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  1. Their sudden return to brilliance has irritated me and I feel for Ranieri. I just hope to god that when they finally meet a Bayern or Real, they get their asses kicked.
  2. Are we going to regret the failure to take one of these chances? I can still see this going to penalties.
  3. I can't believe they are complaining so much. They spent 35 minutes kicking Hazard, it was almost inevitable that it would happen sooner or later. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be ten a side soon enough.
  4. I've looked but can't seem to find an attendance figure for City tonight. If anyone sees one could they post it here? I wouldn't be surprised if it's recorded as a full house but it sounds like barely 40'000 were there.
  5. Obviously it's hilarious seeing Arsenal get smashed and I'm quite certain that Bayern wouldn't inflict this thrashing on us, but there's no doubt in my mind that we'd have a hell of a task beating Bayern over two legs right now. I feel we need two or three key signings in the summer if we're going to be contenders in this tournament. And I'd add that the same will possibly apply domestically next season. Sure, we'll be competitive but I think City at least will raise the bar next season. I hope we don't rest on our laurels as we did after the last title win.
  6. At times you could almost get the impression that racism is more acceptable (even if eventually edited) around here than having the audacity to say that Hazard hasn't played well in a match day thread. Racism < match day knee jerk?
  7. Ranieri's sacking was inevitable. He'd just had the dreaded vote of confidence and more than anything, it's the way football is now. I always thought they'd avoid relegation this season, and now I'm convinced they will. One thing is for sure, his sacking doesn't change the fact that he lead them to arguably the most improbable sporting success ever achieved - and they can't take that away. And I'm sure he's got a few quid out of it. So he can head off to Tuscany and be very pleased with himself and thank that he no longer has to live in Leicester.
  8. That coment struck me too when I read it. I remember the two cup games in '95 as I was at both, and I recall that you'd have been very hard pressed both at the New Den and at the Bridge in the replay to find anyone supporting either team that wasn't a white male. You'd have really struggled to find anyone wearing their teams colours either. So I'm not sure whether Millwall are especially unique in that respect.
  9. Warm balls.
  10. BT making a song and dance about Wolves holding the best team in England and ignoring the fact it's like one of those pre-season friendlies where they use the term 'a Chelsea XI'. Not entirely sure it was really necessary for us to make more than a couple of changes as we're not exactly suffering a backlog of fixtures and non of the fringe players will get a game in the league even if they played like Maradona this evening.
  11. A bit worrying that they were 12 points behind only 3 games ago. There's 13 games to go so 8 points is far from an insurmountable and they've done it before. As said above, there's a growing sense we're being sussed out, so we could do with a plan B sharpish.
  12. I think it's definitely seen as one unbelievable result in Burnley as 606 has an endless stream of their fans calling in. It may even qualify as a bank holiday there in the future.
  13. City along with Spurs are definitely still in this. I'm amazed how many people seem to think we've merely got to turn up from now on and collect the points. I also fancy City will be a far stronger outfit for next season. We'll certainly have to improve our squad in the summer, even if we're the reigning champions.
  14. Well, I'm nicely surprised how well and how much players like Alonso and Moses have done this season. Conte seems to be a man for the team, not the individual. So on that basis I believe with the Oscar money added to maybe 100 million plus for Eden would allow Conte to make some very good signings. Eden most consistent contribution is getting fouled. Yes he's been beyond great at times and nobody expects amazing every game but he has a habit of disappearing for too long. Even Conte has dragged him off twice recently. It's not a talent thing as much as a mental attitude thing with him in my eyes. Like a few others, I've calmed down after the frustration of not beating the scousers and we're definitely in a great position, but I reckon there would be life after Eden. In the meantime I'll just hope he can get himself back into his best form and make me eat my words.
  15. Are performances against the other top sides is concerning. Ok, we may win the league but toothless performances in these games makes me feel quite disappointed. It's a bit like watching a lower division side in a cup match and we had our giant killing at the Etihad. And I wonder why Hazard has chucked in the towel again... I'd seriously consider a Chinese super bid right now. A point for us would robbery quite frankly. And after that penalty we really don't deserve anything at all.