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  1. Good valued members are reporting posts here. This thread is getting unnecessarily nasty and boring. Those who want to say nothing constructive and persistently insult will get their posts either edited (wasting your own time) and / or if it continues inevitability banned.
  2. Is it totes emosh?
  3. Yes, agreed!
  4. I have just started vikings, seen 3 episodes...not bad so far.
  5. What about left wing, left back or up top? Loved playing in those areas. I was too lazy for centre mid and not composed enough
  6. Only £1,450 to ensure that you can secure 90 mins playing time Yikes. @FootballAidMan Curious to know what % of money raised is given to the charities ?
  7. It is a sneaky statement IMO. Seems a little 'damning with faint praise' by calling us a defensive team, when in fact we are playing the best football we have since the Ancelotti days. He's just come across as a little bit bitter in that statement for me, but I can understand why he'd feel like that.
  8. Saw two true story films there at the weekend. Hackshaw Ridge - Good movie 7.5 / 10 Lion - Incredible story, powerful, emotional and amazing 9/10
  9. Epic trolling by Wenger
  10. 4 opinions, all different!!
  11.[/img] Cracking teams
  12. Out of these fixtures - what would you choose as a cert for a winner? Arsenal V Hull Bournemouth V Man City Burnley V Chelsea Liverpool V Tottenham Man Utd V Watford Middlesbrough V Everton Stoke V Crystal Palace Sunderland V Southampton Swansea V Leicester West Ham V West Brom They all look a little dodgy for me.. I am in a soccer buster at work. Leaning on Arsenal at the moment.