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  1. His preferred position is CM. This lad is just 17 he was making his debut soits probably best not to make sweeping judgments as to his ability based on last night. He would have been told not to attempt anything to adventurous and to enjoy the moment. I have seen him play live for Exeter and he was head and shoulders , bar Rooney, above any other 16 year old I have ever seen play senior football. For him the hard work really does now start and whilst not 100% up on the rules there are restrictions on loaning players under the age of 18 I just get the impression that Conte has picked him out and we will see quite a lot more of him both on the bench and indeed making appearances in what most now call minor competitions
  2. Yep that's correct. I am not not going to night, missing a home game for the first time in three seasons and very disappointed not to be able to watch it live on TV I hope Mousanda gets his debut , he is a real talent and his time has come I also hope that Ethan Ampadu gets on the pitch. As I said some months ago when we went watch the U23 play at Exeter he played for them and was very impressive he is a special talent he reads the game well and is deceptively fast. I would go with Willy Zappa. Rudiger, Christensen, Cahill, Kennedy Bakyoko. Ampadu Mousanda, Bats, Hazard The reason I would go with Bakyoko & Christensen is that they are still getting up to match fitness.That said don't be surprised If Clarke Salter features
  3. John Hollins

    Seen him on more than one occasion walking toward the East Stand Reception. Normally between -an hour and a half and two hours before kick off
  4. Virgil Van Dijk

    Not sure you are right. If you read his staement he refers in the plural to clubs being interested in him. Its abundantly clear that he wants out and the earlier statement from Liverpool saying that we're ending all interest in the player in effect would have to be withdrawn and with the apparent bad blood between the player and Southampton and Southampton and Liverpool isn't conducive to any sort of amicable discussions. I am not sure Liverpool are in any position to risk further sanctions regarding tapping up and if Liverpool rekindle their interest it would potentaily create a shi* storm. I am not sure where he will end up but he won't stay at Southampton.
  5. From Arsenals bloated squad 4 keepers and at least 6-7 like Carzola, Campbell and Chambers who will not feature and probably another 7 or so who were there to make up the numbers.
  6. Players like Boga and Mousanda are far from academy players both by virtue of their home grown club trained statues will almost certainly be around next season. In one breath many moan we don't have players coming through the ranks and when they appear in the squad people moan about not having players. Aginst Burnley as things stand in terms of outfield players we have, Dave, Christensen, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Alonso, Willian, Pedro ( he isn't banned) Bats , Fabregas, Kante, Morata, Kennedy, Boga, Mousanda, Rahman, Remy, and possibly from reports Bakyoko. Look I know the squad is light but there is still the best part of a month left of the window let's just wait and see before we pass too much comment about the quality of people who work behind the scenes who clearly have delivered more often than not
  7. We named 24 players on our squad. Arsenal had what 40. Ok there is no doubt that we need a few more players but naming that number of players is just plain stupid and not something I really think we need to aspire too. If it was just a numbers game we could have included the likes of Baker and Baba.
  8. Eden Hazard

    The reason I said 3rd party's that I am pretty sure that there are rules that forbid loaning monies players money other than say relocation costs or like.
  9. Eden Hazard

    Based on my very limited knowledge of buy out clauses in Spain and FFP my reading is that PSG won't be paying any fee that is backed up by the fact that Barca and La Ligament won't accept PSGs payment. In effect the player has a buyout clause and the payment has to come from him. The question is how does Neymar get his hands on £200 million and how will he pay it back. I can't find anything that stops a third party lending Neymar £200 million and then him either repaying it or not as the case maybe. This situation is unique in that in the past the way that payments in respect of buy outs have been treated for tax purposes is no more . It was easier and cost effective for the owning club to accept the buy out as being a transfer as it was tax efficient to do so now it makes no difference. The profile and the elitist mentality of Barca is in jeopardy and they are trying to create a storm to protect their position although I suspect they know he's going
  10. Confirmed Transfers - Ins and Outs

