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  1. Snedger

    Eden Hazard

    The Scottish national side would still be too strong for Morata. In fact, if Morata played against your cousins he'd still fall over and look at the nearest adult with that 'it's not fair' expression he has down to a T. So perhaps we should have kept Michy as a second to Giroud and loaned Morata out to St Dunstan's second eleven where he could start to build his confidence.
  2. Too right! I really can’t understand how he’s continuing to be first choice. He’s hopeless. Given that his career to date been made as a super sub, surely that’s best how we employ him? Play Giroud and if we’re struggling, chuck Morata on for the last 15. It’s clearly going to be a difficult and incredibly frustrating season based on how our opposition have been in the last two fixtures. Morata has made it very clear that he is not capable of having an impact in this environment. The French lad isn’t no Diego or Drogba, but he is more in their style of play and that’s what works better against back nines.
  3. Surely Giroud for Morata? Maybe this could be his last chance to put in a commanding strikers performance before he’s benched.
  4. Snedger

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    BBC Sport carrying about four articles lauding the anniversary of Man City’s takeover today. Don’t recall any fuss for Roman’s anniversary. City certainly haven’t come in for the dogs abuse we’ve received over the years.
  5. That was horrendous but, at least the right team won. Was left thinking that with hindsight it might have been good that they did nothing for 80 minutes because we appear to have some serious problems defending.
  6. I’m going to need therapy after this. It’s the most awful game of football I’ve ever watched. Hopefully some justice has been served. Thank you Eden.
  7. I’d be fascinated to see what would happen if we put 10 men in the box and left Morata up on the halfway line to chat to Rondon. It would be bizarre but it would show up this negativity that is ruining football.
  8. I’ve never seen a better advert for the excitement of test cricket. 10 players standing in the 18 yard box for about 43 minutes. Do people up there really pay money to sit and watch that?
  9. All hail Eden Hazard!! I think we should do that weird thing that the Ukrainian journalist did where he faked his assaination. We pretend Hazard has been bumped until after the European transfer window closes.
  10. Hmm. Back 3 to a back 2 featuring Luiz. Probably never going to end well. Pretty chaotic stuff. Only conclusion I can draw right now is that City won't lose a wink of sleep worrying about us or Arsenal. In fact they probably won't even need to check our results. Can we get it together enough and in time to be in with a chance of a top four finish? Oh, and despite him scoring, Morata is bloody useless. I'd rather have a want away Costa than this milksop.
  11. Snedger

    Andreas Christensen

    I think there are parallels with John Stones. He was a highly rated young player. Big sides wanted him and when City got him and he struggled a bit we felt we'd dodged a bullet. And when City went for Laporte it was felt that his days at City might be numbered. But now he had a good end to the season, a good World Cup and now he's starting alongside Laporte with Otamendi on the bench. If he trains hard and does well when he gets on the park and if (when) Luiz messes up he's more than capable of getting into the regular first eleven. That's what I think anyway.
  12. While it's still a bit early, I really can't see past another comfortable title for City. They were absolutely miles ahead last year and although they only added one player, I think their biggest improvements will come through increased squad cohesion. Their squad is incredible in talent and depth after all. Perhaps Liverpool will be closer this year and delay the point at which City can't be caught but, I still can't see them not messing up at home to Huddersfield and Wolves. United might be just as good a bet for second as Liverpool as whilst they don't look great, I think like last year they will just plod their way through a good number of uninspiring 1-0 and 2-1 like results. So that leaves us, Spurs and maybe, just maybe Arsenal after the last top four spot. I think we'll be a lot easier on the eye this year, that we'll probably get one or two spectacular wins in both style and scoreline but, certainly in the settling in period for Slugworth and his squad, we'll probably drop a few points thanks to some wasteful finishing and trying to work out what the best back four is. Plus, I think we've signed a good keeper but he'll most likely take a year to find his feet too, especially with what I feel isn't going to be the best back four in the league this year. Oh, and of course, when has playing in the Europa League from the start ever done anyone any favours?
  13. Snedger

    Transfer Deadline Day

    I did rapidly (but not quite quickly enough) edit to two players as I somehow forgot Kovacic. Yes, I didn't count Green as all being well he'll not need to ever play. Kepa whilst hopefully a great keeper, is just replacing a great keeper - so unlikely to be a clear improvement. The return of some youth players to add to the squad is interesting but I'm not expecting any of them to make a large contribution. So I do see it that we've signed two new midfield players. Good players it looks but, I'm not sure we have a squad that's going to take to the presumably Napoli styled play like a duck to water. Time will tell of course.
  14. Snedger

    Transfer Deadline Day

    I wish that Fekir story was true. We desperately need some younger fresher talent up front. So far we've probably made a like for like change in goal and added two midfield players. Not much of a change to a squad that finished outside the top four last season. I wonder if Sarri is happy with only two new players added to the squad, especially as he is going to try and implement a style of football not much seen at SB in a while.
  15. Snedger

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I'm definitely not arguing on his behalf and you've all made good defence of your quotes being used. I didn't read it as a personal swipe, just a reflection of how another club spending a lot of money on something of an unknown quantity is crazy whilst when we do it it's possible to find justification. Which some people are already doing on here and other sites. Ultimately I don't mind. People can change their minds, the circumstances aren't identical anyway and it isn't our money that the club are spending. I hope the lad does very well. I also hope he gets some help from those with the responsibility of sticking the ball in the net at the other end. And that would be an issue for Kepa or Courtois. Edit: I missed your responses and I'm clearly repeating myself. Apologies.