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  1. strong centreback

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Didnt this originate from duncon castles? says everything you need to know as far as im concerned, as you were!
  2. strong centreback

    January signings??

    need a left wing back option and another centre back (zouma is back now too remember), assuming conte will use batschyuai if we were to go without costa for a prolonged period then id be happy with just that to be honest, willian could do a job at right wingback if needed as could chalobah do a job in a pair with one of the more senior centre midfielders. this season with no europe and only the fa cup left with the league games, the current squad should suffice with only a couple of players in in january due to the amount of games we are likely to play, our unrotated first team has 19 games left not including the fa cup which you would imagine antonio will probably rotate for anyway, compared to how many game we would usually play in a season we should be alright.
  3. strong centreback

    Chelsea paid hush money allegations

    Like covering up an affair or stopping an ex employee going to the press saying how you use brass regularly, gary johnson went to the club after the fa/met palmed him off for compensation for the alledged ordeal, the insurance company/solicitors involved agreed a apparant industry standard non disclosure clause be added i to the settlement/compensation, to me that doesnt sound like hush money but a ill advised clause added to the compensation payout. I believe carneiro also has a gaging clause as part of her payout
  4. strong centreback

    Chelsea paid hush money allegations

    compensation is the term I believe, unless your working for one of the many media rabble and want a sensationalist headline that is
  5. strong centreback

    Final words on Mourinho, KDB, Lukaku and anything else

    Madrid, made him bitter from the perceived lack of respect he got from the players, never been the same since and has become seriously stubborn to the point where it is affecting his performance as a manager.
  6. strong centreback

    Chelsea paid hush money allegations

    Out of curiosity do you think he should be getting more compensation due to the club now being a multimillion pound company and owned by a billionaire? as that should have no bearing on his compensation claim and by all accounts he received more than he would of through court, besides the club assisting all investigations I'm not sure what else they should be asked to do? surely the fa and police have some questions to be asked by fobbing him off before he came to the club. If GJ is using this new found public image to bring these terrible incidents to the fore so people are held to account then good for him and its the right thing to be doing, if its just a play for more money then well I'm not sure what to say to that to be honest that doesnt make me sound an insensitive c**t having his cake and eating it is probably the nicest thing to say tbh, I have full sympathy for anyone who has suffered this type of abuse as I know somebody that this has happened to (not football related) and so know how it can affect a persons life.
  7. strong centreback

    Chelsea paid hush money allegations

    Has he not had his compensation though? If he didn't think 50 grand was enough for his pain and suffering take cfc through the courts, between him and his solicitors they agreed on 50k and took the money, what has changed since then? other than it's probably all gone and with the fallout of the other victims he thinks he should of got more? sounds proper c**tish saying it but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck.
  8. strong centreback

    In defence of Emenelo and other stuff

    First thing I noticed that made no sense to me is you have rated miazga on par with Diego? And miazga better than fabregas? I said when we signed him and happy to say it again, he won't make it here
  9. strong centreback

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Transfer wise it seems we are going for quality which is obviously harder to get, my only gripe is with the club not switching targets sooner, kouliababy was off the agenda as soon as higuain was sold so as soon as that as apparent we should of dropped our interest and been going onto another target instead of wasting time, the koulababy transfer saga seems very stones 2015 to me, as in a waste of time as we wont get him due to selling clubs stance, we missed a trick not getting alderweireld last season when he was available.
  10. strong centreback

    Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    Looked woefully out of his depth better off cutting losses early, aweful defensively but could of been converted into a left midfielder maybe
  11. strong centreback

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Now thats what I wanted to hear from don conte, the 4231 should be resigned to the history books and he should look to bring in his own ideas formation wise, I believe in the 4231 shape the negative aspects are too well ingrained upon the team, to get a fresh philosophy in place which I believe is what he and the club want to do then we need to start from scratch.
  12. strong centreback

    Alvaro Morata

    would be very happy if we dont get him, his value is what madrid paid to get him back maybe even upto 30-35m top end, check his goal returns besides a productive season in the spanish second tier he hasnt managed more than 10 in a season and I see know reason why that would change in our league, at 70m euros we have dodged a bullet to be frank.
  13. strong centreback

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Indeed has a shade of the great man to his game, playing in a two next year should help him adjust quicker as well.
  14. strong centreback

    Ola Aina

    seems like a big turn around for him to have signed a new contract, lets see what happens over the summer regarding his first team prospects or shunted on loan
  15. strong centreback

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Certainly got that le chiffre vibe going on, personally im the most excited about a new manager since mourinho first time round, he actually ticks a lot of boxes for me personally and feels like he is the right man for the job at the right time if that makes sense, if we back him in the market and allow him time to imprint his philosophy on our club im sure he will be a hit, as basic as it sounds saying this but italians and chelsea mix very very well, if he can get us playing like we did in the late 90s then I for one will be very happy as we will have our chelsea back, if he brings in trophies on top of that on a regular basis then build him a statue out the front of the new stadium as far as im concerned as that is the pinnacle of what you could ask for from him.