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  1. Turned off the Manc derby, no atmosphere, slow tempo, just boring.
  2. I've constantly got a sickly nervous feeling at the moment due to the run in. Just wish Palace had hung in for a 0-0 last night I'd have been way more relaxed for Sunday.
  3. I'm as nervous as I was before the Man U game but I'm expecting a better performance this time out.
  4. Still one of my favourite moments ever
  5. Yeah plus we *touch wood* have no injury concerns so we should have our strongest team.
  6. Where did I say all is forgiven? Im making the point that he put in a good lerofmsbce against Southampton and just because you have a problem with him doesn't mean his assist wasn't an assist. I hope he does carry on from this game cause he has been sh*te since the turn of the year. I'm not denying that.
  7. He looked utter dog sh*t didn't he? Has a worst first touch than Costa. If they buy him then I agree will be a waste of money. Let's hope it happens.
  8. Sakho injury changed the game really
  9. Could have done with Benteke still on for the big hoof up the park
  10. It's so frustrating that we lost at home to this Palace side
  11. He's worse than useless
  12. No way Palace are gonna score they haven't had a sniff all game
  13. Gotta win Sunday for sure, was hoping they'd draw here
  14. Arsenal only 4 points off City, they can easily get top 4