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  1. Looks pretty good for a 19 year old. I'm all for us signing a few British players, i think it's important to have a few of them in the team. If he'd be okay being Alonso's backup, i think it would be a good signing, especially if the figure is under £15m.
  2. I don't know if its just me or not, but I'm finding this whole Man Utd "do it for Manchester" over their win to be in very poor taste and quite disrespectful actually. What has them beating Ajax got to do with a bunch of teenage girls getting killed? A minutes silence? Yes. Donate to the charities? Yes. Support in any other way they want? Yes. But to try and associate themselves winning a trophy with this just seems wrong to me..
  3. I reckon we'll pinch it 2-1. Goals from Hazard and Costa.
  4. Are dog anuses often referred to as "reliable" then? Reliable in what sense?
  5. Any ideas where he's off to this summer? Will we be selling him, or will it be a free transfer?
  6. 2-0 to utd was the score i expected. They just have too much for Ajax, even though they themselves are pretty sh*t as well.
  7. Ajax look better, but Utd will win it. How is David Pleat still getting commentator jobs?
  8. As the commentators will still pronounce them all the same.
  9. Sorry Newcastle.
  10. That sucks. Will it be rearranged?
  11. That has often been peoples' criticism of me.
  12. I don't think Conte has my number.
  13. Moses' crossing is bad, I've watched every game this season I think and I have certainly seen enough of him crossing to come to that conclusion. It's generally a miracle if he beats the first man.
  14. Couldn't even wait one day after being crowned champions to start with the pointless arguments again?