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  1. Having won 3 European Cups in 4 years, and now being the first team to retain the trophy in the competition's modern format, surely we are looking at one of the great teams? I feel like this Madrid side doesn't get the recognition it deserves. I mean, they've won the European Cup more times than Pep Guardiola's Barcelona, yet some would have you believe that Messi & co. were the greatest team in the history of the game. I suppose that because Real don't ascribe to sime kind of morally superior, abstract 'philosophy', then their achievements are deemed inferior by the overwhelmingly idealistic media. Whatever the case, their record in Europe is utterly phenomenal and I doubt we'll see another team win the competition as frequently in such a short space of time for a while. Finally, I know he's an egotistical c*ck but you have to admire Ronaldo. The man always delivers on the biggest stage.
  2. I swear Arsenal fans have been saying the same thing every Summer for years.
  3. Even our support felt flat IMO, I thought the atmosphere against Tottenham in the Semi Final was much better.
  4. I think Matic does a decent job and gets some unfair criticism at times. But I do feel he is limited in certain ways and a player than we can find an upgrade for. We shoud look to sign a true box-to-box midfielder next to Kante with a superior engine and passing ability to Matic.
  5. The most disappointing aspect of yesterday for me was that the players just weren't up for it, before the game my biggest worry was how motivated they would really be. Arsenal were much better than us in every department and completely deserved their win, but I can't help but feel frustrated by the fact that we are by far the superior team on our day and would surely have won that had the players really wanted it. We've only ever won the Double once in our history and I feel like we've let a great opportunity go. It's still been a great season of course - in truth I feel a bit spoilt to have won the title given what the realistic expectations were back in August - but this does put a downer on things. There's a big summer ahead now and we need to strengthen the squad significantly.
  6. Sky just wanted to milk as much money out of the run-in and were seemingly allowed to do so.
  7. Champions again! What a night it was on Friday, I couldn't go up to the Hawthorns because of work but went to Fulham Broadway to watch the game with a load of my mates. The bar absolutely erupted when we scored and the ensuing party spilled onto Fulham Road for a good couple of hours afterwards! Very sore head Saturday morning, but so worth it! I have to say I feel a bit spoilt by this, it's quite surreal. Every other season where we've won the Title we've been favourites or or close second, whereas this season I would have been happy with Top 4 and a decent cup run. I was at the game at the Emirates and when I left there I thought we'd do well to finish in the top 6. But then Antonio Conte's magic came to the fore and we've not looked back. The job he's done has been truly remarkable, from the bold tactical shift which he made to the way in which he managed to foster unity and a renewed sense of purpose in the dressing room. Ever since the 13 game winning run I'd been quietly confident that we'd do it, whenever needed a result to maintain our lead we found one. The 3-0 win at Everton was the key for me, after that I felt it was almost a certainty. I really hope we can do the Double now, these opportunities come around very rarely. The key for Conte will be finding the right balance between rest and keeping the players on their toes over this next two weeks. Can't wait for Wembley now, come on Chels!
  8. I'd echo what many have said that 2004-2005 was the most special given that it was the first I'd ever seen. Having started supporting Chelsea as a young kid in the mid-to-late 90's, winning the Title was only something we could dream of and to see it materialise in such dominant fashion was something to behold. For me, 2005-2006 would follow in that I believe the mark of a truly great side is being able to retain a Title; Not many have ever been able to do that in the Premier League era. I was also completely spellbound by Mourinho at the time and relished every moment of success we had with him. 3rd for me would be Ancelotti's 2009-2010 vintage, probably the best Chelsea side to watch since Abramovich came in. Winning the title on the last day with a thumping 8-0 win was pretty special, especially as we had to win at Old Trafford and Anfield in previous weeks to set it up. I remember beating Arsenal at the Emirates that season 3-0 and also Spurs at home on my birthday by the same scoreline. The last of those 4 would have to be 2014-2015. We were electric in the first half of the season but became ultra-pragmatic in the 2nd half of the season as certain players lost form. Being at Loftus Road to see us nick it 1-0 in the dying minutes was a particular highlight. Also the 0-0 at the Emirates was memorable, listening to the deluded Arsenal fans sing 'Boring Boring Chelsea' at the end of the game when a draw effectively ended their Title aspirations. I didn't appreciate Mourinho's constant criticism of us, referees, the media etc. and to be honest it was during this season that my opinion of him started to sour a little for the first time. So where do I rank 2016-2017? It's very difficult to say, because in all the other years that we've won the Title we were either favourites or close 2nd heading into the season. This year I'd have been happy with top 4, and having left the Emirates after a 3-0 defeat, and 8 points behind Man City, I thought we'd do well to make the top 6. The transformation since then has been staggering, Conte has tactically revolutionised English Football and has been a breath of fresh air. Just like with Ancelotti, there are no protestations, no controversy, but simply an infectious, dignified character who goes about his work with ruthless decorum. We're very lucky to have him and hopefully he stays for many more years.
  9. Really assured performance all round, surprisingly comfortable. Could have been 5 or 6 quite easily really. Fabregas really was magic and the standout performer today. Also though Matic played a really solid game. Almost there!
  10. Tottenham Hotspur, we're waiting for you.
  11. Glad that United's unbeaten run is now over, not that it really meant anything to anyone. It's funny actually because it used annoy so much when opposition fans complained about Mourinho's defensive tactics in these games. But ironically when you are watching from a neutral perspective I must say that it is somewhat frustrating. That said though, he's allowed to set up his team how he wants and rightly so.
  12. Was there when we won the last time and the atmosphere was lacklustre. Granted it was a 12.45 kickoff but even so, given the hatred I would have expected much more. Barely even heard the 'No 'Istoree' song.
  13. Take your point. The final seems to be some combination of the same 4 or so teams every season. What the competition needs is for the English club to rise to the occasion to freshen things up. I believe we can do that next year with the right additions in the Summer. On a personal level I love doing European aways and so am really looking forward to a trip or two with the boys!
  14. Cheers for the follow! I don't tweet much myself but retweet all the good stuff .
  15. Who are you on Twitter mate? I am PL_CFC89. .