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  1. F1905

    Help required

    Follow, follow, follow, there was only two minutes to go; it was Wayne Bridge's goal, that sent us out of control, and sent the Arsenal out the Euro
  2. Looks dead original ,I wonder why they had different designs ,I mean how many did they sell back then !? more worrying is i have realised I am pondering mirrors from 40 years back ,mmm i fear i need to get out just a smidge more !
  3. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Back in the early eighties I worked with a mate of mine who was a massive Pompey fan and to their credit they always travelled in good numbers and he travelled every where with them ,home and away One day my mate was hit by a car as he cycled along the road, the car never stopped and he was found a good while after with head injuries. He was taken to Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford where he slowly recovered .Not long after been in and still poorly and disorientated he left the ward in his white gown, walked out of the hospital and stood at the nearest bus stop. The hospital went into panic mode but soon found him and returned him to his bed . His explanation “Well Pompey are at home ,I need to go because I haven’t missed a game in 6 years” Bless him he made a good recovery bar losing his sense of taste – I will always remember the day orange kit kat’s came out and he was first in the queue to try one …. “Oi you cant taste them “ , “ I know “he says “ but I have never had one” Happy days Ps re game been to etc etc - special mention to Ron Hockings RIP
  4. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Cutting attached re the Forest game where Cloughie had a pop at our changing room
  5. F1905

    Gianluca Vialli: the Chelsea diaries

    Great thread ,thanks ,my youngest is called Luca after the great man ,what more can I say
  6. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I love the fact that some of us oldies probably can't remember what they did last Tuesday but can remember where they brought and how much they paid for a Pringle back in 1983. it is also the little things that come back in our minds ,probably because they have never gone away ,like Bluehaze and the Wigan result,I remember being at that newcastle game but I have no memories of losing to wigan next game but to Bluehaze I suspect it is like it happened yeterday. The result after the result for some strange reason I always remember is a game we played after the very infamous Palace cup game back in 75-76 ,2 nil down 2-2 to then lose 3-2 ,Kung fu kicks and 50,000 fans ,Jimmy hill on match of the day ,we all know the game .On the Monday at school my friends all asked were you there and I was like no ,missed it ,couldn't go etc but I am going this Wednesday ,hull city at home and they were like wow ! So some 4 days later after the Palace game off I head to London thinking this is going to be brilliant ,can't wait to see another King fu kick etc and to tell my school mates. The game was a 0 0 draw,absolute rubbish watched by 10,000 fans ,I still wonder to this day where the other 40,000 fans went to ?
  7. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    HI RIchard P I have never seen that footage ,so many thanks ! Went to the game ,never got in the away end but was down the side near the home end.My real memory was getting back to Guildford and facing an 8 mile walk home as there were no buses running so I set off to hitch hike it,thinking i am bound to get a lift! Many many freezing hours later I walked through the door a real grumpy sod ....the things we did for our club !
  8. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Ersk you know that season ,the season ,the best season ever ,the last game - Champions
  9. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Spot on Chi ,my youth in one sentence ,to be fair I would need to add a bit of music to the sentence but spot on ,the only sad thing to add is nothing has changed ,football ,CFC ,good music and a bad dress sense !
  10. F1905

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    What a sad sad day I was at white hart lane when he first captained the team in the relegation battle against that lot,I was at the 2 2 game v Plymouth when he scored one of the best goals I have seen and I was gutted when we had to sell him .I think non CFC fans don't realise as a 18 year old how good he really was because he was that good.... RIP Ray and I'm thinking of you and your family at this very sad time
  11. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Met him a few times ,the first as a 10 /11 year old .I was lost for words standing in front of the real life Ossie ,I can’t remember what I said and what he said. I do know though that he was a star in my eyes then and is still one now RIP
  12. On the subject of presents in hindsight the strangest one i got was a Chelsea tie ,it is a cracking tie but I have never been sure, as a 12 year old what I was supposed to wear it with and indeed wear it to !!
  13. F1905

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I love every picture of Ossie as much now as I did as a nipper !
  14. Sorry Boyne I just noticed you actually mentioned Hollins ,I was being a bit thick there !
  15. John Hollins must have played late 60,s 70,s and early 80,s ..... That's me done