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  1. Err..the title of the thread is about the vote for Player of the year being opened by the club, giving you an opportunity to click on the link and cast a vote for whoever you want...I just added why hazard got my vote
  2. After seeing us lose at home to Palace, we know better than anyone that there is no such thing as three points being in the bag before a fixture is played...
  3. Pisser about Spurs winning late with a hopeful punt from range, but in the plus side Arsenal won too so will be going into Derby Sunday still with an oitside chance of top four and will be up for it.."of course we have to do our bit first at Goodison...would we take a point?
  4. Forget what the pros or media say, we can decide who's been chelsea's best player this season - not that easy...I have voted already and as I love flair and skill, I have gone for hazard, but so many candidates - Kante, Luiz, azpi...anyway, the form is at the link below...get voting
  5. Can understand some criticism for him, he drives me nuts when he loses focus or fight too, like he has over last few months...but too many have forgotten that without his goals in the first half of two seasons, we wouldn't have won the title in 2015 and with a great chance of winning it again in 2017...think that deserves a bit of respect
  6. Ok defending was crap, but hazard, costa, fabregas and Kante on top form made it a joy to watch...will costa be remembered as one of the most frustrating players we have had? When he's focused and on his game like last night, he is one of the best strikers in the world...quicker to 50 league gls than Suarez despite all his sulks and tantrums
  7. Can't see Arsenal selling him to us or citeh for that matter...yes I know they have caved in the past, but can't see it this time - they will do their utmost to shift him to PSG or juve if they sell at all
  8. Think we can be happy they're both at our club...hazard could still win the media one
  9. Congratulations and thoroughly deserved...should get best signing of the season award too! Glad he's ours, utd can keep shelling out for pogbas wages, haha
  10. Messi was crap in the cl, started to look past it...then he scores two goals like that in a massive game
  11. On this evidence, not sure why Madrid need to spend a fortune on Courtois...navas pulled off some worldies tonight...that youngster in attack that came off the bench looked pretty tasty too, why spend £100m on hazard?
  12. Can't stand either club, but what a game
  13. Barca want to play against 10 men in every game?
  14. So best manager in the world fails to win a trophy and could even miss out on top four as pellegrini is laughing his head off somewhere.. message to cfc fans, let's not get cocky about Final being won already
  15. The genius that is pep takes off his best goalscorer, arse keep theirs on and look what happens