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  1. I agree with you but cannot like it !
  2. I think we should all take a moment, pause and reflect on a very special day, Demba Day. 3 Years to the day. The Man who saved football from Stevie G and his cronies.
  3. Cant be having a scandal in the papers with at least a token gesture to try to tar Chelsea can they?
  4. Spurs fans attacking their own
  5. Wanyama should be off and Dembele should be in the book
  6. Indeed, I would do a small bet once every few months these days, if that!. I cant help but think those ads are going to cause a tsunami of gambling problems in 10 years time for many folk.
  7. Who could be arsed to read that? I read a paragraph and gave up. The man is a knob. I just don't get millionaires gambling.
  9. Good read. Yes the sporting game is a dead rubber, but this is most welcome and is encouraging.
  10. If Terry doesnt deserve to have his number retired, no one does, or ever will. I'd say YES
  11. Post your best Brendan snippets here for a laugh
  13. More goals to come i feel. We aren't out of jail yet
  14. FA cup could and should have sweet 'FA' on the league as its a different competition, and a one off game!
  15. A sad but inevitable conclusion. Why announce this now? Very odd. We all knew it was coming, why not let him out for the last home game against Sunderland, that could / should be his send off perhaps. I have been mentally prepared for this for a while now, us doing well all season without him has made it a bit easier. I first saw him play in 1998 in Omagh town (charity match with zola, poyet, flo etc!) when he had only 5 appearances in the league and was listed as a right back! What a run we have had with him.