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  1. ddrblue

    Help with this chant please

    First time I heard it was at notts forest away in a league two fixture in late 1980s via fat kath ,during a pre match drink in whatever pub .
  2. I can’t recall the last verse for the life ,so could anyone please step forward and fill in the blanks,or please correct if I have any of the first verses wrong. We all went to wembley one fine day in may,a crowd of supporters all happy and gay. The first was scored when bobby out jumped the rest, the second was scored by a wee Georgie best. The streford end shouted,but I never did and the third was scored by a young Brian Kidd . The stretford end shouted for more more and more,so bobby oblijed them by making it four, the team to remember the team to recall,the great man utd the pride of them all. They came down to chelsea in 78,and they filled up the north stand,the shed and the sides, but chelse were a many to many to ruck and the famous man utd got battered to fcuk. we went upto Manchester in 78 ???? now that’s where Iam lost after 78 bit ,all I recall is that chelsea ran them far and wide. if any other parts of this chant are wrong please correct me,and thanks in advance.
  3. Before the uddersfield and today’s Newcastle game I was quite confident of a facup final win ,due to the mancs looking way off the mark off late.But afte contes last two starting 11s all that confidence has drained out of me. now Iam thinking that the only way That there will be blue/white ribbons on facup next week after final whistle,is if the mancs play them sens to lose the final. thing is JM will want to win the facup far more than what our manager will, going on the last week or so. thing is I don’t blame contes mindset tbh as why should he give a fcuk when he has not had full controll on any new players etc etc
  4. Did not watch the game on the idiot box as I kept on switching between the Swansea/stoke and southampton/ man city games.iam still pissed off with starting 11 from the uddersfield game midweek,and when I clocked that bazzoka joe and Barkley were in the first 11 today ,I muttered to me sen WTF. iam not just pissed off with conte as Iam just as pissed off with how things are run at the club behind him.whoever is the manager of the team should have full say in what players are brought into the club and who is moved out.at the end of the day it’s the manager who gets sacked if results are bad ,not the players or whoever within CFC that brings the players in. also player power within the changing room should be fcuked off ,as all and sundry should only answer to the manager and f he says jump ‘how high’ is the answer.then if the team is doing sh*te the manager gets the sack. when conte won the prem last season ,that was the chance of laying down solid foundations for this season and seasons beyond,but when conte can not get the players in that he thinks will fit his way of thinking and the club brings in players who they think can fit into. Contes mindset ,then you end with a poor season just like this one. a win in the facup next week over the mancs will only paper over the downfalls from this season and future seasons if a manager don’t have full say on player transfers in or out. now CFC will be dropping back even more and will be looking at champions league qualification next term as a pluss ,as for sure we will be out of the title race .but if we do get a manager in who turns the tide and has a blinding season it will only be a short term stint for sure due to way CFC are run today.
  5. ddrblue

    where's Leeds european cup?

    Blue haze I will help you with this one fella,as Iam sure that londonisblue is pointing out the song that Leeds gobsh*tes allways sing about been champions of Europe . you know about fake news ,well put this one down to fake chanting
  6. Was knobing a bird from that neck of woods about 30 years back ,and she would drag us into pub on dewsbury road .think it was called Scarborough arms or something.then we would hit Wakefield and roof top gardens. allways had a good pub to pub round wakey with the bird.best pub was the one just outside Wakefield station .it might have been called the station or the castle ,but Sunday's were great and the amount of free bar food that was put out was unreal. thats quite normall back then for pubs in Yorkshire to keep customers happy with bar snacks
  7. F1905 the aftermath of the 3 Leeds chaps that petrol bombed the train you was on at Wakefield west gate. after they lobbed their arsenal at the train they fcuked quite sharpish and did not hang about. they ended up in a back steer Wakefield pub having a pint,when they was overheard by the landlord as the three of them did not understand 'loose lips skin ships' . bascially the landlord overheard them spouting what they had just done to the Chelsea train.he phoned police and by time of end of their court appearance all 3 were sent down to slop out. one of the poor fcukers hung himself whilst in Preston prison.
  8. You are right with the safety in numbers punt train load of boro was safe from just me as were the 40 to 50 Leeds lot on that London kingX bound train. saying that thou the train that was petrol bombed by 3 Leeds lads at Wakefield wetsgate was rammed packed with Chelsea.it was that full lads were up in the luggage racks and I was sat on table against the window. that could have been a really bad situation I guess .everyone started to laugh when some Chelsea lad shouted out ' facking typical Leeds can't fight with fists and have to use petrol bombs'
  9. As I said one look was enough .i moved out of the carriage and into another one.
  10. The division two league fixture that might have been the 1st away game. heck of a lot of chaos on the pitch after the game . i was in a train carriage back to London ,the old type carriages where you could pull the windows down on the doors and hang your body out of the window. some Chelsea chap was doing the above as train pulled into clapham junction I recall ,when the poor Chelsea fan must have been hanging out fat too much as you heard a loud thud and he fell back into the carriage. i was stood not too far away and recall seeing his body and blood laid out .train was stopped at clapham junction station as ambulance came and took him away. the whole carriage then went quite and one look was enough . got back home that night and put the news on expecting to see the worst ,but nothing came up and toady I know no better.anybody know how things turned out p,ease. dont seem to have much luck on trains with Chelsea as I was sat at the window that the Leeds fans petrol bombed at Wakefield westgatd station. got kicked to fcuk after the grimsby v Chelsea promotion game on cleggy station as I got on a Doncaster bound train by loads of local grimsby lads. some Leeds twats tried to throw us off a London kingsX bound train at retford once before a CFC v Leeds game. the train back after the CFC v boro game was torrid for us . some of younlit must have come a cropper on whatever train. carisle utd v Chelsea and I was on Leeds station waiting for connecting train to carisle ,when I got smacked up by a couple of Chelsea lads who thought I was a Leeds fcuker .dont know what hurt more the kicking or the fact they thought I was Leeds. two chelsea chaps were all sorry as i boarded the same carisle bound train as them,they even gave me their copy of the NF paper that they had and got us a few ales in carisle.
  11. ddrblue

    Chelsea v Middlesbioro 1988

    Went to said game and had a nightmare at kingsX and on the train back upto donny . boro were all over the place and the train was rammed with them ,I was getting kicked and punched all way back to donacster and some boro lot even tried to pin us down and have me trainers away .
  12. ddrblue

    We've lost another true blue..

    Thanks for that CB ,got a text from ginger ,Iam going to find it difficult getting across due to prior half term holiday plans with family .
  13. Thanks for that fella that was great to watch for me . i was on the railway embankment for that one ,so within that small mob of Chelsea stood behind that goal on the left hand side. had me cp company jacket on that day as I was a tad forward in them days .police were clueless to what my flip top mobile phone was that they found inside my jacket pocket was all about during while been searched on way in ' MOBILE PHONE' think my white socks that gave my northerness away that day tbh.
  14. Division 2 Bolton away when Chelsea fans were banned ,ok it was not ' Chelsea here Chelsea there Chelsea every facking where' as you lot down the smoke sang it but it was at least ' Chelsea here Chelsea there ' there was more than enough Chelsea in the ground for this one to be noticed ,and for life of me can't recall the score