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  1. Zeta

    WC 2018

    Mexico are always surprisingly good at world cups. No team has really stood out so far, they've all got their weaknesses. I feel it's going to be Brazil's to lose.
  2. Zeta

    WC 2018

    I hate VAR, it takes all the excitement out of scoring a goal, while you wait to find out if it's actually going to be allowed or not.
  3. Zeta

    WC 2018

    Much better than that sh*tty Morocco Iran game I watched earlier.
  4. Zeta

    WC 2018

    This match is so dull, just stoppage after stoppage, and diving and awful play in between.
  5. Zeta

    Anthony Martial

    We already have Morata and just signed Giroud. How can we have guaranteed Martial he could play as a striker? Unless we change to 2 up front.
  6. Zeta

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I suppose that might explain the strange sexual turn the dream took after that.
  7. Zeta

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I had a dream about this last night, which I think wraps up any confusion about what's going on. Me and the players were sat down in a room with Antonio Conte and he announced to us all that next season we would be run by Sarri. Some of the players didn't want him to go, and he got a round of applause. Then Sarri came in with an interpretor, as he didn't speak any English. I have no idea if in my dreams I can speak fluent Italian or if it was just gibberish, but it certainly wasn't English, anyway. So hope that clears up the situation for everyone.
  8. Zeta

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    Can't see any horrible run of fixtures, probably these 4 will be the "hardest", in theory: Saturday September 29 Liverpool home Saturday October 6 Southampton away Saturday October 20 Manchester United home Saturday October 27 Burnley away
  9. Zeta

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    I like to see who we kick-off against, what the run-in is like, and what the nearest game to my birthday is.
  10. Zeta

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I felt it needed a random acronym that nobody understands,to make it more realistic.
  11. Zeta

    Any game recommendation?

    I'd like to see more games like Heavy Rain. I really enjoyed that on the PS3/4.
  12. Zeta

    Qatar 2022 World Cup

    Of course, they paid too much money to FIFA officials for it to not happen.
  13. Zeta

    Random Rumours

    Feel like we could have got more, but good to see them finally off the loan list and hopefully able to progress with their careers properly.
  14. Zeta

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    AMpadu could be molded into that deeplying playmaker position. He's got a good range of passing and he can get stuck in as well.