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  1. Why Conte Must Roll Away The Stone

    Listen I agree with Dorset, but with the managers, we go for, the big name managers most have got big egos they will not risk their reputation so they will not use the young, I think Chelsea is broken this is not the first time this has happened and won't be the last time?. Should the question be can Chelsea be fixed? and who should that man be? coz Conte is not the answer?
  2. Just pick a winning team enough said
  3. MOTM vs Tottenham (N) (FA)

    Luiz for me well done man well done
  4. MOTM vs Man Utd (A) (PL)

    kante the only one?.yesterday was a bad day at the office I hope now its game on
  5. MOTM vs West Ham (A) (LC)

    I don't understand why all the changes it's not like we got champions LEAUGE ?
  6. MOTM vs Hull (A) (PL)

    Costa for me leads the line well the team played better and without Ivan he must not start as right back again maybe center back. But it was only Hull
  7. MOTM vs Arsenal (A) (PL)

    Costa the main one and Luiz did well showed passion,I don't understand we started the season pressing teams from the front and now we playing so slow and no direction,Ivan should never play for Chelsea again ?.The things is what now how to fix it coz this system is not working or is this player power again ?
  8. Kante and Matic can not play together to me Kante don't need Matic his a beast
  9. Does it matter blah blah ......................
  10. MOTM vs Dippers (A) (PL)

    Went for Luiz but it was a bad performance all round don't know why he plays Kente and Matic together it's not working so stop it we looked as bad as last season ?
  11. Eden Hazard

  12. Cuadrado - Chelsea's #23

    is he Kaloo in disguise no to be honest he has not been giving a chance just like most of the fringe players coz when they leave they do all right else where so what does tell you about our club that if you don't hit the floor running you be out or more of a squad player?
  13. Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Lukaku should be the number one striker look how many goals he scored for W.B.A. Torres will never be the player he use to be ever? the quicker jose realizes the better Torres is gone