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  1. big blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Maybe the answer is just having a little patience for kante to adapt to his new position and Jorginho to adapt to a new country. Kante very rarely sat in front of our defence in the way makelele did. At Leicester and in our title winning season, he was more box to box than a holding midfielder, with drinkwater and matic both playing deeper. Now he has more freedom to press, he doesn't have to dictate the tempo, and he has got licence to make attacking runs. The timing of his runs so far has been fantastic, much better than Barkley on the other side. I actually think kante will reach new heights in this system, and he will become the complete midfielder. Considering Jorginho can't defend for toffee, napoli were very strong defensively under sarri, and reina faced the least shots in the league last season. The premier league is obviously a different beast, but I'm sure jorginho can and will adapt, and when we start to attack and defend as a team, in the manner that sarri wants, Jorginho will not be exposed like he was for 20 minutes against arsenal.
  2. big blue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    2 f**king awful decisions. Van aanholt booked for a clean tackle with palace on the attack. Then he's been conned by a dive.
  3. I think you would struggle to find a game we had so much possession in against a top 6 side in the last 5 years. I'm actually suprised at how well we keep the ball already. Some improvements to be made when we are out of possession, but I think we will be more than ready for our next big test at home to Liverpool at the end of October.
  4. big blue

    Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    The referee gave a free kick for that incident so I don't think he can be banned retrospectively. I don't think he will ever be good enough for us, but his £5m fee has already been made back from 3 loan moves. Hopefully he has a good season and we can get £20m for him in the summer and use the money for the 1st team. Good business.
  5. big blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    I was a little concerned that there was no buy option in the deal to get him here, but from the comments he has made, it seems like he really doesn't intend on going back. It will give madrid a bargaining tool for hazard though, but I suppose we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that hazard signs a new contract before next summer. A month ago, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wasn't exactly looking forward to this season, but some of the football we have been playing, and the prospect of hazard and kovacic linking up with a rejuvenated pedro, has got me feeling we can take on the world. Really can't wait until Sunday now, hopefully kovacic gets his first start.
  6. If we play like that, that is a man less to press the opposition high up the pitch, which is fundamental.
  7. big blue


    Like @RIP Mourinho said it would probably be one of Willian and Pedro £60m, Kovacic will cost us ~£60m, and replacing Giroud could be either offset by selling Batshuayi, or just using Batshuayi instead. We managed a net spend of around £70m this summer without champions league football, so if we can get back into the top 4, and and actually get some fees for the likes of bakayoko, drinkwater, Kenedy, etc, there should be plenty of money available.
  8. big blue

    Marcos Alonso

    He was very good going forward, but definately struggled defensively 1st half, although I think the team defended poorly from the front in the first half.
  9. big blue

    Another defender or two in January?

    Having just seen the highlights again, the lack of pressure we put on the ball in that spell was worse than any individual error. We need to press as team, and show more positional awareness, which we did the second half. I'm confident sarri will rectify it on the training ground. I think the cries for kante to play in front of the back 4, and for us to be looking at defensive reinforments, is extremely premature after 2 games, which we won. It was always going to be a rocky start, new manager, new players, vastly different style and system, players arriving back late. Surely there's been enough promise in these opening 2 games to allow sarri some patience.
  10. big blue

    Another defender or two in January?

    Let's give sarri a couple of months to see what he can achieve with the current crop 1st. He seems to have done a lot in the short time he's been here already.
  11. big blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    There's no way kante and Jorginho can or will swap under sarri though. Sarri has picked up on the spacing between defence and midfield, so it will be something that will be worked on and improved in training. Now we are turning into a possession side, I think we have to accept that we will be a lot less solid without the ball. Our best form of defence, is now keeping the ball, we aren't setup to soak up pressure.
  12. big blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    30 seconds after he came on he was demanding the ball off the centre backs and trying to make this happen. I'm not the biggest fan of Barkley but I thought he played well today. Kovacic has to start though for me, he's on a different level.
  13. big blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I like things as they are, Kante's attacking movement is fantastic, if his finishing improves, he could get double figures this season.
  14. Fantastic stuff. Alonso was fantastic second half, and if he can play like that, then il be very happy. Motm pedro tho for me. he was everywhere. Controlled the second half brilliantly, especially when kovacic and hazard came on. Great win.
  15. Not really sure what to say about that defensive perfomance. We stopped pressing as a team after 20 mins. Lack of pace from the full backs to press and then get back in, is leaving gaping holes in the channels. Luiz is Luiz. Great when we have the ball, but lacks the concentration to play consistently well in a back 4. Kepa probably should've saved the 1st goal. Positives are that 1st 15 mins, when we played the type of football sarri will want for 90 mins. Could go either way this one.