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  1. Depressing. Really depressing.
  2. Willian

    If Eden goes we will need Willian more than ever.

    If i was a manager looking for a top salary and the chance of silverware, it would be an easy choice, like choosing between a kiss on the cheek from Valerie, or a slap on the cheek from Yorkeyblue.
  4. Need to know which browser as well.
  5. Our New Stadium

    I'm sure whn it's finished and all lit up we will be in awe.
  6. Our New Stadium

    Aesthetically i agree. It's the irregular outer shape, and the perfect circle in the middle, they don't sit together. Also the round ridge line on top should be rounded off and not like a rim. It would look better Aesthetically if it was all curves and not angles. Like this sort of thing at the Bullring in Birmingham...
  7. Sarri

    Juventus 0-1 Napoli Napoli are now ONE POINT below Juventus with four games to go.
  8. To think that in 94 after the final i was wondering if we would ever be in the final again.
  9. This wil be our 10th FA cup final since 1994
  10. Now the question is this, who is our super sub Giroud or Morata ?
  11. Should of been a hat rick inside 5 minutes.
  12. Thats a bloody good chance for Morata.