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  1. Alvaro Morata

    I didn't mean to sound harsh Makes no sense to bring on a center forward to drop back into midfield. We had other options for that. It looked like Conte wanted the winning goal and knew we needed the ball to stick up front to give us more chances. Either way i won't judge Alvaro on 8 minutes of play.
  2. Willian

    AAhh go on, go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on,,,, admit you were wrong
  3. No European football to play now helps, easier for them to rest players and come good in the league like we did last season.
  4. Or maybe it's because the level in the prem has stepped up massively and the Spanish clubs are in decline slightly with ageing key players. Weve played the top two in spain this season so far and we looked good in both games, despite looking absolute bollocks at times in our league.
  5. Willian

    In one word, unproven. Back to Willian, you say "Does one game really change anything though?" Well it was down to one game with an extraordinary performance why we bought him at all,....and thank God we did. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19958153
  6. As quick as you say his name, my brain turns off.
  7. Willian

    It must be killing you and RIPMourinho that Willian was by far the best player on the pitch last night . I'm waiting for Morata to make me eat my words, similar to what Willian has done to you two. I hope he does, but i won't be holding my breath yet, can't see him performing to the level Willian was at last night, ever. But i'm prepared to admit i'm wrong if he does, with pleasure. Time for you two to do the same.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    How the hell do you know ?
  9. Not bad against the best team in the World. Barca aren't bad either.
  10. Willian

    I have always loved Willian, you won't find any posts from me slagging him off, same with Hazard. You can judge his individual performances and come to the conclusion he's inconsistent. But your'e just looking at the stats and not the big picture with how he fits into the team, him and Hazard are the perfect fit and at times just about unplayable.
  11. Willian

  12. Willian

    The Baggies are not Brummies.
  13. Night night ladies, sweet dreams in the land of the diving Basque, long live Antonio.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    I don't want to pick on him, but he came on the pitch with Barca holding the ball at the back, and instead of sprinting around like a nutter for 8 minutes and chasing everything moving, he just jogged around shadowing the ball holder. It's not asking too much for 8 minutes of busting your gut.