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  1. ddrblue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    When chelsea were in division 2 I would get a 08:30ish inter city 125 from donny to London kingsX .The train came from Edinburgh and would also stop at Newcastle ,York and Donny aswell as other stations .One thing that I noticed back then was the amount of chelsea fans that got on this train at above stations .at times there would be anything upto 15/20 then other times 5/6 or 7 .some wore club colours some did not,but I rarely ever saw fans from likes of arsenal,hammers,y*ds,qpr and these teams were all in division one back then. the way to clock what team whoever followed back then was by the small round badges that all and sundry wore .i got to know CFC lads from Newcastle,darlington,hartlepool,Leeds,York,grimsby,pboro via the train to the smoke . the above tide did change after the premiership started up ,as i then saw likes of arsenal ,y*ds and hammers shirts on the same London kingsX train as me and the train back up north aswell. maybe the arsenal,y*ds,hammers fans above was allways on my trains to London and I was not on full defcon 5 mode,who knows.
  2. ddrblue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    I went to that Huddersfield game and left the game early so I could get a train back to donny.i was walking up towards the train station when I passed. the aftermath of this chelsea poor chelsea fan incident.i noticed that he had chelsea club colours on which type of hit home with me one of the reasons why I never wore club colours at home or away games. i allways thought that the chelsea fan had been stabbed to death going on what I was picking up from what the locals were saying around the area of the incident. it was allways in back of my mind as to why/ how this chelsea fan was so far up leeds road ( if that was the road I was on ) before the game had finished .think I left with about 5mins to final whistle and it was quite a distance from the ground up thta road from my memory .
  3. ddrblue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    I recall going to the Bolton v chelsea game the season before ,in the last away game of the season in a must win game tha helped keep CFC in div2 .bolton 0 chelsea 1.think Clive Walker scored the goal and it was raining cats and dogs . after the game we was in a pub when ken Bates dropped in,he basically said to us that the chelsea team by the start of the next season 1983/84 will be very different as they will be signing X amount of new players . Start of the 1983 season saw us beat derby 5-0 @ SB ,with untold new players running out for CFC that day,with promotion as league two winners by the end of the season ,facking sheff weds if my memory is correct.
  4. ddrblue

    Away support

    Thanks for that fella,19 bloody 82,ffs where has 30 odds years gone .micky Droy got to be my most favorite CFC player tbh.
  5. Who is quite large boned with greyish hair that is allways seen standing around the tunnel area .seems to have been standing in that tunnel area under untold numbers of different managers now .i need to ask what is his position/ job at CFC ?is he part of the security ? thanks in advance
  6. ddrblue

    Away support

    Was that the game when pop Robson scored and CFC won 0-1 ? Or was the pop Robson game a different season ?recall been outside the ground in the que for match day programme.all was going well untill the twat infront of me bought the last 20 or so programmes left. how on earth did he carry all them back home
  7. Allways liked Micky Droy tbh ,think it must have.been because he was a giant and I had a pull out poster of him deeming the yellow/ green umbro away kit .while Iam on that yellow\ green umbro away kit ,I still think that’s the most classic CFC shirt todate.
  8. ddrblue

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Came down on 08:30 from donny for the derby county game ,maybe my memory is knackered but Iam sure the Brighton away game was played the following Saturday as we did that one on British Rail aswell.
  9. ddrblue

    Gianluca Vialli: the Chelsea diaries

    Went to the Coventry city v chelsea game at high field road CFC lost 3-2. had a photo took while stood next to GV,and I was taken back how small he was .if you had slapped a mad hair transplant onto him and he turned out for the opposition in the Sunday league I played in ,his size would not have worried me one bit been a Centre half . guess I would have been chasing his shadow once ref blew for the kick off is true to say
  10. ddrblue

    Help with this chant please

    I take it that cath don’t post on here then as no rea answer to the question .
  11. ddrblue

    Help with this chant please

    First time I heard it was at notts forest away in a league two fixture in late 1980s via fat kath ,during a pre match drink in whatever pub .
  12. I can’t recall the last verse for the life ,so could anyone please step forward and fill in the blanks,or please correct if I have any of the first verses wrong. We all went to wembley one fine day in may,a crowd of supporters all happy and gay. The first was scored when bobby out jumped the rest, the second was scored by a wee Georgie best. The streford end shouted,but I never did and the third was scored by a young Brian Kidd . The stretford end shouted for more more and more,so bobby oblijed them by making it four, the team to remember the team to recall,the great man utd the pride of them all. They came down to chelsea in 78,and they filled up the north stand,the shed and the sides, but chelse were a many to many to ruck and the famous man utd got battered to fcuk. we went upto Manchester in 78 ???? now that’s where Iam lost after 78 bit ,all I recall is that chelsea ran them far and wide. if any other parts of this chant are wrong please correct me,and thanks in advance.
  13. Before the uddersfield and today’s Newcastle game I was quite confident of a facup final win ,due to the mancs looking way off the mark off late.But afte contes last two starting 11s all that confidence has drained out of me. now Iam thinking that the only way That there will be blue/white ribbons on facup next week after final whistle,is if the mancs play them sens to lose the final. thing is JM will want to win the facup far more than what our manager will, going on the last week or so. thing is I don’t blame contes mindset tbh as why should he give a fcuk when he has not had full controll on any new players etc etc
  14. Did not watch the game on the idiot box as I kept on switching between the Swansea/stoke and southampton/ man city games.iam still pissed off with starting 11 from the uddersfield game midweek,and when I clocked that bazzoka joe and Barkley were in the first 11 today ,I muttered to me sen WTF. iam not just pissed off with conte as Iam just as pissed off with how things are run at the club behind him.whoever is the manager of the team should have full say in what players are brought into the club and who is moved out.at the end of the day it’s the manager who gets sacked if results are bad ,not the players or whoever within CFC that brings the players in. also player power within the changing room should be fcuked off ,as all and sundry should only answer to the manager and f he says jump ‘how high’ is the answer.then if the team is doing sh*te the manager gets the sack. when conte won the prem last season ,that was the chance of laying down solid foundations for this season and seasons beyond,but when conte can not get the players in that he thinks will fit his way of thinking and the club brings in players who they think can fit into. Contes mindset ,then you end with a poor season just like this one. a win in the facup next week over the mancs will only paper over the downfalls from this season and future seasons if a manager don’t have full say on player transfers in or out. now CFC will be dropping back even more and will be looking at champions league qualification next term as a pluss ,as for sure we will be out of the title race .but if we do get a manager in who turns the tide and has a blinding season it will only be a short term stint for sure due to way CFC are run today.
  15. ddrblue

    where's Leeds european cup?

    Blue haze I will help you with this one fella,as Iam sure that londonisblue is pointing out the song that Leeds gobsh*tes allways sing about been champions of Europe . you know about fake news ,well put this one down to fake chanting