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  1. Do t get me wrong, like with all our young players I hope he makes it...but he's on loan at the graveyard that is vitesse...nowhere near the first team squad
  2. Like the effort he's gone too but he does come across as a bit of a fanboy enjoying a bit of access and not very while I like the positive review, some perspective is required...he makes out baker is zidane or something
  3. Until they win a trophy, people should stop talking about how 'great' sp*rs' and porch are...they're just wannabes, or even worse, chokers at the moment
  4. Can we have both silva and Mpappe?!
  5. Of the players we have been linked with, only Bernardo silva impressed me tonight...bakayoko and Sidibe struggled...but that 18-yer-old monaco striker looked pretty tasty
  6. City got five goals from six shots on target...are we sure bravo wasn't in goal for Monaco?
  7. Like I said above, bt Sport ruined the game...darren Fletcher is sh*t, with mcmanaman very one-eyed
  8. Great game ruined by the bias bt commentary...every goal City got was great, every goal Monaco got was gifted to them...apparently the ref was anti city too even though more Monaco players got booked, the pens City didn't get were right decisions and pen Monaco got was otamendi clattering into the back of falcao nowhere near the ball...
  9. Monaco are a delight to watch...supposedly we are after a few of their players...would love it, but playing like this will see their price tags rocket and other clubs will want them too
  10. He was an idiot, but the real tossers were the sun, again, and their Sun bets arm of their loathsome company...they got all the publicity and he ends up paying the price...bunch of pricks
  11. Like Shaw left out of Utd squad again...pity he chose cash over his supposed love of cfc...really backfired on him
  12. Staged by the sun unfortunately
  13. Walcott has taken 11 years to get to a 100 goals at Arsenal...pretty lame
  14. The atmosphere has been a bit disappointing tonight...wonder how many true Sutton fans are there? A lot of this game has been played out to near silence
  15. How appropriate that Walcott brings his 100 goal mark against a non league team..the quintessential flat track bully