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  1. Zola

    Eden Hazard

    I don't disagree, sadly..
  2. Zola

    Eden Hazard

    Refreshingly honest. At least he is telling the truth. We shouldn't hold on our breath on him staying, Madrid will have to give us a boat load of money. Who knows. If we promise Eden that we will invest heavily and go on to win the league, maybe, just maybe he will want to stay. Madrid usually get their man though.
  3. Zola

    Jose Mourinho thread

    No win now at home in a life time, he looks miserable and wants put out of his misery. This is bound to be his last job in England, who would want him unless hes prepared to do a Rafa and join a Newcastle. Where next, PSG? He needs a year off back to Portugal and relax for a while, recharge and have another go. At this rate he's burnt out, completely.
  4. Ross Barkley cost us, think it was him who was dispossessed for the goal, he was a f**king awful sub, given his contribution.
  5. A draw probably fair, they missed some big chances, and we sat back.
  6. Liverpool are sh*t. We are good. Up the lads.
  7. Zola

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Pogba is a grade A Arsehole. I have sympathies with Jose having to work with that absolute bell end.
  8. Zola

    Thibaut Courtois

    Feck him.
  9. Zola

    Eden Hazard

    What a goal last night, amazing technique. Resigned in my heart to losing him next summer but I would love him to stay.
  10. Zola

    Roman ready to sell?

    It is a bit strange that he hasnt been seen, at all this season (to my limited knowledge), but I hope and trust he is as committed as ever.
  11. 3 points please. Hopefully Liverpool drop.
  12. Zola

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He appears to be unravelling.