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  1. I wonder who are you talking about...
  2. Yet another bloody dig at us. How long will he be allowed to continue that, the rascal?
  3. Nicklas Bendtner.
  4. We opted for Torres...
  5. I wanted to post this for a while now and finally I both remember it and have the time. I love the new feature that ctrl+enter submits your post, just like any email client.
  6. I think he would struggle to finish 4th... ;)
  7. So Chelsea fans who show respect to our most successful manager ever are his minions. Right.
  8. That's just the Özil effect.
  9. It's the crossbar challenge for managers: 4th in the league and last 16 exit from the CL.
  10. Remember the Cant, you rock hopper ;) Dark Matter was another ok sci-fi series but I have to say that The Expanse is clearly better.
  11. Glad you liked it. I came across it in December and watched first series in two nights.
  12. Of course they do, that's why they go on and on and on posting in this thread, they want to provoke reactions. That's how trolling works. If it was purely about José there would be no need to keep repeating the same insults.
  13. A textbook illustration of psychological projection.
  14. Problem is, you need clear definitions to make stats. If the events you're counting are not well described then it's a waste of time, the results will be flawed.
  15. It's graphite and tangerine... ;)