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  1. I think you mean THE TRUTH
  2. Interesting rant with casual racial undertones 7/10
  3. Was really hoping he would make it
  4. Rugby fans would never get blind drunk and take a piss up an alleyway would they?
  5. He didnt kick a ball boy though..
  6. Going to this game now with the good lady! The legendary @Richard P has sorted us out with a pair, the gent! Ironically I now have a spare for Shed Upper!
  7. Costa isn't here because he loves London and the premier league. These guys are all here for the money, as soon as you accept the fact the sooner you'll not let it get to you. There is no real loyalty left in football, except maybe with genuine childhood fans playing for their player "loyalty" comes at a huge financial cost. Costa can go where he likes, I'll miss his goals, but the club should never bend over backwards for anyone. Make him joint top paid player, sure, why not....but when its getting into Chinese money realm, (which is frankly pathetic, desperate and ridiculous) then they should say go on then if you want to play in that rubbish. How much money is ever enough for these guys?
  8. Interesting
  9. I just don't see it yet, to me he looks clumsy as... In the Euros I thought he was crap as well. Maybe a flat track bully...
  10. Is this season likely to be the last in Stamford Bridge as we know it?
  11. If Costa was dying to leave, why would he post that 'Come on Chelsea' post on instagram, with a little blue heart? He would keep shtum, wouldn't he? Perhaps he will go in the summer, but I think this could be yet another media invention, who knows? Maybe the press made it up all along and the Chinese will hear about this and actually make an offer? Either way, the way its been handled, the press are dying for it to be true, they want us derailed so they can write more crap in their columns. I was wary of the way Conte answered post match questions, I do absolutely believe Costa was injured in training, but I found Conte to be a little bit coy and careful about what he said. Bottom line, I think Costa got injured, lost his cool with coaches and went home angry.
  12. Perhaps Fergie knew exactly what he was doing when he showed him the door.
  13. He really is massively over-hyped isn't he? Prancing about like Carlton Palmer with ridiculous hair cuts, his own initials coloured on his barnet, you don't even see the narcissist king Ronaldo ever getting on like that. Embarrassing.