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  1. Is Bakayoko a DM or more of box-to-box CM? Also, what is his shooting from distance like?
  2. Morgan is a c*** of the highest order but I must say I agree with him completely on Wenger.
  3. You will probably be proved right, it's a really tough ask. 90 would still be fantastic.
  4. Great point - Everyone loves to criticise Wenger, and rightfully so, but there are several players who are simply not good enough or don't put in enough effort: Özil, Walcott, Iwobi, Ramsey, Coquelin, Elneny, Gibbs, and Monreal come to mind. Ultimately though, it's up to Wenger to realise which of these players are not good enough and to ship them out if they don't have it in them to perform...
  5. Does anyone else think that we might be able to break the 95 point record which we set back in the 2004/05 season? I know we haven't secured the Title yet nor should we get ahead of ourselves but I think the prospect is worth discussing anyway. The maximum points total that we could finish on is 99. Looking at our fixtures, there are 3 particularly tough games - City at home, United away, Everton away - but the rest are very winnable in my opinion, especially the home games. We would need 27 points to get to 96, a very tough ask as it would only allow for 1 slip up but it's certainly possible.
  6. Really enjoyed the City Liverpool game. It's rare to see such an end-to-end contest, virtually devoid of any tactics; It genuinely felt like either team could carve the other open at any point. I suppose it's quite refreshing to see a game like that in a way given how pragmatically these big games tend to be played out nowadays. That said I'm glad we don't have an idealist like Guardiola in charge, I much prefer Conte's pragmatism.
  7. Lots of reports/journalists on Twitter at the moment saying that Martial, Rashford and maybe even Rooney are out of tomorrow's game. If that's the case then it would be pretty poor if we didn't go through. If no Rooney then that would leave them with Mata and Mhkitaryan out wide and...Fellaini up front? On a separate note, Harry Kane was pictured leaving WHL on crutches and with his right ankle in a protective boot. Pochettino's comments after the game would suggest that he could be out for an extended period of time.
  8. Can anyone make any actual sense out of the decision to bench Sanchez? I get that Wenger wanted a more physical/direct approach and therefore went with Giroud who is a more traditional "no.9" to spearhead the attack. But then why on earth would you put your best player on the bench!? Why not just put him on the left (his natural position) and bench one of the average AM's like Iwobi or Oxlade-Chamberlain!? The only thing that would make sense to me is that Sanchez' contract talks have ground to a halt and that perhaps Wenger wants to make a statement to him.
  9. It's staggering how Liverpool seem to be able to carve Arsenal open whenever they want. It's not that Liverpool are that good, it's much more a case of Arsenal being utterly inept tactically.
  10. We generally are mate but I think some people are still a bit sensitive about Mourinho being your manager (whether we admit it or not). This hasn't been helped by the lack of respect that he's shown towards Chelsea in the media this season. Also watching a rival club win a Cup Final which they didn't deserve will always aggravate people...let's face it we should know!
  11. I've begun to notice this about him too. Good player but very Barcelona-esque personality on the pitch.
  12. Southampton really unlucky today in many ways but that's Football sadly. What's interesting about the game today for us is that Southampton had almost 2 weeks off whilst United had the Europa League game midweek. When we come to play them in the FA Cup we'll have had a week off whilst they will have had a tough trip to Russia on the preceding Thursday. Southampton didn't make their freshness and superior energy count early on - well, the linesman didn't allow them to - so we must ensure that we do. In the 2nd half especially our greater energy levels should bode well.
  13. I don't if you guys here know many Spurs fans but I just can’t really understand their mindset. They all think of themselves as supporters of a big club, one which has been dormant for a few decades, yet they seem completely indifferent about the cup competitions, domestic or European. They make such a big deal about qualifying for the top 4 yet, yet when they get there and ultimately underwhelm, no one actually seems to be too bothered. The Europa League is then seen primarily as a hindrance, even though it’s one of the few competitions they could actually win and would get them back into the Champions League which they were so eager to play in in the first place. If Spurs fans think they support such a big club then it’s about time they started acting like one and took cup competitions seriously.
  14. Lots of papers saying we are looking several Monaco players. From what I've seen Silva, Mbappé, Sidibe and would all be welcome additions. Keen to look at the holding midfielders more in the second leg as apparently we're keen on Bakayoko too.
  15. I have to say that I take exception to this notion that 'Millwall fans are all scum', and quite frankly I find it a bit hypocritical given the reputation that our own fanbase has had over the years. The actions of a minority - albeit a larger one in Millwall's case than with most other clubs - shouldn't be used to characterise the wider fanbase. It's exactly the same principle involved when people say 'Chelsea fans are racist' because of what happened on the Paris metro and in other incidents over the years. All clubs have a hooligan element to them because Football transcends all social strata, but the majority of fans in my experience tend to be decent people.