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  1. Blackburn 2-0 Blackpool Chelsea 3-0 Brentford Crystal Palace 1-4 Manchester City Lincoln 1-3 Brighton Middlesbrough 3-1 Accrington Tottenham 3-0 Wycombe
  2. I would love to see his % of touches inside and outside the box. He seems to play worse when opposition teams double/treble up on him before he gets into the penalty area. His biggest attribute for me isn't his dribbling but his ability to play under the arm pits of his opponents, the quick turns/pivots when a defender gets in too tight to him. Trouble is we don't take advantage of the gaps teams leave when doubling up on him. Yesterday I remember a few times when i could see space Hull had left vacant by trying to crowd Eden, but we never worked the ball into those spaces, we need to punish teams more for this.
  3. If you really getting worked up with what people write on the forum, do an Alt+F4, it's good for your health.
  4. Eden is getting hammered on the pitch with little protection, players just run into him and knock him off the ball, the ball is never won cleanly off him, the refs seem to think that it's ok. He would definitely do better in Spain, the officials would give him more free kicks, and opposition players would think twice about just running into him. I don't think we as a club protect him as much as we should, our captain should be constantly talking to the ref every time Hazard gets fouled.
  5. MOTM vs Hull (H) (PL) Sorry its a bit late.
  6. Liverpool Vs Chelsea (PL) Tue 31/01 2017 KO 20:00 GMT
  7. Chelsea Vs Brentford (FAC) Sat 28/01 2017 KO 15:00 GMT
  8. For all their hard work, Hull have just had a shocker there, Cahill will not get an easier header this season.
  9. Don't fret, Antonio has been a great HT manager, he always seems to get the team out playing better in the 2nd 45.
  10. How f**king incompetent can you be ?
  11. Jesus the officials are a comedy act.!