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  1. 2 weeks left in the window

    Be nice to our visitor please, he means you no harm I'm sure.
  2. You didnt join the forum immediately after beating a direct competitor claiming we were lucky and our new record signing is a complete waste of money. It's ok having a point of view as long as you don't hide behind a fake persona to do it.
  3. Come on, feel sorry for him, his butt is sore. It took him 49 years to find us.
  4. So let me get this straight. You have supported Chelsea since 1968. The internet has been about for best part of a quarter of a century. This forum has been here well over a decade. But you turn up the day after we hammered the spuds claiming we were lucky, and then go on about possession in your first couple of posts. If it smells like a spud, it is a spud.
  5. Come on make your mind up, it's not hard. And why was you not expecting to win, or even draw ? Have you been following football long ?
  6. Wait until Eden comes back. They will allow players to do these weird tackles on him, unconventional fouls i call them, usually it involves them jumping on his back like he's a donkey whilst holding both hands in the air to prove it's not a foul. as long as he doesn't go down and keeps running it's not a foul, and if he goes down lightly he gets booked for diving.
  7. I think both us and Spuds look stronger than Citeh. I reserve judgement on Manyoo till they play a couple of tough games. Liverpoo i can't see getting top 4. Le Arse may get top 4 if Sanchez stays and performs, but they wont get top 3. So i think us and spuds are still the teams to beat, despite what the bookies think.
  8. One less toffee to worry about Sunday.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Football and the emotions it brings out in us, it's almost a science in itself. Last week we were backs against the wall in the media, everyone slagging us off, lose our first game, two ed cards, nobody loves us. And yet i was super confident we could go to Wembleeeeee and do the Spuds again. Now we have that win under the belt, expectations amongst the media and fans has been raised. The same old Chelsea are back, things don't look rosy off the pitch, but we continue to surprise on the pitch. I can only put it down to Conte being a thoroughly nice chap, and a bloody excellent football coach.