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  1. PSG are pathetic. No big team should crack like this, no matter who the opponent or the venue
  2. Should be game over now. Great game
  3. The more I watch teams capitulate at Nou Camp, the more I appreciate how well we've done there time and time again.
  4. Cracking game at Leicester so far. 1-1 and a very open game, Arsenal scoring seconds after Vardy should have had a second. Leicester are impressive, the Tinkerman has done a job with them.
  5. Don't mind me, I've been munching on my hat since the third went in. Brilliant from Tottenham, really didn't expect them to do us a favour today. Win against Newcastle and we're just 5 points behind - more than manageable. Oh and by the way, does anyone want next week's lottery numbers?
  6. Don't be fooled, folks. Spurs may be level, but they are going to lose this game. City look good once again and, barring some repeated comical defending from Demichelis and especially Otamendi, I fully expect them to score at least one more.
  7. Bollocks - Bogdan looks the second reincarnation of Dudek. What are the odds of him taking over Mignolet at some point, I wonder. Still makes me smile they replaced Pepe Reina with him.
  8. Sorry, Spud. Would have tempered that a bit if I'd remembered you might be reading I don't envy you and your fellow fans. Watching this team is so frustrating. No resilience, no character (f*** you, Brendan, I can't even use that word anymore), no fight in them.
  9. Watching Tottenham- Arsenal, as I'm hoping to catch our game later. I would be effin livid if we didn't get 6 points against the Spuds this season. Such a spineless team, losing 2-1 with 2 goals from Flamini and they only scored through a lucky own goal from Chambers with few other chances.
  10. Moses continues to impress me whenever I see him play. Such a shame Jose doesn't rate him, as he brings something different we don't have in our game. I really hope the new contract he signed signifies our intent on using him and not just a way to increase his price, like Romeu.
  11. An excerpt I read on Sky says Moyes was only appointed after Jose, Klopp, Guardiola and van Gaal were unavailable. So much for United's fans tripe about him being "The Chosen One". More like "The Leftover One"
  12. Or he might be thinking you don't win the raffle if you don't buy a ticket. If we weren't what we are right now - perennial title and cups contenders, based in fashionable London, etc. we would be struggling to sign the likes of Costa, Fabregas and Pedro. I wonder how much Jose would struggle if he had to make a team work with players from the B list of talent out there, instead of the very top. Two cases in point: Salah had almost signed for Liverpool before we made a phone call and took him away; Willian (famously ) had his medical with Tottenham when we came knocking. OK, one of those didn't work out the way we'd hope it would, but it illustrates that knowing who the right player is and actually getting that player are two different things. As long as Liverpool don't have the credentials to attract top talent, they will be at a disadvantage to other teams and that situation will be, IMHO, a factor in judging the success of the transfer policy of their manager, whoever that may be. Similarly, us and Paul Pogba - Jose may believe he is the perfect player for our midfield and would complement the team fantastically, making us much stronger against Europe's elite. Who knows what will happen with him, but I don't think we have a chance in hell of signing him and there's f*** all we can do about it - he's just a little above our level. I don't think recognizing this exonerates Brendan completely and I agree with most of the other criticism of his management. I don't think it excuses his hilaaaarious - and often expensive - transfer flops, e.g. Lovren, Lambert, Balotelli, Lallana, Mignolet, Markovic, Borini (I can go on...), but it puts his failures in context that I think it's unfair to ignore.
  13. I dislike Brendan as much as the next blue, but in his defense, the players he's wanted didn't want to come to Liverpool, so he's been left with option 2 (or 3) more than once and those options are not ideal. He's still made the wrong decisions on quite a few players, but more often than not his hand has been forced by the quality available out there.
  14. City got hammered Today has made me suddenly a lot more optimistic on this season.
  15. Was just about to mention that. I do not look forward to playing them at the Bridge - they've done Arsenal, Liverpool and now lead City, all away.