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  1. International = crazy rumours
  2. Hadn't heard that before. Even so, I don't think anyone will be leaving for cheap, they managed to get £120m for James, and martial. I still think they would more likely sell their biggest asset, maybe silva, rather than cash in on the 5 or 6 others that have all been linked with moves. I guess money talks though, so we will see. I would mbappe here. Not overly keen on bakayoko, I would prefer fabinho as he can also play right wing back.
  3. I just hope that we learn our lessons from previous title wins, and add quality even if may put pressure on players that have been a major part of our success this season.
  4. Can't see Monaco selling more than 1 or 2 of there players. They aren't exactly short of cash.
  5. Also assisted the 2nd with a lovely touch which killed the game.
  6. Wouldn't suprise me of this was indeed the case, especially as koeman said that the final decision whether he goes on the summer will be up to lukaku. If this is the case hopefully we wouldn't get bent over too much with the fee, although it could be another Suarez '£40m release clause' situation. (+£1)
  7. For those of us clamoring for a couple of monaco's star players. Although £12m for mend, and £28m for silva seems to be prices pulled up from 10 years ago. Mendy only moved to Monaco last summer for £11m, I'm sure his stock has at least doubled this season.
  8. Fantastic result. f**k off stoke you horrible c**ts. Cahill giving the 2 fingers to some of the idiots abusing him an hour ago. Come on chelsea
  9. Awful penalty decision. But we have had chances we should've taken. Costa will either score the winner or get sent off!
  10. A lot of responsibility on William today. He needs to be the one to go looking for the ball and make things happen. Would have been more confident with cesc starting. Any win will be brilliant.
  11. Muscle injury in training. Not necessarily because of the rough treatment in the United game. Still feeling confident we grab a win though, fabregas has to start now for me as we will need his creativity. Costa to step up with a brace today 2 nil win.
  12. Is hazard out for this now? Seems to be a few whispers. Gutted if he isn't playing. He is fantastic to watch at the moment.
  13. Great player for us, but even though he rufutes the claim he threatened to score an own goal, he still admits to holding the club to ransom and moving to a direct rival, so his time with us will always be tainted imo. Still we got his best years, and we also got the best left back in premier league history. Beating arsenal on all fronts since 2005!
  14. Not seen any reports for £100m. £65m would be about going rate for someone with his record at that age. Although lukaku can look clumsy at times I don't think his touch as bad as what some people make out. Costa looks clumpy at times as well. He seems to link up well with hazard and other technical players for Belgium so I don't see it as a major issue anymore. I think if lukaku comes here, you can guarantee he will do everything in his power to make it a success.
  15. Can't see us getting the money for batshuayi. Probably looking at closer to 20m. The only reason benteke was sold for the same amount was because he had a good record in the prem already.