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  1. Barry Bridges

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Regardless of what happens to Luiz himself, it appears his hair cut will never leave the BPL given how often Im seeing it on other players now....
  2. Barry Bridges

    Alvaro Morata

    Didn't impress himself onto the game but his holdup play was miles better than it was 5 months ago. Definitely contributed more to the teams play than i feared even if he didn't do much to stick out himself.
  3. Barry Bridges

    Thibaut Courtois

    I have a feeling that what the Athletico fans show Courtois will make Figo feel lucky by comparison regarding his treatment by Barcelona fans when he went to Camp Nou as a Madridista
  4. Barry Bridges

    Thibaut Courtois

    Yes, a 26 year old goal keeper has grasped his last ever chance of joining Real Madrid...... hilarious. I respect that you're quite open and honest about your loyalties being with Genk and/or any belgian player ahead of Chelsea. A lot of people would try and hide it despite their actions/comments making it very clear. Personally all I see is a player who was given every courtesy possible by a top tier club who did everything they could to nurture and satisfy a demanding player and once said player had been given the moon, the sun, and the starts said player couldn't even have the decency to show up for training prior to forcing a move and is too pathetic to just say "Its where I want to play" and needs to use his kids as a pawn to try and foist the move. Quite the role model. I just hope that if somehow a Canadian is ever fortunate enough to become a star CFC player that I don't have to be in your position of having to try and defend a complete twat who deserves just about every bit of stick they get. Thankfully, I suspect I will never be in that boat because Canadian are as good at manners and politness as they are poor at footy..... who knows, maybe the lad who just joined Bayern will prove me wrong. But hey, maybe you're right about Courtois and it's just the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Chelsea and Athletico supporters who detest (as much as we love or hate any sports figures) him for his two-faced lack of respect towards clubs that gave him nothing but love, support, and the chance to become very rich while playing football at the highest levels. I'm not talking that he went to Real Madrid, I doubt anyone is, but to the manner in which he facilitated the move Yes, Real Madrid has always been his dream club..... he just didn't know how to express it properly until very recently.
  5. Barry Bridges

    Eden Hazard

    I dont buy this hazard and Courtois joined at the hip crap. Like ya maybe that's how he feels in a short peroid of time, but he was happy to be here before TC was here so it's not improbable to think he can be made happy post TC. I feel the "we're sticking together" is fairly recent and more indicative of the circumstances they shared (Mourinho and Conte regimes they disliked) rather than a genuine deep bond between them Two players who feel they are the best (or among them) at their position in the same "bad situation" (if they felt this way and clearly to an extent they did), sharing the same nationality etc etc completely reasonable that they would develop that sense of bond as a result, but it’d be a bond held together by the circumstances they shared rather than their own personalities …… I reinforce this belief because at what other point did they influence each other’s career path? Eden joined for reasons other than TC and TC joined for reasons outside of Eden. They don't appear to really be best friends in their leisure time (I don't follow this, but I suspect I would have heard and fuss made about it in some fashion if they were) and you don't make career choices on a person unless their is a deep deep bond or you were attracted to that choice regardless of that person. I posit that if Eden becomes happy with his circumstances , if he can play in a CFC team competitive at the top level playing an attacking brand of football he likes, he will care not whether TC is between the posts or if an equally competent or even better GK replaces him. Now if he really just wants to play for RM at some point and is using TC as an excuse to try and force it, that is another matter. I somehow suspect that if TC was ever going somewhere other than RM, Hazard would not have claimed he’d be going with him.
  6. Barry Bridges

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

  7. Barry Bridges

    Thibaut Courtois

    and ruining our statistic of Messi never having scored against us despite playing against our team many times. In fact, hard to see past anyone being happier than Lionel Messi at this transfer. Hit a couple low and accurate shots and you'll get goals if TC continues his CFC form.
  8. Barry Bridges

    Mateo Kovacic

    I hope we insist in a buyout clause or on it being a 2 year loan so he enters his final year of his contract when the loan expires and RM are in the situation we now face with Courtois
  9. Barry Bridges

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I'd say I'd love to hear Carragher announce one of our games but I know the amusement would wear off after the 5th minute and I'd spend the next 85 minutes regretting my wish.
  10. Barry Bridges

    Mason Mount new deal

    Sadly they wouldn't drink the kool-aid here.... trust me, I tried! If Mount keeps scoring them like that, just popping in the box at just the right time and place (to the point you ask "do we need a striker?)", then he risks getting sued by his manager for copyright infringement because those are trademark Lampard-esq goals form a midfielder
  11. Barry Bridges

    Andreas Christensen

    He averaged 7 BPL starts a season over those 3 years. Heonly hit double digit starts in one season..... and the trophies won while he was mainly on the bench really don't factor in my view. I think it's spinning it to portray that as breaking into the first team as a regular but I imagine we're just going to have to accept we disagree on this.
  12. Barry Bridges

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    He should have taken 8.
  13. Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    omg hahaha, I was following along the thread comments about Moses right before this post and thought you were talking about him I a
  14. Barry Bridges

    Alvaro Morata

    You know the only thing all that extra weight is going to do is make him win less headers......
  15. Barry Bridges

    Andreas Christensen

    Ummm, Juventus can get the credit in my mind because with them he went from player not wanted at MUFC to the 100million pound man wanted by MUFC..... and look, back at MUFC he's a 100million pence man, and yet the WC seemingly has revived his value again,.