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  1. It's possible that with a better team Lukaku would be able to achieve all those things above and more.
  2. Chelsea Vs Palace (PL) Sat 01/04 2017 KO 15:00 GMT Hope the date does'nt mean anything.
  3. Dean Saunders f**k off you little bacteria.
  4. Bury 2-2 Fleetwood Coventry 1-2 Bristol Rovers Gillingham 2-1 Peterborough Northampton 1-2 Oxford Oldham 1-1 Sheff UTD Shrewsbury 1-2 Bolton
  5. I don't think 2 years is enough, i think 5 years is perfect. He deserves it, they deserve him, perfect.
  6. ...or just ignore him. Jog on Jose.
  7. I blame the ref for not stopping it early on.
  8. If we end up paying 50-70m he will be a first team regular. If we don't pay that kind of money he won't be coming here.
  9. Our prime location inside Europe's most populated city will mean it is full every game. If you were a clever billionaire looking for a club to buy, you would be wise to come to West London.
  10. I think they will both make it, but I'm guessing as well.
  11. Have your opinion by all means, but i won't hold it with much merit because i know it's purely guesswork.
  12. He must be at Cobham every day.
  13. It does'nt matter what we mere mortals think, it's what Conte thinks that I'm interested in. Whatever he thinks, I'm behind him 100%. He lives and breaths with the players day in day out, no other person is in a better position to make the calls.
  14. Cahill. Took the responsibility of being the player that gave Stoke their equaliser, and made sure he redeemed himself by being where Costa should have been, poaching in the 6yd box. Not bad for a center back.