the better vegan...... they're the type of arguments where no one wins aside from the audience who gets a good laugh at the expense of both sides arguing. My unpopular opinion about Chelsea is that it's a fantastic club that has a very rich history despite not having a lot of trophies in the past..... well, unpopular outside CFC circles.......
  15. Spurs had 67.7% possession during the game.... however,......CFC possessed 100% of the points at the final whistle..... so ya....possession....