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  1. You'd be better just watching a stream of BTSports on
  2. I know he was out for a long time and I don't want to be massively critical, but Zouma has looked so poor in the games he's had this season.
  3. Very poor so far, we look barely interested.
  4. Huddersfield played very well!
  5. damn it, i was hrtinking about putting a bet on lincoln to win and didn't
  6. Seen it before with Borini. He thought he was the dogs bollocks, wanted lots of money. Let him leave and he's currently making us regret up to his potential....doing really well...playing occasionally for Sunderland. If these youngsters really knuckled down, worked their arses off in training and force the manager to take notice, maybe they'd make it, but the vast majority of talented youngsters don't make it, not because necessarily of ability, but because they don't have the attitude.
  7. Shame, as he had/has great potential, but I think we set the wrong precedance giving RLC such a big contract when he's done nothing to warrant it yet, and Solanke presumably wants the same. But if a 30m international striker can't even get more than a few seconds at the end of games, he has no hope in hell of playing here.
  8. Izzy Brown and Kasey Palmer doing well at Huddersfield. Anyone watch them much? Think they've got any chance here?
  9. If we can hold on and win the league, I think it would be between us, PSG and Bayern to sign Sanchez.
  10. This thread is nearly as toxic as Arsenal Fan TV
  11. Well he hasn't really nurtured much talent in the last decade. He's signed young players like Walcott, Oxlade, etc... had players like Ramsey and Wilshere, and they are all consistently underperformers.
  12. If he moved into a higher up role, would be be willing/able to step back from all the transfer dealings and so-on? Because he's been buying some awful players and any manager who comes in would struggle knowing Wenger would be there overseeing what they are doing and potentially still convincing the board to buy certain players.