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  1. There is a touch, its just hard to see at that angle.
  2. Zeta

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I'm sure he mentioned before he wants to manage Portugal. I expect he'll do that after Utd.
  3. Burnt a lot of bridges in all directions that guy.
  4. Is there really any point even continuing? City are going to stroll it again.
  5. Zeta

    Marcos Alonso

    One-on-one defensively he actually did quite well yesterday, it was when faced with players running into the spaces between him and Luiz where we really struggled. If he's going to come out wide to defend, it needs either the other 3 of the back 4 to shift across. Or for the deep midfielder (Jorginho) to move into that space to cover it. Unfortunately Jorginho isn't very athletic and doesn't have the pace to sprint into those positions, which is why I would have Kante deeper personally. Another other alternative, is to keep the back 4 narrow and make it the wide midfielders responsibility to track runs back, but that's more suited to the 5 at the back with wingbacks, and I can't see Hazard doing much of that.
  6. Zeta

    Victor Moses

    Can't see a spot for him in this team. Could rather give Hudson-Odoi any minutes Moses might get on the wing.
  7. Zeta

    Following our ex`s...

    Poyet's a crap manager and always getting confrontational.
  8. Zeta

    We've got a new Kepa

    I'm expecting moments of brilliance and some awful mistakes as the season goes on. Sort of like De Gea's first season or two. He'll take time, but in a few years he should be brilliant.
  9. Zeta

    Alvaro Morata

    Can't believe he scored a one-on-one against Arsenal
  10. Zeta

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    That back of the heel flick by Kovacic was filthy.
  11. Zeta

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Arsenal

    Pedro. Got his goal and worked his socks off until the end.
  12. So making some points about where we were going wrong in the first half, is turning on the team? If anyone is posting the same old boring sh*t over and over again, it's you.
  13. Positive signs going forward, but worrying at the back. As with all the pre-season games, we started the game doing the quick 1-touch pass and move, but then it faded as the game wore on, it seems as soon as tyhe opposiion score or have a spell of dominance, we lose confidence in it and start playing slower. Will probably take most of the season to fully get to grips with.
  14. Very poor defensively. Acres of space out wide, as was the case in pre-season, with this narrow back 4. Midfielders not following runs. Against a better side, we'd be 2-5 down now.