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  1. f**k SAKE! Both Posts!!! AAAAAHHHHH
  2. Willian

    Looks a world beater tonight!
  3. Next Chelsea Manager

    It seems more people in this thread are up for sacking Conte... he wasn't supported in the transfer window and lets be honest our squad is paper thin. It all has a familiar feel about it... the circus looks to continue.
  4. Pretty solid win, although a bit ropey and sloppy at the back, lucky we didn't concede. Zappacosta is a great crossser of the ball, you can see why we are after big men...
  5. Dzeko the Gecko

    Probably will still happen.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thats a great article, sadly realistic also.
  7. Eden Hazard

    Lamps > Hazard Any day
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Testing times for Antonio. He needs to make some changes, but does he have the players to do it?
  9. Time to start worrying???

    I think the main issue is cash will be tight before, and for several years after we build the new stadium. Roman's bank account isnt a bottomless pit.
  10. Not a good run.... should we bid for Sanchez ?!
  11. Alvaro Morata

    We need someone he can properly compete with for the place, and for rotating. He isnt hitting the mark really yet, after a bright start. Fitness an issue?
  12. Guy Laurence - The New Scapegoat?

    Welcome, now lets buy some players!