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  1. Aguero latina panto again.
  2. Well at least he now looks like a tootenham fan. All the best regards to him anyway.
  3. When they find the offender they should make him purchase the injured victim a season ticket. And for his future safety, better make it a Chelsea season ticket.
  4. Not enough loops for me.
  5. Have we all got the bottle pics ready ?
  6. The mask is slipping to reveal his Argentinian genes, wait till Messi retires.
  7. I don't think they have much to worry us. Our attack looks focused and unstoppable at times. 8 past spuds and southampton, two good defences.
  8. I'm expecting Koeman to copy Jose and put someone on Hazard the whole game. With that being the case i am all up for Pedro and Willian to play either side of Eden, and drop Cost back to the bench, then we have a lethally fast three pronged attack that would make it impossible for Everton to concentrate on marking Hazard. Pedro and Alonso down the left, Willian and Moses down the right, Hazard in the middle.The bonus is having super Diego to come off the bench to rescue the day if needed.
  9. Fantastic !
  10. Everton Vs Chelsea (PL) Sun 30/04 2017 KO 14:05 GMT
  11. We have two potential banana skins to get around (WBA Everton), but all six of Spuds remaining fixtures look like potential banana skins, even away to Hull (City of Culture 2017) on the last day of the season
  12. Don't want to upset the pessimists.
  13. If Palace win tomorrow only Wenger will be between us and our 2nd double.
  14. I deleted the photshop pics, lets not jinx it and make ourselves look like fools.