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  1. Saul Goodman, a.k.a. Jimmy McGill. And you're on the wrong track, there's nothing biblical about what I say or do at all ;)
  2. Better call Saul... soz, couldn't resist it :)
  3. If he won't score a hattrick against the Spuds he'll be a failure. ;)
  4. Didn't he say that Chelsea were 8 mil off 'his guy' and wouldn't budge? With the reported 58m fee it all makes sense, it's just that we gave in at the end ;)
  5. Now your pushing it...
  6. This is just... wow... What a magnificent collaboration!
  7. What are you on mate? He's Juve through and through, him going to one of the Milan clubs would be akin to JT managing the Spuds or Gary Neville at Liverpool... It won't happen in a million years.
  8. You clearly never heard proper Hungarian ;-) Nur ein bisschen.
  9. Well he's half a player for sure... Yeah, I reckon he could do a decent job. In the League One.
  10. Could have fooled me...
  11. Gee, that's almost German...
  12. Wait, you're saying that the ref gave Valencia a red card because José decided not to sub him? That's indeed a fabulous error - by the ref...