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  1. if conte wants Sandro and we can afford it, then that's who we should be pursuing. Why push someone like bertrand in him, who would probably cost £35m+ himself judging by the priced being quoted for similar players. Would bertrand even want come back? He wouldn't be a clear 1st choice here anyway. Alonso is arguably the better player. Sandro is a quality player. The only players that I wouldn't actively look for upgrades for is Courtois, Azpi, Luiz, Kante, and Hazard. The rest have been great this season, but if we want to mix it with the best in europe, we must be looking improve the team. It's harsh, but true.
  2. I don't think that is the case here. Juve's president Marotti confirmed they turn a massive bid down from us. He is the last person I would think would want to fabricate stories of vast sums on offer to a player, who he is just about to enter contract negotiations with.
  3. good versatile and possibly cheap addition.
  4. Id prefer it to be distributed like it is currently, than how they used to do it Spain. It makes for a very competitive league.
  5. More rumours about conte quitting. Not sure how true any of it is, but since the fa cup final, there seems to be a lot of negativity around club, mainly due to the costa situation, but also hazard breaking his ankle, and reports of courtois's contract stalling. Hopefully wecan tie conte, Courtois, and hazard to new contracts, and bring in some big signings asap to bring the positivity back. I don't know if fans of every club feel the same, but with chelsea it seems there is always something negative just around the corner. Never a dull moment for us though I suppose.
  6. I know stats aren't everything but if you look on transfermarkt, he has played more games, scored more goals, and made more assists playing right wing in his career. At least he would be an exciting signing.
  7. I was the same but he really does look the real deal. Arsenal and Liverpool are getting linked with him, so I don't think he would be as out of the equation as I 1st anticipated, if they could afford him, why couldn't we? It's always difficult to sign players that real and barca are linked with, but we could offer him a staring role, which im not sure he would get in Spain. If he turns out great we have superstar, and if real or barca want him 5 years down the line, the fee we pay now, would have the be significantly increased for us to sell.
  8. Came off injured after 20 mins. I thought he looked okay, not poor not spectacular, but difficult to judge on 20 mins.
  9. It's worrying tbh. There is no real options in the middle of park. Dier is pretty limited, Henderson is a long ball merchant that's rarely fit, Livermore is sh*t, and Ox is a winger. Really need someone like ward-prowse to step up, or maybe on of chalobah baker or rlc can step after looking good for the u21's. Can't see us doing anything at a major tournament for while. The wait continue... lol
  10. France look good though. Best pogba has played all season aswell.
  11. had a few doubts about whether mbappe could lead the line on his own, as I've only seen him play off falcao. After seeing his movement second half tonight, he would be great up top for us. This french side look like they will go on to win major tournaments. Hopefully we can pick a few more of their stars up, and zouma can get himself into the team. Mbappe would be a fantastic bit damn near impossible signing, as would dembele. Hazard Mbappe Dembele front 3 would a dream attack.
  12. I think rlc and baker will both go out on loan, and chalobah will be kept as he has already had 5 loans, and on the surface, it looks like he is more content with a squad role. I think we have 4 players that should be good enough for our 1st team squad in the next 2 seasons, Baker, Musonda, Abraham, and Christiensen. Christiensen will hopefully get his chance this season.
  13. I really rate baker. I think the only way for him to make it here, would be to have a fantastic season for someone like Swansea maybe, and get himself in the England squad. I think he is more than capable of doing that next season, especially when you consider Livermore is starting games. He will be almost guarenteed to catch the eye with his set piece ability, which hopefully get the media talking about him, which makes more difference than it should thb. He still has to improve massively off the ball though, if he ends up at Swansea, maybe makelele can have some influence that will make him a more complete centre midfielder.