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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He played very well and he no doubt has ability, but this was a half arsed exhibition match where there was no pressing or intensity. So nothing really changes, he could make it at Chelsea, but he's still got a long way to go.
  2. Emanalo The Problem

    I'm with those who never really understood what his role was (actually, nobody on here understood that, some just thought they did) and on that basis, this isn't really a reason to rejoice. If anything, it's probably cause for concern as this could mean more instability behind the scenes. As much as some bad/odd signings have happened under his tenure, there have been some good ones too. And of them, some worked out at Chelsea and some others have gone on to prove that they ought to have at least had the chance at Chelsea. Who's fault is that - who knows? Anyway, same old same old down at the Bridge - it's as if it's barely news worthy.
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Real might be a bit past their recent peak but it's fair to say that Spurs' result wasn't a fluke. They have done well, especially as they've had the issue of adapting to Wembley where things hadn't generally been smooth for them. It's no doubt a tough league but I wouldn't be shocked to see City win it back to back or even thrice. They really do look good and with the finance and determination of a rich Arab state behind them it's hard to imagine that they'll just sit back at the end of this season and do nothing to improve their team and squad. They'll take some serious stopping on the next few seasons. You could almost feel sorry for Spurs in that they're reaching their best level for decades and are kind of on a par with us, United, surpassed Spurs and Liverpool and suddenly City make the jump to light speed. Spurs could well have nothing to show for their efforts in two or three seasons time.
  4. Where's the Benny Hill music?
  5. Delighted to have salvaged a win from what briefly looked like it could be a humiliation. The subs added impetuous and importantly some quality. But that can't hide the fact that there are clearly issues still. Bakayoko was beyond awful, Morata looked disinterested, Hazard was on work to rule. And the defence, keystone cops. Frankly amazing we managed to win really. Watford got what they deserved for their shocking time wasting.
  6. We need the rat banner lady back with a 2017 version.
  7. I do know where you're coming from and you're definitely not wrong, but I suppose some armchair fans might argue that if they were fortunate enough to be in the tiny minority of 'supporters' that get to go to the Bridge regularly they'd not just sit there passively as if watching a West End show. But then, if they were to go they'd quickly understand that one person standing up and trying to get those around them to join in and vocally encourage the players is usually a futile and frankly embarrassing experience.
  8. But those who do go to games regularly today are the ones that are responsible for the lousy atmosphere at the Bridge these days. And on average the atmosphere is rubbish - you don't need to attend 20 home games a season to know that. (I acknowledge that Chelsea are far from alone in having a poor atmosphere in their home ground). I'm a predominantly armchair fan these days, but I was there when many of today's fans didn't want to be, so I feel comfortable with it (not that I wouldn't like to go more but I've already explained why that's difficult).
  9. That is true. Paying around £90 a month for Virgin Media to watch maybe 3 or 4 Chelsea games is definitely a contribution - even if indirect. This also opens up an issue of qualifying to be a 'true supporter' requires having a not insignificant amount of expendable income. A lot of lads that used to go regularly when I did gradually stopped when prices increased, games increasingly became all ticket and they married, got mortgages and families. Did they then stop being true supporters? I'm not saying that I know what defines a supporter or specifically how they should behave - I guess it's very subjective. I know perhaps my biggest gripe now is that going to games in person has almost become a closed shop. Unless you're a season ticket holder (and very few of those are given up) or a club member in a position where you manage to attend practically every game in order to keep your loyalty points up, it's hellishly difficult to go to a game now. Even more so if you'd like to go with someone else and sit next to each other.
  10. Now sounds like I've more to worry about than disgruntled subs. Sounds like we're not too impressive again. I'd better get back to what I was doing instead.
  11. I'm not watching or following but just checked the score and read of Luiz being 'fuming' and marching off down the tunnel. Should I be at all worried that this dissent from subbed players in consecutive matches is a sign of possible rumblings of discontent that is usually seen at the Bridge every two or three seasons?
  12. Eden Hazard

    I can't argue with that, in the Roman era there has been ambition and it has been well rewarded. I guess I was just trying to put myself in the position of a young Belgian footballer who knows he's talented and knows that team and individual success and even greater financial rewards can be gained elsewhere. And of course, we are ambitious, but it's probably fair to say that whilst we are one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, we cannot now compete with the four sides I mentioned before. Regarding City, it's a bit like throwing sh*t. If you throw enough, eventually some will stick. So if they keep spending on top class players, eventually they'll get it right and start winning things. I'd say so far, they are well under trophied for what they've spent, but I think in the last 12/18 months they've been spending bigger and better than before. I really just cannot see how they don't win the league this season. They'll never get Hazard though, or at least unless he spends a season somewhere else in between.
  13. Eden Hazard

    I think there's more chance of Hazard joining Sanchez at City next season than of Sanchez joining Hazard at the Bridge. I do worry that Hazard himself will look to move this summer. I just think that we don't display the ambition as a club that will keep him here much longer when you've got the two huge Spanish giants and the incredible wealth and ambition of Abu Dhabi and Qatar in Manchester and Paris respectively.
  14. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    That's pure and simple wishful thinking this year. The argument that City collapse after a few opening games is old and tired. If football repeated every year there'd only have ever been one title winner. They've invested massively yet again and their manager has had a season of acclimatisation. And scoring 6 or 7 goals a game isn't a fluke. They will win the league this year and there's no doubt about it. United are probably the only side who will be mathematically be in with shout come the new year. Still can't believe that Mourinho binned DeBruyne off for having the temerity to be young and confident. Having said that, there's more to City than DeBruyne (and they'd have bought someone else if not him) and it's fair to say that DeBruyne isn't the difference between us being ok and great. It's a team game after all. But a great squad with lots of great players make a hell of a difference.
  15. Today's result was no surprise at all to me. Pretty embarrassing but in the great scheme of things this season I'd say not significant. It's clear as day that City will win the title and smash a few records on route. We're going to have to improve a fair bit though if we want to be sure of a top four finish. It's going to be a frustrating season.