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  1. I'd be happy to sell him abroad for 35-40m. But if Man Utd want him, then we should settle for nothing less than 60m.
  2. Courtois - 6/10 - Basically had nothing to do, cos Arsenal are sh*t. Moses - 7/10 - Got up and down well, got in some good tackles, looked more like the Moses of the beginning of last season Azpilicueta - 6.5/10 - Solid. Thought he should have come off earlier though, when he seemed to injure himself Luiz - 6/10 - Don't really remember him having much to do Cahill - 6/10 - Same as Luiz Alonso - 6.5/10 - Bit slow chasing back on occasions, got some good passes and crosses in going forward Kante - 7/10 - Kante Fabregas - 6.5/10 - Controlled the middle well Pedro - 6.5/10 - Good pace and energy, but should have been sent off for his outrageous flying headbutt into Ospina's fists Batshayui - 9/10 - Very good link up play, good first touches, strong, 2 great goals. Only downside was he was weak in the air and didn't challenge much for high balls. Willian - 7/10 - Took his goal well and gnerally solid SUBS (Who did enough to be judged): Cabellero - 5/10 - Don't know if it was a tactic or something he picked up at City, but seemed intent on short passes out from the back, and was sloppy with them, which seemed to spread throughout the defence and led to more sloppiness Tomori - 7/10 - Looked surpisingly solid. Some good tackles, good tracking back, good running forward. Would like to see more of him in the next game. Kenedy - 3/10 - Time to be sold I think, he's just not good enough. Struggled in everything he tried. Boga - 6.5/10 - Not as blown away by his performance as some. He showed good pace and quick feet, but overdid it sometimes, trying to do too much and lost the ball. Doesn't look quite ready, maybe a loan at a better club than Granada this year could help his development. Baker - 6/10 - Looked eager to get involved, vision was good, if a bit lacking in execution. Hopefully will get longer in the next game to see what he can do. Remy - I'm not sure why he's still here.
  3. I thought he was left footed?
  4. What does he do in the middle though? He's not very good defensively. He is hardly a goal-scoring midfielder either, with the most PL goals he's got in a season is 2. He would just be a bit of a Phil Neville, filling in in various positions and nothing special in any of them.
  5. Depends how much we want to spend. There are lots of players out there who are better.
  6. Last time we broke our transfer record for a Spanish striker, I went out and bought the shirt with his name and #9 on it and wore it to the pub for his first game. To this day I take responsibility for the calamity that followed and I shall not be repeating my mistake.
  7. #NotMyChoice
  9. Still think he should be given a chance as our other LWB, rather than splash out another 40-50m on someone else and probably loan this guy out again.
  10. WiFi can disrupt things though can't it? Not that I have any vested interest in the subject.
  11. I don't think even our medical team could keep Wilshere off the physio's table.
  12. Mason Mount is the one who looks the most promising at the moment, hope he gets a chance to show what he can do.
  13. My only concern is his goal scoring record at Juventus wasn't great, so I'm not sure he'll be able to get the 20 goals a season that Costa could, but that was a few years ago, so maybe he's improved since then. Will be interesting to see how he acclimatizes.