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  1. For us to get the win ...that`s all
  2. Apologies if this has been posted before
  3. oh he`s agreed to`s not up to the club then?
  4. why isn't this more widely reported...children being taken from their homes and forced into Tottenham Hotspur fanbase gangs. Brainwashed into thinking London is white forced into markets selling DVD`s of Glory Glory nights and victories against arsenal and chelsea where is UNICEF?
  5. when we get called "Chav`s" from hammers and spurs fans
  6. it doesn't matter to me if we`re the bigger club or not...we`re doing it on the pitch at the moment...winning trophies...constantly. clubs like everton and spurs can bang on about being bigger than us but their success was decades ago and they've done bugger all since.
  7. he reminds me of Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson
  8. another great turnout from those scousers...pathetic.
  9. Former blue joe allon away to newcastle 85/86
  10. that`s a shame....used to buy that (red card) back in the nineties....Letter from Portsmouth R.I.P Alan
  11. Wengers going to sign