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  1. Random Rumours

    http://sportwitness.co.uk/13-goals-12-assists-chelsea-send-official-winger-e60m-complete-transfer/ Gelson Martins, admittedly I've seen him play much, he looks very exciting on you tube. €60m buy out clause.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Morata's missed chances this season: Burnley home - At the end of the match ball came off his heel in the last minute. Spurs away - easy header wide Bournemouth away - shot wide at the end of 1st half. Roma away - blasted over the bar to miss equaliser. Quarabag away - missed 2 good chances after coming on. Atlético home - 1 on 1 straight at keeper to win the group. West ham away - last minute volleyed wide to rescue a point. Stoke home - missed a couple of 1 on 1's. Arsenal away - missed a couple of 1 on 1's. United away - hit the bar, was unlucky, but probably should've scored. West ham home - missed a header in the second half. Burnley away - missed a couple of 1 on 1's. That's 14 big chances, and im sure I've missed a few aswell. I was a striker myself, so by no means do I think he should have scored every one of those, some where unlucky, some were a little more difficult, but if morata had put away half of those missed chances, he would be heading for 25 goals in his 1st season. I always think the time worry is when strikers aren't getting chances, which is why I don't see this as the same situation to Torres at all. Torres obviously missed a few, like all strikers do, but I think his loss of pace, and the way we played, meant he wasn't getting the chances he used to. I would definately stick with morata for another season, because I think he isn't far off being a top striker, and his instinct to sniff out chances is good. His temperament and composure need to improve, and the rest will fall into place.
  3. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    He played pretty well. Especially considering just how little football he has played in the last 10 months. Decent crossing, Good pace, good technically, and did okay defensively. Bigger test to come, but so far he looks a better footballer than zappacosta.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    He had 3 chances, 1st he took an extra touch and the angle went tight, the 2nd I don't think he could've done any better, but the 3rd should've been tucked away, even if it was a sensational save. I know Batshuayi has his floors, but I think he would be quality in a 2 man attack with giroud, who does the things bats is poor at, brilliantly. Not really a long term solution though with giroud being 32. Not sure what will happen with morata, he looked really angry with himself, but he needs to improve his finishing or he will never be a top striker at a big club.
  5. one thing I would add about hazard, it must frustrating for a striker like giroud who thrived on crosses, because hazard very rarely puts it in, which makes it difficult to make runs. I think hazard put more crosses in for diego, probably because he didn't want an angry diego costa in ear! It was great to see hazard taking players on again though.
  6. Good win. Thought it was going to be another one if those days again. Hazard sensational when he came on. The players that usually get a lot of flack were excellent tonight, Moses, Cahill, and pedro all played really well, and there were solid perfomances from Rudy, azpi, and giroud. Bakayoko managed 30 minutes of looking like a footballer at the end aswell. Shame about the other 60! I've defended morata a lot, but he has to score those chances, it isn't unrealistic to say he should be heading for 30 goals in his first season, if he took the easy chances that he has regularly missed this season. Motm either cahill or moses.
  7. Unlucky to concede, but same old story.
  8. Don't even know what to say about that morata miss. You've just got to be taken those chances at this level.
  9. Refreshing to see us play 2 strikers, and I think they look pretty dangerous, giroud is showing his experience and intelligence. Back 3 have looked solid enough, cahill better than usual. Emerson has kept it simple, hasn't been tested defensively yet though. He's doing okay considering he hasn't played much in the last 12 months. Bakayoko is absolutley sh*t as usual. I don't remember a midfielder player who gets his pocket picked so often, and his 1st touch is abysmal, it makes Lukaku look like prime Zidane! Need to grab a 2nd.
  10. Marcos Alonso

    Didn't think the challenge was that bad personally. I don't think there was any malice in it, but I'm not surprised to see him get banned because it looks bad in slow motion, and we always seem to get punished by the media for things like this. Vertongens challenge in hazard was much much worse. Alonso has had a decent season, I think his goals have got him into team of the season though. Hopefully emerson can make his mark in the next 3 games. With moses and zappacosta underperforming, it would be a perfect opportunity to go to a back 4, but I'm not holding my breath!
  11. Alvaro Morata

    http://m.calciomercato.com/en/news/juventus-plan-to-sign-morata-revealed-61505 Not sure what would be in it for us. It would be utterly bizarre.
  12. Most memorable goals against Chelsea

    I remember having teletext on and I was ecstatic that we were 2 nil up against arsenal, then every time it flicked back to our score kanu had scored again and again. Gutted.
  13. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I agree although he would have to add more goals to his game if he was to make that position his own. He's certainly capable, as he has shown he can time those runs into the box well.
  14. Thank You Mr Roman Abramovich

    I have been wondering about this aswell, i don't follow politics too closely, so I was wondering what impact it would have, if any, on the new stadium, the summer transfer market, and the club in general. If Roman had his UK assets frozen, how would that effect us? I'm sure there's some intelligent posters on here that have a few answers.
  15. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Or send Bakayoko back to Monaco for Fabinho.