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  1. Considering we won both halves 2-1, the performances in each half were night and day. Great second display. Happy to see Costa back amongst the goals. Another step closer to the title. Slightly worrying we don't seem to be to keep a clean sheet. How many goals have we conceded from crosses right that same inside right channel.
  2. If we sit back again second half. I can't see them not equalising tbh.
  3. Not sure how we are ahead in this. Need a massive improvement second half.
  4. Really annoyed at this tbh. We're are actuallygetting outplayed and out fought at home to Southampton who dont have anything to play for.
  5. Very poor so far. We don't look confident at all.
  6. I use plexus so you can play acestream and sopcast links. Phoenix sports has pretty reliable links, I used to use castaway but that's hit and miss at the moment. If you can't get plexus working for whatever reason. UK turk is good for flash streams.
  7. Always good to see leeds suffer. Although I really miss beating them regularly.
  8. I don't think you can blame ake for the 1st goal too much. It was an incredible header. I'd keep ake in tbh. Reward his performance with another start.
  9. Good day all around for us. Swansea and hull winning keeps palace, and Leicester fighting for points , especially if palace lose tomorrow. Could be a big week coming up in terms of sealing the title. If we take more points than spurs over the next 2 games, it will pretty much done and dusted.
  10. I thought hazard's comments after the game were a testiment ro conte's man management skills. Although hazard will have been disappointed to be benched for his fa cup semi, he took it on the chin, and both he and costa came on with a good frame of mind. Really like conte, isn't afraid to make the big decisions, whether its changing for players, or leaving out superstars, he does what he thinks is best for the team, and most importantly, he keeps the players on side. Hopefully we end this season with a double, and roman backs himfully in the summer. Antonio Antonio!!!
  11. I thought he looked great today. Couldn't do much with the kane goal, it was top drawer. With ake and christiensen, we really don't need to spend money in that area. Cahill will be nervous about keeping his place. Zouma also has a big job to get into the starting 11. I wouldn't write hin off from doing so though, as he seems professional enough to put in the work required.
  12. Fantastic semi final. 5 great goals and a pen. Thought we stuck at it were clinical at the business end.
  13. I wouldn't call edgar davids mediocre. He was part of an outstanding juve team for 5/6years, which was one of the best teams in Europe. I agree with your point in general though.
  14. Oversees loans do not count towards the 3 season period required to qualify as home grown. Christiensen has had 2 seasons here and 2 in Germany. His last season as an under 21 is next season. If he spends it back at chelsea or anywhere in the UK, he will be classed as homegrown. If he spends it at chelsea which is likely, he will also be club trained which is a requirement for the Champions league.