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  1. Deadline Day Drama

    Might be some truth in that.
  2. Deadline Day Drama

    Season long loan to Hull
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    I agree and not even bothered that we didn't sign them. We have better players out on loan imo.
  4. Deadline Day Drama

    Getting slaughtered on Sky!
  5. Deadline Day Drama

    I think he went for £13m. I understand we weren't prepared to pay that.
  6. Deadline Day Drama

    Only when we lose
  7. Deadline Day Drama

    If only we were as good buying players as we are selling and loaning them out!
  8. Deadline Day Drama

    Definitely. Still think the players we loaned out were better than some of the ones we have been trying to sign.
  9. Deadline Day Drama

    I doubt he will be coming to Chelsea after this fiasco. Was never bothered about him or Chamberlain to be honest. Would of liked to get Mahrez but it's going to be Drinkwater and Zappacosta for now.
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    When there is only 5 mins to go that's when I'll start to panic!
  11. Deadline Day Drama

    I'm just wondering is all this to do with agents fees.
  12. Deadline Day Drama

    I think he's been on a massive windup on deadline day.
  13. Deadline Day Drama

    ....and nothing to see....move along please!
  14. Deadline Day Drama

    News from Stamford Bridge coming up from Sky
  15. Deadline Day Drama

    Mahrez odds are drifting. The only player we seem to be possibly still pursuing is Drinkwater unless Chelsea pull out another surprise with only 3 hours left.