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  1. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Duncan McKenzie lol
  2. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes mostly agree with you. When I was growing up in Chi and traveling up to the Bridge there were loads of Chelsea from Sussex, Surrey and south London. I find though that with Brighton (where I have now lived for many years) that their fan base in Sussex sees to mostly end along the coast west of Worthing and that part of Sussex is mostly Pompey country. Certainly growing up in Chichester most of the local support was Portsmouth with very little for Brighton.
  3. chelsea78

    Our New Stadium

    and safe standing, then it would bring back the feel of the old Shed
  4. chelsea78

    Our New Stadium

    I'm Chichester born and bred although have lived in Brighton for many years now
  5. chelsea78

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Yep can still remember going through the turnstiles and up the steps into the mighty shed to see Ray lead out that young Chelsea side so full of promise that got promoted out of the old second division. I can still hear the chants of Eddie Macredie's Blue and white army or Wilkins Wilkins born is the King of Stamford Bridge. Then there were the girls dotted around the ground with their I'm a Butch Wilkins Babe scarfs wrapped around their necks. Thank you Ray for giving me so many great memories of my teenage years. you were taken too young-Rest in Peace.
  6. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Excellent post
  7. Congrats to Lincoln City for getting to the final, but our young lads were immense and showed a lot more heart, spirit and desire than the seniors last night. Some great individual performances but most of all Ampadu was amazing. He should be starting in the first team from now on. Who cares if he is only 17, I seem to remember a certain young player when I first started going to watch Chelsea back in the 70's who became captain of the first team at 18.
  8. i was a bit more towards the middle and always stood on the ledge above the gangway that ran along the length of the Shed about half way up. I always made sure the crush barrier was behind my back after having been squashed against one my first time in the shed following a knees up mother brown surge. After that when the surge came down I would just step off onto the gangway and survive intact lol
  9. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    and their mob was generally older than our lads at the time
  10. Very much agree with you on the development of women's football and am pleased that your niece is doing so well at rugby here in sunny Sussex. I remember the silk version of the scarf which was popular at the Bridge when I was a teenager in the Shed. My friend knitted the one i am wearing in my picture as I lost my original one years ago and had not been able to locate another commercially. Having said that I was at the Newcastle game yesterday and walking out of the East Stand afterwards there was another Chelsea fan wearing one. We both had a good laugh and a bit of a reminisce about it lol.
  11. My 10 year old daughter who is a great defensive midfield player would love to one day play for Chelsea ladies. She plays for Hollingbury Hawks here in Brighton at the moment but one day maybe her dream will come true. So good to see just how much ladies football has developed in recent years.
  12. A rare treat for me as I live within walking distance of the Amex
  13. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Because their were only a few of us in the ground when they came in and I was told later that our mob was still in the pubs
  14. chelsea78

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Morning kick off that one. Had to hitch hike up from Chichester that day as no trains were running from the south-coast. Got to Victoria as the Chelsea fans were returning from the match to be told we got hammered in the game but we took the north bank. Next day we were home to West Ham and I got decked when they came up the stairs and poured into the Shed early on