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  1. wow, just wow...
  2. Same difference :) Not their best album but enjoyable and still head and shoulders above the rest of the active metal bands. God, I miss Isis... a damn shame that they broke up.
  3. MK Dons have fans?
  4. Is that because you know that context does not help it? :P Cheer up mate, it's just some light-hearted fun.
  5. You'll find that you can do both at the same time.
  6. Why, who should have been his biggest critics? Mice? Seagulls? Spotted hyenas?
  7. New Mastodon album is out.
  8. He did something much better, got us winning again.
  9. Have some faith man, it ain't over yet.
  10. Fab on, switch to 433 looks like
  11. To be fair you do need a humongous distraction to deflect the headlines from Pogba's (non-)performance...
  12. Just so. Oh how sweet it was when we finally won the CL after all those years of foreplay...
  13. I guess the curse of the #7 shirt is well and truly broken.
  14. Then again, the real white line hugger was a striker.