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  1. The clubs grovelling apology says a lot about the consequences they fear this could have in the Chinese market place. It's hard enough there when you don't wear red without saying anything that could even possibly be taken as offensive. As others have eluded to, the Chinese machine is not very tolerant and you only need to look at how they trash each others Toyota's whenever their government clash heads with Japan. Bizarre.
  2. Ah, my mistake. I didn't realise that Deino had included Danilo (as it's not confirmed by anyone yet is it?) So it is three for 130. I still wouldn't be shocked if they got another as he did say two players per position. Mind you, who's left in the way of fullbacks? I thought we'd sign two as cover or upgrades on Moses and Alonso.
  3. Once they add Danilo, that'll be about 160 million on four fullbacks in one window. Staggering. And only 2 of them will likely be on the park at any one time. So that's 80 million on 'cover'. I wonder where else they'll add players? Surely they're in need of a centre (or two) back still?
  4. I agree with this very much. I think it's long overdue that the club is more open about what they're doing. I don't expect them to say anything about specific transfer targets for obvious reasons, but they should be a lot more up front and open about pretty much everything else. MI6 is less secretive than most premier league football clubs. And the way I see it is that most of the money that they have is in effect courtesy of their supporters expenditure on match tickets, replica shirts, TV subscriptions and even perhaps preference for Yokohama tyres. Why on Earth shouldn't Emanelo's full job description be public knowledge? It's a football club, not a defence contractor. I'm not panicking about the transfer business as as far as I can see, nobody has done anything groundbreaking yet and there's plenty of time. But I do wish they'd let their adoring and deep pocketed fans around the world have a reasonable idea of what it is they're planning - unless of course it is simply that they don't have one and it's all make it up as they go along. But then tell us that.
  5. We might well have done some good business in the last year or so with selling players, but I really hope that they do invest it properly and soon. My main concern is that we've seen Oscar, Mikel, Ivanovic, Begovic, Ake and Traore go, and quite possibly Matic and Costa to follow. In my eyes that leaves us seriously thin in squad depth - especially when you also consider that Conte was at times reluctant to use some players (mainly Cesc and Bats) in any circumstances. And of course we could be short of Eden for several weeks. I just hope we don't spend really big on two players and fail to address the loss of quite a few good quality squad players.
  6. There's going to be some serious spending done by the Prem's big sides, but I still can't see any English club get on a par with Real. Their subs bench would be staters at any English side. Cheating swine, but they're different class.
  7. It's weird that we pocketed less than 4 million more than City despite winning the league. As Blue Exile says, it's all in the TV appearance money.
  8. I thought that, but where do they go after Guardiola? They spent so long waiting for him and unless they monumentally mess up - such as fighting for 4th and a first knockout exit in Europe, I really can't see him getting the sack. But I guess he might quit if he's getting a lot of stick. But he didn't seem to get much criticism last season - even with the Bravo debacle. I think they will do well this season though. With their squad come the opening game, I can't see them going far wrong even if they tried. Gundogan is to come back too and it looks like they'll have Aguero and Jesus and maybe even Sanchez up front. They won't be short of goals for sure. And I am sure that they will see some improvement at the back, enough to make them favourites at least.
  9. Is this keeper the real deal or an unknown quantity? They are certainly spending some serious cash. 78 million on a keeper and attacking midfielder so far. And it looks certain that they'll be buying two full backs (Mendy being suggested at 40+ million) and at least a centre back (van Dijk reportedly 50 to 60 million). That will more than likely take their spending to 200 million this summer. If Guardiola can start to get his head around organising a defence, and this keeper is half competent, then I'd make them favourites for the title and serious contenders for the European Cup. One thing is for sure, if they don't win the title and reach the last four of the Champions League, I reckon Pep will be looking for some pretty amazing excuses.
  10. So our woeful cup final performance wasn't completely in vain then.
  11. The list of 'what went wrongs' today is a very long one, refs, tactics, individual performances, etc. But I think it might be significant that our season ended a good three weeks ago. It feels like ages since West Brom and after that we had youth team day and John Terry. It shouldn't happen but I think that the steam had gone and we were already on holiday. Arsenal weren't, they had to play till the last game and then they needed to salvage something. With hindsight, maybe a draw at WBA would've kept us slightly fresher. But then I guess Watford was only 3 days later. Or maybe there is no excuse and we were just garbage today. There's little doubt in my mind that despite being champions, this isn't a great Chelsea side by Roman era standards. It lacks some magic somehow.
  12. Long overdue. Having said that, they'd likely reach the same conclusion as Ian Wright.
  13. Yep, forgetting to put the armbands on is unreal. I'm amazed we even remembered it was the cup final today and actually came to Wembley. It'all take a while to live today down. Grim.
  14. That's it, it's pretty much the worst of everything today. It's so frustrating that we've done a complete no show today. And weirdly, it's this disappointment that will carried into the summer.
  15. Bit like United away, a no show against a team that are hell bent on getting a result.