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  1. No. Won't ever top Lampard.
  2. Aina isn't good enough yet, I wouldn't have him anywhere near the first team.
  3. If there is such a player, i think getting 1 person who can play LWB and RWB would be better, as you then don't have to try and keep and extra person happy on the bench, he can be the cover for both positions.
  4. Probably drunk.
  5. It's been on the Chelsea website for a while if you look at recent news.
  6. Sounds like Cahill really shouldn't have played on.
  7. Hi splishsplosh.
  8. There's been talk for years of him going to Real Madrid, but I don't think he really has the ambition to go there. He seems to be happy just playing well most of the time, getting a few goals, getting a few assists. YOu go to Real if you want to be one of the best and really test yourself, like Ronaldo or Bale. Don't think he's got that ambition in him. Which may be a benefit to us, as he might stay with us longer.
  9. You'll always get that from a few people in any stadium.
  10. Very bad news, hope he recovers. Bbc says in stable condition and expected to be in hospital for a few days, less dramatic and hopefully more accurate than the tabloids.
  11. Unlike the pass from Sakho.
  12. To use a Football Manager analogy, his CA and PA are pretty much level.