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  1. Never said everything was. I wanted you to explain your comments firstly. Secondly I asked if your Tear Hull apart comment was directed at me.
  2. What are you babbling on about the league is quality and everyone can beat everyone? What does that have to do with Hazard? Also take it the last comment is aimed at me. Here have a pair of specs and actually read what I f**king said. I'm talking about Hazard been an elite player. I don't think he will ever be at that level. Never said he wasn't quality or any sh*t like that. That was my point and I stand by it.
  3. Good nice to see the FA finally punishingly Wenger. Although I can bet he'll get off lightly.
  4. But if you read the comments re his performance yesterday no one is calling him name or anything. Merely pointing out that a player of his calibre shouldn't be disappearing in a game like that. Which I think is a fine criticism to make a player who is often pointed to as a future potential world player of the year. What's happened here is those that don't like Hazard to be criticised have jumped in saying people have said or done things that they haven't. Onviously except BishBosh who is obviously SplishSplosh. I can't believe people cracked his code
  5. You don't just react to that though you're constantly making comments about him and jumping on every little thing he says or in some cases even doesn't say.
  6. @Ivanov87 The thing is he makes little digs in terms of a few mind games. If that really bothers you then you need thicker skin. He did the same here to other clubs and most didn't mind it then. End of the day I'll remember all the things he did great at this club and won't resort to calling him names. Jumping on every little thing he says shows how obsessed you are and it's pathetic. Of course by your logic that will somehow make me a Man Utd fan.
  7. Who is that then? Well then you're obviously from a spoilt generation cause winning trophies isn't easy and the man won plenty with us. I'm not saying you or anyone else has to like him but you should show respect for what he achieved with us and what he transformed us into in the first place making us one of Europes elite clubs.
  8. Thank you, also I brought up the fact that I think he isn't going to be an elite player. I never actually said compared him to Messi and Ronaldo either. Damn right mate and it's pure bollocks. Getting f**king boring on this place people posting absolute drivel and twisting what people are saying.
  9. I don't see how he's been a failure, he's not in the top 4 but he's on the verge of a cup final and into the knockout stages of the Europa League. If that's failure then what the hell were we last season. Honestly this hatred towards the man is quite frankly pathetic and down right childish. Seems to me some of you care more about Mourinho failing than Chelsea doing well.
  10. Hope he recovers well
  11. Let's not forget the officials got an offside wrong and our own penalty appeal wrong today. So the Hull one really just evened the penalties out.
  12. I doubt it, tbh I think it's funny that the media doesn't mention the Europa League, it's always top 4. Bit the Europa League is a route either United or Spurs could take to the Champions League.
  13. Mason is stable after surgery which is fantastic news. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  14. Yeah good point I didn't think of that. Man City might still fancy there chances. Sky Sports are making light of it aswell, unlike if it was someone else.
  15. Weirdly the article doesn't confirm how they know about him fighting for his life.