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  1. Barry Bridges

    Eden Hazard

    Personally, I'm not going to hate on Hazard because he is frank and honest. I appreciate that. Let's face it, the way we grew up crazy for CFC might just how Hazard grew up feeling for RM. If roles were reversed, I was playing at a club for years who treated me very well but also faced with the prospect of joining CFC, I'd be answering like him. "Yes, I am happy where I am, but my dreams have always been to be over there" it's blunt, it's honest, and it's a fair response. Honestly, it's refreshing and the reason why I actually believe him that Chelsea has a chance to keep him if the cards are played right. RM has a brand power over us but if I'm a manager right now and had to pick, I'm liking what CFC has currently more than RM (unless RM comes with a 300m war chest or something). They have players who would walk into our team, but we also have players who would walk into their team. We are sitting joint top of the most competitive league in the world, RM are struggling in a league that while good, they should be much higher. Those could change quickly. What I suspect, and I've posted else where to this effect,....or rather what I hope, is that someone who has some foresight into how RM might play out is whispering in Eden's ear the following...... "Mate, compare how CFC and fans treated you after poor seasons to how RM and fans treat their players after just a few poor performances......now keep in mind, you're expected to replace Ronaldo, so a poor spell will be anything less than a goal a game ..... you want to go there with those expectation, in a team that's currently not scored in 4 games?.....wait until they get a goal scorer at the very least, because then you won't be expected to get a goal a game which, this season aside, is not your game..... because if you go now, under these conditions, that dream could quickly turn into a nightmare. .... oh, and why would you want to leave the Sarri project that looks to be in a flying start for a club that doesn't even know who it's manager will be next month with a team where so many pivotal players are on the wrong side of 30? You'd be walking into the situation you walked into at Chelsea, joining an amazing club that just won the CL.....while not at all joining the team that won that CL, but the leftovers of it with no plan forward......"
  2. Barry Bridges

    Blauw is de kleur

    ...it smells of sprouts? :P
  3. Barry Bridges

    We've got a new Kepa

    I actually remember this goal distinctly because my reaction was an optimistic "well, at least he got a hand to it"....such is my recollection of how easily those types of shot have been conceded last few years whilst TC essentially just stood looking.
  4. Barry Bridges

    Following our ex`s...

    It was once said you could win the Champions League with a team of 11 Azpilicuetas. I'm pretty sure they could be defeated by a team of 10 Azpilicuetas and just 1 Kante.
  5. Bosingwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one ever once gave him credit for playing whilst two caterpillars were wrestling on his forehead....... and I'll always remember one of his greatest achievements in a Chelsea kit.....Publicly asking whether Overbo was a referee or a thief after that game against Barcelona ahhaha Oh, and he did a good job against Ribery in the Finals in 2012.... Not my most underrated though....
  6. Barry Bridges

    Help required

    I have the urge to go looking for old programmes and scribbling random signature son the front now so that I can inspire many many more threads like this
  7. Barry Bridges

    Eden Hazard

    He's been given the type of football he wants with Sarri..assuming we qualify for the CL next season....if that doesn't make him stay I suspect improved contracts will have no chance. I've not always been his biggest supporter but he honestly seems to care more about the football he plays than boosting his profile or wages marginally.
  8. Barry Bridges

    Man of the Match - Liverpool Vs Chelsea (CC 3rd Rnd 2018)

    I didnt see but followed a live commentary.... From that it seemed Willy had a very good claim for MOM and I decided to tilt it his way because it can't be easy to just step into this type of game and perform when you're not had a real match in ages.
  9. Thought my work's IT department had finally figured it out.... Even better is that my go to IT guy is a big LFC fan (actually a really good guy too) so I had great delight in messaging him just now ahahahaha
  10. Barry Bridges

    Roman ready to sell?

  11. Barry Bridges

    Last Movie You Watched

    haha is it as good as the first? This was my go to movie when having girls over with no intention of watching the whole movie........ something about Farva just sets the mood hahaha.......
  12. Barry Bridges

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Must have thought it ws a CFC player to get a red like that ahhaa I read about the incident and it was reported as a hair pull..... he literally just puts his hand on the top of the guys head. I hope that red gets rescinded and I suspect it will ... Ronnie going back to MUFC in the CL.... that goinna be a big money maker!!!
  13. Barry Bridges

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I wonder if they just believed the hype around him and bought him for relatively cheap, but saw the reality in training and realized..."well, we did buy him for 30m (which is bargain bin for a RM galactico signing Im sure Courtois was supposed to represent) but is he really performing well enough to displace Navas who literally just won the award for best keeper in Europe last season?" Because if his form with them is like what it was with us, I can see that answer being a pretty easy "no". Courtois certainly has more of a brand about his name, and while I don't follow Navas to tell how good he was, no way Courtois was ever close to winning that award while with us. RM might just be going with merit over brand for once lol.
  14. Barry Bridges

    Eminem Kamikaze album

    Rap is a subcategory of the subculture of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is actually more a culture than a genre of music. In terms of how Brits might understand, my mom speaks a lot of her growing up in inner London and in her teens there being Mods and Rockers. This might not be the best comparison, but as I understand it the Mods and Rockers listened to certain types of music, but their areas of subculture were a lot more than music. It was their dress, mannerisms, how they dance, their slang etc etc. That's Hip Hop. Slang types, dancing types (break dancing etc), how they dress, etc etc all falls under Hip Hop whilst rap is just music. To further confuse, personally I also refer to gangster rap as Rap (think NWA orWCC) and the rap that focus's on life whether it's the struggle or the good stuff as Hip Hop (think Tribe Called Quest or Outkast)....obviously theres a lot of "Rap" that falls outside these categorizes or falls into both (or more) of those categories. But basically if you have to define on the spot the difference between Rap and Hip Hop, I think your best bet is : HipHop is a whole subculture and Rap is the music prominent within that subculture. Please, other people with a better understanding, feel free to chime in and correct me where wrong......sorry for the lengthy (slightly redundant) yet not too informative reply.
  15. So instead of loaning a player will we now just be selling them cheaply with relatively low value buy back clauses? That could actually be more ideal than loans as at least the club receiving a player will have a legitimate interest to invest in developing the player (they develop a player they keep or they sell him back at a profit).