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  1. On the subject of presents in hindsight the strangest one i got was a Chelsea tie ,it is a cracking tie but I have never been sure, as a 12 year old what I was supposed to wear it with and indeed wear it to !!
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I love every picture of Ossie as much now as I did as a nipper !
  3. Sorry Boyne I just noticed you actually mentioned Hollins ,I was being a bit thick there !
  4. John Hollins must have played late 60,s 70,s and early 80,s ..... That's me done
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Hi Ewell ,I don't know his name but wasn't he the 50 / 50 lottery ticket seller who you saw at the bottom of the steps having just entered the shed via the white wall entrance ? Or is time playing tricks with me !
  6. Kerry Dixon.

    Cheers RIchard P for the Man U away footage ,that was my first time at Old Trafford ,I think I have done over 60 different away grounds with CFC but to be honest that night at Old Trafford was the only real time I have ever come up the steps and into a ground for the first time and gone wow impressive ! Old Trafford mid week under lights ,packed Stratford end etc was something special to be fair. The fact we had 1000's up there was just typical of our superb support and to nick it with a last minute winner made it all the more special. The old shudder watching that footage was seeing Darren Wood running around like a headless chicken ,heh Ho he did his bit I guess ?!?!
  7. Kerry Dixon.

    Cheers Harrow's finest for the update – good read and glad you had a goodnight King Kerry is spot on , for the goal at Highbury alone I remember being at the Bridge for a Alex Stewart's testimonial or some sort of charity cricket game. The only parts of the ground open were the west stand lower and the east lower so we are all sitting there in the west lower ,one Sunday chatting about this that and nothing at all watching the cricket at the Bridge ( I missed the one in the 80’s when Botham played) when all of a sudden I spot Kerry in his full whites and cricket pads come up the tunnel and sit in the home dug out. I have no idea what came over me but all of a sudden I got up and went off without a word to my mates and proceeded to walk left across the west stand ,past the odd lazing steward in the MHL ,down the front of the east stand and I plonked by arse down in the dugout next to a rather surprised Kerry Dixon . Bless him he was a good as gold ,we had a chat, he signed my programme and I said cheers ,wished him all the best ,got up and made my way back to my mates The bloke is a Legend
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    As a kid me and my brother played with that Wembley trophy ball and would reguarly puncture it on the rose thorns in the garden. We learnt that with a burning match you could heat the plastic up and cover the puncture hole ,let the plastic cool down and game on !! Happy days and happy memories
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    ah 1963 the year i was born, a little while ago i thought "wouldn't it be fun to collect every CFC programme for 1963" so i set off on an e-bay mission. Most of the home ones are about at between £2 or £3 quid and were easy to pick up ,some of the away's were £8-£10 but i had started so ploughed on. Luckily instead of Xmas socks i got Sunderland away ,instead of slippers Ipswich away and so on. A year or so later i had all homes ,all pre season friendlies and all away's bar one Blackburn away.I couldn't find it anywhere and the search became quite desperate (well sad i guess but heh ) ,i even joined on line football programme web sites and chatted on programme forums (slightly duller of course than the shed end and one up from train spotting !!) .One day i was told by a old boy in almost magical tones "ah Blackburn Rovers away, bit of a rare one that ,it some times comes up on line but at £150 plus ",well i thought bollxs basically ! Eventually after a good year it appeared on line, £160 ,bargain i am having it ,click click thank you ,collection complete ,happy days .The illusive programme turned up ,5 or 6 pages of not a lot of content (like all old programmes) but heh ,wrap it up with the others and stick it in the loft ! - job done ,search over ,sad and lonely bloke now happy ! 1963 was a cold and miserable year for many but for me a magical year for one reason or another ,oh and we got promoted
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Quality pictures CB ,credit to Pompey as they did turn up in good numbers although getting on the Portsmouth to Waterloo train at Guildford was always interesting . Mind you when they were greeted at Waterloo by Millwall then the entertainment was even more fun
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Is that spurts away ,coming up those little steps ?
  12. Bradley

    RIP little fella so sad,while I am an old git my boys are only young and we all sent a Christmas card to him last year,it is funny how someone I have never met made me smile every time I saw his grin and yet make me feel so sad at the same time . Respect to Defoe and also the fans of all the clubs up and down the country who sang his name and no doubt will again in the future sad day
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    John Miller -cant argue with that ,cheers Blue Haze!
  14. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just the thought of Darren Wood brings me out in a cold sweat ! It could be,still not 100% sure it his him though.....
  15. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Rich P ....cheers mate but I'm after the CFC player on the right hand side of Johnston.....anybody help me ?
  16. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    In the picture above re the vermin who is the CFC player to the right of Craig Johnston,i am usually quite good as playing "name the player " but struggling ...i could cheat and look at the http://www.bounder.friardale.co.uk/index.htm CFC site re year/team line up etc but dont want to do that but it is now bugging me !
  17. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    There have been a few posts about the famous red white and green kit recently so i thought i would post a few pics of some of the memorabilia i have in the loft
  18. Cheers DDRBLUE ,appreciate your update, no lover of dirty Leeds but funnily enough my family on my mums side all come from Tingley ,just outside Wakefield and all March together !! Been enjoyable over the last 40 years ,being a blue !
  19. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    RIP Norman.... Your right Chi Blue but we also got a mention when the cameras panned across the crowd and showed all the Union Jacks with CHELSEA FC written across them
  20. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    What is so stupid is I now have access to fukcing hundreds of channels and still find myself muttering away about bugger all being on ....mind you I spend all day on here reading these great threads so ha ha .... Bolloxs to TV long live CFC
  21. hi Backbiter -if it helps i took the photo a few years back as some of my stuff went in the "got not got" Chelsea book and the mirror was shot on a white piece of paper laid on the floor ... it just looks light blue in the image i hope that allows you to sleep at night now :-)
  22. HI Devil Dog ,your mirror might look like this one i have in the loft- a thing of great beauty
  23. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was reading the Eddie Mac Eddie Mac book last night, which is I might add is essential reading for all generations, anyway i got to the Sheffield W cup game ,as mentioned above when we were 2-0 down and won 3-2 and it brought back loads of memories. My old man hated football but he came with me that day ,I was only 12 and we sat in the middle of the Benches around the half way line and I think even he cheered when the winner went in. I would be lying if I said I remember much of the actual game but i do know that I left thinking our name was already on the cup ,except we lost 1-0 in the next round to poxy Birmingham city The team that played was a real mixture of old and the new 1 John Phillips, 2 Gary Locke, 3 Ron Harris, 4 John Hollins, 5 Micky Droy, 6 David Hay, 7 Charlie Cooke, 8 Ray Wilkins, 9 Chris Garland, 10 Bill Garner, 11 Peter Houseman Have to add that in my humble opinion Gary Locke was one of our more under rated players who rarely gets a mention but was top class throughout his time at CFC
  24. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    A Google search says it's a graham Moore ...have to admit it had me stumped .Welsh international forward
  25. Anyone else going tonight?

    Gutted that I Cant make it but brought the book ,looks a top read.fair play to only a pound and all at gate 17 for the book,for getting the players together,for Eddie Mac coming back and also to Roman for under writing the evening.We are lucky to have so many old and young ,rich and poor loyal blues.Have a good night CB