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  1. I recently picked up my 2nd signed photo of Peter Houseman.
  2. And i have that too!
  3. I Have this album!
  4. Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section but i thought worthy of a mention I'm told Peter Housemans lads got a warm reception at half time by both sets of fans last night which is excellent to hear Cheers Jim
  5. Before my time but prob my fav player from the past..I recently obtained a signed photo of him from 1968.....Sometime ago i posted on an Oxford Utd forum about him & their fans reply were so touching cheers Jim
  6. Sorry for my OCD but i think this maybe the League game the following season...83-84 we played them in the Milk cup but that was a night match Cheers Jim
  7. We did indeed!
  8. Cracking Photo...Im in there somewhere...if i remember right somewhere towards the front of the photo but cannot spot myself.
  9. December 1980 Orient at home..Lost 0-1 & was featured on MOTD
  10. I remember that! Think it was pissing down so they moved them into Gate 13/Family Section....
  11. I cried! ha!
  12. For me 83-84 still remains my favorite 1st season of going every week with my dad....great team & kit! And the players use to come over to the benches before the game & sign stuff....loved it!
  13. Just picked up a copy of this for £5
  14. He was indeed!
  15. Not since the day....and I've searched for it ☺