    Here's one that seems to have gone under the radar and unless I have missed something, which at my age is quite possible, is the fact that Rahman is now back to full fitness and hasn't gone on loan. For me it's unlikely that we will be looking for a GK or indeed another CD. In terms of wing backs I suspect Conte is still looking to bringing one in and for me that could well be Oxlaide -Chamberlain if they can't get Sandro. Midfield is light but it seems that Bakyoko is just days away from being fit and not weeks away as was being reported I know some are turning their noses up about Drinkwater but he is far from a mug and you always have the option of playing Luiz in a slightly more advanced position. That said I suspect at least one but quite possibly two midfielders will come in In terms of wide players Willian, Pedro and Hazard and possibly Mousanda and indeed Boga but again I doubt that will be enough so I suspect a wide player will be brought in. Up front I think that he still would like one in but Morata and Bats will be the two . The trouble in all this is that whilst trying to get a close as you can on numerical terms to a 25 man squad is a real balancing act sometimes you have to compromise in terms of say having a Drinkwater as opposed to say Matic. Seven of the squad have to be HG and even then when it comes to a CL squad some of those HG /CG or indeed under 21 players don't fit the requirements and have to allocated a non HG spot So for me it's likely that 4 more players will arrive and I know the clocks ticking but the fact that players like Van Ginkel and RLC have been allowed to leave suggests the club and indeed the manager are more relaxed than the press are reporting means the plans are in place and will be completed sooner rather than later.
  11. Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    Has anyone seen any numbers in terms of worth to the club? it was reported that sleeve sponsorship could be worth circa £10 mill pa yet other than the odd club who have agreed this type of sponsorship and the odd couple that can't by virtue of their main shirt deal, the majority haven't it seems mad any announcements. I did think it funny how Arsenals sleeve advertising was about their pre season tour.
  12. Ethan Ampadu

    Maybe not the announcement but none the less some positive news about us and young players
  13. Ethan Ampadu

    I guess in truth this should be posted in the youth or academy sections and whilst we haven't officially announced it on our site it appears we have signed a youngster called Ethan Ampadu from Exeter. This lad is 16 years of age and has already played in the league for Exeter debuting at age 15. He has already played 12 times for Exeters first team debuting at 15. Whats interesting about this lad is that he played in a game in the EFL cup against our youngsters last season. A game Exeter won and a game we went to. Ethan is a defensive midfielder and for me in that game he was the stand out performer. It was the first time I had watched him live but living as we do in the West Country have been watching his progress which has been staggering Already he is too good to play either for the youth or indeed the under 21s although I guess it's too early to loan him out but keep your eyes on this lad for he really has the potential to become the real deal.
  14. The Nathan Ake Thread

    I rarely get wound up about a player leaving be it a first squad member or indeed a fringe player. We all have opinions about the quality of a player but we don't get to know the other issues that a manger or the club has to factor in It is reported that it is a general policy that if a player wants out they will not stand in the way. There was a little snippet in the press to the effect that Ake wanted almost guaranteed playing time so that may have been an issue. . Next we have no idea which players can and which can't easily take on board and indeed deliver what the manager expects.We have no idea how well they train, how well intergrate within the group, what the players wage demands are, what needs to be sorted in terms of FFP, what does the overall wage budget in relation to short term cost controls and so it goes on Nathan for me will carve out a decent career in football will he ever be a regular starter at the top 4 club? That's a real interesting one for whilst he is to a level I haven't seen enough to suggest he has the X factor and whilst so so many go on about bringing through players at the top clubs it is more often than not the exception rather than the rule that you have more than the odd one or possibly two starters that have come through the ranks.
  15. Dominic Solanke

    It's all to do with his age and the fact that he is going to sign for a club registered to the same FA . He wasn't able to sign a pre contract agreement indeed he couldnt officially talk to a club in England till after he was notified by Chelsea as to the terms of the new contract they were offering. This is something that has to be done by no later than 4 days after our last competitive game which was the FA cup final on 27/5. As I have said before Liverpool announced he was signing on 30/5 which by my calculations is only 3 days. I am struggling to see how Liverpool could sort all this out so quickly bearing in mind that Solanke was in Korea with the under 20s. Also when they signed Ings using this process they didn't make any announcement till 8/6 and then they included the words "subject to a medical" which in the case of Solanke is not the case this can only mean one of three things either he had already had a medical they aren't going to bother with one or they forgot to mention it. There is no doubt that Chelsea issued the noticeon time as compensation is being talked about by both Liverpool and Chelsea. As for what we will get for him I suspect it will be far more than the £3 million that's been floated and there will all be all sorts of add ons. That is of course supposes it gets to tribunal which I just have a feeling it won't.