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  1. Not really tonight. Mainly good humoured disbelief at a pretty dire performance.
  2. A shambolic team performance with some absolutely shocking individual performances for good measure. The officiating was similarly shambolic. Pedro got what he deserved, Willian was very wrongly booked and almost certainly should have had a penalty and Morata's, well not sure it was a pen but I have seen them given so was never a booking for diving. His own fault for the second yellow but was provoked by the piss poor officiating. Always fancied we'd win it somehow and it might sound perverted to say it but I've not had as much entertainment watching us for ages. Some pure comedy football from Bats, Bakayoko, Zappa and Morata. Where do we go from here?
  3. This ref is having a bigger nightmare than that French one who kicked a player and then sent him off.
  4. That's one way to avoid missing a penalty.
  5. Indeed, and nor was he sacked by text message by Conte.
  6. Bats goal has stunned himself so much he's got even worse!
  7. Good Lord. Despite the goal and that I expect we'll even get a second, this is truly awful. Weirdly it's quite enjoyable as a least it's so bad it isn't boring.
  8. This is utter gash. The only positive so far is that in a dreadful half arsed friendly type match against weak opposition is that Bakayoko hasn't looked terrible. Perhaps the plan is if everyone plays like a hungover Sunday league stand in, it might make Bakayoko look like he's a half decent squad player and boost his confidence. Bats and Kennedy have really gone above and beyond in this mission.
  9. Not sure, but we didn't sign him in time apparently, so can't play anyway.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I suppose they're the two likely explanations. However, I'm sure if we offered them 50 million for him they'd surely accept if the sum City and United are reportedly offering is about 20ish million. And in my opinion he'd be worth 50 million even in this weird contract running out situation - because if there is something we need desperately, it's a game changer; and he is one. Whether or not the player would sign for us is a different matter.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'm sure you're right, but I'm just curious as to why Arsenal wouldn't sell him to us when they're so happy to regularly sell players to City and United and whilst we've seen Galas and Cech head their way. Why are we such a specific threat to Arsenal that the two Manchester clubs aren't?
  12. I know what you mean but when have we ever (recent history) signed a player for a manager? They could sign three players, none of which Conte wants and neither does whoever they're thinking of hiring next. As ever, recent performances are really giving the impression that all is not well as usual at the Bridge. Didn't watch the game but hearing Hazard was subbed again baffles me. He'd have to be having the worst game imaginable to be taken off in this team. One thing for sure is that I'm past the point of being angry or even mildly annoyed as the goings on of the last three or four seasons have served to really bring my expectations right back down to pre Roman levels. It really is a right Fred Karno's in SW6.
  13. Our New Stadium

    Whilst I'm all for the new build in principle, my biggest worry is what it may cost in football terms. The reported 3 or 4 years at Wembley(?) could prove disastrous on the field. Four years of that will take more than 20'000 extra seats to rectify.