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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte shored up the defence last season by going to a back five. Then this season he's gone to three in midfield to try and dominate possession. With the keeper that's nine players in non offensive positions. It's ok when Hazard and Morata take their chances. But when we are looking to deeper players to score things look very worrying. If we had a defensive LB we could play 4-2-3-1 and have four players back in the attack. Would also mean we could do without Bakayoko, who has been a complete waste of a position.
  2. You can be sure that kind of language will always be banned as soon as a mod spots it, and any one condoning it goes too.
  3. Cesc has no confidence in his shooting, you got to go for goal in those positions.
  4. You know when the refs being a biatch when he sends you back 3 yds to take the throw in in the exact correct position.
  5. Willian Pedro and Hazard ripped these apart last season, i think Hazard plays better when they are on the pitch.
  6. Champions League Draw

    If five English clubs make the last 8, i think you can expect changes to that rule.
  7. Champions League Draw

    Into the last 8..... Bayern Juventus Man City Man Utd Tottenham Liverpool Roma Chelsea That would be epic.
  8. Champions League Draw

    If Carlsberg did last 16 CL draws........... Bayern V Barcelona Juventus V PSG Real Madrid V Man City Sevilla V Man Utd Porto V Tottenham Shaktar V Liverpool Basil V Roma Chelsea V Besiktas
  9. He'll play for them eventually, probably this summer.