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  1. Goal of the Season 2016/17

    Costa v WBA at home, brilliant finish in a game of few chances that was crying out for a moment of brilliance.
  2. I'm expecting the full side to start this match and am expecting total carnage!!
  3. Chelsea Vs Watford (PL) Mon 15/05 2017 KO 20:00 GMT

    Possibly the chubbiest opponents to visit The Bridge this season Watford looked better suited to the Herts Sunday Prem under the pseudonym Whatferd Sunday FC. One can see why they were relegation candidates up until this weekend and when no. 33 came on I thought we were changing sports from Soccer to American football, he should really be a Linebacker for the Raiders. All that said they took their opportunities well and gave our second stringers something to think about. Thought Chalobah played well, his range of passing was very good, he dropped off a bit after his booking and was blowing a bit late on. Ake, Zouma and Kennedy remain, for whatever reasons, unconvincing and I can see any two from three being moved on close season. All in all a good evenings entertainment and am looking forward to Sunday's presentation and then the Cup Final followed by the Parade. Have a great Summer Shedenders KTBFFH
  4. Put Cesc in the starting line up for the next three home games and he will get the job done for us.
  5. Youth Cup

    yet another outstanding group of young players. I wonder what the future holds for them?
  6. Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    I was sitting in block 535, the incident you mention happened away to my left and above the block 536 exit. Not sure what was going on to be honest. Fella in a hooped T-Shirt took one on the bugle. I went out to the bog and the bloke was outside with the little girl and a couple of others plus the Police. Not nice for the child to have witnessed such events, she won't understand the rivalries but had to witness grown ups behaving badly and was understandably in tears when she left her seat.
  7. Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    I had my doubts about today's outcome but delighted to have been proven wrong. Their 7th straight FA Cup semi-final defeat two of which have now been inflicted by us. There is no finer feeling than beating these c*nts, I'd be just as happy beating them at tiddlywinks. Proud of the way we battled today, not pretty at times but we never looked like folding and took our chances when they came. Post match beer at the Green Man went down really well, now to crack on with the league on Tuesday night v Saints. KTF people, trust in our Manager and all will be well. PS - if you want a chuckle do have a read of the Fighting Cock forum.
  8. Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    We had better turn up on Saturday with our "A" game else we will get a chasing. Any match v Sp*ds requires a massive Chelsea effort both on and off the pitch, losing any match to them is unthinkable. The worst case scenario looms large, they beat us in a cup semi-final and nick our title and possibly set them up for the double a f*cking unbearable thought. The players need to be right on it and following todays OT result we will be underdogs, it may help us against a super confident opponent. Fingers crossed and KTF
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    they may end up sleeping with the fishes!!
  10. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Love Pedro, top player with Barcelona and showing us what he can do this season. Like to see him up top rather than as a wing back, defending is not something that many players at Barcelona particularly spent to much time worrying about. Will prove a great asset in next seasons European campaign.
  11. Jeunesse Hautcharage

    Went to this match with a Pal from school, we were 15. Remarkably we had been on a school trip to the natural history museum that day, had driven past the ground on our way home to Tadworth!! We gt off the coach ran the 2 miles home, got changed, jumped on a 164 bus to Epsom back up to The Bridge. Our efforst were well rewarded with a goal fest. Like UPSETTER, I was gutted when we were knocked out by another lowly side and that season made my first trip to Wembley with lads from Stockwell and my 10 bob ticket only to lose to Stoke City. Happy days
  12. Your first Chelsea game?

    I used to go dog racing at The Bridge before I ever saw Chelsea play a home match. My first real live Chelsea home match was this one, v Sunderland and I was privileged to see The King net a Hat trick. my recollection is that Peter Houseman had three assists. I stood, for the only time ever, under the weird looking stand in the NE corner of the North Stand. My first away match was at age 14 when I saw Chelsea played Fulham at The Cottage in mid-week 12/10/1970 for Stan Browns testimonial, I went with my cousin and his mates from Stockwell.
  13. Tammy Abraham Car Crash

    makes you wonder which brain cells collided and gave the lad the that driving without a license etc was a good idea? As for the owner of the car they should have the book thrown at them as well. Imagine the sh*t storm if this had led to serious injury or even the death of a third party.
  14. simply super stuff, onwards and upwards. And a little nod to Hull City
  15. Frank Lampard retires from playing football

    I doff my cap to you Sir Frank, what a career at Chelsea, what adventures we all had as it unfolded. To many special memories and important goals to mention. Am privileged to have watched many a Chelsea 'Great' and the odd 'Legend' in my time but for all round contribution to our Club's success I would put you at the very top of my list in a tussle for top spot with JT and The Drog. Hopefully Chelsea will provide you with a home and allow you to pass on to our youngsters what it takes to get to the very top and inspire another group to want to become Legends themselves. PS. The Essex Caravan Club have once again show the world what a classless bunch of c***s they are, a club who spawned Lampard, Cole and Ferdinand and now rely on the likes of Snodgrass and now play on a council pitch, where next I wonder Hackney Marshes!!