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  1. Watford took up the baton from Roma and Palace, and copied their basic strategy of outnumbering in midfield by keeping a narrow shape, and pushing those midfielders up the pitch to engage with our midfield. And again it worked a treat for most parts. I think the only reason we managed to get the win was because Watford could not keep it up for 90 minutes as it involves a lot of mileage on the midfield getting up and down the pitch, but they nearly pulled it off. Our midfield is hanging by its last finger nail. We just got to hold on till Kante and DD make it back.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Its all about your timing, comedy gold.
  3. High press again and our players are incapable of getting the ball out from midfield. Look how Watford are stroking it around, that should be us doing that.
  4. Wtf Alonso you cant just pump it into midfield when we are so deep.
  5. Big day for the youngster. From Exeter to the sub bench at Chelsea in the Premier League in a matter of months.
  6. Cesc Fabregas

    I wish it was just form, he can't cope with these stronger, quicker players, he needs space to be comfortable stroking the ball around, and with teams pressing high, when he gets the ball, it's usually with an opponent in his face. He used to make space for himself, but he's just to slow now, when i say slow, i mean it's his reaction that's slow. I can't wait to have Drinkwater available, at least he will be some kind of barrier in midfield for the opposition to get past.
  7. Don't let a bigoted fool divide us. Iv'e said it before and I'll repeat it again. A Chelsea fan is a Chelsea fan, no matter where your feet are walking. Everyone one of us are equal because of our love for Chelsea FC, from the little kid wearing his 1998 Chelsea shirt on the streets of Somalia, to the life long 80yo season ticket holder who lives next to the ground.
  8. Andreas Christensen

    We have to keep playing Christensen, he can't be wasted every other game on the bench, it's criminal. He will get better and better every game if he's playing.
  9. Eden Hazard

    Your on page 265 of "all the chat about Hazard".
  10. So sack him, and pay him off ££££, then pay out for a new manager £££££, and then give the new manager money to spend on new players...£££££. Or we could just get the new players and keep the manager. Which is simpler ?
  11. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    It's not the 4 man defence that was the issue, it was playing Luiz and an ageing Ivanovic. But we now have Christensen, who most of us already say looks better than Luiz defensively.
  12. The last three games Bakayoko and Fabregas have been bloody terrible. In a way i'm glad Kante has had time out, it's blown open our problem in midfield for all to see. Their mobility is limited, neither can get up and down the pitch for a full 90 minutes, and both are near bloody useless when you haven't got the ball. City have got KDB and Silva totally bossing games in their 3 midfield. Bakayoko and Cesc couldn't boss a girls scout team.