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  1. Yep, seems like it's the case with every weekend, but Sunday is absolutely pivotal.
  2. Pretty much. They have Arsenal at home, which could go either way now that Arsenal appear to have regained a little confidence. Any set of results are equally likely to happen in my opinion.
  3. Spurs play Arsenal this weekend. Big Pete, we'll love you even more if you keep out the Spuds...
  4. The way Everton are playing at home I doubt we'll keep a clean sheet. Repeat of the 6-3 win in 2014, please!
  5. What annoys me is the changing narrative in the media when in reality nothing has moved. After last night I read reports saying we're almost there, tonight "The title race is alive and kicking!". If anything we're a game closer... Just wish people would react properly after everyone's played rather than quoting points differences when teams have games in hand.
  6. Just looked at Everton's recent home form in the League: 15 Apr 3-1 vs Burnley 9 Apr 4-2 vs Leicester 18 Mar 4-0 vs Hull 11 Mar 3-0 vs WBA 25 Feb 2-0 vs Sunderland 4 Feb 6-3 vs Bournemouth 15 Jan 4-0 vs Man City 2 Jan 3-0 vs Southampton 19 Dec Lost 1-0 to Liverpool 13 Dec 2-1 vs Arsenal On paper not the toughest run of fixtures, but 9 victories in their last 10 at Goodison is not to be taken lightly (the one defeat against Liverpool they lose every year). More worryingly given our defensive frailties they're averaging 3 goals a game in that time. How do we go about stopping their attacking threat? Or do we just risk it and try to outscore them??
  7. Hopefully the win tonight and on Saturday will give us the momentum to push us over the line. Tantalisingly close, Spurs are due to drop points somewhere...surely?
  8. Good result, and great to see Diego regain the ability of linking up with other attackers. However still nervous that our defence may let us down crucially in one of the final games. A win vs Everton would go a long way to making me more confident.
  9. Quite. In fact his foul throw against Man Utd led us to concede possession in our own half. From that passage of play United scored their 2nd. Needless.
  10. No Pedro surprises me, aside from Hazard I don't see much killer instinct. Anyway we're all master tacticians before the match...c'mon Chels!
  11. Certainly- the defending might be a little dodgy, but the attacking talent on both sides are making this a good game for the neutral.
  12. Dortmund back in it...
  13. Monaco bossing it....Mbappé is going to be quite a player
  14. This year is our first FA Cup semi since we lost to you lot in 2013! You're right that Real do prioritise the Champions League- particularly since they went for José and Carlo. I don't know, it's probably just my frustration with how inevitable it all feels. I'm sure fans in Europe said the same thing when English clubs dominated in the 00s. At the same time though I don't think any of the English sides seemed to benefit quite so much from questionable refereeing (only time I can remember for CFC is Carvalho taking out Valdes in 05 for JT's winner).
  15. Yep the same teams year after year- it's the seventh season in a row Real have reached the semis. They're a very good team, but at the same time in a cup competition there will (or rather, should in all probability) be games where you'll be knocked out unexpectedly. But it just doesn't seem to happen to them in recent history. You know it's something when you cheer on Juve and Bayern as some sort of plucky underdog! Allez Monaco is all I can say.