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  1. Thought this could be a place to track all the ins and outs OUT Sir John Terry - TBC Diego Cos... - ? Solanke - Scousers Begovic - Bourmemouth Atsu - Newcastle Cuadrado - Juventus IN
  2. Good read. Yes the sporting game is a dead rubber, but this is most welcome and is encouraging.
  3. Chelsea have made their first signing of the summer but don't plan to announce it until July 1. Standard Sport understands that terms have been agreed with the player, but the club have decided to delay confirmation until the start of next month. Chelsea are looking to make up to six transfers during the window, with players such as Romelu Lukaku and Tiemoue Bakayoko their main targets. While the club wouldn't confirm who they have acquired, it is believed the most likely candidate at this stage is former Manchester City keeper Willy Caballero. The champions are looking for a new backup keeper to Thibaut Courtois having sold Asmir Begovic to Bournemouth for £10million earlier this month. The 35-year-old is a free agent after being released by Manchester City. His experience of Premier League and Champions League at Etihad Stadium makes him the perfect support for first choice Thibaut Courtois. Negotiations with Caballero stepped up over the past week and it would be a surprise if he doesn't move to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea may decide to bring the announcement forward, but the plan at the present time is to announce the signing at the start of July. Meanwhile, Antonio Conte is understood to be mystified by reports he has fallen out with the board over a lack of signings so far this summer.
  4. I trust you have spoken personally with him on this?
  5. Does anyone think Conte maybe had a little bit of an Italian rage when Diego replied something cheeky, and perhaps regrets the text? If its true I am surprised at Conte. I very much thought he'd be the sit down and discuss type guy, glass of wine, thanks and bye.
  6. Think its safe to assume most of the staff are on a well deserved break. Hopefully some of the minions are working behind the scenes though to get stuff lined up!
  7. Not a bad theory...
  8. Man U bound
  9. He'll be tearing it up in Italy if he goes
  10. Well, yes! If we replace him with Lukaku, we are probably still going to trade for striker than is on it only 50% of the time, and is also a tiresome loud mouth.
  11. We seem rather determined to get rid, rather cold! Retribution for the China stuff?
  12. Always look forward to these!
  13. What do we think of Levene these days? Also
  14. Gazza is back on the drink * i shouldnt joke
  16. Aim will be to edit original post with transfers yes. And where they go to etc
  17. Indeed, between myself @coco, @loz and @Mod Stark this list should be handy enough to keep updated!
  18. Wining the EL clearly papered over the cracks of a very poor season. Cant see them being that low next year, but the pressure will be on him to deliver, especially if he spends a boat load of cash again
  19. Which is?
  20. Mixed responses for mixed signals from Diego!
  21. For me there's no need to keep changing it so much, the home kit should be nice and simple and classy each year. Away kits for a bit more abstractness!
  22. The bus parking rarely gets you humiliated in terms of goals conceded, but it is dull sh*t.