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  1. Also Deco and Romeu.
  2. Didn't Lamps do that for years?
  3. Well with Arsenal it's a well established fact, wouldn't want Liverpool to have a go instead of them ;) Now if they both can get it while the Manc teams miss out that would be great but I really don't think City will finish outside of the top four.
  4. Definitely Liverpool. Arsenal with Wenger is no threat to us, let them get the 4th spot and they'll crash out of the CL in the first knock-out round as clockwork.
  5. and now for something completely different
  6. Probably because both are appalling diving c**ts.
  7. It's ok but you're probably better off waiting for a deal in the Steam summer sale.
  8. Although it's kind of like waiting for Godot...
  9. I'd like to see Fulham back in the PL. It's a very short trip for three easy points and they are kinda cute :)
  10. Ah yes, the 'Liverpool effect'. Take the same tv appearance, change the colours, logos, references, etc from Liverpool to let's say Dortmund (or whatever else) and his likeability factor will instantly increase rapidly. It's a scientific fact, it happens to every single person they sign.
  11. They thought it's time to sign on...
  12. He's Juve through and through mate, it's safe to say that he'll never manage Inter.
  13. Ah, the song that made me fall in love with Björk. I guess we all have one :)