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  1. big blue

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Better goal scoring record, better link up aswell.
  2. big blue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    To fit the narrative that Hiddink acheived immediate success, because he was the opposite of Scolari. It's a poor scale anyway. Most father figures are authoritarian by nature anyway, they are not opposing traits, and one manager can be seen as both of those archetypes by different players in the same squad. I'm sure someone like Ferguson was seen as both by every player.
  3. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    Can't blame the journo's for asking when every time he gives he gives them more fuel for the fire.
  4. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    When asked if he needed to go to Spain to win Ballon D'or he replied 'that's why I want to go...maybe'. I get he is just being honest, but come on Eden. That's twice in week he has fed the gossip. The will he stay, or will he go, circus he is creating can't be for the good of the team.
  5. big blue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Very well written. The writer believes in this managerial cycle at chelsea, where by in his mind Sarri will be lucky to see out the season, and we will bring in another disciplinarian next season. The rest of the article is overly negative to fit that narrative. They even conclude it would be an extraordinary achievement to finish top 4, which suggests they believe there are at least 4 teams that have far fewer problems than ourselves. There are definately issues, but that is the case for all our rivals aswell, maybe bar city. We are joint top of the league in spite of these issues, and although we have road our luck at times, it is still early days, and we will improve week by week. In terms of the 'cycle', i don't really see it. Every manager brought in full time since mourinho the 1st time, has been tasked with winning trophies in style, and generally we have employed the most qualified available at the time. The patience from the board seems to be increasing, there is no way conte would've seen the season out, or mourinho would've lasted as long with those results, if it happened in the earlier years under abrahmovic. So I don't see this as a similar situation to avb or Scolari. Sarri will get time as long as there is no implosion of results, or major spats with players and the board. I think it's an exciting time to be a chelsea fan, hopefully we continue to back sarri in the market because I think he could lay down a philosophy that could bring success long after he leaves the club, as mourinho did in his 1st spell.
  6. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    I get your point however Perez was never satisfied with navas, he's been close to bringing in de gea and kepa to replace him, so from his point of view it was an area that needed strengthening. I'm not sure he will see it the same with Hazard, since he has isco, asensio, bale, Vasquez, and the aforementioned vinicius jnr, who could all all play left wing. I don't think Perez particularly fancies hazard, from all accounts he wants mbappe or neymar, and if Perez really wanted him, he would've come in hard for him when hazard was a couple of years younger, and also while Zidane was still in charge.
  7. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    Real have brought in vinicius jnr fir massive money, £40m for a then 16 year old. He started the season playing for the b team, but he's now forced himself into the 1st team, and has made his debut on off the bench. If he continues this rise, then madrid would be more likely to bring a striker, rather hazard.
  8. big blue

    We've got a new Kepa

    Courtois might have saved sturridge's shot, but there's no chance he would've saved the one from mane! Kepa reminds me of cudicini.
  9. big blue

    Andreas Christensen

    I think we should show some faith with him, in terms of centre backs he's still very young, John Stones has made some bad errors as well, but he now looks very good for England and city. He needs to start helping himself though, when he does come in, he needs to produce. So far this season, he's played 3 games, did okay in the Europa league, but made an awful error at anfield. Sarri obviously wants a settled a back 4 to give us something to build on, if christiensen can be patient, I'm sure he will get a few chances in the league around Xmas, and he's got to be perfect in those games to win the confidence of the manager. It would be a shame to lose him, when he was showing so much promise 12 months ago.
  10. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    If he doesn't want sign a new deal I think we need to just let him run his contract down, we couldn't get a big enough fee for him with a year left on his contract, he doesn't seem like the sort of player that would cause issues, and who knows, if we have a good season, and a good window, he might decide to stay, like ozil did at arsenal. We haven't even offered him anything since last December apparently, so these latest comments could be hazard leveraging the club for what will be his last massive contract. Great player, hope he stays, but if we do lose him, life at chelsea fc goes on.
  11. big blue

    Eden Hazard

    Lampard finished 2nd in world player of the year 2006. Hazard has been my favourite player to watch for chelsea, if this is his last season, then it's been a joy to watch him for 7 seasons. Like everyone else I'm hoping he signs a new contract, there are murmurings that real Madrid can't afford big fees anymore, so maybe that will play in our favour.
  12. big blue

    We've got a new Kepa

    Looking really good. He is making some great saves, and his distribution now compared to his 1st 2 games is fantastic, he keeps calm, and if he does need to go long, he is very accurate, and he is mastering that chipped out ball to the flanks.
  13. big blue

    Alvaro Morata

    Giroud has had a decent run of starts in the league and while he fights for every ball, he never gets on the end of anything, or looks like scoring. Giroud's link up against Cardiff was world class, but since then, what has actually contributed? We all know morata's flaws, but his movement is very good, and chances always seem to fall his way. Now he is back in the goals, I think he should be ahead of giroud in the pecking order again, give morata a run of league starts and see if he hit some sort of form. It's a tough situation with neither striker being really good enough.
  14. big blue

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Played better today, didn't lose it in dangerous areas, provided a quality assist, and got his 1st goal for the club. Good day at the office.
  15. big blue


    Thought played okay 1st half, then second half he gave it away in bad positions, and picked the wrong option going forward a couple of times.