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  1. So our woeful cup final performance wasn't completely in vain then.
  2. The list of 'what went wrongs' today is a very long one, refs, tactics, individual performances, etc. But I think it might be significant that our season ended a good three weeks ago. It feels like ages since West Brom and after that we had youth team day and John Terry. It shouldn't happen but I think that the steam had gone and we were already on holiday. Arsenal weren't, they had to play till the last game and then they needed to salvage something. With hindsight, maybe a draw at WBA would've kept us slightly fresher. But then I guess Watford was only 3 days later. Or maybe there is no excuse and we were just garbage today. There's little doubt in my mind that despite being champions, this isn't a great Chelsea side by Roman era standards. It lacks some magic somehow.
  3. Long overdue. Having said that, they'd likely reach the same conclusion as Ian Wright.
  4. Yep, forgetting to put the armbands on is unreal. I'm amazed we even remembered it was the cup final today and actually came to Wembley. It'all take a while to live today down. Grim.
  5. That's it, it's pretty much the worst of everything today. It's so frustrating that we've done a complete no show today. And weirdly, it's this disappointment that will carried into the summer.
  6. Bit like United away, a no show against a team that are hell bent on getting a result.
  7. I've got a terrible feeling about this. Not going to be our day.
  8. It was inevitable that the Manchester clubs were going to spend big, really big this summer and it's fair to say we can't compete with them financially. So I am really hoping that we get our business done really quickly this summer. Having said that, I don't see us competing with those two or the other European giants as I don't think we can. Hopefully we'll do some astute transfer work signing some under the radar players. Let them all spend 500 million on the Monaco team. Going to be a hell of a lot tougher next season, for sure.
  9. If only that were true. Since the play-off finals have been at Wembley, there aren't many clubs that haven't had a couple of trips there. I understand the economic reasoning, but Wembley is so overused that there is simply nothing remotely interesting about it anymore. And by the time Spurs and most likely we have used it for several league campaigns, it will be even further diminished. Having said that, I do agree that Wembley will definitely do them no favours. I just fear for us too if we end up there for a couple of seasons.
  10. By the sounds of things, this article is the result of a man’s imagination. However, I would have thought Conte distracting himself with ‘full control’ of what must be a few hundred young footballers would be a recipe for first team disaster. The other thing that it makes me think is; what’s the definition of success for our Academy? Would you swap the four FA Youth Cup wins for having say two academy players now actually playing regular first team football? And would you swap having no academy players in the team for having two or three in there and perhaps finding that we’ve finished 2nd or 3rd instead of 1st?
  11. Jose gets point and wins title for Chelsea - or that's how he'll paint it and our two home games will be dead rubbers.
  12. Get Terry on up front as at least he'll play like he wants to win the title.
  13. Negativity is in my DNA, but even accepting that, this isn't happening tonight. They're hell bent on not losing, the ref is under instruction to give us nothing and I have a feeling United will beat Spurs and Jose will 'claim' another Chelsea title.
  14. That's disappointing, but hopefully it'll be a bit like Newcastle in that everyone will still call it by it's real name and somewhat render the sponsorship a complete waste of money.
  15. That had run through my mind too, watch it in a local pub, try to avoid any incident with the locals and then head to the ground with 5 minutes to go and wander in through the open gates to join the celebrations. But sods law, the nearest pub showing the game would be 5 miles away and we'd draw the game. Plus, we have to win it on Friday as the one thing worse than winning it away, is winning it when someone else loses and you're not even playing.