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  1. Here's a question i have not heard asked before. Who is the best Chelsea player to win no silverware.(at any club) By silverware i mean (div 1/prem, fa and league cup, european cup/champions league, Uefa cup/europa league, cup winners cup.) ----------------------------------------------------- I will start the ball rolling with Kerry Dixon.
  2. We're about to see the opening of the most valuable transfer window in sporting history. Think of it as a £ billion poker game. We don't want to show our hand before the game even starts. Bluffing and counter bluffing is going on as we speak. The poker game has a massive bearing on the coming season, managers with huge personalities have their reputations on the line. Even when the window ends, we won't know who the winners are until well into the season. Anything is possible with so much money being spent, someone will get lucky with a Kante type transfer, and end up doing a Leicester. One thing is for sure, this will be a bumper window, record breaking on all fronts.
  3. It must be your end. Are you using touch screen ?
  4. Wow..... you could not have timed your post any worse.
  5. Seen worse on a friday afternoon in Morrisons.
  6. Say's he is still undecided where he's going next season, but he's thinking big. I would love him to be included in our squad next season, we need to bulk up the squad for the campaigns ahead of us. Just got a feeling he could end up with us this season. ABRAHAM 'UNSURE' Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham says he is undecided on his future, according to the Daily Mail. The youngster is weighing up loan offers from Newcastle and Brighton as he looks to continue his development. Abraham said: “I’m not sure what I’m doing next season, if I’m coming back, going elsewhere on loan or staying at Chelsea. “I haven’t decided yet. You have to stay open and things may come at different times but I have to dream big and that’s what I’m going to be doing.”
  7. Prolonged England careers for Hodgson and Southgate, either side of Big Sam's fortnight in charge, and England are SO FAR behind the top International teams it is quiet extraordinary that the UK Government is not pushing along the FA reforms it has threatened to do. Suppose they are busy at the moment with all these elections and EU talks.
  8. One thing Scotland fans can rely on, their goalkeepers.
  9. He'll vanish when Rom bangs in his first hat-trick.