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  1. And IMO anyone who thinks "Being a great goalscorer is not enough." is barking bloody mad.
  2. Tweedledum and Tweedledee Agreed to have a battle; For Tweedledum said Tweedledee Had spoiled his nice new rattle. Just then flew down a monstrous crow, As black as a tar-barrel; Which frightened both the heroes so, They quite forgot their quarrel.
  3. At one point Kante made three tackles in about 15 seconds, all in different parts of the pitch, they actually showed it on MOTD last night. I don't think i have ever seen anything like him before. It's almost as if someone has hypnotised Kante and told him they've stuffed a huge diamond inside the ball.
  4. You couldn't be further from the truth.
  5. MOTM vs Swansea (H) (PL)
  6. If you give that as handball the ref would be giving out 4 penalties every game. His arm was there doing a job holding him off, before the ball was hit onto it.
  7. West Ham Utd Vs Chelsea (PL) Mon 06/03 2017 KO 20:00 GMT
  8. Yep he created the first and last goals with penetrating runs, without him today we don't win.
  9. I love us winning full stop, to say otherwise is just dumbness of the highest order.
  10. PEDRO you f**king legend !!!!! how many is that hes scoredd ?
  11. To win this league you need fighters on the pitch, Matic is a nightmare to get past, Cesc is'nt, simple as that.
  12. It was miles away from goal, you talk like he scored an own goal.
  13. Matic would of been lining up with Cahill and made it 3v3 instead of 3v2, would of made all the difference. Cesc was just floating in the box not picking anyone up.