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  1. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    We didn't switch to 4 at the back. Conte even said in his post match presser, he kept the same formation.
  2. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    did we switch to 4 at the back today? I thought we kept the same back 3 throughout tbh, Azpiliucueta moved to left wing back and pedro dropped to right wing back, then zappacosta was a straight swap with pedro. it's was always 343 imo. I wouldn't be against going 4 at the back, especially with kante back, although I honestly feel the 4 across the middle have been a bigger problem than the 3 at the back in recent weeks.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'm really not convinced bakayoko has the vision or passing to play ahead of a drinkwater and kante midfield. I think he is best sitting in front of the back 4. Once kante is back, the midfield will be solid again even as a 2. Maybe that 3 you suggested would be good away in the tough games, but I think it lacks creativity to be our regular midfield.
  4. Massive win for conte. We played okay 1st half but sat too deep towards the end, and conceded a sloppy goal. 2nd half we started well, then for 20 mins we were all over the place, outrun, out fought, and out thought. Watford should've put us away tbh. So many things wrong with the performance today, but I'm glad Willian and Batshuayi made telling contributions as they have been particularly poor of late. Really need kante back, because we have nothing in midfield without him. Hopefully we have stopped the rot.
  5. Maybe conte will play 433 from the start? It would be a suprise for sure.
  6. Need a won today. I'm confident we well get it aswell. We have a good record against Watford. Just need to play with the right intensity and our quality should shine through.
  7. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    I don't think drinkwater is good enough personally. I think a lack of quality in the squad, is more of a problem than the formation. I guess it depends on where you as a fan think the club should be aiming. I think we need better wing backs, midfield playmaker to replace fabregas, and another quality forward to supplement hazard and morata. I just want to see us improve season after season, but it seems like we have regressed yet again after winning tbe title.
  8. I think the game was lost in midfield. Bakayoko has to play centrally in front of the back 4, he looked so uncomfortable last night. Luiz just chased the ball, hasn't not the tactical brain to play that role well enough. Fabregas looks finished. You can accept his poor defensive game, when he is dictating play and creating chances, but games have been passing him by this season. It's going to be painful until kante gets back, drinkwater isn't the sort of calibre of player that will take us to the next level. We drastically need a playmaker with a solid defensive game, as trying to play out from the back with the current midfield and defensive personnel, is simply not working against the better sides. Conte needs to set us up more aggressive, especially at home, we should be looking to take the initiative. We sat far too deep last night, it felt like an away game, which is poor for a club with ambitions to be the best in europe. A point is not the end of world, especially after that performance. Conte and the players need to improve, and the club need to give him better players to work with or this will only end one way.
  9. I don't want to keep harping back to the transfer window, but if conte was planning on using 352 alot this season, we really should've bought a 5th centre midfielder. I actually worry for conte, roman will not take being outplayed at home.
  10. played too deep, and just couldn't get out. Conte got his tactics wrong again, although it is hard to criticize when he has so few options. The tactics just felt very negative, even after pulling back to 3-3, he brought hazard off who was on a hat trick, and it seemed like we happy with the draw. 3 games on the spin we have been outplayed. Something needs to change, because we look a totally different team from the one that beat Atlético.
  11. fabregas and bakayoko are playing left and right of luiz, sometimes too wide imo. Luiz just chases the ball like a dog in a park, it makes us very easy to play through. We would be best just playing long and trying to win the second ball at this rate.
  12. 9really poor performance so far. Struggled to get out, midfield has been poor, fabregas and bakayoko havent really got into the game, and david Luiz has been chasing shadows. Up top hazard and morata have had very little to work with but still haven't held the ball up enough. Last 5 mins we actually started to look like the home side, but we need to improve or roma will score again.
  13. IPTV - VPN help

    I only get around half that speed, il give it another go on the android tv, but I think I might need to upgrade. Also came across this router, which may do the trick if my speed is better. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pre-Configured-VPN-Router-High-Speed-Secure-Compatible-With-All-Devices-/122295296254
  14. IPTV - VPN help

    This season I got myself a subscription with flawless streams, and up until the man city game, it was fantastic. Now none of my channels load during match hours. I was originally running flawless with the smart iptv app through my tv. I signed up for ipvanish, and have tried to run it through a firestick. The firestick still doesn't load the channels, so I assume the vpn isn't working correctly. I tried the same ipvanish/ smart iptv setup through a sony android tv, and this time it loaded the channels, but all they all just stuck buffering. Would appreciate some help as to what to try next, maybe buy a newer generation firestick/firetv, or is it worth upgrading my internet speed to try fix the buffering problems on the android tv? What setups have people in the same boat had success with?