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  2. So now the FA have written to Chelsea to ask for Kenedy's observations in relation to his social media posts.
  3. If a club wants to sell their best asset for as much as they can I can't see the problem. If another club is willing to pay way over the odds for that player then that is their prerogative. Lukaku is worth no where near what Everton are asking but if Man Utd are willing to pay the £90m + being quoted then more fool them. Man Utd are actually inflating the market but I also blame the agent, in this case Mino Raiola (also Pogba's agent) who is making an absolute fortune from these deals. Having said all that I do believe in the majority of cases we sell our players far too cheaply.
  4. I read that he didn't want to face Chelsea in a league game. If so then that's more class from our Captain Leader Legend!
  5. I quite like the new home shirt. Some might say boring but I think it's simple and classy.
  6. The journalist obviously looking for a quote to link him with Real. Eden saying as it is "He's happy at Chelsea, wants to win more sliverwear at Chelsea but in football you never know." That could be said with any player. Chelsea need to add players of Hazard's quality to the squad not sell them. I hope the club improve his contract and the same goes for Courtois.
  7. He's a had great season overall and contributed to us winning the PL in that wing back role but definitely feel we can upgrade in his position with more quality. His crossing and final ball is usually pretty woeful. Today he was very poor. Although he took one for the team for the yellow, it was then pure stupidity to take a dive especially when the FA announced a clamp down on simulation just recently.
  8. I agree. Poor sloppy attitude from the start apart from Pedro. It's difficult to take losing to a team that simply wanted it more from the off. Does the double not mean enough for some of these players? Next season when we are playing Champions League football we need to be at it in every game and not think we can just turn up. We had such a good opportunity to win the double against a make shift defence bit forgot that complacency wins you nothing. I hope the players learn from this. Disgraceful decision from the officials for Arsenal's first but at the end of the day we had too many players either thinking they could just turn up to win the game or thinking the FA Cup is not important enough.
  9. Shocking from the officials but we've also been shocking so far ....oh isn't there anyone better to co-commentate than Danny Murphy?
  10. In his statement he's said he has no plans for another job in football and wants to spend more time with his family while he's still relatively young and healthy.
  11. Looks like Big Sam has quit Crystal Palace.
  12. Oh JT ... going to be emotional!
  13. Was truly a brilliant effort by the team this year when u think of the state we were in last season. Conte has installed a winning mentality with this squad with hard work and keeps the players happy that are not playing regularly. So happy right now and really want that double next week!
  14. Pedro always pops up with a goal!