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  1. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    https://www.facebook.com/BBCR2/videos/870231949839786/ Not a Chris Evans fan, in fact I can't stand the ginger ponce, but been a Weller fan since the very early days of the Jam, and you only need to watch the vid for 10 seconds or so to realise that he's even more of a top bloke.
  2. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Interesting thought that, regarding the depth of Chelsea support in certain areas, North end of Surrey has always been a Chelsea stronghold, but I remember when you could say the same about the entire London borough of Wandsworth. There probably are more blues in Surrey now, due maybe to the large number of people moving out from.....Wandsworth. Here's one that I thought about a while back, is there any other London club who have such a large (huge) percentage of their support living on the other side of the river? Can only think that proportionately Fulham may be in with a shout, but that must be it.
  3. MKBlue

    Our New Stadium

    I'd agree with this to a point, but keep the MH and West Stands and build similar at the Shed end and East, that would bring our capacity very close to 50k.
  4. MKBlue

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Almost word for word what I said to one of our customers today, if he's going to be a playmaker he needs to be looking for the ball whenever it's in the centre of the field. Still, I'm not going to write him off after an average performance last night, same with Tammy, there's two very good players in there somewhere.
  5. MKBlue

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Young me.....Osgood Young man me.....Nevin Respectable adult me.....Zola Sensible middle aged me.....Drogba One foot in the grave me.....Hazard.
  6. You should think about investing in a couple of pairs of Loakes mate, all the classic styles; desert boots, Chelsea boots, monks, brogues and loafers. All still hand made in Northamptonshire, and repaired on the same last they were made on, love 'em. Bit pricy, but the three pairs I've got will probably outlast me.
  7. I think our best hope is that those who disappointed last season, mainly Bakayoko and Morata, will have had a full pre season under their belts and a better understanding of what playing in the Prem is about. That and a couple of decent signings should see us back in the top 4 ok. Copy and paste from every season in recent memory.....please let's see a couple of the kids given a decent go.
  8. MKBlue

    We've lost another true blue..

    There's an old St Helier Arms regular at 3:42, the one who hasn't got long hair. Not a Chelsea, or even a football, bod, but a good old mate from back in the day at Gaynesford High School and the Arms.
  9. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    This was the first home game of my first full season going. Missed it cos I was on holiday in a sh*tty caravan in sh*tty Camber Sands, sulked all week as only a 12 year old can.
  10. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'm guessing it's the South East Counties cup, Ken Shellito is in the pic and he was manager of the youth side who played all their games at the old Mitcham training ground, probably around 74 as there are a lot of Eddie McReadie's 77 promotion winning team there, Wilkins, Bason, Finnieston, Wicks, Sparrow, Lewington and Walker. Two from my part of the world as well, Teddy Maybank from Mitcham (front row furthest right), and Les Briley from St Helier who went on to have a long career at Millwall, (front row, red vest) I went out with his sister for a while.
  11. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    If memory serves this game was something like an 11 kick off. Me and my mate set off at 6, long walk to Morden for the tube, no busses that early on NYD, and Chelsea scoring the first goal of the 80s.
  12. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I grew up on Peterborough Road, don't get down much now, but was back a month or so ago and made a point of nipping into the Circle Cafe on Sunday morning for a bacon roll and a cuppa, and glad to see that it's still a shrine to all things Chelsea.
  13. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just read this report from last week's game at Carshalton.
  14. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That's the division that the Robins are back in next season, you'd never feel out of place wearing a Chelsea badge at the Memorial Ground mate. If I still lived where I grew up in Carshalton then Tooting's stadium would be my nearest. I was in the last road of Carshalton, bordered by Morden and Mitcham and could be down at the old training ground in under 5 minutes, ruined my education that.
  15. MKBlue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    First ground I ever went to, do you know that T&M's ground is where our old training ground used to be?