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  1. I just want him gone think he's been a good player for us but he's never been committed truly. He's talked of leaving far too often and look what happened in Jan. There's people across the next sticking up for him which I can't understand.
  2. Well it would appear it's us when Sky are doing articles like this: I think it's as nailed on as when Bale went to Real. It's a very similar transfer in many ways, both clubs stayed relatively quiet during the actual negotiation period and then he went for a big fee.
  3. I highly doubt we will buy both Lukaku and Moratta. Also if Lukaku is signed he's clearly gonna be first choice. Anyone who believes otherwise are deluding themselves.
  4. For half a season probably
  5. Sorry but he can claim all he wants he's the one who created the break down in jan. Tbh I'll be glad when he f**ks off, fed up with all the transfer drama around him every season. He and others in the 15-16 season were an utter disgrace and maybe that's why I don't connect to these players as much.
  6. Went for quarter finals, I just can't see anything beyond that.
  7. I reckon it probably is us, if so I will get fully behind him.
  8. So not the killer car classic
  9. Jinxing does not exist, do people honestly believe any actions we take effect the team? Superstition is daft as hell. We list the Cup final failing to win a double because the team did not perform. The thread was to build excitement and hype for the cup final, same as a TV documentary or an opinion piece etc.
  10. I just feel so deflated after losing this. I just can't understand why we showed up so poorly. Things keep running through my mind, why didn't Conte make changes at HT? Why didn't Moses just pass instead of taking a dive? We didn't we try to shut the game down after the equaliser and nick it? I just don't get what happened to us. It sounds spoilt to say but it has put a downer on the end of the season for me. Had this been the League Cup in Feb/March I don't think I'd have cared all that much.
  11. Wenger's agreed a new two year deal unsurprisingly
  12. There's suddenly a load of pro Wenger articles everywhere too
  13. Costa said equalise they just went up the other end and scored almost right after. I disagree we lost the game, I think that's doing a disservice to how well Arsenal played. They weren't excellent cause we were dross, we were sh*te despite that.
  14. Totally agree it pains me to say it but as bad as we were Arsenal we're excellent all over the pitch. They totally deserved the win.
  15. The fact Ramsey went to in into the ball it should be offside. It's a ridiculous rule honestly and it needs clarifying.