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  1. Wining the EL clearly papered over the cracks of a very poor season. Cant see them being that low next year, but the pressure will be on him to deliver, especially if he spends a boat load of cash again
  2. Which is?
  3. Mixed responses for mixed signals from Diego!
  4. For me there's no need to keep changing it so much, the home kit should be nice and simple and classy each year. Away kits for a bit more abstractness!
  5. The bus parking rarely gets you humiliated in terms of goals conceded, but it is dull sh*t.
  6. Good article indeed
  7. You need to check in the settings of the box first of all that you are using at least Android 5.0. If you are then just use the web browser on your box to download the latest Kodi from Open the file and just install, it all sorts itself. I think updating the version of android is a bit more tricky. In the case of my old £30 box with limited ability, I just binned it and will replace.
  8. For those running Android less than 5.0 on your Kodi box, you must update as there is a serious security flaw. The latest Kodi cant be installed on versions less than 5.0 also. I actually got a letter from Virgin they suspect one device on our network may have randsomeware on it. I turned on my Kodi box and the message came up about updating for security. After scanning all devices it must be the Kodi box as its too much of a coincidence. I have binned the old box and ordering a new one, as its old and its time for a better spec. Just about to order this: Any better ones at better price?
  9. Is he at the start of something, or will this be it? Hard to know!
  10. Sometimes I watch this and laugh
  11. Oh! interesting. How long has it been running? I wonder if it will meet the same fate as the card sharing? I suppose its a roll of the dice. How much would you typically pay for a server? I was paying £30 a year!
  12. I am !
  13. Holland will be tough to replace :(