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  1. Well the Euros have provided a huge reality check...disappointing tournament, often on the periphery of games and was woeful against Germany...clearly another loan is required, but if Traore doesn't get a chance and is sold off, I don't fancy baker's chances now
  2. If, and I mean if, that's what city are paying, then good luck to him...I don't think he's worth that kind of money...
  3. Ramos is a tosser...but have little sympathy for cuadrado...showed no respect for chelsea...didn't even try to make the move work
  4. What on earth was said by allegri at half-time? Juve have been shocking this half
  5. Bollox...Madrid are going to win it again...
  6. If there is any justice in the football world, Buffon walks away with the trophy tonight...and bt Sport get stripped of the broadcasting rights
  7. I agree also sends out a message that we are a selling club...Spurs in disguise
  8. Out of interest, would anyone want us to sell Hazard for £100m and if so, who would we replace him with?
  9. The next danny ings at best...has as much chance of making it at Liverpool as he did with other words, nada...some headlines say he's spurned us, would argue it's the other way around...we wouldn't accede to his demands and are now putting our faith in Abraham, cos he's a far better player and has more of a realistic chance of making it
  10. If losing the cup final is what it took to ensure wenger stayed, perhaps it was worth it
  11. It's incredible how one win, where we played sh*t, has led Arsenal fans and pundits to talk about them winning the League next season...their league position is a true reflection of how good they are, not one game.
  12. Finally Kante, who got players' player award, gets beaten?.i voted for hazard so pleased it worked out... but in keeping with theme of the weekend, chelsea were a complete shambles...the tv channel in went off air after 10 minutes, with just a silent screenshot saying they'd be back was all over the place so after giving up after 20 mins, it'd flick back on briefly before disappearing...the host was terrible too, didn't ask any decent questions and made lame attempt at jokes...why not get cu day? He's chelsea but will ask a decent question that fans will enjoy listening too...laughably hazard wasn't even given the chance to make a speech..what they did broadcast was mostly Jt led, everyone was asked to talk about him..,probably a bit ott, but glad he got send off he deserved, with Ranieri there to honour him. but it was all a bit meh, just like the team' performance at Wembley and hazard must be wondering if the award really honoured him tonight. Really was amateurish.
  13. I cry bullsh* sources...says it all
  14. That decision was as bad as our first half display and joins a long list over last few months. The ref was closer to the handball incident and unable to spot that, than he was for Moses dive which he correctly awarded. But We can't use it as an excuse for how poor we were...why didn't Luiz etc play to the whistle...basics...we had 86 mins to turn it around and we were nowhere near the standards we have set ourselves...even playing this poorly though, we still created a few good chances, not as many as Arsenal though...
  15. He's too good for Arsenal and not sure Cup win will be enough to make him want to stay...papers over the cracks after all and they will be way off the pace again next year as well...question is whether Arsenal will sell him at'd think they can't afford to let him go but they stand to lose £50m if they let him run last year if his contract down