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  1. It really shows that Amazon let the showrunner go and never replaced him. Season 1 was all about the concept, some people even found it boring. Season 2 is more of a mid quality sci-fi with alternate realities and bog standard crazy Nazi characters, it lost most if it's complexity. Then again, neither is a patch on the book, so :)
  2. I know, right? I'll never forget his tears of joy in Moscow.
  3. I think this would be opening a can of worms. Do you expect the FA to be a sensible and impartial judge of what is a dive and what's not?
  4. ^ Is JT blue through and through? :)
  5. They were like a python suffocating its prey, all over the opposition and not giving them any space or time on the ball. It's not easily executed and very demanding on the players, so credit to them. I respect the dedication and hard work they put into it and admire the effectiveness. Debating aesthetics is pointless and totally irrelevant for football. "Yeah they won everything but not in style"... come on now.
  6. I think he meant tickling.
  7. not that I disagree :) but that's subjective, we might find it boring, others don't
  8. He inherited a fantastic squad especially with Messi breaking through, but on the other hand he did change the way they played with an impressive result.
  9. High pressing with someone in midfield giving an absolute beast of a performance, like Dembélé did. You'll have to score first though and relatively early because there's no way you can keep that up and shut us out for 90 mins.
  10. There's a new feature to hide all posts about him, just press Ctrl+F4.
  11. Yep, everyone hates them.
  12. Thanks. No problem with that, I think he's spot on.
  13. Also true but the sooner they break their winning streak the better.
  14. True but I'd like to see Manu struggling to get back to the CL for a few more years :)