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  1. Still can’t get my head around why Conte made all those changes and playing out of form players for an absolutely crucial game.
  2. DELBY

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    One of my first footballing heroes. Captained us when he was just 18. Sad news that we have lost one of our own at the young age of 61. RIP Butch.
  3. So disappointing to be losing this as we have played well. 2 very poor goals to give away. We need to be more clinical. So unlucky from Alonso there. Oh and I absolutely detest the cheating, whinging, scum that is Barcelona!
  4. They had two attempts and scored twice. That’s the difference. We’ve been playing well but we need to be more clinical.
  5. DELBY

    Victor Moses

    Moses did great for us last season but is a very limited player. Have no faith that he is going to create something when he gets into the final third and he usually fluffs his lines when he gets a great opportunity like today.
  6. DELBY

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It wasn’t too long ago that Abramovich didn’t like our style of play and wanted to play like Barcelona. So what the hell did he make of that crap today? I’ve no idea what the clubs ambition is anymore. We know they have to finance and build this new stadium and I can only put their recent frugality down to that. But Conte is there to get the best out of the players. At the moment he is totally demoralising them because I agree with Davey ... he just wants out with a nice big pay off.
  7. This is the first time I have actually questioned Conte’s commitment and it’s now totally obvious that he wants out as soon as he can. A totally boring, negative, set up with absolutely no game plan. Hazard as a false 9 was never going to work here. Ok it was only 1-0 but I think City could have stepped up a gear if they really wanted. Taking Hazard and Willian off first shows to me he’s trying to p*ss everyone off and force the club’s hand. The average players that performed so well last season like Moses, Alonso and Pedro were shocking and you can see they have no confidence which is clearly coming from a manager that couldn’t care less. Last season with his drive and enthusiasm he turned them all into world beaters. He’s done the complete opposite this season. I feel even Christiansen, who was performing so brilliantly for most of the season is been seriously affected from all this negativity. I get Conte is totally frustrated at the board just the same as José was after he won the title. The board or who ever is buying the players needs to realise that quality not quantity is what is required. The club needs to act because we are destined to become a mid table team at this rate. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out.
  8. Thought we really upped our game against Barcelona and the players worked very hard and were supremely disciplined. Terrible pass by Christiansen but thought Dave, who was on par for MOTM could have stood up rather than slide in. I still think we can go to their place and cause an upset just like in 2012.
  9. DELBY


    This is a fans forum where issues are discussed including players and transfers. So don’t come on here telling us what we can and can’t whine about!
  10. Attacking wise we have been decent ...just not clinical. Poor defending yet again from a simple ball put into the box is costing us. Morata looks so short of confidence since that hamstring injury after such a wonderful start. He needs to impose himself more. We can definitely score here.
  11. What do those officials behind the goal do again??
  12. Obviously tapping up! Let’s ban them from the transfer market for 5 years!
  13. One of our worst performances for a long time. We were all over the place and our passing was atrocious. Once Morata went off, so did our shape and any chance of winning the game. Conte obviously didn’t trust Bats to come on but Willian seems to be going backward in his performances at an alarming rate. Only hilight was Christensen who is really showing he is a terrific talent.