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  1. Agreed. Hazard and Kante are rubbish too.
  2. I don't, but the market does. blaming Everton for us not getting those players (esp Stones) is just silly
  3. You mean the sagas where we didn't offer them market value for their best players and expected them to roll over and give in?
  4. I think its a safe bet that we will with this transfer. Oh but hang on, i thought we were not going to spend more than £35-£40 million on anyone ?
  5. Any non dimarzio/tancredi type sources saying similar?
  6. It's good news, cant understand why anyone would turn it into a negative. Hes got an improved contract which no doubt means he got some improved conditions he wanted too. I'm sure he wouldn't sign it without certain assurances too. Remember - the club paid off Mourinho 4 months after signing a 4 year deal. This will suit them as well, if Conte has another good season it wouldn't surprise me if they try and extend the deal this time next year.
  7. Hang on, people don't honestly think that City would sell him to us do they?
  8. Just for clarification - we don't actually NEED 8 homegrown players at all, in fact we can have none if we wanted. its a max of non 17 non homegrown players and the remainder of the 25 man PL squad then should to be filled with homegrown players. If you can't meet that criteria then you just go with the best total you can under 25 as we have done previously. in addition you can add an unlimited number of players under 21. Dont really think we should be buying expensive English players for the sake of them being grown to be honest, though having said that I am surprised we've got 3 foreign goalkeepers as part of our 17.
  9. well shock horror
  10. Fair enough. I'm just not sure if the 'what a summer' and 'another one bites the dust' comments can be justified when we don't sign a player we were never in for! Does the same apply to Wayne Rooney? Jon Walters?
  11. We were clearly never in for him, it's not one we've 'lost' at all.
  12. He is unquestionably my choice and I think the most obtainable too. Cant see it though.
  13. lol someone ban this whopper
  14. You're the same person surely
  15. lol who is this donut