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  1. We stayed in Bridgend in and came into Cardiff in the train. We were challenged by transport police as ther thought we were Swansea supporters traveling in to Cardiff as there had been trouble on the Friday night in Newport Before the game funnily enough we drank in the Walkabout. I was right behind the goal but in the front row my view was terrible. The chap next to me was so drunk he went to sleep and missed the game. We returned to Bridgend right after the game and even though we lost it didn't feel that way. We went out in Bridgend on the Saturday. In Wetherspoons there was a girl with a Red Devil tattoo on her shoulder . One of the lads asked her why it had a nappy on it . Trouble was he didn't ask just once he must have asked several times . It was only ever going to end one way and bang she lumped him, fair play to her it was one hellava whack. We ended up in a real dive of a night club, you know the type of place where your feet stick to the carpet. There was a group of us and we joined up with a group of Welsh women from up the valley. I know a bit of sign language and had a brief conversation with a deaf womenn, big mistake, I couldnt get free from her every where I went she followed. There were five of us staying in a couples house the chap was likewise Chelsea. We must have got back around 2,00am and as the time went on everyone got back except one who turned up around 10.00am. He had gone with the" ladies "by taxi up the valley and had no way of getting back till what was now mid Sunday morning As I said we celebrated like we had won.We were delighted to be in another final . It was a great weekend and Cardiff was a great City to go to for a final.
  2. I read a lot, probably too much time on my hands but also because I am nosey. Any way I was reading minutes of a meeting during which Daniel Levy was talking in relation to this topic. From his perspective American companies are where he is looking and whilst he doesn't go into numbers I suspect you are talking more along the lines of a £100 million plus over a 5-10 year period and if you are willing to do a life time naming right it could be far more . Moving on there has been a lot of debate amongst Everton supporters recently about two deals that combined amount to £15 per season over five years. Those deals are in respect of their shirt sponsor and the naming rights on their training ground. What interesting is that the Everton board have spun the deals and suggested that the shirt deal is 300% increase yet the sponsors say that's just not the case. In effect if you believe the club then the training ground deal is worth £5.4 million per season and if you believe the sponsors the training ground deal is worth around £11 million per season. The real funny bit of course is that the training ground is now sponsored bu Usmanov of Arsenal fame.
  3. I think it's well documented that the number of player changes made by us this year is the lowest ever by a league winning team. That is a fantastic achievement in one sense but for me that suggests that the manager is far from happy with the majority of his back up players. I cant help but feel that the rumours about Diego are too precise not to have some legs and whilst he has had a pretty damm good season I suspect Victor Moses will never reach the heights achieved this season. That's brutal I know but sorry I just can't see him pushing on any further. I think we will see Bekovic, Zouma, Batsuyai, RLC, Aina, Kennedy and possibly Chalobah will either been sold or loaned out and as we know JT has already said to be off. Other than Christensen and possibly Traore or Abraham I doubt any of the loanees will be kept at the club bar one surprise I have a sneaky feeling it might be Baker. Several like Izzy and Mousanda will be loaned out but at the next level to where they found themselves this season. I suspect that half a dozen or so such as Atsu , Rahman, & Omerou will be sold. As to recruitment I suspect will be looking for a number 2 keeper,right wing back a CD, 2 midfielders one deep lying one attacking and two forwards. Two plus Abraham /Traore for I just have the feeling that Antonio will be tweaking with the formation .
  4. We drove up yesterday from Dorset. Had sort of guessed it was going to be the WBA game so booked an overnight in the Park which is just a stones throw from the Hawthorns Managed to dodge the rain and got to the ground around 7,00. Fair play to both the stewards and indeed plod they were in quite good spirits. We all know about the game and the celebration that followed. Got back to the hotel the bar was full of fellow supporters and it was wonderful. In truth thought I had run a marathon was absolutely knackered so after a few beers went to bed and straight to sleep. Till..... Bang on 6.00 this morning bleep bleep bloody beep some kind individual set off the fire alarm so we along with dozens of other supporters we were stood in the early morning sunshine. Oh joy So some 3 hours earlier than planned and having tested ok on my £10 portable self breath test kit back on the road home. Now some 22 hours after the final whistle home again with a large glass of Whiskey sat reflecting on the season to date and with a huge smile on my face and a massive dose of pride feeling totally knackered but huge excitement as to what will happens next.
  5. At this stage of the completion Net gate receipts are split 45% to each of the clubs and 10% goes to the FA who use the money to part fund what they call the pool.
  6. Don't think it's that long term. From memory I think he is due to return in February. As an aside my Sunderland supporting colleague tells me he has been on loan at 6 clubs and they moan about us!
  7. Ake still qualifies as an under 21 player so till next season won't be counted in the 25 Man squad when yes he would count as HG Dont forget both Oscar and Mikel have left so there's two berths available there
  8. Seems he is the subject of a £10 million offer from Bournemouth, the offer is reported to have been turned down but seems that £12 million will seal the deal. So who's been lined up as a replacement if the story is correct
  9. The whole dynamic of games changes as the season reaches its conclusion . Games against the top teams bring all sorts of problems but it's the teams at the bottom that defy footballing logic. I hate it when we play teams fighting relegation in the last third of the season by the same token I prefer mid table teams in the last knocking of a season. You have to get yourself into a position to be able to be a realistic contender and whilst I think it is far too easy to call anything come the last 7-10 games if we are still there or thereabouts we have something that none of the top 6 other than City have and that is the majority of squad having been through a successful run in.
  10. Sturidge would never have worked out at Chelsea no matter which manager was in situ. Sturidge has all the skills but has one major factor going against him and that is attitude. Game after game when watching him live you would see his work rate was limited & he always looked for the glory option. He was far from a team player and whilst he benefited hugely from playing along Suarez there is no coincidence whatsoever Kloop doesn't see him as a first choice starter. Bamford is an ok ish striker but lacks the strength and speed to play at the very highest level . He like many of the loanees quite simply haven't developed as hoped. The likes of Atsu, Rahman and Hector will be sold if a profit can be turned.
  11. The man is an icon on the pitch but it's pretty clear that he is a disruptive influence who is liable to explode whenever wherever and I have thought for a while there was almost a truce between Conte who we know is far from a shrinking violet and Costa who has similar traits What goes on behind closed doors will decide what happens and whilst on balance I don't think he will leave in this window I suspect he will leave close season. What has intrigued me now for a few weeks is that Lukaku was said, by his agent to have 99.9% agreed to a new contract yet here we are nothing signed and come the end of the season he is into the last 24 months of his contract and with it able to threaten invoking the Webster ruling as indeed will Costa. Now I know 2+ 2 doesn't equal 6 but football at the highest level is a very small community and I can't help believe that any offer from China would be we'll know amongst managers, players and more importantly agents and armed with that knowledge any ambitious agent will be manoeuvring their client into a position where the are able to be in the box seat.
  12. If Costa or indeed any contracted player doesn't play a certain % of first team games in a season then that player doesn't need to be sold he quite simply in accordance with FIFA rules on players can just walk away without any fee being paid.
  13. If and a big if the story is true and an offer comes in north of £80 then I have no doubt whatsoever he will be gone just like Payet at WHU all players have their price and whilst we haven't seen much evidence of players using it at some point a major player like Diego is going to exercise their rights using the Webster ruling and quite simply clubs won't run that risk.
  14. Unanimous approval
  15. I take your point just gotta hope they have covered all the bases