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  1. PSG are pathetic. No big team should crack like this, no matter who the opponent or the venue
  2. Should be game over now. Great game
  3. The more I watch teams capitulate at Nou Camp, the more I appreciate how well we've done there time and time again.
  4. Two defensive mistakes cost us the goals today. Which may not have mattered if our attack had managed to produce a goal to get the lead before they fill their sails. I'd love to see Jose play players who are in form and drop those not performing.
  5. F***ing get in! Let's get another one.
  6. Don't understand taking off Oscar, IMO our best player today. Fabregas has earned the bench twice over. Jose's insistence on his invincibles has been our undoing this season.
  7. A word on another culprit not present today - Diego Costa may have (arguably) won us the game last week, but his absence (the result of his own actions) has deprived us of a world-class physical centre-forward against a motivated, aggressive opponent. I like Remy a lot, but he just isn't suited to these types of games.
  8. A carbon copy of last season so far. What's with us and this stadium? We don't have a clear idea what to do out there. The bad moment isn't over, no matter what happens until the rest of the game.
  9. Cracking game at Leicester so far. 1-1 and a very open game, Arsenal scoring seconds after Vardy should have had a second. Leicester are impressive, the Tinkerman has done a job with them.
  10. Don't mind me, I've been munching on my hat since the third went in. Brilliant from Tottenham, really didn't expect them to do us a favour today. Win against Newcastle and we're just 5 points behind - more than manageable. Oh and by the way, does anyone want next week's lottery numbers?
  11. Don't be fooled, folks. Spurs may be level, but they are going to lose this game. City look good once again and, barring some repeated comical defending from Demichelis and especially Otamendi, I fully expect them to score at least one more.
  12. Bollocks - Bogdan looks the second reincarnation of Dudek. What are the odds of him taking over Mignolet at some point, I wonder. Still makes me smile they replaced Pepe Reina with him.
  13. Sorry, Spud. Would have tempered that a bit if I'd remembered you might be reading I don't envy you and your fellow fans. Watching this team is so frustrating. No resilience, no character (f*** you, Brendan, I can't even use that word anymore), no fight in them.
  14. Watching Tottenham- Arsenal, as I'm hoping to catch our game later. I would be effin livid if we didn't get 6 points against the Spuds this season. Such a spineless team, losing 2-1 with 2 goals from Flamini and they only scored through a lucky own goal from Chambers with few other chances.
  15. Moses continues to impress me whenever I see him play. Such a shame Jose doesn't rate him, as he brings something different we don't have in our game. I really hope the new contract he signed signifies our intent on using him and not just a way to increase his price, like Romeu.