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  1. John Collins said on BBC Five live that Wenger didn't re-sign Fabregas in 2014 because Fabregas legs had gone. Wtf? He didn't re-sign him because he felt he didn't need him,
  2. Yeah that was a definite foul
  3. Alonso, thought he wss superb what I saw
  4. Don't think he'll last two years at City, by can't handle the pressure at all.
  5. Nah it was a decent game but it wasn't one of the best. Our game vs City has been the best league game IMO.
  6. Happy that was a draw, can't bring myself to root for Liverpool. Only team that has a chance to catch us now is Spurs and even there's is slim. Race for the top four is gonna go to the wire I reckon.
  7. Coutinho has been awful since he came back from injury
  8. Hope this ends 1-1
  9. That was a really bad miss from Silva
  10. Looks like this is gonna be the season where Spurs finish above Arsenal
  11. Southampton players in the last 10 mins have missed some really easy passes that would have opened space.
  12. Really hoping it's a classic
  13. Was a massive win, really did feel like Blackburn away 04-05 and West Ham away 14-15
  14. How likely is that looking?
  15. Yeah when we scored he was still talking like normal.