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  1. Didn't seem that much different from our game at citeh...but we were far more ruthless on the counter than flopp's team
  2. Happy with that result...why the hell were citeh fans booing Milner? Didi Miss something or is it just cos he left them on a free transfer for a club guaranteeing first team football?
  3. Southampton playing like a team whose season is over already
  4. To be fair he has finally got out of sixth position...after spending an absolute fortune
  5. Hughes was a great player for us but he's been a total nob since he left...plays horrendous football, looks to rough up players (he was blackburn manager when Robben had his foot broken in 2005) and yet always moans about the opposition's behaviour afterwards...he's so deluded he should be a politician
  6. Great reminder of the passion of that be honest, I missed so much cos I was just losing my sh*t with the people around seeing Costa's passion at that goal and genuinely enjoying it with gas caz...still gives me hope he might stick around after all...may have dips in form, maybe a dick at times but he wouldn't be a bloody tough forward to replace
  7. Posted this in wrong thread and moving it here...had to be done! So, so true...Arsenal fans are a joy to watch
  8. Forgot to mention the sheer delight of jeering that sorry excuse for a footballer in bardsley after he was sent off...the kind of player that makes you think you could have made it in the pro game...just a thug with boots on...we certainly let him know what we thought of him as he made sorry walk past...prick
  9. So, so true...Arsenal fans are a joy to watch
  10. That match of the day commentator for our game was appalling...just sounded pissed off that chelsea won again and concentrated more on 'Costa's crimes', than the fact Stoke kicked the sh*t out of him and the others all day..
  11. On train home and I'm still buzzing about beating those dirty bar stewards, kicking our players all over the place, with a ref who was such a homer it was untrue...went nuts for that cahill goal...another kick in the bollox for those that think they can catch us...maximum of 21 points required from 10 games...come on you blues... by the way, can chelsea please invest in hiring a plane with a banner to fly over the arse, saying they want wenger to stay...doing a great job as far as I'm concerned
  12. There's already some pundits/journos/city fans etc making excuses for him tonight...didn't take a genius to figure out that city's spending last summer should have been on the back four, but he bought just one and he's not a proper defender he bombed out joe hart for a keeper that can supposedly pass the ball, forgetting that a keepers main job is to stop the ball going in the net.. pep could still come back to bite chelsea in the arse in the League and fa cup...but he's not lived up to the hype
  13. ^ that's a fair point...but it still remains a question mark over whether Lukaku can handle the pressure of a big fee at a big club under big pressure in big Everton he can have bad games and nothing is said in the media...have a stinker for chelsea, just ask Torres, and you're in deep sh*t
  14. Amount of Goals scored doesn't explain/reveal everything, but fact we have scored four more than City in the league this season should counter any argument we play 'boring' football
  15. Obviously we benefit from it...but I hate the whole 'keeping it a closed shop' mantra...