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  1. yes I remember it although I never had that one. I also had another version of the red/green white scarf but the bars were all the same width
  2. lol lost mine years ago also, but my friend just knitted this one. She has done a great job and I will deffo be wearing it to the Bridge in future although I guess the younger fans might be a little confused when I do
  3. what do you reckon guys
  4. Yes i was in the shed when they came in the day after we took Arsenals North bank one Christmas in the late 70 's. Our mob were still in the pubs as West Ham came in very early. We scattered as we were just ordinary fans and not fighters. Not sure that really constitutes taking our end as there was no one there to oppose them and there were nit nany people in the shed at the time
  5. my Chelsea Mad 8 year old daughters first trip to the Bridge today she loved it and met these well know guys

  6. Yes i rememberbeing being at the away game that December and we were singing o what fun it is to see Chelsea win away. Same game where one of the gates was kicked in a loads of Chelsea poured through and ran up and into our end before the police could stop them. i seem to recall the last guy in got walloped by a copper
  7. I agree, he needs time to evaluate the current situation and players. This is the way of good management skills when taking over any new project. Admittedly we are in a dreadful situation and need to climb the league right away but I am sure Gus will identify problems and make changes as required in a controlled and sensible way rather then making a large number of changes all at the same time which could result in even more chaos and confusion among the team
  8. As far as the media are concerned, they like a villain to attack and in recent years this has been predominately Chelsea. Try an experiment until the end of the season by logging how many negative articles there are about Chelsea in comparison to positive ones. Today for example, there were 4 or 5 negative articles and no positives on the Mirror sports pages. This is a daily occurrence and not just in the papers but also during commentaries of matches on TV. A couple of days ago following the Liverpool game at the Bridge the BBC followed up on their website with a story titled- Did Chelsea deserve to win. I cannot think of a time when any of our rivals or any club for that matter have had similar headlines following a great victory. Another thing that concerns me is this so called retrospective action by the FA after a match is concluded. This allows all of the usual pundits to pontificate on a contentious issue and thereby put pressure on the FA who are flaky and impressionable in their rulings at the best of times. Actions need to be taken during a match and not afterwards and if a referee needs new technology such as camera playback etc to spot issues during a game then so be it. Rant over
  9. Was this also not the game when Butch Wilkins missed a sitter in front of the Shed? I might be wrong as the old memory is fading a bit.
  10. Was in the Shed for this one a little higher up in the shed and across to the right hand side a bit (facing the pitch). I remember their fans on the North Stand going mad trying to rip the fencing down at the other end and battling with the old bill
  11. The Shed was fantastic that day-highlight of my youth
  12. I could be wrong but is that not the late 70's FA cup match?