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  1. A legend! Chelsea through and through and one of our own. The last legend to leave from that great title winning side under Mourhino. A very sad day but hopefully he will be back here before very long in at least some capacity. Thanks JT for your leadership, your quality and for all the success you gave us. Good luck in all you do from here on in.
  2. I think we will still win the league but obviously not a certain as I was a few weeks ago. When we had 11 games to go we needed 24 more points to clinch the title. Up to this point I thought we would have had 9 of those points having predicted draws against Stoke Away and Man City Home which we actually won. I obviously predicted a win against Palace at home and thought we would draw against Utd. But the points I thought we would have at present is the same. I've allowed a loss against Everton away and have predicted a win against all the remaining matches - the toughest of those being West Brom away. If Spurs drop any points at all, which I'm almost certain they will do, then we can afford to maybe turn one of those predicted wins into a draw. The only thing worrying me is the dreadful form of Costa and how badly we played against Utd yesterday.
  3. We are effectively playing without a striker at the moment so playing Batshuayi or Pedro/Hazard/Willian instead can't be any worse. Fully agree with what most have said about Costa's footballing ability and have never been a fan. But you could excuse all that as long as he was getting on the score sheet. As he doesn't even look like scoring at the moment I would definitely sell to the highest bidder at the end of the season.
  4. The worst performance since the Arsenal loss. We were just not at it. Costa is contributing nothing at the moment. We still have a small cushion with 4 points ahead and it's fortunate we play our next match against Southampton before Spurs play theirs. We will have to regroup and these players will have to show more hunger and desire than they did today if we want to win this title. That said Spurs will still drop points no matter how good they look at the moment.
  5. We just have to concentrate on our own matches and performances and as long as we are getting the results in doesn't matter what Spurs do. They have their hardest matches to come. We are having ours now and over the next few weeks. Even a draw would be a decent enough result away to Utd in my opinion. A win though would leave us with one hand on the trophy.
  6. That was pure torture. Hoping we would hang on with one eye on the clock waiting for 75mins hoping that Swansea would hang on as they started 15 mins before us. When Spurs got those 2 late goals I was even more nervous but thought this title is in our hands no matter what Spurs do. It certainly wasn't pretty tonight but it was all about getting the 3 points. Spurs will certainly drop points in the last 8 games but we've got to focus on our own matches. Every game is going to be nervy until we are mathematically there. This result was a major plus after the massive disappointment against Palace.
  7. I really think we'll go out on Wednesday and put in a great performance against City and get the 3 points. I also think Spurs are due to drop points and they will. If we created nothing today I'd be worried. We need to get this out of our system and get back to winning ways. 9 games to go and 7 points clear. Still a great position. We would have all wanted to be in this position at the start of the season so let's all stay positive!
  8. Apparently he's out for '10-15 days' with a calf strain. So he misses the two Belgian games. Hopefully he's back fit for the Palace game on April 1st.
  9. Started off very well. We were finding so much space and was thinking we could be at least 2-0 up by half time. We have got worse as the half as gone on. Pathetic free kick to give away from Matic for the foul but you have to say that was a brilliant free kick from them. We have got to be more accurate and productive with our attacks because Burnley seem to be giving us plenty of space. Also getting sick of the sly little digs at Chelsea from Martin Tyler from nearly every commentary he does on our games.
  10. Man City still have some very hard fixtures to come apart from us. They have to play Man Utd and Liverpool at home and Arsenal away. On top of this they have the distraction of playing in the CL. I'm sure Conte will be telling his players if we keep winning it doesn't matter what the other teams below us are doing.
  11. I have to go for Hazard simply for that goal. He made right mugs of their whole defence and just killed the game with sheer brilliance. Kante was also immense and would of pipped Hazard if it wasn't for that very special goal. Special mention to Fabregas who although not a regular starter continued to ooze class when he comes on. Superb finish from him as well for the third.
  12. Massive chance for Boro to equalise there. Well 9 points ahead of second place Spurs let's hope Liverpool beat them next week.
  13. A great team performance. I knew we would be totally up for this and we were. It really was men against boys. We won the ball back constantly so credit to Kante and Matic for breaking up the play. Kante was absolutely brilliant today and if it wasn't for Hazard's genius goal would of been my man of the match. Costa is entitled to a quiet game but he did set up the first goal via the woodwork for the first. The only disappointment was conceding at the end and not making more of our counter attacks. But 12 points clear of Arsenal effectively ends their title hopes for yet another season. A very satisfying day!
  14. Disappointed not to get the 3 points in the end after first going ahead then getting the penalty late on but I would have taken the draw before the game. With Arsenal losing and Spurs only drawing we are now 9 points clear with a chance to put Arsenal out of the race at the weekend. It was an overall poor performance. We only looked dangerous when Fabregas and Pedro came on. Luiz was yet again immense and has proved a lot of people wrong (including me) since he's came back. We have to play a lot better than we did today to beat Arsenal but I think we will be right up for it and will beat them convincingly.
  15. How much time did we give Ericksen there to put the cross in??