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  1. Zola

    Marcos Alonso

    This bloke is a hero.
  2. Zola

    We've got a new Kepa

    I felt the goal that was scored near to him he really should have saved, he looked like a little boy when the slow mo replay showed him clapping his hands. Hopefully he settles and becomes a great, a long way to go perhaps.. Our defence was scatter brained at the weekend at times, which really didnt help Kepa.
  3. Zola

    Kevin De Bruyne Injury

    It wont help them anyway, he is their magician.... interesting if its a long term injury, a few bad results blows it open
  4. Zola

    Thibaut Courtois

    Big Dirty Bastard
  5. Zola

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He's only spent £400,000,000 - hows he supposed to compete with such limited resources Spent force Four-Hundred-Million-Pounds
  6. Zola

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I will be honest I have never heard of, or taken notice of this guy. Probably because I don't watch Spanish football outside of the big two. Thankfully we have someone lined up, and Courtois can get to f**k
  7. Zola

    Thibaut Courtois

    Beautifully said
  8. Zola

    How much time will Sarri get?

    How long is a ball of string Probably not long enough!
  9. Zola

    Thibaut Courtois

    At this stage of the game, who is available?
  10. Zola

    Thibaut Courtois

    He is a good keeper, thats it. He is certainly replaceable. He is not fit to lace Cech's boots (in his prime). Petr was a completely different level to him. People will always argue over who was better, Schmeichel or Cech. I have never warmed to him like other Chelsea players, he is not a true Chelsea man. No real loyalty. He often threw out mixed signals to the press, saying he wants away one minute, then the next saying he's very happy (usually after dropping a clanger!) His kids are in Madrid and he has a broken relationship with the mother, so thats part of why he wants to go, and we should honour that. We should have sold him right after the world cup. I suspect we tried to court him into staying for far too long. We are not going to get big money for him no matter what, he goes for free next year, so we will be lucky to get anything above £35M. I sincerely hope the club have a decent option lined up, its not like this has caught them by surprise.. Late in the game now. If not, give Willy a full season and see what he can do. No cheeky lobs please, Willy. The show must go on.
  11. I dont think anyone expects Liverpool to not challenge this season though, right?
  12. Zola


    They only 'won' because we took our defenders, goalie and many others off. It was nothing more than a training game, as you know!
  13. Zola


    Enjoyed the game last night. It was a good performance from us in the first half especially, Arsenal were not even in the game until the second half, really. Sarri rotated the team quite a bit which really let them in the game. Hudson-Odoi was a joy to watch, a real live wire! I will be utterly depressed if he goes out on loan as he looks such an exciting prospect, still quite raw, but he's only 17! I really hope Sarri lets him play for 30 minute spells here and there if we are winning games. Morata had a stinker. I was watching shooting drills the players were doing for about half an hour before the game, Zola was laying off balls and trying out various little sequences, Morata could hardly hit a barn door. It seemed that the vast majority of his shots were either wide or sent high and wide. I don't know if his heart is in it, or what is wrong with him, but he looks well off the pace. Worrying. Barkley showed glimpses of promise but as usual that end product isnt quite there at the moment. You could see them trying to start the Sarri style of fast, short passes, back and forth and quite intense. It kinda looked like a Pep team with more energy in phases, which is no bad thing. That sort of intensity will be gruelling and if we are to use this style the team will often need rotated. Conclusion: It should be an exciting season and we have reason to be optimistic!!
  14. Zola

    WC 2018

    That is so true! haha Team SKY in my opinion are full of crooks! Just my opinion. Chancers pushing the boundaries. Probably running all sorts of undetectable PED cocktails in amongst their 'medicine'. Having watched a fair bit of the tour this year, its no wonder they need drugs for the mountains especially. It is a ridiculously dirty sport.
  15. Zola


    I am going to the game tonight in the Aviva stadium in Dublin, vs Arsenal. Hoping we see some sort of strong lineup!