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  1. Wonderful stuff Neil ! Solid efforts 3D Design 10/10 Music 10/10
  2. Hes probably sick of being kicked by butchers like Shawcross every week with the refs doing nothing about it.
  3. When did Jose say this?
  4. There's no smoke without fire as they say... (probably!)
  5. A little rest will do him good. At this stage of the season we have to expect some players to be picking up the odd knock, especially when sh*te teams can only resort to kicking the legs off us to try and stop us (and they still fail)
  6. They really were butchers, filthy tactics, had we done that to teams we would never hear the end of it. Great win though, slap it up them
  7. Need the big man back!
  8. Yeah, he's a bit of a pussy cat really :D
  9. Jose was well caught off guard there, near shat himself
  11. Really enjoyed that! :D
  12. What do you have? My brother and a friend collect vinyl..
  13. Butch hasnt been on since January 25th :(
  14. Dirty league