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  1. 2nd: Would snatch your hand off right now if offered 2nd. 3rd/4th: If Arsenal and/or Spuds continue to get results, we could struggle to get 3rd or 4th place. 5th: I can see Mourinho toughing it out and getting a run of results, but i think we will beat them over a season. I did think 3rd place was favourite, now i think maybe 4th or 5th. We definitely need a striker in Jan, depending on how that goes, we could still get 2nd /3rd.
  2. Young should have been sent off yesterday, if the premier league want to see great football, you have to stop players like Young from making stupid challenges and protect the players on the pitch, especially the talented ones who help the EPL brand flourish. Scissor tackles after the ball has gone are dangerous and outlawed, Gary Neville said the ball had gone by then, but that doesn't stop Young clattering him, it was at least a 2nd yellow, if not straight red. Mata should have had a straight red, he was not under control and could have seriously injured Azpilcueta, text book red card, shouldnt of been on the pitch to create their 2nd.
  3. Playground reaction from Mourinho.
  4. someone shut up neville please, preferably a Chelsea player.
  5. Morata has offered zero in 45 mins, he's giving their defence an easy break really, Giroud would process more ball and keep moves alive, Sarri will surely see he is the better option for the 2nd half.
  6. Iv'e seen better sacks of spuds^
  7. Sarri needs a fag and a chat with the team.