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  1. I've noticed that, horrible personality trait.
  2. That's what winning teams do, we've won cup finals when we haven't been at our best.
  3. United were always gonna win, even when it went 2-2
  4. League cup finals rarely disappoint, I tell you this might be looked at as the bottom tier cup but the finals are usually the best of the bunch.
  5. Oh don't worry, I don't feel sort for them, I'm just saying I thought it was a penalty. But as I said below I felt we should have had one aswell.
  6. Having not seen the full game and only MOTD highlights it looks like we played well and were the better team overall. We could have scored way more in the game but we thankfully got enough goals to see the game off. MOTM for me was Fabregas, just looked phenomenal (where's the MOTM thread?) They were unlucky not to get a penalty though, Azpi handballed it clear as day, we got lucky there. But I feel we should have had a pen for the foul on Costa. The commentator said he was looking for it but the Swansea player didn't get the ball.
  7. FA Cup games should only be on Saturdays and Sundsys imo and match the same fixtures as PL games: 1 x 12.45pm Sat game 1 x 5.30pm Sat game 1 x 12pm Sun game 1 x 3pm Sun game 1 x 6pm Sun game The rest should be Sat at 3pm
  8. Haha I know but I'm just sorry for the situation lol It's great best feeling in the world How are you doing?
  9. I'm sorry
  10. Sky Sources (so take with a grain of salt) are saying that the players went to the owners cause they're weren't happy with Ranieri.
  11. Timing is just strange
  12. Well if it's any consolation we were playing Monday anyway that week originally. I do agree though, FA Cup games should be Sat and Sun only imo.
  13. Get in was hoping we'd be on the Beeb!
  14. Probably true in some cases but not in the recent games I've mentioned especially Wolves. As far as I'm concerned he has work to do up be considered world class. In any case I'm done talking about it cause we are going around in circles. I respect your opinion so I just ask for you to do the same with mine. Let's agree to disagree.
  15. Honestly Ernie don't waste your time mate. If people want to slag him off and jump on every word let them. They're the ones who come across looking like obsessive idiots.