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  1. Haven't seen Claude smile that much for years.
  2. Dzeko the Gecko

    Sounds great.....
  3. Palmieri

    Just makes no sense to me why we'll ship Baba off who is coming back from a long injury, but then bring in someone else who is just coming back from a long injury.
  4. Palmieri

    I feel like they are overrating him. Every video I've seen of him on youtube has been massively underwhelming, I'm not even sure I'd rate him above Kenedy based on the "best" clips that I've seen so far. Could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is just another backup, like Zappacosta.
  5. Watford are 10th, what were they expecting from this season...?
  6. On paper it's a tough game away at Burnley, but in reality I think they'll win comfortably, probably 3-0, with goals from Pogba, Lukaku and some defender.
  7. Good, solid win, just what was needed after so many draws and disappointing performances, plus 120 minutes the other day. Cabellero - 6/10 - Didn't see his save so can't comment on that, but looked dodgy as f**k coming out for crosses Rudiger - 6/10 - Reasonably solid, but struggled a bit helping Alonso down the left Christensen - 6.5/10 - Didn't really have all that much to do before going off Azpilicueta - 6.5/10 - Bit sloppy I thought on occasion, but mostly his usual self Alonso - 5/10 - Thought he had a poor game, struggled defensively and didn't have much joy going forward Kante - 8/10 - All over the pitch Bakayoko - 6/10 - By no means his worst performance, but still got lots of work to do Moses - 6.5/10 - Took his goal well, got up and down the wing well, shame about his crossing, but he's never been able to cross Hazard - 8.5/10 - Two quality goals, some great runs, marked down slightly because he was sloppy with the ball on occasion Batshayui - 6/10 - Sloppy on occasion, but also involved in some nice moves. Started using his body a bit better towards the end. There's a player in there somewhere. Willian - 7.5/10 - Finished off a great move, held the ball well and linked up with the other attackers Subs: Luiz - 6/10 - First minute or so he looked gung ho and I was worried, but managed to resist the urge Zappacosta - 6/10 - Not on for that long, but seemed to do a bit better against their right wing than Alonso Musonda - 7/10 - Couple of good dribbles, was looking for the ball, and a great assist
  8. Good start, slipped a gear or so since then and Brighton look like causing us problems. Need to up the tempo and get another quick-fire goal in the 2nd half to try and kill it off.
  9. 120 minutes in mid-week, injuries, suspensions, struggling to score. Doesn't bode well. Brighton 3-7 Chelsea
  10. Peter Crouch

  11. Dzeko the Gecko

    He'd be near the top of my list for a back-up striker, but I don't think he'd want to leave Roma right now.
  12. Danny Drinkwater

    I'm not denying that. But I feel like he deserved more of a chance under Mourinho than 4 appearances.
  13. Danny Drinkwater

    He had Makalele in front of him though, and we all know how Jose loves his "untouchables".
  14. Palmieri

    Looks pretty poor on his "best" youtube compilation. Would not be an upgrade on Alonso.