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  1. Incredible to think that Liverpool haven't lost against the top 6 yet are nowhere to be seen in the Title run-in. On another note Mourinho's bus was parked very well tonight. This bodes well ahead of their upcoming trip to WHL.
  2. Fair point. On the flip side you could argue that after Everton we play 4 average to poor teams that are will effectively either be relegated or mentally on the beach.
  3. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but West Ham's biggest game of the season is Tottenham at home. Their season is essentially over but I'd imagine that Bilic will get the players up for that one. Hull have won several at home in a row and there's a good chance that they might need something on the last day as well.
  4. Everton is the big question mark for in terms of our run-in, and I can honestly see any result in that one given how we have been defending recently. Whatever happens, we'll still be top of the League at the end of this week. The home games though are very winnable on paper, as is WBA whose season will essentially be over by that point. That's not to say that they will roll over but we really should have too much for them at this point. At the same time, let's not forget that Tottenham have two hard home games as well as 3 away games, including a big rival in West Ham and Hull who are in great form at home and most likely will need a result on the last day. Spurs have generally found it much tougher away from home this season; overall, the odds are still very much against them.
  5. The guy had 2/3 Spurs players on him constantly, Benteke wasn't even in the game. Tough for Zaha to do much really.
  6. Well that was annoying. Palace were defending brilliantly but once Sakho got injured they started to withdraw deeper and deeper and began to tire as a unit. I felt like Tottenham would have to do something different to score. Whilst we all probably would have expected Tottenham to win this game it's still frustrating given that Palace held out for 75 odd minutes and it needed a worldie from Eriksen to break the deadlock. Thankfully we are 4 points ahead and whatever happens after Everton we will still be top of the League. I must say that I am a bit worried about Sunday, Everton have been excellent at home and we need to rise to the occasion. Our defending needs to improve significantly.
  7. I'd rather just have it settled as soon as possible to be honest! If Palace or Arsenal can do us a favour in the next 4/5 days then that would be very welcome.
  8. Felt like an important win, we really needed the 3 points last night ahead of Everton. There was a good rhythm to our attacking play, brilliant to see Costa score twice. I thought his hold-up play was still poor a lot of the time but then I never thought it was great even when he was on form earlier this season. If he can go on a run now until the end of the season with a few more goals then that should push us over the line. It was clear that his confidence was growing again after his first goal, culminating in what I thought was a brilliant second. More of the same please Dieeeego! Our defensive fragility is a bit of a mystery to me, especially when you consider how solid we were up until January. I wonder whether the nerves might be starting to kick in at the back? Aside from Saturday, so many of the goals which we have conceded in the last several weeks have come from avoidable, elementary defensive errors. We really need to sharpen up because Everton are good enough to rip through anyone at home. 12 more points needed to seal it. If we could win on Sunday then that would be a massive step psychologically IMO.
  9. Hopefully Allardyce doesn't rest his key players as he suggested he might.
  10. What a day that was! Still can't quite believe what I saw. As we were having our pre-match beers in Waterloo, there were rumours filtering in from social media about the team selection which really dampened our mood. Then the tube we were on was full of arrogant Tottenham singing 'Chelsea Rentboys, we're coming for you' (I wonder if they might ever realise the irony in what they are singing...probably not). I have to say as well it was somewhat flat when we arrived in the concourse, but once Willian scored naturally the atmosphere completely changed. Whilst Tottenham dominated possession I felt that we had a decent grip on proceedings and defensively we played pretty well. Possession stats are completely meaningless to me as what really matters is the efficiency with which you use the ball when you have it. The goals that we conceded were both terrific and relaistically speaking not much more could have been done to prevent them, certainly not the second as that was a worldie of cross by Eriksen. I thought Aké and Luiz in particular were very good. Finally I quite enjoyed watching their customary Wembley fire drill unfold, not to mention all the hollow, sanctimonious rubbish that I've seen coming from them on social media today. All in all a big, morale boosting victory which I felt the team needed sooner rather than later after the United debacle. I'm hoping that this will give us a psychological edge over them for the Title run-in, starting Tuesday night. I can see that being a difficult game so it's imperative that the players now put the FA Cup joy behind them and focus on getting a much needed victory ahead of Everton away on Sunday.
  11. It will be tough of course but we have definitely the more straightforward run in on paper, we have previous title-winning experience within the squad and a manager that has won titles with Juventus before. They have none of those things and also a historical penchant for bottling it when the pressure is on. Whilst I agree that Sunday was poor and disconcerting in some ways, it's the only bad game that we've played in a long time (I personally thought we were ok against Palace and unlucky not to draw). A 4 point lead is obviously not as comfortable as a 10 point lead, but at the same there is a lot to be positive about. Most bookies are still giving us an 80%+ chance of winning the League. So long as Conte can get our first XI fit again and work on the defensive aspect of our game then I think we will be ok.
  12. Feels very weird to say this but good for us that Arsenal won tonight; we need them to gather some form ahead of their visit to White Hart Lane in a few weeks' time. On that note, it would be good if they could beat City on Sunday as well to gain more confidence and also because I think they would be relatively easier for us to beat in the Final, were we to get there of course.
  13. Don't get why some feel the need to trash foreign cities when following their clubs, it's utterly deplorable. I've done many European Aways and most of those that go are able to enjoy themselves whilst respecting the local people and their culture. But then there always has to be a group of idiots.
  14. Why is it that Tottenham are getting all the early kick offs recently? It seems like every week they play before we do, they've even got West Ham away on a Friday Night coming up.
  15. Posted this in another thread but thought it worth adding to this too: If you compare our remaining fixtures to Tottenham, we clearly have a tougher April whereas they have a tougher May. In fact I would say that our next three games - United (a), Southampton, Everton (a) - are the hardest of the 7 we have left. Therefore the key for us is to get to May with a lead, ideally 5 points or more. If we can do that then we'll be very close indeed. Whilst Tottenham are sadly on a roll at the moment I find it very hard to think that they will win all of their games from here on. To do that would mean equalling our run of 13 consecutive wins. They've found it much tougher away from home and all of their away games look tricky for various reasons (Leicester, Palace, West Ham, Hull). On top of that they have United and Arsenal still at home. When you add all of that together then it's no wonder most bookies give us roughly a 90% chance of winning the title at this point. That said it's still going to be very nervy, we still need to pick up a considerable chunk of points. One game at a time!