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  1. Cold hard fact is that we simply don't have the appeal of a Real Madrid or a Barcelona. They are above us and will be for a long time still, unless we start regularly winning the CL. So they will always be able to poach our players if they really want to.
  2. Think he needs to come into the back 3 next season. Luiz at the centre, and then Dave, Cahill and Christensen rotating for the other 2 positions. Zouma should go out on loan.
  4. As if I need an excuse to post this:
  5. He's never wanted to be here, let's win the league and then let him go back to Spain if that's what he wants.
  6. Oh my goodness, he's really going to stay. It's like Christmas. 2 more years of Arsenal Fan TV
  7. Being 100% honest, if China came in with a crazy offer in the summer, I'd take it.
  8. Will we be able to fill all the seats? We don't want to be like Man City, with a soulless, half-empty ground.
  9. I'm not sure it was a dive, I don't recall him even appealing for a penalty, no-one did, everyone turned around to get on with the game and then the ref blew.
  10. Apparently the team who made the original trilogy all left after ME3, and the team who made this one are the ones who did the online multiplayer features, and this is their first game. So it was always going to be worse.
  11. Much nicer to look at as well.
  12. I think of the 3 he's most likely to lose his place netx season. Personally I'd consider giving it to Luiz.
  13. Well good news then, because according to the Telegraph this morning, Wenger is going to have one last go at re-building his team over the summer by making a lot of changes.
  14. He might need some rotating, so it would be good if we could get another quality CM, as Matic just isn't good enough.
  15. I'm still not sure what Diouf was so angry about. He went absolutely bat-sh*t crazy.