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  1. Sherriff J.W Pepper
  2. I'm not talking about spurs in general..just would love to have our own goal scorer who came from the youth
  3. Am jealous of spurs having a homegrown striker who is banging in the goals
  4. about time they added some more shirts
  5. Oh right! sorry
  6. Oh we bought the league.....i wonder if we bought mediocrity last season too?
  7. Hate Liverpool...but arsenal to play Thursday nights is just to tempting to pass on
  8. BT sports...they show a lot of man u too
  9. Got my replica 83/85 today...Happy
  10. spurs fans have become totally irrational...they are Flat Earthers...despite the overwhelming evidence they just wont accept it.
  11. I think Spurs fans really really can`t stand us...we have gotten under their skin recently
  12. Nice one Cyril
  13. The ref did spot this...surely?